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Music | Bands

The Beach Boys reflect on ‘rivalry and respect’ for The Beatles

Exclusive: Beach Boys stars Mike Love and Brian Johnston, along with director Frank Marshall, reflect on fame, fortune and family ahead of a new documentary about the legendary California band

Music | Bands

How Eddie Van Halen 'scared the hell out of a million guitarists' - BBC News

How Eddie Van Halen changed the sound of rock music forever, one riff at a time.

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RIP, Franny Beecher, guitarist for Bill Haley & the Comets

Norristown native also played wiht Benny Goodman and Buddy Greco.

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    Kiss won't play at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction over members dispute 

    The 40-year-old group is unable to agree on which lineup should perform during the April 10 ceremony in New York City, and has decided not to plug in at all.

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      Elvis Presley: LIFE Photos of the King Leaving the Army, March 1960 | LIFE | TIME.com

      Rare and classic photos of Elvis Presley in 1960, when he was leaving the Army and ready to again be King.

      Music | Bands

      Beatles fans reunite to recreate Ringo Starr's famous 1964 photograph - Telegraph

      Beatles fans pictured by Ringo Starr in famous 1964 picture have reunited to recreate the photograph after half a century