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Close-Up on a “Perfect” Stratocaster - Premier Guitar

Although the model debuted in 1954, Leo Fender didn't consider his second guitar design complete until '57. Meet that year's serial number 19129.

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Rig Rundown - Tom Morello

#tommorello #rigrundown #premierguitar Article & photos: http://bit.ly/TomMorelloRR Don't Miss an Episode: http://bit.ly/RIgRundownENL During the unrivaled a...

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Hank Marvin on the Fender Stratocaster

As The Shadows' King Of Twang, Hank Marvin was Britain's first guitar hero of the electric era, inspiring a generation of players with single-coil tones as springy and lush as a manicured lawn – but he also played the first Fender Stratocaster to reach