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Fender reportedly lays off hundreds of California employees

Fender has reportedly made over 300 employees at its California operation redundant, with the layoffs including everyone from production line workers to senior management positions.

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Here’s Why People Love the 1957 Fender Stratocaster

Veteran vintage guitar dealer David Davidson explains why he considers these Strats to be among the best ever made.

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Close-Up on a “Perfect” Stratocaster - Premier Guitar

Although the model debuted in 1954, Leo Fender didn't consider his second guitar design complete until '57. Meet that year's serial number 19129.

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Rig Rundown - Tom Morello

#tommorello #rigrundown #premierguitar Article & photos: http://bit.ly/TomMorelloRR Don't Miss an Episode: http://bit.ly/RIgRundownENL During the unrivaled a...

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THE BASS 1935 - 1969 | The Players You Need to Know #Bass #Fender | Music | Pinterest | Bass

THE BASS 1935 - 1969 | The Players You Need to Know #Bass #Fender

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Fender's excellent desktop app for learning to play songs is now free

Fender's $35 Riffstation desktop app, which helps you break down songs to learn its chords and riffs at your own pace, is now available for free on macOS and Windows.

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Jack White Says Jimmy Fallon’s Guitar Is For Babies, Then Almost Cries Over His | SPIN

Last night, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon attempted to bond with musical guest Jack White over their shared hobby of playing guitar. "I have a Fender Newporter

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Hank Marvin on the Fender Stratocaster

As The Shadows' King Of Twang, Hank Marvin was Britain's first guitar hero of the electric era, inspiring a generation of players with single-coil tones as springy and lush as a manicured lawn – but he also played the first Fender Stratocaster to reach