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Monkees Singer and Bassist Peter Tork Dead at 77

The affable performer played with the Monkees from their earliest days as a made-for-TV band all the way through their recent reunion tours

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A Thousand People In The Street: 'For What It's Worth' Captured Youth In Revolt

Though often associated with the Vietnam War, Buffalo Springfield's signature song was inspired by a confrontation back home, which erupted on a few famous blocks in Los Angeles.

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One of Britain's most beloved crotchety old sci-fi heroes—not that one—is getting his own movie

Although Doctor Who has sucked up most of the attention in this particular, slightly musty sphere over the last decade or so, British TV has a long tradition of groundbreaking science fiction shows that also, coincidentally, starred extremely crotchety ol

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Cloud Nine: The Story Behind The Great Temptations’ Song | uDiscover

Cloud Nine is often assumed to be about getting high, but The Temptations’ Otis Williams swears “there weren’t drug references”.

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5 Weird 1960s Covers for Classic Novels | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Paul McCartney says "new version" of Beatles' 'Let It Be' film is in the works

Sir Paul McCartney has hinted that a "new version" of the classic Beatles film 'Let It Be' is currently in the works

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The Early History of the Batman TV Series

The original Batman TV series starring Adam West is a classic for many reasons.

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Aretha Franklin Is Home And Her Family Remains Hopeful | PEOPLE.com

Aretha Franklin is home and her family remains hopeful on her condition amid news that she's 'gravely ill'

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Vintage Disneyland photos show the park in the summer of 1969

Take a trip back in time with these pictures of Disneyland from the summer of 1969. See what's different and what stayed pretty much the same at the beloved California park.

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PBS Announces Woodstock Documentary Honouring Festival’s 50th Anniversary

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of historic festival, PBS announced a new Woodstock documentary for 2019 as part of their American Experience series.

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How we made Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild

It soundtracked the counterculture in Easy Rider – and ended up being played on the moon and Mars

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David Bowie's First Recorded Song Found in Bread Box, Heading to Auction | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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See How Quentin Tarantino Time-Warped Hollywood Boulevard Back to the 1960s

He's bringing the days of Charles Manson are back to life for his new film and turning Hollywood Boulevard into a retro set piece

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The Ghost and Mr. Chicken was essentially Mayberry on the big screen

Even Wally from Wally's Fillin' Station shows up!

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The Beatles' Revelatory White Album Demos: A Complete Guide

We delve deep into the 1968 home recordings that planted the seeds for the band's classic self-titled double LP

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A Visual Guide to All 37 Villains in the Batman TV Series | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Weird History: What Ever Happened to the Home Intercom? | Apartment Therapy

Weird history -- whatever happened to the intercom? We traced this home trend back in time.

Entertainment | Miscellaneous Disney

Can you name these 1960s Disney movies from a single image?

Back then, family films were all about dogs, cats, cars and chimney sweeps!

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David Crosby on Joni Mitchell: "She was stunningly good, right off the bat" - Uncut

In the new Uncut: the story of Mitchell's rise to fame, as told by her biggest champions

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Paul Simon announces 'Homeward Bound – The Farewell Tour'

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Muscle Shoals icons The Swampers releasing 'lost' album

New archival LP finds studio musicians known for backing others' hits finally out-front on their own.

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The 200 Best Songs of the 1960s | Pitchfork

From James Brown to Etta James, Jimi Hendrix to Patsy Cline, here are the tracks that lit up the decade

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The Beatles’ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ at 50: A Monument to Paul McCartney’s Genius

Released fifty years ago—on November 27, 1967—the Beatles’ last slice of psychedelia is an underrated masterpiece, and more fun than ‘Sgt. Pepper.’

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Every crate digger’s nightmare: Record store has ‘Whipped Cream and Other Delights’ and nothing else | Dangerous M

  If there’s one thing all record collectors have in common, it’s the experience of running into Whipped Cream & Other Delights by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass innumerable times…. like literally, every time you go into a record store you h

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The alternative top 50 records of the 1960s

50 years on from the Summer of Love, we take a fresh, sideways look at the extraordinarily diverse musical landscape of the most talked about decade in pop.

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Why Adam West Was the One and Only Batman

Rob Sheffield breaks down why Adam West, who died Friday at 88, was the one and only Batman.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Burt Ward, Seth Green, Julie Newmar Remember Adam West: ‘He Was Truly the Bright Knight’

Burt Ward and Adam West worked together only for a few years on ABC’s “Batman,” but their friendship lasted a half-century. Ward, who played Robin to West’s Batman on the 19…

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The Secret History Of Aretha Franklin's "Respect"

50 years ago today, "Respect" became Aretha Franklin's first chart-topper. But when the song was first written by Otis Redding, it was no feminist anthem.

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The History - Monterey International Pop Festival

The Big Idea The impetus behind the staging of the Monterey International Pop Festival evolved one night in 1967, at Mama Cass Elliot’s house. Paul McCartney, J

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Doors' Debut Album: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Shelved tracks, drugged-out vandalism and Jim Morrison's bogus backstory: Read 10 little-known facts about the Doors' 1967 debut LP.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

How LA Banks Got Their Mid-Century Mosaics and Murals

Why do so many Los Angeles-area banks have amazing murals, mosaics, and sculptures? It's mostly the the work of the Millard Sheets Studio, which starting in the fifties designed more than 100 Home...

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The 15 Best Unreleased Beatles Songs That You Can Listen to Now

Incredibly, there's still great music by the Fab Four that hasn't been officially released.

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Robert Vaughn, last of the Magnificent Seven, dies aged 83

Hollywood star Robert Vaughn, who is best known for his role as secret agent Napoleon Solo in the NBC spy series The Man From Uncle, has died at the age of 83.

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Michael Nesmith joining the Monkees' 50th anniversary stop in L.A. - LA Times

The Los Angeles homecoming stop next month on the Monkees’ 50th anniversary tour will include all three surviving members of the made-for-TV band, guitarist, singer and songwriter Michael Nesmith confirmed Friday.

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Could This Be the End of Paul Simon’s Rhymin’? - The New York Times

Mr. Simon, 74, said in an interview that he was ready to give up music, despite the popularity of his latest album, “Stranger to Stranger,” and his current tour.

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Inside The Beatles' Bloody, Banned 'Butcher' Cover | Rolling Stone

Read how photographer Robert Whitaker accidentally gave rise to the ultimate Beatles collectible with his infamous "butcher" photo of the group.

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10 Wild LPs From Garage Rock's Greatest Year | Rolling Stone

Sample 10 essential garage-rock albums from 1966, the year this gloriously raw style reached its apex.

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How Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick Wrote ‘White Rabbit’

Grace Slick wrote ‘White Rabbit,’ in 1965, on a used piano that was painted red and missing keys. The hit song, with lyrics based on “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” became a touchstone of psychedelic rock.

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Blues, drugs and rock ′n′ roll: Eric Burdon turns 75 | Music

The singer of "House of the Rising Sun" and founder of the band The Animals is considered one of the greatest white blues performer ever. Following his 75th birthday, Eric Burdon will once again go on tour.

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William Schallert, 93, Dies; Prolific Actor Was Father on ‘The Patty Duke Show’ - The New York Times

For a time Mr. Schallert seemed to be everywhere on TV, usually as an authority figure, as he was in the popular “Tribbles” episode of “Star Trek.”

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Soul Survivor
The revival and hidden treasure of Aretha Franklin

The ascent and influence of the greatest singer in the history of postwar popular music.

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11 reasons Adam West is the best Batman ever

Batman has been on the screen since 1943. Now, Ben Affleck has slipped on the cowl to growl and punch his Super Friend, Superman. Affleck is the eighth man to act as Bruce Wayne. He may be the tallest yet, but he is not the best. There can be only one tru

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Who was the real fifth Beatle? - CNN.com

Following Beatles producer George Martin's death, we take a look at 11 men who could hold the title of 'fifth Beatle.'

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Was 1966 pop music’s greatest year? | Music | The Guardian

Fifty years ago, Revolver (The Beatles), Blonde on Blonde (Bob Dylan) and Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys) made the LP supreme and launched an era of unparalleled creative momentum

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10 Dangerous Toys from Decades Past (and the Commercials That Sold Them) | Mental Floss

Baby Boomers are a hardy bunch. They rode in cars that weren’t equipped with special toddler seats, walked to and from school without being electronically tethered to their parents, ate lunches filled with allergens and preservatives, played with toys that would be quickly pulled from shelves today, and still persevered to become the largest living generation of the U.S. population.

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Watch The Beatles' Restored, Trippy 'A Day in the Life' Video | Rolling Stone

Check out the Beatles' rarely seen, fully restored "A Day in the Life" video from the upcoming best-of reissue '1+.'

Music | Mr. Furious' Hidden Gems

THE Velvelettes "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'"

from the 1999 THE BEST OF THE VELVELETTES - created at http://animoto.com

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Lost in Space at 50: Cast Members Talk Irwin Allen, Show’s Production | Variety

When it premiered on September 15, 1965, the CBS sci-fi adventure “Lost in Space” met with little enthusiasm from TV viewers. But the show, which originally debuted in black and white, gained popularity during its second month on the air, and eventual

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

1965: Classic TV's Vintage Year

15 unforgotten shows that premiered 50 years ago, in a single week in September

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Martin Milner Dead: ‘Adam-12,’ ‘Route 66’ Star Was 83 | Variety

Martin Milner, who starred on TV on "Adam-12" with Kent McCord and, earlier, on "Route 66" with George Maharis, died Sunday night. He was 83

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Dean Jones Dead: ‘The Love Bug’ Star Dies at 84 | Variety

Actor Dean Jones, perhaps best known for his acting work in such Disney films as "The Love Bug," died of Parkinson's disease.

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12 Photos of Sean Connery Looking Like A Boss

The first man to play James Bond reaches the ripe old age of 85 this week. To celebrate, we've rounded up some lesser-seen shots of the Scot in his debonair prime. Here-sch to you, Sch-sean.

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Why The Man from UNCLE Is Still an Indispensable Spy TV Show

This week, Guy Ritchie takes a stab at recreating the magic of the sixties TV show The Man from UNCLE. The original show gives him a lot to work with, and there are only a few things that the movies needs to nail to get it right.

Entertainment | Movies & Television

The LOST IN SPACE Cast Reflects on the Show’s 50th Anniversary | Nerdist

Danger Will Robinson, danger! As a kid, there were a handful of television shows that I loved watching when home sick. One of them was Lost in Space. The adventures of the Robinson family, wandering through space in the Jupiter 2 on their search to get b

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Ginger Baker On Firing Jack Bruce, Origins Of Cream

In the first, second, and third parts of this series with Ginger Baker, the former Cream and Blind Faith drummer touched upon a number of topics, including Sunshine Of Your Love, his false “deaths” reported by the media, how to make a proper cup of te

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What Happened to the Original Batmobile?

In 1966, George Barris purchased a 1955 experimental Lincoln Futura for $1. In 2013, he sold it for $4.6 million. So where is it now?

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10 Totally Trippy Kid's TV Shows From The 1960s - Neatorama

(Image Link)The Sixties will always be known as an extremely exciting and interesting era, and with all the interesting and exciting things going on in the world kid's TV shows tried to keep things interesting as well.Some shows played on the world's obse

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

My Mom Was a Mad Man: David Murray Book Excerpt | Special: Mad Men - Advertising Age

David Murray recounts how his mother, Carol Muehl of Campbell-Ewald, left a copywriting legacy, in an excerpt from his book "Raised by Mad Men."

Entertainment | Mad Men

‘Mad Men’ and Its Love Affair With ’60s Pop Culture

A look at some of the pop culture touchstones featured in “Mad Men,” and how The New York Times originally covered them.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Why 'Mad Men' Is Comfort-Food TV for Viewers Who Didn't Live Through the '60s

Mad Men is, at its essence, a show about terrible things happening to occasionally terrible people. Its characters are adulterers, careerists, alcoholics, and liars; they’re prone to selfishness, s...

Style & Fashion | Style!

That '60s show: What American high school students dressed like in 1969

When students (and teachers) turned on, tuned in, and dropped classes. In 1969, the year of these photographs, hippie fashion was evolving from counter culture to, well, culture. And young people were informing the change. Most of the students you see here are wearing off-the-shelf fashions — still recognizably hippie, but more homogenized.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer partner up in exclusive 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' trailer | EW.com

In Guy Ritchie’s new, ’60s-set spy film The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Henry Cavill’s CIA agent Napoleon Solo partners with Armie Hammer’s KGB spook Illya Kuryakin to fight evil. Why exactly do an American and a Russian wind up working together at th

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Forever Changes is a stunning indictment of The Summer Of Love · Permanent Records · The A.V. Club

On a recent episode of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, Paul Thomas Anderson mused on what he thought the central themes of Thomas Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice were, and talked a bit about how he tried to translate them to the screen. Anderson can be evasive about the meaning behind his art—what artist isn’t, really?—but he touches on an intriguing idea

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

CityDig: What Was Disneyland Like in 1968? - Los Angeles Magazine

This pictorial gem captures long lost Magic Kingdom rides like Monsanto’s Adventure Through Innerspace and the General Electric Carrousel of Progress

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Various Artists: Celebrating the Music of Inside Llewyn Davis | Album Reviews | Pitchfork

Before Inside Llewyn Davis hit theaters, a phalanx of roots musicians gathered at NYC’s Town Hall to sing old folk songs together. Frequent Coen Brothers collaborator T Bone Burnett organized the concert—featuring Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Colin

Miscellaneous | Mid Century

Grab A Glass Because It's The Best Whiskey Ads Of The 1960s!

James Bond + Jim Beam = Winner! Forget everything you knew about the 1960s. Forget Mad Men, forget Apollo 11, forget The Beatles, forget JFK, forget Cuba, don't forget Vietnam...but forget about the rest. In the '60s, all you had to care about was a nice bottle of bourbon and the quickest method of getting it into your mouth.

Style & Fashion | Fashion & Beauty

For Flight Attendants, High Fashion Goes the Way of Free Peanuts - NYTimes.com

Domestic airlines have steadily pared back trendsetting designer looks in favor of uniforms that resemble today’s more utilitarian flying experience.

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21 Obscure References in Classic Songs—Explained! | Mental Floss

Even if you know all the words, do you know what they were about?

Music | Music

Joe Cocker Dies At Age 70

Singer Joe Cocker has died at age 70, reports the BBC. The singer-songwriter best known for his cover of The Beatles'

Music | Music News

Exclusive: Check Out 9 Rarely-Seen Photos of the Rolling Stones

Nine rarely-seen photographs of the Rolling Stones, taken from TASCHEN's new Los Angeles gallery show 'It's Just a Shot Away: The Rolling Stones in Photographs.'

Music | Music

The Rebellious Cool of Keith Richards - Keith Richards Style - Esquire

On his 71st birthday, we take a look back at the unimpeachable style of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

The creator of those great 1960s kooky car and monster models - Boing Boing

If you’re a fan of 1960s lowbrow culture you know his art, but you might not know his name or his story.

Miscellaneous | This is stuff I like

R.I.P. Ian McLagan, keyboardist of Small Faces and the Rolling Stones · Newswire · The A.V. Club

In what is proving to be a sad day for Rolling Stones sidemen, Paste is reporting the death of Ian McLagan, a keyboardist whose whirling electric piano and moody organ held together bluesy, boozy songs by Small Faces and its latter incarnation as Faces, as well as those of countless other rock giants. According to Paste’s report, McLagan suffered a stroke and died today at a hospital in his adopted home of Austin, Texas.

Entertainment | Entertainment

14 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 'Bewitched'

Sony Pictures TV recently green-lighted a pilot for a revamped version of the supernatural classic sitcom Bewitched. The new show will feature Samantha’s granddaughter, who is also a witch but who finds her magic useless when it comes to finding true love. For those who truly loved the original series, here are 14 fun facts about the show and the actors that might surprise you.

Style & Fashion | Fashion & Beauty

Jean Shrimpton 1960s Photos - Best Jean Shrimpton Style - Harper's BAZAAR

In honor of the supermodel's birthday, we rounded up the chicest photos of The Shrimp.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Why We're Just Now Getting the 1960s Batman TV Show on DVD | WIRED

Fans have been waiting decades for the 1960s Batman TV series to arrive on home video. After years of struggle, it's finally being released. Here's why it took so long.

Music | Music

The Beatles make “A Day In The Life” flash before your eyes · Hear This · The A.V. Club

In the interview for my first real job in journalism—a general-assignment beat for the features section of my college newspaper—I was asked to name the greatest pop song ever written.

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Early Incarnations of 11 Beloved Toys | Mental Floss

Here's what some famous toys looked like in their early days, including Barbie, LEGO bricks, and Mr. Potato Head.

Entertainment | Entertainment

5 Facts About Batman (with Adam West)!

Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation.

5 Facts About Batman (with Adam West)!

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Jack Bruce: five songs that chart his journey through the 60s to Cream

Here are five performances tracing the late Jack Bruce’s journey from 19-year-old upright bass player to part of rock’s first supergroup

Music | Music

Jack Bruce dies at 71; bassist for rock supergroup Cream - LA Times

Jack Bruce, whose muscular yet melodic bass lines helped power the bluesy British rock trio Cream, died Saturday at his home in Suffolk, England. He was 71.

Entertainment | Mad Men

Mad About the '60s... Fearful Fail-Safes , Then and Now | William Bradley

The popular sense of the early 1960s is that it was mostly a time of light and celebration which came to an abrupt end with the November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. But the reality, as most Mad Men viewers know, is much more comp...

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Hey, Hey, We're the Monkees - Neatorama

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.The Monkees were one of the strangest stories in both musical and television history.The story's genesis was actually in Jul

Miscellaneous | Guy Stuff

Peter Fonda's 'Easy Rider' Bike Going to Auction - ABC News

Iconic 'Easy Rider' Bike Set to Fetch Big Money on Auction Block

Style & Fashion | Style

Super Style: Mod Couples!!!

Mod is a youth subculture that reached the height of its popularity in London in the mid 1960's but has endured in various pockets of society until the current day. It is a particularly aesthetic culture that pays detailed attention to fashion, hairstyles

Miscellaneous | Mid Century

The Jetsons Amusement Park Ride That Never Was

Bruce Bushman was a designer whose name you may not know, but whose work you've almost certainly seen. He worked on everything from the design of the Disneyland castle to episodes of The Flintstones TV show. But there's one project that Bushman worked on

Music | Music

The Best Rock Album You've Never Heard - Esquire

Get the latest in pop culture as Stephen Marche and the writers of Esquire recap what's new in movies, TV, music, books and more.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

PAPERMAG: Scope Vintage Photos of '60s and '70s-Era Celebs From a New Art Book

Jack and Anjelica in their skivvies. Babs in her iconic Scaasi suit. Iggy Pop sweaty and in a speedo. All these images and more appear in photographer Julian Wasser's recently-released art book, The Way We Were: The Photography of Julian Wasser, documenting the fun and fabulous in '60s and '70s-era LA. Take a peek at more preview images, including shots of a baby-faced Jodie Foster, a tousle-haired John Travolta and a BAMF shot of Steve McQueen, below.

Music | Music News

The Lion in Johnny Winter: A Tribute to the Guitar Icon

The life of the Texas guitarist, who died on July 16th at 70, was a testament to the power of the blues

Music | Music

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 'CSNY 1974' Album Review | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone

Forty summers ago, North America's greatest dysfunctional supergroup patched things up for a while, filled stadiums and left behind tales of backstage...

Music | Music

Neil Young Sings "Fancy" with Crosby, Stills & Nash on The Tonight Show!

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunite for a stirring rendition of Iggy Azalea's hit song,

Science & Technology | Tech

How the Picturephone Failed

In 1964, Bell created the Picturephone in the hopes of augmenting telephone services with long-distance video chat. The technology was awesome (for the time), but also insanely expensive. It flopped, costing Bell roughly half a billion dollars and attracting few actual customers. But how did it work, and why did it fail? Behold:

Travel | Travel

Countercultural California Dreamin’

I’d never come close to a shotgun before. Or a bear. To me, a girl from New York City and the mother of a five-month-old son, that bear was as terrifying a threat as Godzilla. Luckily, it didn’t attack us, but it did eat the Naugahyde window paddi

Visual Arts | Art & Design

Cool riders: on the road with outlaw biker gangs in the 60s – in pictures

Way before there was Easy Rider, a young photographer called Danny Lyon went on the road with motorcycle gangs and published The Bikeriders, an iconic and seminal glimpse into outlaw life taken between…

Style & Fashion | Style

24 Fashion Photos That Will Make You Wish It Were The ‘60s

Fashion of the 1960s still inspires what we wear today. Watch CNN’s The Sixties for a better look at all the stylish things that made the '60s a great decade.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Archeologists excavate hippie commune's record collection

California state park archaeologists excavated the burned and buried record collection of The Chosen Family, a former 1960s commune in Marin County, and were surprised that the musical tastes of the hippies living there weren't what you'd expect

Music | Music

The Confounding, Enigmatic 'Ode To Billie Joe'

Tuesday is June 3, a date memorialized in a 1967 hit by singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry. Even with a suicide in the first verse, the song helped Gentry bump the Beatles off the top of the charts.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

The long-running private eye series Mannix was brutal, stylish comfort food

For most of the history of television, the barrier to syndication—and to profitability—has been 100 episodes. The shows that have made it to that mark are an unusual group. Many were big hits. Some found small cult audiences. Still others just hung on

History | Historic Los Angeles

Laurel Canyon music, vibe moves to Grammy Museum

While the media were documenting the folk music renaissance Bob Dylan helped launch in New York's Greenwich Village in the early 1960s and the psychedelic scene that sprung from San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District a few years later, Santelli said, mus