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Record Store Day 2023: The 20 Best Releases You Need To Buy

From studio outtakes to out-of-print classics, the best Record Store Day 2023 releases are essential purchases for vinyl lovers.

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385,000 Vintage 78 RPM Records in Online Archive for Free

Relive eras past with the sounds of digitized 78 RPM records from Billie Holiday's hits to those of young Frank Sinatra.

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Best Atlantic Records Soul Albums: 20 Thrillers From The Home Of Soul

The best Atlantic Records soul albums not only invented soul music, they shaped it over decades, making history with each new record.

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5 Fun Ways To Upcycle Your Old Vinyl Records As Home Decor - House Digest

DIY projects account for some pretty stellar home design outcomes, especially when using old vinyl records. Here are some fun ideas for upcycling your records.

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The Best Vinyl Releases Of August 2022

Beastie Boys, Interpol, Pavement, Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Oasis put out some of the month's finest vinyl releases.

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How Vinyl Made Its Big Comeback: For the Record – Billboard

Exploring the remarkable comeback of vinyl records in the music industry - and the new MusicWatch study that breaks it down.

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Why Vinyl Records Are Sticking Around

A Millennial vinyl-enjoyer offers an explanation for the enduring appeal of vinyl records.

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Blondie, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, And More Among Record Store Day 2022 Exclusives

Record Store Day 2022 has unveiled a slew of new releases, including vinyl from Blondie, The Rolling Stones, The Cranberries, and more.

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Vinyl turns tables as UK sales take highest market share since 1990

BPI estimates more than 5m vinyl albums already sold in 2021, the 14th consecutive year of growth

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Home Is Where My Record Collection Is

One writer reflects on her vinyl record collection, which has seen her through a marriage, a divorce, and a cross-country move.

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"Jolene" and other records that sound great when played at the wrong speed

https://youtu.be/doz1QJ7LwjA Back when most everyone listened to music on vinyl, frequently switching between 45 RPM 7" platters and 33 1/3 RPM 12" albums would mean that eventually, you'd forget to flip the speed selector switch on your record player and

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Walmart to host its first online ‘Vinyl Mania Week’

More than 150 titles — ranging from pop, soul and rock to country, folk and jazz — will be available, with new selections popping up each day.

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Record Store Day 2021 releases: See the full list of vinyl and more

See the full list of releases coming on Record Store Day 2021 – featuring St Vincent, Rolling Stones, The Cure, Lady Gaga and more

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Why Is Tower Records Coming Back Now, of All Times?

It’s trying to offer something Amazon and Spotify can’t.

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Tower Records Is Back...With An Online Store

Welcome Back Tower Records! What was your first album??

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Vinyl outsells CDs for the first time since the 1980s

Music fans in the US purchased more vinyl records than CDs in the first half of 2020, marking the first time since the 1980s that CDs were not the top selling physical format.

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How the Coronavirus Is Affecting America’s Vinyl Record Industry | Pitchfork

Pressing plant shutdowns and a drop in demand are putting the format’s long-running comeback in jeopardy.

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Amoeba Music's Sunset Boulevard location will not reopen

Bad news for fans of iconic Los Angeles retail locations/cultural hubs: The Sunset Boulevard location of record store chain Amoeba Music will not survive the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with The Wrap reporting that the owners have decided to focus their

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“Devastating” Manufacturing Plant Fire Threatens Worldwide Vinyl Record Supply | Pitchfork

Third Man Records’ Ben Blackwell says the destruction of Apollo Masters’ California facility “will present a problem for the vinyl industry worldwide”

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Amoeba announces new Hollywood location

The record store is moving to the Walk of Fame.

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Beatles' Abbey Road tops US bestselling vinyl LPs of the 2010s

Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die is the only album made in the 2010s to feature in the US Top 10 vinyl sales of the decade

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Vinyl Record Sales Surpassed CDs for the First Time in Decades

For the first time since 1986, consumers prefer vinyl records over CDs for their physical music collections.

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The Rolling Stones Announce Let It Bleed 50th Anniversary Reissue | Pitchfork

The remastered album in stereo and mono plus a hardcover book, a 7" single, and more

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LA's Best Record Stores

The revival of vinyl has continued more and more throughout the past decade and LA's local records stores, both new and old alike have gained a reputation for upholding the highest standard of music retail. In anticipation of Record Store Day, we're shari

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The 13 Coolest Record Stores In America

What makes a record store cool? Is its obscure collection of vinyl, a storied history, a coffee shop within the store that brews third wave coffee, or the fact Prince shopped there?

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Ultra Rare Beatles Demo Found in U.K. Charity Store Expected to Fetch $20,000 at Auction

Staff at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) were stunned when a plastic bag left at their local fundraising store included a super-rare demo cut of The Beatles first ever single, "Love Me Do"

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Look out: Phonographs are 'anachronistic,' per Georgia legislation

Vinyl collectors spin with disbelief

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How to play vinyl with AirPlay or Bluetooth to HomePod, headphones, and more

In the age of digital media, users may sometimes forget what it was like with physical media formats, specifically with audio. Through the years we’ve had CD, cassette, digital, and vinyl. Wouldn’t…

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Crosley to unleash tiny, three-inch record player for Record Store Day

Crosley Radio has come out with another trend-setting record player. However, this one is tiny. So that means it’s cuter.

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How vinyl records are made - INSIDER

Brooklyn Phono is a vinyl record pressing plant in NY. They have 5 printing presses and make 3,000 vinyl per day.

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Are retro Bush turntables worth buying? – Which? News

Which? reviews retro and vintage-looking turntables from Bush, GPO, Ion, Crosley, Lenco and Project to see which have the best sound quality and features, including the retro Bush Classic Turntable and ProJect RPM1.

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Magnificent Obsession: Author Marcus Barnes Explains The Enduring Global Appeal Of Vinyl Records

As the UK celebrates it’s first ever National Album Day author Marcus Barnes explains the enduring cultural phenomenon of vinyl records and releases a guide to the best vinyl emporiums on the planet.

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Record Store Day Black Friday 2018 Releases Announced

“Stranger Things,” Weezer’s “Africa,” Smashing Pumpkins, and more get exclusive vinyl releases

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Vinyl Is Bigger Than We Thought. Much Bigger.

There's lots of talk of a resurgence of vinyl records, but industry sales numbers drastically understate the size of the market because they don't count used vinyl sales. New data tells us that the true vinyl market size is probably twice as large as indu

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The Beatles‘ ‘Revolver’: The Most Ambitious Pop Music Committed To Vinyl

Upon its release in August 1966, The Beatles' 'Revolver' was the most ambitious pop music committed to vinyl and introduced us all to psychedelic music.

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The 10 Best French Yé-Yé Pop Albums To Own On Vinyl — Vinyl Me, Please

This bundle of albums cover a majority of essential music to come out of France, both old and new that any novice listener should hear and ultimately own.

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This Is the Ideal Vinyl Accessory for Large Record Collections • Gear Patrol

Stndrd is a vinyl accessory company that makes the bespoke organizational dividers. If you have a large vinyl collection, these might be exactly what you need.

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The 10 Best British Invasion Albums To Own On Vinyl!

Once the Beatles made landfall, they brought with them a dozen British bands that remade American rock music.

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First ever vinyl release being reissued for its 70th anniversary

.In 1948, a performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in e minor by the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York became the first album pressed to vinyl.

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The Most Valuable Vinyl Records on Earth | Digital Trends

From rare Beatles originals to one-off test pressings, these are some of the most expensive vinyl records on earth — the kind of discs that make plaid-clad record collectors and average listeners alike green with envy, worth everything from a nice used

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Inside Jimi Hendrix’s blood-spattered record collection

Jimi Hendrix's record collection is viewable at Handel & Hendrix in London, on Mayfair's Brook Street. Here's what's in it

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UMBC does the unthinkable, becoming the first 16 seed to beat a No. 1 seed

A No. 1 seed finally lost to a No. 16, with UMBC blowing out top overall seed Virginia and redefining NCAA tournament Cinderellas.

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This guy uses old vinyl records to make gorgeous Bluetooth speakers

Industrial engineer Jeff Davis is selling customizable Bluetooth speakers made from old records — you can even submit your own artwork or request an album.

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Best Record Stores in Chicago for Vinyl, CDs and More

Go crate digging at the best record stores in Chicago, where you'll find vinyl, jazz CDs, soul singles, punk cassettes and more great music

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How to Clean Old Vinyl Records Using Wood Glue

Palm Springs, California author Eric G. Meeks made a great video where he demonstrates how to clean and repair old vinyl records using wood glue. A friend

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I’m finding meaning in music again with my old records, CDs & cassettes

Kelly McQuillan’s home is having an analog renaissance – and there should be one in yours, too

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After The Vinyl Revival, The Vinyl-Playing Jukebox Is Back

Retro turntables anticipated the resurgence of vinyl records. Now, jukeboxes that play vinyl are returning to the market for the first time in more than two decades.

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HarperAudio Goes Retro with New Vinyl Audiobook Series

Following successful vinyl record releases by Amy Poehler and others, HarperAudio plans to produce a series of spoken word vinyl audiobook titles (with accompanying digital editions) in 2018.

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Is Vinyl’s Comeback Here to Stay? | Pitchfork

It was extinct. It was a fad. It was a bubble about to burst. Vinyl has been consigned to the garbage heap of history more than once. Yet it’s still here—and still growing. In 2018, the once-forgotten format feels closer to the mainstream than it has in decades.

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The list of 2017’s top-selling vinyl albums shows the format isn’t just for trendy fans

The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, and “Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack were on the list.

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Your essential guide to the new year’s best new music.

Your essential guide to the new year's best new music, from big names like David Byrne and Ryuichi Sakamoto to independent labels Hyperdub and On The Corner.

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Record sleeves designed by iconic artists explored in new exhibition

Art & Vinyl, a new exhibition looking at artwork created for vinyl over the past 70 years, has opened at the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco.

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The Definitive Guide To Organizing Your Record Collection — Vinyl Me, Please

We present the only guide you'll ever need for organizing your record collection.

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Discogs meets Match.com on Reverb's new online vinyl marketplace - The Vinyl Factory

“Ensuring that the right buyers and sellers find each other”.Music gear marketplace Reverb.com has launched new online marketplace Reverb LP dedicated to buying and selling vinyl and other physical music.Read more: Do bootlegs matter? What Discogs’.

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The 10 Best Funk Albums To Own On Vinyl

Like all genres, funk was a byproduct of circumstance. Not in the accidental sense of the word, but in the sense that art shapes and conforms to the context of the moment. For James Brown, funk was a divorce from the soul sound—and the band—that made him.

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The best gift ideas that record collectors might actually want

Forget the novelty trash, here are 19 gift ideas for the record collector, DJ or vinyl enthusiast in your life, that they might actually want.

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The 15 best new turntables of 2017 for every budget

Best turntables 2017? Whether you're after an entry-level deck or an audiophile performer, here's your guide to the best budget, mid-range & high-end decks.

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Every crate digger’s nightmare: Record store has ‘Whipped Cream and Other Delights’ and nothing else | Dangerous M

  If there’s one thing all record collectors have in common, it’s the experience of running into Whipped Cream & Other Delights by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass innumerable times…. like literally, every time you go into a record store you h

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Some Geniuses Have Turned Oreo Cookies into Playable Records

It looks like Discogs might have to update their policies to incorporate food-handling, because someone has figured out how to press music onto a...

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Old technology that’s worth bringing back—and not for the nostalgia - MarketWatch

These 5 technically passe items are often better and cheaper than their digital-world equivalents.

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STAX Celebrates 60 Years With Limited Edition 7" Singles Box Set | Analog Planet

Craft Recordings (a Concord Records imprint), which recently issued the 3 LP Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings just announced the Stax 7 Box Set, the first release in a year long celebration of the storied label's 60th

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The Rise And Fall Of Tower Records |

“If you were cool, you were cool. If you were an asshole, then you got treated like an asshole.”

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This is the Lathe Miles Showell Used to Cut "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

The lathe in the picture, located at Abbey Road Studios, is the one Miles Showell used to cut at 1/2 speed, the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band remix. It began life as a Neumann VMS82 DMM that according to Showell had been "...routinely strippe

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The Yardbirds Prep Jimmy Page-Produced Double-LP Compilation

Jimmy Page produced a double-LP Yardbirds compilation, 'Yardbirds '68,' featuring rare studio and live recordings.

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Home Grown: "There's this great sense of friendship and community with vinyl" - The Vinyl Factory

Because every record collection has a story.Home Grown is our series profiling you lot and your excellent record collections. Taking our cue from the brilliant submissions to the #VFRecordCollections thread on Instagram, we want to share a little of your.

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Vinyl’s boom is over as purists complain about low quality and high prices

“What people do nowadays is take a digital file and just run vinyl off that,” says Rawlings, a lanky musician who plays a 1935 Epiphone Olympic guitar. “In my mind, if we were going to do it, I wanted to do it the way the records I love were made—from analog tapes.”

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You can grab some rare vinyl records for a ridiculously cheap $1 right now

There's a very cool vinyl sale going on that's giving you the chance to grab everything from Foo Fighters to Alice In Chains for a single dollar.

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The alternative top 50 records of the 1960s

50 years on from the Summer of Love, we take a fresh, sideways look at the extraordinarily diverse musical landscape of the most talked about decade in pop.

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The 10 Best Greatest Hits Albums To Own On Vinyl — Vinyl Me, Please

Since listening to a record involves a special participation on the part of the listener, placing the record on the turntable, cueing and dropping the needle, it’s an activity made for digesting original albums as a whole rather than selected hits compi

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Experience Vinyl is the online record store trying to save vinyl

The former subscription service now offers a store full of limited edition vinyls and artists' top ten lists​

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This new machine uses lasers to determine the condition of your records

The RL Vinyl LP Laser is a turntable-like device that scans your records to trace what the surface of your record looks like.

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10 Turntables for Every Vinyl Enthusiast

As vinyl continues to drive music sales, here's a list of 10 turntables that cover any listening need, no matter your record player budget.

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The records behind Beastie Boys' sample masterpiece Paul's Boutique

A track-by-track sprint through the landmark album's most important samples.The Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique was a masterpiece in sampling, and an album that could never be made in the same way again. Created during the golden age of sampling - that.

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David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ announced as latest, limited-edition 7” picture disc single series release

David Bowie’s Heroes has been announced as the 17th release in his 40th anniversary 7” picture disc series, which he launched on Record Store Day in 2012.

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Check out the exclusive vinyl releases at Comic Con 2017

Logan, Deadpool, Apes and more. Arguably the biggest day of the year for the nerdiverse, there’s more vinyl on offer than ever before at the 2017 San Diego convention. Running Thursday 20 July – 23rd July, here’s what’s been announced thus far...

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Vinyl, the salvation of the music industry in the digital age—in charts, audio and some cats

Companies that connect consumers to their music have been struggling to find a business model since the internet made freemium a thing, so two bits of news this week are curious: SoundCloud is laying off 40% of it's staff. And Sony Music is going to pres

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Broke? This French Company Will Press Vinyl for Anyone's Budget - Thump

Diggers Factory is a new French startup that presses LPs based on pre-orders from interested fans.

Music | Vinyl Records!

The vinyl jukebox is coming back into production after 25 years!

Crosley is creating the first vinyl jukebox in 25 years.

Music | Vinyl Records!

Sony is bringing vinyl back, but the truth is it never went away

Sony is restarting production of vinyl records, which reminds us why the format will never die.

News | News

Sony Will Start Making Vinyl Records Again In Japan, After Nearly 30-Year Hiatus

Sony says it's meeting new demand from young people who buy records they've heard on streaming services. The company stopped pressing vinyl in 1989.

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Start the Presses: The Exciting Rebirth of Vinyl Production | Digital Trends

After decades of struggling with ancient equipment and ten years of insane annual increases in demand, the vinyl manufacturing industry is taking its first new strides in decades, and that means prettier, better-sounding, and more diverse records than eve

Music | Vinyl Records!

The 10 best vinyl releases this week (26th June)

This week's best new vinyl releases features new music from On The Corner, Analog Africa, Static Shock and La Vida Es Un Mus.

Music | Vinyl Records!

Third Man Records to release deluxe reissue box set of The White Stripes' 'Icky Thump' - NME

It's been ten years since the record was originally released

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A LEGO Record Player Could Become a Reality | Mental Floss

To provide LEGO fans with a double dose of nostalgia, LEGO Ideas community member Speederrider has designed a working record player constructed from the tiny childhood toys.

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Recreating London's Iconic Reggae Record Covers, in Photos - Feature Shoot

Dandy Livingstone, Your Musical Doctor (Downtown, 1969), 46 years later Various, Harder Shade of Black (Santic, 1974), 42 years later. London photographer Alex Bartsch doesn’t know how many vinyl records are in his collection, but he has tracked down th

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Vinyl gets its groove back: Hunger for vinyl means a chronic shortage of pressing machines | The Economist

FOR young hipsters and middle-aged sentimentalists alike, the resurgence of vinyl is cause for celebration. Since 2010 sales of vinyl records in America have tripled. Britain’s vinyl industry saw its biggest gains for 25 years in 2016.

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Freaky Formats: The hypnotic world of moiré effect record sleeves

DJ Food continues his occasional column on the stranger world of vinyl artwork, with moiré effect sleeves and some of the best gifs you'll see all day.

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Record Store Day 2017: we unboxed some of this year's most exciting releases - NME

Happy Record Store Day Eve! Saturday April 22 marks the 10th annual celebration of independent record shops that is Record Store Day, an event celebrated by over 200 stores across the UK, where over 500 special, limited edition releases will be available

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Record Store Day By Numbers: Prince To Cohen, Vinyl Sales Surge 321%

New figures just released by Nielsen Music before the 10th Record Store Day show how the annual event has boosted the vinyl revolution.

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La La Land soundtrack is the best-selling US vinyl record of 2017 so far

La La Land soundtrack best-selling vinyl record of 2017 so far in the US according to new figures released by Nielsen Music.

Music | Vinyl Records!

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band gets 50th anniversary reissue

The Beatles will celebrate 50 years of their landmark 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with a major reissue project, spanning digital, 2xCD, 2xLP and 6xDisc packages.

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

The art of the album cover: New book features more than 500 examples, from Patti Smith to Kanye West

"Art Record Covers" traces album cover collaborations between visual artists and musicians from the last six decades.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Startups Put A New Spin On Record Players

Two startups are bringing record players into the 21st century. Check out these new-school ways to listen to vinyl.

Sports | NBA

Klay Thompson sets NBA record for points in under 30 minutes

Klay Thompson made history on Monday night. The Golden State Warriors of the past three seasons are famous for setting records. The Warriors’ No. 3 scoring option set a new NBA season high with 60 points on 21-of-33 FG, 8-of-14 3FG, and 10-of-11 FT.

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Spiral Groove’s Revolution turntable offers ultra high-end sound and a price to match

With its Revolution Turntable, shipping now, Spiral Groove is offering a combination of premium build and materials along with a price tag to match.

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Here’s what’s coming to record stores and streaming services in August · Preview · The A.V. Club

Each month, we’ll publish a fairly comprehensive list of what’s coming to record stores and streaming services in upcoming weeks, complete with capsule previews so interested parties can know what to expect.

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Half of UK Vinyl Buyers Don't Actually Listen to Their LPs, Survey Finds

Only 52% of UK adults who reported buying vinyl in the last month said they had a turntable they currently use

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Vinyl sales earned more money than combined ads on free streams in 2015

In 2015 U.S. vinyl sales earned more money than the recording industry made from advertisements on all free streaming services like YouTube and Spotify combined, according to the RIAA. Vinyl LP and EP sales are currently at their highest level since 1988, with a recent increase of 32% last year alone to $416 million.

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Vinyl Starter Kit: Which records to invest in, what to look for, where to buy - Features - Alternative Press

Vinyl is a beautiful thing. Grooved-wax music discs have transcended generations and successfully managed a full-blown resurrection. So much so that in 2015 the sale of vinyl EPs and LPs rose 32 percent to $416 million, according to the RIAA—that’s the highest they’ve been since 1988.

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Confessions of a Vinyl Junkie | David Bowie’s 25 Favorite Albums, by David Bowie!

There is really no way to do a list of my favorite albums with any rationality. I do only have about 2,500 vinyls. There is a possibility there. I’ll look through the albums and pull together a list of those I have re-bought or am in the process of re-buying on CD. I have little time, and there are just too many to sort through. So, I’ll keep pulling stuff out blindly, and if it’s too obvious (Sgt. Pepper, Nirvana) I’ll put it back again till I find something more interesting.

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Sonic Youth Announce Vinyl Reissues of Six Albums | News | Pitchfork

Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, A Thousand Leaves, NYC Ghosts & Flowers, Murray Street, Sonic Nurse, and Rather Ripped

Music | Music

Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases: Fall 2015 | News | Pitchfork

Records to look forward to in the coming months! Welcome once again to the Pitchfork Guide to Upcoming Releases, our seasonal guide to new music. Four times a year, we round up a list of albums, singles, EPs, reissues, and more arriving over the coming months. This installment covers fall 2015.

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Hand-painted portraits of famous musicians, on vinyl records - Boing Boing

Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen is hand-painted portraiture of musicians on vinyl records. Here's how it's done!

Music | Chicago Music

Where to Go on Record Store Day 2015 in Chicago

Here's a map to help plot out your path on the biggest vinyl celebration of the year.

Music | Music News

As record sales surge, the U.K. now has an official vinyl music chart | VentureBeat | Media | by Paul Sawers

The U.K. now has its first official weekly top 40 vinyl charts, in response to rising record sales. 2014 heralded the biggest surge in Britain in two decades, with 1.29 million albums sold last year. Data from the Official Charts Company also shows that sales from the first three months of 2015 point to this trend continuing: Q1 saw a 69 percent rise in vinyl album sales over the corresponding period last year.

Music | Music

'Clueless' Soundtrack Set for 20th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

Special edition of the alt-pop heavy compilation will be printed on yellow and black plaid vinyl

Music | Chicago Music

The Future of Record Shopping? Browse Shuga's 120,000 Records With An iPad

The new 2,800-square-foot Wicker Park shop is part of a vinyl boom on Milwaukee Avenue.

Music | Music

Vinyl is just a fad, record executives say (and we know that they are never wrong)· Newswire · The A.V. Club

Aside from cassette-tape weirdos, the elderly, and the ironic CD collectors we assume are coming in the next five years or so, vinyl collectors are the only people buying physical copies of music anymore. Rolling Stone reports that vinyl sales jumped 52 percent last year, and vinyl sales have grown from 1.5 percent of overall music sales in 2012 to 6 percent in 2014.

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Best Albums Of All Time - Best Vinyl Records - Esquire

Get the latest in pop culture as Stephen Marche and the writers of Esquire recap what's new in movies, TV, music, books and more.

Music | Chicago Music

The 12 Best Record Stores In Chicago

Independent record stores are survivors. Here are our favorite dozen in Chicago.

Music | Music

The Man Who's Buying Up All the Vinyl in the World • Highsnobiety

The question of where the future of recorded music is heading has been raging ever since the days of Napster. Digital music has decimated physical sales across every format, and while vinyl sales have shown some promising signs of recovery…

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Insane Record Collections and the People Who Own Them 

Photographer Eilon Paz left Israel in 2008 to try his luck in New York. “It was the worst time to try your luck. It was the beginning of the recession. There were no jobs to be found so I just found myself in record stores spending my money on recor

Music | Music

Marc Maron: crackle and pop – why I'm addicted to collecting vinyl

The standup, writer, sitcom star and host of the wildly popular podcast WTF explains why vinyl has taken over his life – and wonders whether $15k is too much to spend on speakers

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Archeologists excavate hippie commune's record collection

California state park archaeologists excavated the burned and buried record collection of The Chosen Family, a former 1960s commune in Marin County, and were surprised that the musical tastes of the hippies living there weren't what you'd expect