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This dongle can upgrade you to wireless CarPlay for cheap | AppleInsider

Wireless CarPlay is still scarce, but there is a way for existing CarPlay users to break free of wires inexpensively, and we've been testing it for months now.

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The Elvis is the cutest retro-inspired Bluetooth speaker I’ve seen | Yanko Design

With a retro name and a personality to match, the Xiaomi Elvis Atomic is adorably small, and is styled to look like a miniature memento or trophy, rather than a Bluetooth speaker. Its design pulls inspiration from the turntable, and looks like it belongs somewhere in Fallout 76, according to Mike Chua.

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How to play vinyl with AirPlay or Bluetooth to HomePod, headphones, and more

In the age of digital media, users may sometimes forget what it was like with physical media formats, specifically with audio. Through the years we’ve had CD, cassette, digital, and vinyl. Wouldn’t…

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Update Your iPhones And Androids Now If You Don't Want Your Bluetooth Hacked

Apple has patched, though it's unclear if all Android devices are secure. Windows, meanwhile, is still vulnerable to older Bluetooth attacks.

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This guy uses old vinyl records to make gorgeous Bluetooth speakers

Industrial engineer Jeff Davis is selling customizable Bluetooth speakers made from old records — you can even submit your own artwork or request an album.

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Samsung ordered to pay $16 million to a guy who admits he didn't invent Bluetooth

It's a mixed-up crazy world when it comes to US patent law.

The most recent case is a $15.7 million verdict against Samsung over Bluetooth — even though the winner admitted in court that he had nothing to do with the invention of Bluetooth.

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Never Lose Your Stuff Again: 6 Bluetooth Trackers Reviewed

The development of a new kind of Bluetooth radio system, Bluetooth LE (for “low energy”), has unlocked entire new categories of tech gadgets, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, and now, tiny tracking devices. Here are six of them compared... w