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After Crippling Hack, Pentagon Says China, Russia Can Disrupt Our Military Satellites

In the aftermath of a cyberattack on the Colonial pipeline that has crippled the petroleum supply chain on the eastern seaboard of the...

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While Congress Prioritizes Woke Legislation, the US GPS System Is Left Unsecured

The Global Positioning System (GPS), is vulnerable to both hackers and natural weather occurrences with no reliable back-up...

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In First, 3 Israeli Nanosatellites Launch Into Space For Geolocation Mission

The nanosatellites will move autonomously on a high-accuracy geolocation mission for search and rescue, remote sensing, and environmental monitoring.

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Whistle activity monitor unboxing

Whistle is a GPS dog tracker that can be used to track your pet's location on-demand from your smartphone. It comes with national gps coverage and can also b...

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Pod 2 Dog GPS Tracker

Visit http://www.strangeanimals.info/2016/11/best-pet-tracking-systems.html to learn more about POD 2, read a short review and how it compares to other dog t...

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8 Best Pet GPS Trackers For 2017 | Strange Animals

Discover the best pet tracking systems that are available today. FREE bonus: Extensive buyer's guide.

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8 Drivers Who Blindly Followed Their GPS Into Disaster

The machine knows where it's going!" yells Michael Scott in an episode of The Office, before driving his car directly into a lake.

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Never Lose Your Stuff Again: 6 Bluetooth Trackers Reviewed

The development of a new kind of Bluetooth radio system, Bluetooth LE (for “low energy”), has unlocked entire new categories of tech gadgets, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, and now, tiny tracking devices. Here are six of them compared... w