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Tough kitty survives scalding hot spin in a washing machine

Bobby the cat survived a brutal spin in the washing machine and is now happily recovering.

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Grumpy cat scolds raccoon for stealing cat food [Video]

This plotting raccoon thought he could grab a few bites of cat food while no one was looking, but not under this grumpy cat's watch! After a few smacks to the face and much to the angry cat's surprise, the mischievous outsider remains unphased and continu

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Whistle activity monitor unboxing

Whistle is a GPS dog tracker that can be used to track your pet's location on-demand from your smartphone. It comes with national gps coverage and can also b...

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8 Best Pet GPS Trackers For 2017 | Strange Animals

Discover the best pet tracking systems that are available today. FREE bonus: Extensive buyer's guide.

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18 of the Best DogTags For 2017 | Strange Animals

Discover 18 of the coolest, fully personalized pet tags you can buy today. FREE bonus: Extensive Buyer's guide!

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A fat cat on a treadmill under water

Trying to lose some weight. The original unedited video.

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7 Tips to Keep Cats from Dashing Out the Door

Learn seven tips to keep your indoor cat from dashing out an open door to outside, by certified cat behaviorist Arden Moore for Pets Best pet insurance.

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Cat Attacks Mail Man

A cat does battle with the mail man over delivering the mail.

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CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga! (ORIGINAL)

World's BEST Skateboarding CAT! Go Didga! The Action starts when Ollie, a skateboard, takes his friend Didga, a CAT, for a ride around a beautiful beach town...