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Ohio police officers lure pet pig back to owners with Oreos | Fox News

Authorities in Ohio had to think outside the box Friday to try and lure a missing pot-bellied pig back to their owner.

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Cool Gifts For Pets

Cool gifts ideas for your pets, or for pet owners who love their animals as much as they love their kids. Tags, collars, and other cool & unique stuff!

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Best Communication Tools & Handbook!!

Have you ever thought of sharing P.E.T. with others?  Hear what Peggy has to say about her rewarding experience teaching P.E.T.! Dr. Thomas Gordon's, Paren

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This Site Will Make a Stuffed Animal Clone of Your Pet

Saying goodbye to a pet is sometimes even harder than saying goodbye to family before they pass. So a website called Cuddle Clones wants to make it a little easier to cope with the loss of your pet by creating a plush clone of it using just a handful of p

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Scientific Reasons Why Your Cat Acts So Weird | Nerdist

The internet loves cats. If the internet were Superman, cats would be the Sun. But even though cats are cute and fluffy (and always ready to start something),

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The Human Brain as a Word Cloud, on a Shared Drive

In research reported Wednesday in Nature, neuroscientists at the University of California at Berkeley created a comprehensive atlas of neural patterns sparked by spoken language.

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8 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Friends Ever

Is it obvious how much we love animals here at HelloGiggles?  We're crazy about every species, but today, let's talk about dogs, and how they aren't only m

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Truck Driver Stops To Save A ‘Dead’ Cat And Ends Up Adopting Him

It was a really bad thunderstorm and Dennis McDonald was driving his truck when he saw a supposedly dead cat on the side of a road in British Columbia, Canada. McDonald had a strange feeling that the kitty might still be alive, so he turned back to check

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16 Common Plants That Are Poisonous To Cats

If you have a cat and a garden, you should know which plants are harmful to cats. Flora and fauna co...

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Family Brings Home Puppy to Die With Love, But She Surprises Them All

“She couldn’t walk, and she had distemper, and I thought we were just bringing her out to die, basically, in peace, but she proved us wrong.” Read more

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Science Explains How It Feels To Be A Cat

Cats can be independent, aloof and mysterious. Learn science-backed information that explains what it really feels like to be a domestic cat.

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A fat cat on a treadmill under water

Trying to lose some weight. The original unedited video.

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This Guy Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant In All His Pics And It’s Hilarious

Photographers can have a hard time of capturing their subjects perfectly. Waiting for the right moment can make them anxious, and any slip up could ruin

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This Annual Festival In Nepal Thanks Dogs For Being Our Friends. Why Aren’t We Doing The Same? ⋆

We tend to say that human’s best friends are dogs, yet the people of Napal are setting the bar just a bit higher. During Diwali which is a sort of festival of lights that is celebrated every fall in India, Nepal and in other regions, they have set aside

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How the Evidence of Today Supports the Wisdom of Yesterday International

Why Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Works Article by:  Larissa Dann More and more parents are educating themselves on the best way to bring up their