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Two Omicron Studies Are Fantastic News That Should End Mandates and Restrictions

Omicron appears to be a lamb compared to the lion of delta. It is time for public health policy to mirror the threat.

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New research suggests COVID was less deadly than thought in first year of pandemic

Meta-research pioneer John Ioannidis of Stanford cuts "infection fatality rate" by half for age groups including young people, using international "seroprevalence" review.

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation and Technology News Jan. 19, 2022

CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation and Technology News Jan. 19, 2022   Israel police uses NSO’s Pegasus to spy on citizens. Mayors, leaders of political protests against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and former governmental employe

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How 5G works, according to an electrical engineer

5G stands for fifth-generation cellular network technology. It's 10 times faster than 4G, promising better wireless internet access. It’s also expected to put the Internet of Things revolution in high gear.

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High-fat diet may restore cognitive function lost in brain injury - Israeli study

More than half of the lost cognitive ability returns after mice are given ketogenic diet for two months, Tel Aviv University scientists report in peer-reviewed research

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Why Does Exercise Improve Brain Health as You Age? Scientists Just Unlocked a Major Key To Finding Out

A new exercise for brain health protein study shows how movement protects your brain against dementia. Here's what you need to know.

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Endemic vs. Pandemic—How COVID Is Evolving Amid Avalanche of Omicron Cases

While there is optimism that COVID cases are leveling off, the World Health Organization has said it is too early to say that the pandemic is over.

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Who’s a clever dog? Scientists study secrets of canine cognition

Dogs can figure out some things that even chimps can’t. Our science correspondent puts her puppy retriever to the test

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 16, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 16, 2022 These are very exciting times, as Israeli innovations are literally lifting-off. Dozens of Israeli children watched eight of their school-built nano-satellites being launched into space, and there

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The Science of How to Make Friends as an Adult (and Why You Should Put in the Effort)

Science confirms it's harder to make friends as an adult, but psychology offers a few tricks to help.

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Israeli Scientists Detect a New Type of Supernova

Illustrative: The Wolf–Rayet star Hen 2-427 and the nebula M1-67 surrounding it, lying 15,000 light-years away. Photo: ESA/Hubble & NASA …

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Goldfish taught to drive on land for Israeli animal behavior study : NPR

An experiment involving a robotic tank on wheels and six trained goldfish may offer insights into animals' ability to navigate unfamiliar environments.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 9, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 9, 2022 Israel has just re-opened its gates to overseas visitors who can once again experience the Start-up / Scale-up Nation at first hand. Those who are not yet ready to travel can read here about the 

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Astronomers Witness a Dying Star Reach Its Explosive End – W. M. Keck Observatory

The Keck Observatory telescopes on Maunakea in Hawaii, are the world’s largest optical and infrared telescopes. Keck Observatory's vision is to advance the frontiers of astronomy and share our discoveries with the world.

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Experts Make Stunning Admission About Cloth Face Masks

For most of this pandemic, you’ve been told to mask up because masking will protect you and others from getting COVID.
But suddenly the ball game has changed. New studies show that the commonly...

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Brain Signals Associated With OCD Discovered by Scientists For First Time

Scientists have been able to observe brain activity linked with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in more detail than ever before – and if these neural signals can be identified, it opens up the possibility of being able to change them as well.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 2, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 2, 2022 At the start of a new calendar year, Israelis continue to bring new innovations into the world to benefit humanity. A new heart implant, a new treatment for Parkinson’s, a new sleep quality an

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11 epic scientific mysteries researchers totally can’t solve - Vox

What is the universe made out of? When did the anus evolve? Can humans live to 150 years old? And more!

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The Five Biggest Climate Stories of 2021 - Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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New Vaccine Study Suggests mRNA Vaccines Actually Increase Probability of Being Infected With Omicron After 90 Days

We certainly know the vaccines are nowhere near as effective as they claim, but could they put you at a higher risk of infection with Omicron? This data says yes.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 26, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 26, 2021 At the end of the civil year, Israelis continue trailblazing. Medical successes include amorphous calcium to treat coronavirus; completed trials of a Parkinson’s treatment; remote heart monit

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A dinosaur embryo has been found inside a fossilized egg. Here's what that means. - CBS News

The egg was acquired in 2000, but put in storage. It was later identified as a dinosaur egg, and an embryo was found hidden within it.

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Israeli Cell-Based Drug Offers Hope Against COVID-19 Variants

Bonus BioGroup says its innovative use of mesenchymal stromal cells offers a protection layer for patients prone to respiratory distress.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 19, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 19, 2021 The astounding Israeli medical achievements this week include breakthroughs in treating brain diseases, cancer, wounds, glaucoma, infections, deafness and blindness. Israelis have given aid to the

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COVID-19 Literature Document

Introduction The goal of this document is to provide information pertaining to the various aspects that relate to COVID-19, its treatment and the COVID-19 vaccines. Its goal is to challenge the nar…

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 12, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 12, 2021 Israeli innovations continue to flow at an amazing pace. This week’s newsletter includes medical cures for Alzheimer’s and Covid; a cancer mutation database and saliva-based testing kit

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It Is Casey, Not Roe, on Trial Before the Supreme Court - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The Supreme Court’s 2021 term includes the high-profile abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. While the abortion-on-demand press...

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Astrophotographer snaps his 'clearest ever photo of the SUN' | Daily Mail Online

Andrew McCarthy, an astrophotographer from Arizona, layered 150,000 individual pictures of the glowing ball of fire to convey the intricate stunning detail of the solar system's largest star.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 5, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 5, 2021 the highlights include:  Israeli scientists have found a new way to destroy blood cancer cells. Israel continues to see a reduction in serious coronavirus patients. Colombia has opened a Jerusalem

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Total solar eclipse 2021: When, where and how to see it on Dec. 4

Antarctica will see nearly two minutes of totality at most, with surrounding regions getting a partial view.

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Living robots can now reproduce using artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, the xenobots were able to replicate themselves using a process not seen in humans or any other animals.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 28, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 28, 2021 The pace of Israel’s achievements is speeding up every week. There are many double events to celebrate in this week’s positive Israel newsletter. Just see the highlights below. The flor

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Here’s how and when to watch longest lunar eclipse in 580 years

Mark your calendars, the Beaver Moon eclipse is a must-see — and it's the longest of the century!

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Geomagnetic storm watch in effect this Halloween following intense solar flare | Fox News

On Thursday, the sun released a significant solar flare toward Earth, peaking at 11:35 a.m. EDT, scientists say.

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Uncertainty, Unknowability, and Free Will in Kabbalah and Quantum Mechanics - Torah & Science

Developments in the physical and biological sciences over the last two millennia have, in the minds of many, challenged the belief systems of the major Western religions. Consequently, many Jews and others longing to understand the nature of reality and the meaning of human existence have been lured away from their faiths in a quest for more ‘objective’ truths.

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How Bad Is Delta Variant? Vaccinated, Unvaccinated People Can Spread It: Study - Bloomberg

People inoculated against Covid-19 are just as likely to spread the delta variant of the virus to contacts in their household as those who haven’t had shots, according to new research.

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Signs of an extreme planet found in another galaxy

An odd x-ray signal hints that a Saturn-size world could be the first known planet lurking in the Whirlpool Galaxy 28 million light-years away.

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If You Can't Question It, Don't Call It Science

I'm an astrophysicist at a major university. Science is my life. But when I hear somebody somberly intone, "science says" or "follow the science," I get very nervous.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 17, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 17, 2021 the highlights include:  An Israeli startup can test whether a recovering cancer patient needs chemotherapy. Israelis are aiding and rescuing trapped Afghans. An Israeli has been elected President

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How Brains Understand Language: Part 1 of 2. | by John Ball | Pat Inc | Oct, 2021 | Medium

Computers have revolutionized the world with continuous improvements since the 1950s, but they haven’t worked well on biologically-based problems like vision, animal-like movement control and…

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 4, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 4, 2021 Israel’s universal positive impact continues at fast pace. They include Covid-19 treatments, anti-bacterial breakthroughs, and 3D-printed blood vessels. There are major benefits to the disable

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Israeli ‘antibacterial weapon’ arms good germs to kill bad germs

Helpful bacteria fire ‘poisoned arrows’ at infection-causing microbes in Tel Aviv University lab; they 'permeate a neighboring cell by brute force and release toxins into it’

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Sept. 19, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Sept. 19, 2021 The new Jewish year 5782 is a Sabbatical year when observant Israeli farmers allow their fields to rest. However, as this newsletter shows, there is certainly no rest for Israeli researchers, medi

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Victor Davis Hanson: ‘Science,’ They Said

The scientific method used to govern much of popular American thinking. In empirical fashion scientists advised us to examine evidence and data…

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Study: COVID Recovery Gave Israelis Longer-Lasting Delta Defense Than Vaccines

The variant was 27 times more likely to break through Pfizer protection from January-February and cause symptoms than it was to penetrate natural immunity from the same period.

Politics | Leftist Lies

Chris Cuomo Suggests Babies Don’t Have A ‘Heartbeat’ At 6 Weeks. Here’s What Science Says

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and an abortionist denied that a six-week-old baby has a fetal heartbeat — or a heart — during a special, two-hour-long episode of “Cuomo Prime Time” on Thursday night. But numerous college-level textbooks,

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli scientists discover how to reverse cell aging

A team of scientists has found why elderly people are more susceptible to COVID-19 and are working to reverse the aging process of the body’s immune system

Science & Technology | Science

Struggling to Learn a New Language? Blame It on Your Stable Brain

A new study may answer why it is so difficult for us to learn a second language as we enter adulthood.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Aug. 15, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Aug. 15, 2021 This newsletter always contains true to life positive news articles from Israel. This issue is packed full of life-saving examples. They include successful coronavirus treatments, UV sterilizing, a

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People Who Trust Science Are Less Likely To Fall For Misinformation — Unless It Sounds Sciencey – Research Digest

By Matthew Warren. Research suggests that broad campaigns to promote trust in science may not be that useful; instead, it may be more beneficial to promote critical analysis skills.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

How will the pandemic end? The science of past outbreaks offers clues.

The answer depends on many factors, perhaps the most critical being the global nature of the crisis.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

88 patients, 0 intubated: Israeli ‘precision’ COVID drug wrapping up early trial

Placebo study still to come, but inventor says medication 'could be a game changer' after around 9 out of 10 participants in Greek trial are released from hospital within 5 days

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 26, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 26, 2021 Israel’s positive impact reaches far beyond the tiny State of Israel. This week Israelis made major advances in fighting the global coronavirus pandemic. Other medical beneficiaries included

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 11, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 11, 2021 This week’s newsletter title reflects Israeli work to provide clean water to Africa, America and the River Jordan. But it is even more refreshing to see Israelis continue to produce a torrent

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 6, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 6, 2021 We have returned after the site being down for a few days. My apologies . This week’s newsletter highlights many Israeli problem-solving skills. They include diagnosis of TB, heart disease, bl

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 28, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 28, 2021 Despite today being the fast of Tammuz, I’m still publishing this week’s positive Israel newsletter. As you will see, Israeli innovations and activities are bringing us closer to a futu

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Study Finds Spiders Are Victorious in Battles Against Snakes | Mental Floss

A recent study looked at hundreds of records of spiders killing and eating snakes—even snakes many times their size.

Politics | Indoctrination On Campus

Baseless Israel Bashing Permeates Science, Medicine, and Education Unions

Hundreds of people participated in a rally and march in support of the Palestinians on 42nd street in Manhattan in …

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The new science of sleep: Everything we know about how it affects your health and brain

Sleep expert, professor of neuroscience and author of Why we sleep Dr Matthew Walker explores the ways sleep can benefit our brains and health.

Science & Technology | Science

NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Nails Seventh Flight on Mars

NASA's Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, has completed its seventh flight on the red planet, taking a photo of the Martian surface during its 63-second trip.

Science & Technology | Science & Space

Could NASA Really Find Life on Venus? Here's The Most Likely Place to Look

NASA has selected two missions, dubbed DAVINCI+ and VERITAS, to study the "lost habitable" world of Venus. Each mission will receive approximately US$500 million for development and both are expected to launch between 2028 and 2030.

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Puppies Are Born Ready to Communicate With Humans

A new study finds very young dogs with little human contact can understand pointing gestures—and that the ability has a strong genetic basis

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 31, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 31, 2021 Israel goes way beyond what should be expected of any nation of comparable size and population. This week’s medical highlights include therapy for “incurable” wounds and diseases,

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Space Debris Has Hit And Damaged The International Space Station

The inevitable has occurred. A piece of space debris too small to be tracked has hit and damaged part of the International Space Station - namely, the Canadarm2 robotic arm.

Science & Technology | Science

Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost

If humanity ever wants to travel easily between stars, people will need to go faster than light.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

What Actually Happens If You Drink Saltwater? | Mental Floss

You might think drinking seawater would be better than drinking no water at all. Your kidneys would beg to differ.

Science & Technology | Science

Was Einstein wrong? Why some astrophysicists are questioning the theory of space-time

To better understand the universe, we may need to kill off one of the most important theories of all time.

Science & Technology | Science

Brain structures grow differently in boys, men with autism

Autistic boys and men show notable differences in brain development, according to magnetic resonance imaging scans taken over a 16-year period.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 16, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 16, 2021 Israelis and Israel’s friends globally have shown tremendous support for the Jewish State this week – perhaps the most unity since 2 million+ Jews gathered round Mount Sinai on this date

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Voyager 1, now in interstellar space, hears an ominous hum

The vast majority of NASA's most interesting projects are ones that are fresh and new, like the Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter. As technology advances, NASA can do more and more interesting and revolutionary things, but sometimes decades-old

Politics | Covid 19

The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?

If the case that SARS2 originated in a lab is so substantial, why isn’t this more widely known? As is now obvious, there are many people who have reason not to talk about it.

Health & Fitness | Covid

Immediate Use of Ivermectin Medicine Globally Can End COVID-19 Pandemic: Scientists

The common antiparasitic ivermectin is being touted as a miracle cure for COVID-19 by doctors and campaigners the world over. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com

Science & Technology | Tech

Researchers Create Free-Floating Animated Holograms That Bring Us One Step Closer to Star Trek's Holodecks

Back in 2018, researchers from Brigham Young University demonstrated a device called an Optical Trap Display that used lasers to create free-floating holographic images that don’t need a display. That same team is now demonstrating a new technique that al

Psychology | Psychology

Worried about your forgetfulness? This Harvard-trained neuroscientist may put you at ease

A neuroscientist-turned-novelist explains how memory works, and how forgetting is a normal part of life.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 2, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 2, 2021 Besides Israel’s usual medical research breakthroughs, this week’s newsletter includes many news articles of Israelis working to benefit the disadvantaged in society. They include safer I

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Scientists Finally Uncovered a Major Efficiency Flaw Holding Back Solar Cells

Perovskite has a lot going for it in our search for a cheap, efficient way to harvest solar energy. With a dusting of organic molecules, these crystalline structures have been able to convert more than a quarter of the light falling onto them into

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 25, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 25, 2021 The highlights include: Over 80% of Israeli adults have now been vaccinated against Covid-19. Israeli optical breakthrough allows for early detection of skin cancer. Israel marks Earth Day with na

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MIT researchers say you're no safer from Covid indoors at 6 feet or 60 feet in new study

The CDC and WHO guidelines fail to factor in the amount of time spent indoors, which increases the chance of transmission the longer people are inside.

Science & Technology | Science & Space

NASA’s Mars helicopter just flew for the second time

When NASA's Ingenuity helicopter took off for the first time on Mars on April 19th it was a history-making moment. No manmade spacecraft had ever achieved powered flight on another planet, and the pint-sized helicopter made it look relatively easy.

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SCIENCE: White Libs More Likely To Have Mental Health Problems

White liberals are significantly more likely than other racial and ideological groups to be diagnosed with a mental health condition, according to science.

Science & Technology | Science & Space

WATCH LIVE: NASA's Ingenuity Attempts First-Ever Powered Flight on Another Planet

After a series of delays, the first-ever powered flight to happen on another planet is go for liftoff.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 18, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 18, 2021 The theme of this year’s Israeli Independence Day was a huge “Thank You” to its citizens for their resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. There was also much interna

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This Nuclear Reactor Just Made Fusion Viable by 2030. Seriously.

Nuclear fusion has long felt like decades away. Now, the timeline accelerates, as TAE has announced it’s just 9 years from a commercial nuclear fusion plant.

Politics | Politics

An Astrophysicist Explains Why He Gets Nervous When He Hears “Follow the Science”

Brian Keating is an astrophysicist at a major university. Science is his life. But when he hears someone say to “follow the science,” he gets nervous. Because that’s not how science works. And never has. Follow Brian Keating on YouTube and Twitter! Click

Health & Fitness | Health & Wellness

Covid: Can you catch the virus outside? - BBC News

The risks of catching Covid indoors are well-known, but what are the chances of being infected outdoors?

Science & Technology | Science

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Has Landed on the Surface of Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is one step closer to taking its first flight on Mars. On Saturday, the space agency announced that the helicopter had been successfully dropped off on the surface of the planet by the Perseverance rover, which has essentially

Science & Technology | Science

What's up with this weird green rock on Mars? Perseverance rover is trying to find out.

NASA's Perseverance rover is studying a strange rock on Mars as it waits for its companion helicopter to attempt its first flight.

Science & Technology | Science

Pentagon’s Report Will Contain More Information on UFOs Than Previously Made Public: Ratcliffe

Ratcliffe said that the U.S. government plans to release a declassified report sharing more information about UFO sightings than has previously been done

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

In First, 3 Israeli Nanosatellites Launch Into Space For Geolocation Mission

The nanosatellites will move autonomously on a high-accuracy geolocation mission for search and rescue, remote sensing, and environmental monitoring.

Science & Technology | Science

Smell: Sniffing Out This Forgotten Sense

Our sense of smell is closely tied to memory and can also predict how our brain will hold up as we age.

Politics | Politics

One Of The Lockdowns’ Greatest Casualties Could Be Science

Politicians, journalists, and scientists have transferred the disease burden onto the working class. They’ve also undermined scientific inquiry.

Science & Technology | Science

Listen to the first-ever recording of a NASA rover driving on Mars

NASA has released the first-ever recording of a rover driving across the surface of Mars, and it sounds unlike any vehicle you've heard before.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Are strange space signals in Antarctica evidence of a parallel univer

Odd detections at the South Pole have so far defied explanation, inviting theories beyond conventional physics.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel March 14, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel March 14, 2021This week’s positive Israel newsletter is full of Israeli innovations and activities that benefit the planet. They include positive coronavirus vaccination information, Covid-19 treatments an

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Aspirin may protect against COVID-19, Israeli research finds

People who take small doses are 29% less likely than others to test positive, researchers say; those who do get COVID recover faster, and with reduced aftereffects

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel March 7, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel March 7, 2021 Well over half of Israeli citizens have now received at least one vaccination against Covid-19. This milestone coincided with Israelis celebrating International Women’s Day and the Jewish Fes

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Warp Drive: Scientists Say a Physical Warp Drive Is Now Possible

For the first time, scientists have introduced a physical model for warp drive. That means humans are one step closer to traveling at faster-than-light speeds.

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This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 28, 2021

This Weeks Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 28, 2021 Dozens of Israeli innovations, products and programs were launched in the two weeks since the last newsletter. Even the very first VeryGoodNewsIsrael zoom presentation. But the important launches included

Science & Technology | Science

A 150-million-mile selfie stick: How NASA's Perseverance rover overcame 'time and space' to capture first Mars panorama

The panorama is a composite of 142 individual images taken by Perseverance's Mastcam-Z camera system and shared by the rover's Twitter account.

Science & Technology | Science

3 Ways Your Brain Actually Improves With Age

Yes, you might lose your keys more, but aging has its cognitive upsides, according to new research.

Science & Technology | Science

What happened to NASA’s spacecraft after it dropped off the Perseverance rover?

After delivering the Perseverance rover to the surface of Mars, NASA's spacecraft was last seen disappearing into the martian dust. So where did it go?

Pets & Animals | Other Kinds Of Animals

20 Amazing Animals Discovered in the Last 20 Years | Mental Floss

In the two decades since Mental Floss first hit newsstands, some pretty incredible animals have entered the world of mainstream science.

Science & Technology | Science & Space

Watch Perseverance's dramatic landing on Mars in never-before-seen video

NASA released a multi-angle video of Perseverance's entry, descent, and landing on Mars, a unique look at the precise operation.

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Rami Dabbas – Interview with Arab Muslim Journalist about Islam and Science.

Rami Dabbas – Interview with Arab Muslim Journalist about Islam and Science. In an attempt to conduct a press interview with a religious Muslim about Islam and science, as he refused to do the interview with an Israeli newspaper for religious reason

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How a 1960s discovery in Yellowstone made millions of COVID-19 PCR tests possible

The science behind COVID-19 PCR tests can be traced back to two microbiologists' discovery in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Scientists clone the first U.S. endangered species

Scientists have cloned the first U.S. endangered species, a black-footed ferret duplicated from the genes of an animal that died over 30 years ago.

Science & Technology | Science

NASA's Perseverance rover still has to face 'seven minutes of terror'

Despite having bridged a gap of nearly 300 million miles between Earth and Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover still has its most perilous moments ahead.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 15, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 15, 2021   The highlights include: Israel’s latest Covid-19 treatment has received worldwide acclaim. Two Israeli innovations could see the end to invasive biopsies. An Israeli hi-tech training NGO gives

Science & Technology | Science & Space

Scientists Are Pretty Sure They Found a Portal to the Fifth Dimension

It's probably in this weird particle.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Hospital Adopts Nanofiber Artificial Skin Burn Treatment System

Haifa's Rambam Hospital is the first Israeli care center to use the novel Spincare system to treat wounds and burns without touching the skin.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 7, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 7, 2021 The highlights include: In trials, an Israeli treatment cured 89% of severely ill Covid-19 patients in under a week. Israeli scientists have discovered that camels can help fight cancer. Kosovo and

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True Future – Episode 8: Israel: Dr. X-Ray Will See You Now

True Future – Episode 8: Israel: Dr. X-Ray Will See You Now This season has explored the convergence of technologies, relationships, and nations. ⁠ ⁠ We have shared technologies that at first appear to replace a doctor, but in reality, they bett

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Apollo 14: ‘A Wild Place Up Here’

Apollo 14 was the eighth crewed Apollo mission and the third to land on the Moon. On January 31, 1971, Apollo 14 launched from Kennedy Space Center with a cr...

News | In The News

SpaceX launch: Crew Dragon civilian mission will open seats to public

A billionaire will command SpaceX's first all-civilian launch this year, but the mission includes a twist: the public can enter to fly in Crew Dragon.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 1, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 1, 2021 The highlights include: Almost one third of Israelis have received their first vaccination against Covid-19. Breakthrough Israeli alternative to antibiotics gets European funding. Israeli voice tech

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel-led team creates a 'Google Map’ of brain RNA; may help Alzheimer’s fight

Scientists sequence RNA inside tissue ‘to nano resolution,’ and say breakthrough heralds new insights on brain research and why immunotherapy only works on some cancer patients

Health & Fitness | Health

Drug Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline Within Days - Neuroscience News

Short-term exposure to an experimental drug reverses age-related memory decline and cognitive deficits in mice. The drug, ISRIB, has previously shown beneficial effects in treating memory loss associated with TBI and other neurological disorders.

Science & Technology | Science

Imagining Faster-Than-Light Travel | National Air and Space Museum

After the 1950s, fictional depictions of space travel needed to suggest conceivable ways to cross interstellar distances to seem plausible. Some authors suggested faster-than-light drives, hyper drives, jump drives, worm holes, and black holes.

Health & Fitness | Covid

No Science Justifies Bans on Indoor or Outdoor Dining - American Greatness

In a video that is simultaneously gut-wrenching and infuriating, a Los Angeles restaurant owner exposed the hypocrisy of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s order to ban…

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 24, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 24, 2021 The scourge of Covid-19 is hopefully on the way out as the world publicizes the news that Israel’s mass vaccination program is working. In other news, Israeli medical innovations are showing

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Object that whizzed by Earth probably came from alien world, Harvard professor asserts - CBS News

Harvard's Avi Loeb says object that whizzed by Earth in 2017 was probably debris from an advanced alien technology – space junk from many light years away.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Quantum computing may make current encryption obsolete, a quantum internet could be the solution

Sometime between now and 2030, the mathematical system that protects all of digital communications may fall victim to a superior quantum system. Preparing for that time may require us to reinvent the network itself.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

In first, Haifa man regains his vision after getting artificial cornea implant

Jamal Furani, 78, is the first person implanted with CorNeat's product; after operation, he could read text and recognize family members, startup says

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Researchers Find Genetic Mutation That May Pave Way For Autism Drugs

New research led by Hebrew University Professor Sagiv Shifman studied the effects of POGZ, a gene associated with autism.

Science & Technology | Science

Researchers develop AI framework that predicts object motion from image and tactile data | VentureBeat

Researchers developed an AI framework that can predict the motion of objects from visual and tactile data.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 17, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 17, 2021 Scientists used to think that there were only 4 elements – earth, air, fire and water. Israeli scientists fighting cancer and Covid show in this week’s newsletter that it’s  much

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NASA Curiosity rover celebrates 3,000th day on Mars with stunning panorama of planet

The glorious new image captures the 96-mile-wide Gale Crater and part of Mount Sharp, its central mountain.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 10, 2021

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 10, 2021 The incredible pace of anti-Covid vaccination is fueling a surge of optimism and (despite the lockdown) positive activity amongst Israelis – literally a “shot in the arm”. All ove

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How Far Could A Spaceship Go If We Never Ran Out Of Thrust?

A single lifetime is more than enough to take you to the limits of the Universe.

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A new drug in the works might provide coronavirus immunity – BGR

Development of a potential new coronavirus treatment is underway in Britain, where researchers are trying to put together a dose of antibodies that would provide instant coronavirus immunity.

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Straight out of sci-fi: Scientists achieve long-distance “quantum teleportation” for the first time – NaturalNews.

Scientists have successfully "beamed up" units of quantum information known as qubits over a great distance for the first time. Led by scientists from the California Institute of Technology, a team of researchers demonstrated this so-called &q

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Long-distance quantum teleportation is now possible, meaning quantum internet

A collaborative team of scientists have now successfully teleported qubits across almost 14 miles of fiber optic cables, and internet will never be the same.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 20, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 20, 2020 So many of Israel’s latest innovations and activities can only be described as “brilliant”. Medical research discoveries, devices and treatments;  social and humanitarian work; s

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Who Believes in Science, Now? Medical Journal Claims Biological Sex Has 'No Clinical Utility'

The New England Journal of Medicine has argued for removing sex from birth certificates in order to support transgender identity.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig - Post-Truth: Why Are Religious Fundamentalists So Anti-Science?

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Post-Truth: Why Are Religious Fundamentalists So Anti-Science? On the face of it, there is a huge gap between Evangelical Protestants (also other religious fundamentalists) and ultra-Orthodox Jews (haredim). But on at least

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 13, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 13, 2020 This week’s Israeli news was ablaze with the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines, peace with Morocco, and new Israeli medical treatments for MS, stroke and dementia. The future is bright thanks to I

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Scientists make major breakthrough in search for aliens – and its first discovery is a disappointment

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the search for alien life – but its first discovery has proved disappointing for anyone hoping to meet extraterrestrials.

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SpaceX flies its Starship rocket to 40,000 feet, just misses the landing in explosive finale | TechCrunch

SpaceX is one step closer to replacing its Falcon line of active duty spacecraft: Its Starship prototype “SN8” achieved a major milestone in the ongoing spacecraft’s development program, flying to a height of around 40,000 feet at SpaceX’s development fac

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 6, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 6, 2020   The inspiration for this week’s “enabling” theme is the election of an Israeli with muscular dystrophy to the top UN committee on disability rights. Meanwhile, Israel’

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A Child’s Puzzle Has Helped Unlock the Secrets of Magnetism

People have known about magnets since ancient times, but the physics of ferromagnetism remains a mystery. Now a familiar puzzle is getting physicists closer to the answer.

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3D Map Shows the Milky Way Galaxy in Unprecedented Detail

With this new map of the Milky Way, astronomers can calculate the galaxy's mass and learn more about its past and future.