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SpaceX reveals new sleek spacesuits ahead of upcoming historic mission | Popular Science

The Extravehicular Activity (EVA) suits will be worn during the Polaris Dawn spacewalk and feature HUD visor displays.

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Watch SpaceX launch 52 Starlink satellites to orbit early Wednesday

SpaceX plans to launch 52 of its Starlink broadband satellites to orbit early Wednesday morning (May 31), and you can watch the action live.

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SpaceX rolls out rocket for NASA's Crew-6 astronaut launch (photos)

The Falcon 9 rocket and its Crew Dragon Endeavour will launch on Monday, Feb. 27.

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SpaceX's interplanetary rocket fires up engines in unprecedented test | CNN Business

SpaceX attempted to ignite all 33 engines in a test fire of its gargantuan Super Heavy rocket booster. The trial marks the company's first static fire test for what is expected to be the most powerful launch vehicle ever built.

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SpaceX unveils Starshield, a military variation of Starlink satellites

Elon Musk's SpaceX is expanding its Starlink satellite technology into military applications with a new business line called Starshield.

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Watch SpaceX’s Crew-4 astronauts arrive at new home in space

SpaceX’s Crew-4 astronauts have safely boarded the ISS on Wednesday after a 16-hour ride to the orbiting laboratory — the fastest Crew Dragon trip to date.

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SpaceX's Crew-4 astronaut mission for NASA cleared for April 23 launch

NASA and SpaceX teams found no big issues during Crew-4's flight readiness review.

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Israel's second-ever astronaut preparing to finally head to space on Friday

After repeated delays, Eytan Stibbe is days away from taking part in the world's first private mission to the International Space Station, for a week of experiments

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See SpaceX's Starship Mars rocket fully stacked for testing on the pad (photos) | Space

New images show Starship getting ready for an orbital test flight, which SpaceX hopes to launch a few months from now.

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8 ways that SpaceX has transformed spaceflight

Reusing rockets and dreaming big are some of the things that have made SpaceX stand out.

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NASA, SpaceX launch astronauts to space station from Kennedy Space Center, first time using recycled rocket

Four astronauts vaulted off the pad at the Kennedy Space Center early Friday, kicking off NASA and SpaceX's second full-duration mission to the ISS.

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Elon Musk reveals why SpaceX Starship SN10 exploded after landing

The prototype did more than just break a leg during its debut performance.

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SpaceX to launch 2 rockets hours apart with Starlink satellites

If everything aligns, SpaceX could launch two batches of Starlink satellites Thursday morning just hours apart.

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SpaceX launch: Crew Dragon civilian mission will open seats to public

A billionaire will command SpaceX's first all-civilian launch this year, but the mission includes a twist: the public can enter to fly in Crew Dragon.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch Scheduled for Sunday Morning at 10 a.m. ET from Cape Canaveral

SpaceX is scheduled to launch a Falcon 9 rocket Sunday morning from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station following Saturday's scrubbed attempt due to unfavorable weather in the area.ABOVE VIDEO: SpaceX is targeting Sunday, January 24 for launch of Tran

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Weather Forecast Shows Conditions 80-Percent Favorable for Friday's SpaceX Rocket Launch from Cape Canaveral

The latest weather report from the 45th Weather Squadron shows conditions for the Friday morning SpaceX rocket launch is 80-percent favorable.

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SpaceX Rocket Launch from Kennedy Space Center Slated for Monday, Jan. 18

SpaceX has announced that they have scheduled a Falcon 9 rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center for Monday, Jan. 18.

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SpaceX Dragon Capsule to Make First of Its Kind Science Splashdown

By capsule, helicopter, boat, plane, and car, space station science experiments are about to make a first of a kind journey back to researchers on Earth.

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SpaceX flies its Starship rocket to 40,000 feet, just misses the landing in explosive finale | TechCrunch

SpaceX is one step closer to replacing its Falcon line of active duty spacecraft: Its Starship prototype “SN8” achieved a major milestone in the ongoing spacecraft’s development program, flying to a height of around 40,000 feet at SpaceX’s development fac

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Four astronauts poised to make history as SpaceX's 'Resilience' preps for Sunday launch

'Resilience' will break free of the shackles of gravity and shepherd four astronauts to the ISS for the first ever operational commercial crew mission.

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Watch SpaceX launch 4 astronauts to the ISS Saturday | Live Science

NASA and SpaceX are all set to launch a full crew into space tomorrow (Nov. 14) from Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This will be the first operational crew mission leaving U.S. soil, since the final space shuttle launch in July 2011.

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SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

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SpaceX opens Starlink satellite internet to public beta testers: report

SpaceX is now sending out email invitations for public beta testing of Starlink, the company’s upcoming satellite internet service.

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NASA, SpaceX Set New Crew-1 Launch Date, Time

NASA and SpaceX will launch the Crew-1 mission on Nov. 14 and will hold a teleconference to discuss the details of the launch Wednesday. The agency will also be sharing the results of the recent testing conducted on the Falcon 9 Merlin engines.

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NASA assigns four astronauts to SpaceX mission scheduled for 2021 - CNN

NASA and its international partners named four astronauts to crew a SpaceX mission to the International Space Station in spring 2021 — beefing up staffing on board the orbiting laboratory.

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SpaceX launched and landed a Falcon 9 rocket on a record-breaking sixth flight - The Verge

On August 18th, SpaceX will attempt to launch a Falcon 9 rocket on its sixth mission to space, breaking the company’s record for reflights of a single booster. The rocket is launching 58 of SpaceX’s internet-beaming Starlink satellites and three hitchhiki

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SpaceX's Crew Dragon has that 'new car smell' and flies 'totally different' than a NASA shuttle

When the hatch of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft opened up to let two NASA astronauts inside the International Space Station on Sunday (May 31), the astronaut who greeted them at the door got a strong whiff of "new car smell."

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SpaceX's new 'Endeavour' spaceship just made history by docking to the International Space Station with 2 NASA astronauts inside

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley can now begin a stay in orbit that could last up to 110 days before they return home.

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Former Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison Schmitt on privatization of space exploration | Fox News Video

Harrison Schmitt, second to last man to walk on the moon, joins Neil Cavuto on 'Your World.'

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NASA and SpaceX say they are ‘go’ to proceed with historic crewed flight on May 27th

After two days of review, NASA and SpaceX have mutually decided to proceed with the company’s historic flight on May 27th of launching two astronauts to the International Space Station from Florida. However, there is still a lot of work to complete over t

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Attention Aspiring Astronauts: Challenge Yourself With SpaceX's ISS Docking Simulator

Before SpaceX sends its Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station, see what the astronauts onboard will experience with this free docking simulator.

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SpaceX contracted by NASA to launch black hole and neutron star research craft | TechCrunch

SpaceX has been awarded a new contract by NASA to launch the agency’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer, or IXPE. This research spacecraft will study polarized light from sources including neutron stars, pulsar wind nebulae and supermassive black holes

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SpaceX Hopes to Blast off Starship & Super Heavy Rocket Project in 2021 | Digital Trends

SpaceX's inaugural missions for its next-generation Starship and Super Heavy Rocket project could take place as early as 2021, a company executive has said. Jonathan Hofeller, SpaceX’s vice president of commercial sales, discussed the company's plans for

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$1 Million Prize Offered to Israeli Moon Lander Mission

Nailing the landing on April 11 will net Beresheet's builders $1 million, courtesy of the nonprofit X Prize Foundation.

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Israel announces mission to land spacecraft on the Moon

Israel announced on Tuesday that it will launch its first lunar mission in December, with the hopes of becoming the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon in February 2019.

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SpaceX's valuation approaches $25 billion, growing Elon Musk's fortune to $21.3 billion | VentureBeat

SpaceX could soon be one of the most valuable VC-based companies in the U.S., thanks to a new round of funding that would also give the net worth of founder Elon Musk a nice bump.

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SpaceX rocket carved giant hole in the ionosphere

Rockets can leave a mark on the atmosphere well after they've left, and SpaceX may have learned that first-hand. Researchers have determined that a Falcon 9 lau...

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Did the Air Force bomb the SpaceX rocket that fell into the sea? – BGR

One very good thing that happened this week was SpaceX's successful Falcon Heavy test launch, and subsequent jaw-dropping dual rocket landing. But it's easy to forget that Falcon Heavy wasn't the only rocket SpaceX launched in 2018, and the fate of the bo

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SpaceX’s historic Falcon Heavy successfully launches | TechCrunch

SpaceX has had a very good first test of its Falcon Heavy rocket, the heavy-lift orbital vehicle that can carry twice the weight of its closest competition in..

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SpaceX’s rocket booster survived descent despite no landing attempt | TechCrunch

SpaceX flew a mission today that didn’t include a controlled recovery attempt of the Falcon 9 booster involved in the launch. Even still, the first stage..

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SpaceX shows off its Falcon Heavy rocket vertical on the launchpad

SpaceX is getting ready for its first ever test flight of the Falcon Heavy, its heavy-duty rocket aimed at propelling large cargo loads into low Earth orbit...

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SpaceX launches a reused Dragon atop a reused Falcon 9 for the first time

SpaceX has moved one step closer to its dream of affordable, efficient reusable space flight: Today for its CRS-13 resupply mission for the International..

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SpaceX finishes testing Falcon Heavy's first stage cores

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket has been in the works for so long that it almost feels like the stuff of legend at this point (Elon Musk first unveiled it in 2011), but there are signs that it might make that promised November launch.

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A new generation of giant rockets is about to blast off

SpaceX's long-awaited Falcon Heavy rocket is just one of a handful of heavy-lift rockets being developed by companies and NASA.

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Elon Musk: SpaceX may launch its biggest and most powerful rocket in 3 months

Elon Musk has broken some tantalizing news about the biggest rocket ever built by his company...

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See SpaceX's 'fastest and hottest' Falcon 9 landing from three sides

SpaceX added another important entry in the history books by successfully landing the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship at sea for the second time.

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SpaceX announces plan to send mission to Mars in 2018 – Spaceflight Now

Elon Musk’s space transport company — chartered with a long-term goal of colonizing Mars — plans to send the first commercial mission to the red planet as soon as 2018 with assistance from NASA, SpaceX announced Wednesday.

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2016: The Year We Began Mining the Moon - The Daily Beast

Now that Elon Musk’s SpaceX has managed to land upright, the future of travel and commerce in outer space is bright.

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SpaceX Historic Rocket Landing Is a Success

SpaceX successfully launched and landed its Falcon 9 rocket back on Earth tonight, marking the first time a rocket has launched a payload into space and returned. Founder Elon Musk has said the ability to reuse a rocket -- which dramatically r

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NASA selects 4 astronauts to fly first commercial space expeditions | Fox News

NASA has selected four veteran astronauts to lead the way back into orbit from U.S. soil. On Thursday, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden named the four who will fly on capsules built by private companies...