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TAU researchers allow patient to 'speak' with thought alone

The findings offer hope for those unable to speak due to conditions such as ALS, brainstem stroke or brain injury, the researchers said.

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Apple could allow audio chat with no cell or WiFi needed

Apple is developing technology that would allow any number of willing people in close proximity to start an audio chat, using only an iPhone and a headset like AirPods, with no WiFi or cell service needed.

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CTECH Israeli Latest Innovation & Technology News July 9, 2024

CTECH Israeli Latest Innovation & Technology News July 9, 2024 Cider Security founder nets $28M in Seed funding for stealth cyber startup. Less than two years after selling Cider to Palo Alto Networks in a $300 million deal, Guy Flechter has raised a sign

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World's largest nuclear fusion reactor is finally completed. But it won't run for another 15 years. | Live Science

ITER, a $28 billion fusion reactor in France, has finally had its last magnetic coil installed. But the reactor itself won't fire up fully until 2039 at the earliest.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News July 1, 2024

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News July 1, 2024 Wiz leads Israeli tech to its best quarter of funding in two years. Even without the $1 billion funding round by the cyber decacorn, local startups raised over $1.9 billion, the most since th

Health & Fitness | Health News

Aires Tech Blog | The Wave Forward | EMF News, Research & Stories

At The Wave Forward , we dive deep into the global effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and tech innovation, guided by reliable research, personal anecdotes, and insights from industry leaders.

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CTECH Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News June 24, 2024

CTECH Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News June 24, 2024 Why AI innovator Ilya Sutskever left OpenAI to prioritize safety and Israel’s role in his new mission. Sutskever’s new company, Safe Superintelligence, seeks to build safe AI, dis

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Passkeys: What They Are and Why You Need Them ASAP | PCMag

We tell you what passkeys are, and where you can use them to log in securely without exposing your email address or creating a password.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News June 18, 2024

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News June 18, 2024 Finaloop raises $35 million Series A for e-commerce accounting platform. The Israeli startup’s platform makes all financial data accessible to e-commerce stakeholders, from periodic accoun

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SpaceX reveals new sleek spacesuits ahead of upcoming historic mission | Popular Science

The Extravehicular Activity (EVA) suits will be worn during the Polaris Dawn spacewalk and feature HUD visor displays.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram Photos Are Being Labeled 'Made With AI' When They're Not

Instagram’s “Made with AI” labels are creating confusion as photos are slapped with the tags depsite even when no or minimal AI was used.

Science & Technology | Tech

3 SEO Trends Every CEO Should Know

AI has caused many changes in SEO. Here's how the changes are impacting your online visibility and what you can do to maximize your business growth.

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Capacitor Breakthrough: 19-Fold Increase in Energy Storage Potential

The latest advancement in capacitor technology offers a 19-fold increase in energy storage, potentially revolutionizing power sources for EVs and devices.

Science & Technology | Tech

Apple’s new iOS 18 Web Eraser might let you pick which parts of a website to block

Apple will bring new AI features to Safari on iPhone and Mac, including a Web Eraser ad-blocker feature - here's how it might work.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News May 1, 2024

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News May 1, 2024 Cyber startup Island doubles valuation to $3 billion in $175 million Series D. Island raised $100 million at a $1.5 billion valuation just six months ago. Read more   The Wiz effect? Cybe

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CTECH Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News April 3, 2024

CTECH Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News April 3, 2024 AI chip unicorn Hailo raises another $120 million to bring GenAI to edge devices. The Israeli startup, which took its total funding to $340 million, also announced the Hailo-10, its newest AI

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House votes to keep sensitive American data out of hostile countries’ hands | Fox News

House lawmakers are rushing to protect sensitive American user data amid a wider technology race with foreign adversaries.

Science & Technology | Technology

Former Google employee: How a ‘code red’ meeting and ChatGPT led execs to take 'shortcuts' in Gemini AI launch

A former high-level Google employee detailed significant structural issues at the company and said they cut corners to compete with ChatGPT and launch Gemini.

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Lossless Audio Does Not Sound Better Than MP3

Audiophiles swear lossless music sounds richer than MP3, but most people don't hear a difference at all.

Science & Technology | Tech News

Apple’s AI ambitions could include Google or OpenAI

Apple has reportedly held discussions with Google to bring its Gemini generative AI technology to the iPhone and has also considered using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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See the X-59, NASA's new supersonic jet

NASA’s new supersonic jet, the X-59, goes so fast it can’t have a windshield. Here’s how pilots will fly it.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

How the SR-71 Was Retired for Good (Even Though It Was the Fastest Plane Ever)

X It could cross continents in just a few hours, and at 80,000 feet, the Blackbird could survey 100,000 square miles of the ground below per hour. No other U.S. Air Force aircraft could fly faster or higher than the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird,” and on its

Science & Technology | Tech

Report: Apple actively developing foldable clamshell iPhone prototypes, folding 8-inch iPad

Apple is persevering with foldable iPhone designs, according to a new report by The Information. The publication says Apple has...

Science & Technology | Social Media

Meta to Label AI Images on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads

Labels for images detected as AI generated are expected to roll out in the coming months across Meta's three primary social media apps.

Science & Technology | Technology

AI researchers find AI models learning their safety techniques, actively resisting training, and telling them 'I hate you'

AI is obviously the topic of the moment and, while we seem to have gotten past the dichotomy of Terminator / saviour, a major source of concern remains the safety of this technology. This is not just

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Jan. 26, 2024

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Jan. 26, 2024   Tech titans start 2024 with mass layoffs, but is the worst yet to come? Layoffs signal broader industry challenges, prompting fears of further job losses. Read more “Gaza would

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X is rolling out audio and video calls to Android

Elon Musk's own social network X is rolling out the ability to make audio and video calls directly from the app to its Android client.

Politics | Politics

Inside Biden’s secret surveillance court - POLITICO

In a deal to let companies keep trading transatlantic data, the White House built an opaque new forum that could affect national security and privacy rights — without any public paper trail.

Business & Finance | Business

Duolingo lays off staff as language learning app shifts toward AI

Educational technology app Duolingo laid off around 10% of its contractors as the company moves to rely more heavily on artificial intelligence, the company told CNN Tuesday.

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Elvis Presley to Return Via AI Concert in London

The late "king of rock 'n' roll" Elvis Presley is reportedly set to return for another concert via artificial intelligence (AI) in London, where he will appear onstage as a hologram.

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They Shall Not Grow Postmodern: How Digital Trickery Is Changing How We View WWI, WWII & Swinging London

 In the fall of 2018, Peter Jackson released his documentary on WWI, "They Shall Not Grow Old," to its initial limited release in theaters before becoming a staple of streaming websites.

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Israel awards Intel a $3.2 billion grant for chip plant amid Gaza war

The grant will cover about 12.8% of the total investment in the facility in Kiryat Gat.

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Quantum batteries could charge by breaking our understanding of time

Causality is key to our experience of reality: dropping a glass, for example, causes it to smash, so it can’t smash before it’s dropped. But scientists have now demonstrated how that understanding of time can be violated to charge a quantum battery.

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CTECH: Latest Innovation & Technology News Israel at War 12/14/23

CTECH: Latest Innovation & Technology News Israel at War 12/14/23 Israel’s wartime tech brilliance and the cost of innovation. The mobilization of high-tech to aid in the challenges of war, from locating missing people to treating post-trauma, is a

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iOS 17.2 has well over 50 new changes and features, but these five are my favorite [Video]

A walkthrough of my top five features in iOS 17.2, including Journal, setting default alerts, Focus filter for Music, and Sticker Reactions.

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Israel at War: CTECH Israeli Innovation & Technology News 6/12/23

Israel at War: CTECH Israeli Innovation & Technology News 6/12/23 VAST Data raising hundreds of millions of dollars at more than $9 billion valuation. The Israeli-founded startup unveiled earlier this year the VAST Data Platform, a global data infrastruct

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Elon Musk Just Told Advertisers, ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ | WIRED

In a rambling interview at the ‘New York Times’ DealBook Summit, Elon Musk suggested advertisers fleeing X were blackmailing him and could kill the platform.

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Democrats’ Need To Censor And Spread Disinformation Behind Media War On Elon Musk’s X

We could not replicate Media Matters’ finding of corporate ads placed near neo-Nazi and white supremacist content

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iPhone 15 Pro cinematic video shows the capabilities of the device

A year ago, filmmaker Joey Helms created a stunning example of the video capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro – and...

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8 Everyday Things That Are Much Older Than You Think

Condoms, 3D movies, the name Tiffany ... All of these things have been around a lot longer than you might think. In this episode of The List Show, we're breaking down our favorite deceptively old things, from synchronized swimming to Juicy Fruit gum.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Oct. 4, 2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Oct. 4, 2023 Stampli raises $61 million led by Blackstone: “We will make Stampli one of the largest FinTech companies in the world.” Stampli is a complete AP automation platform that brings together a

Entertainment | William Shatner

William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk, takes on an AI chatbot

Legendary "Star Trek" actor William Shatner has been spending time exploring the new frontier of artificial intelligence.

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

Is Star Trek falling behind in future tech predictions?

Star Trek has always been "forward thinking", predicting our real future, but have we reached a point predicting new technologies might be too hard?

Science & Technology | Technology

Woman claims she got a callback from every company she applied to using AI-generated resume

After impulsively quitting her last job, she decided to seek help from an AI writing tool to build an effective resume.

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Elon Musk to charge all X users 'small monthly payment' to use social media platform

SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk, who owns the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), said he will be charging all X users a "small monthly payment" in order to use the platform.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Major Israeli Breakthrough In Landmine Detection With Biosensor Development

Landmines pose a real threat to human life, with around 110 million currently deployed worldwide, causing the death or maiming of around 5,000 people annually - Click the link for more details.

Science & Technology | Tech

Five important iOS 17 security features coming to your iPhone this month

Here are all the important security and privacy features coming to iPhone with iOS 17, including one that auto-deletes verification codes.

Science & Technology | Tech

iPhone 15 Pro Versus iPhone Pro Max: Which One Should You Buy?

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have notable differences like price and cameras, so we’re here to help you decide.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go A Paldean Adventure, rewards and best Choose Path choice | Eurogamer.net

All of the A Paldean Adventure quest steps we currently know in Pokémon Go, including the best Choose Path choice for t…

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli doctors save man's life with AI

The 50-year-old patient was urgently called back to the hospital after an AI-assisted diagnostic program flagged his CT scan for potential intracranial bleeding.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Sept. 4, 2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Sept. 4, 2023 SentinelOne CEO downplays takeover talk, calls Wiz “a nice little startup.” Tomer Weingarten was speaking after the cybersecurity company he founded raised its full-year forecast

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Techno-Hell: U.S. Government Now Using AI to Suss Out 'Sentiment and Emotion' in Social Media Posts

When the government sets about to marry its limitless appetite for social control with the seemingly limitless computing power of artificial intelligence, the end result is destined to be Orwell’...

Gaming | Pokemon Go

The Best Pokémon to look out for at Global GO Fest 2023 | Pokémon GO Hub

Good day, Pokémon Trainers! Pokémon GO Fest season is upon us and it promises to be larger and more exciting than ever before! But this brings up the ever-popular question, What are the best Pokémon to catch? Well, not to worry fellow trainer, I’m here to

Science & Technology | Tech

iPhone 15 Pro will blow away the Galaxy S24 Ultra and every other 2024 Android phone

The iPhone 15 Pro models will have an unexpectedly massive advantage over the Galaxy S24 and other Android flagships: The A17 Bionic chip.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Aug. 9, 2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Aug. 9, 2023 Rubrik acquiring cloud security startup Laminar for $200-250 million. Laminar, which has developed a security solution for early identification of cloud data breaches, was in negotiations wit

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Zoom can now train its A.I. using some customer data, according to updated terms

Zoom's update comes amid growing public debate on the extent to which AI services should be trained on individuals' data.

Politics | Politics

Meet the Company Trying to Control Your Mind

There’s a group of people who control what you are allowed to see — the news you read, the videos you watch, the posts you engage with. You haven’t heard of them. You don’t kno...

Gaming | Gaming

10 Best X-Men Games, Ranked

If you want to live out your mutant fantasies in a video game, this list has you covered.

Science & Technology | Social Media

X, formerly Twitter, now lets paid users hide their checkmarks

Social media company X, formerly Twitter, will now let paid users hide their verification checkmarks from public view.

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News August 1, 2023

CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News August 1, 2023 “Many techies could have been very wealthy, but they didn’t understand the situation in the market.” Adi Weitzhandler and Meir Steigman, a husband and wife, co-foun

Science & Technology | Tech News

Twitter: 'X' sign removed from San Francisco headquarters

The city's department of building inspection responded to 24 complaints against the sign which had intrusive lights and did not appear to be secured safely to the roof.

Science & Technology | Technology

The buttons on Zenith’s original ‘clicker’ TV remote were a mechanical marvel - The Verge

The Space Command is an elegant Star Trek-esque gadget that pioneered a battery-less way of controlling the television.  

Science & Technology | Tech

iPhone 15 Pro Rumor Recap: 12 New Features and Changes Expected

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 15 lineup in September. As usual, many new features have been rumored for the Pro and Pro Max models,...

Science & Technology | Social Media

Threads adds a bunch of new features in first notable update

Threads had released its first significant update since bursting onto the scene at the start of this month as a rival to Twitter.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Forgot Your Passcode? There's a Way to Unlock Your iPhone Without It

Getting locked out of your iPhone is frustrating. But it’s possible to solve the problem of a forgotten passcode without hiring a hypnotist.

Politics | Politics

Judge Denies Biden Admin’s Request for a Stay of Social Media Censorship Case

A federal judge Monday denied the Department of Justice's (DOJ) request to stay a ruling that places limits ...

Politics | Politics

Zuckerberg’s Threads Censors People for Questioning Gender Ideology

A post by Libs of TikTok, a popular conservative social media account, was removed from the newly launched app Threads.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Exciting Dragon Pokémon Teased in Pokémon GO 7th Anniversary Art | Pokémon GO Hub

Trainers! The Pokémon GO 7th Anniversary art has been all over the internet because of its many interesting exhibits. There are loads to behold, from the Paldean starter Pokémon to some much-awaited Gen 8 Pokémon! But one simply cannot miss some really ex

Science & Technology | Technology

Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV’s security | TechCrunch

If you just bought a smart TV on Black Friday or plan to buy one for Cyber Monday tomorrow, the FBI wants you to know a few things. Smart TVs are like regular television sets but with an internet connection. With the advent and growth of Netflix, Hulu and

Science & Technology | Social Media

Relay for Reddit and Now for Reddit will switch to a subscription model

The developer of Relay for Reddit announced Friday that the app would continue to be available after July 1st, while the developer of Now and Nara for Reddit said those apps will continue on, too. Other apps are shutting down due to Reddit’s API changes.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

ChatGPT prompts: How to optimize for sales, marketing, writing and more

To help folks both new to ChatGPT and looking to learn new tips, we've compiled a list of the best ChatGPT prompts for any type of workflow.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Starry Skies Special Research Guide | Pokémon GO Hub

The ‘Starry Skies’ special research is a new special research that enables you to encounter a second Cosmog, released during the Solstice Horizons Event. It is available from Friday, June 16, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. until Sunday, June 25, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. l

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

How Disney’s Futuristic Monorail Became a Relic of the Past

The iconic Disney monorail was born in the 1950s and has been running ever since—first in Disneyland, then Disney World, and finally Tokyo Disney. But it hasn't branched out beyond the parks.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Have Scientists Solved Stephen Hawking's Black Hole Paradox?

Scientists say they solved the Hawking information paradox, which states that information can neither be emitted from a black hole or preserved inside forever.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Entangled quantum circuits further disprove Einstein's concept of local causality

A group of researchers led by Andreas Wallraff, Professor of Solid State Physics at ETH Zurich, has performed a loophole-free Bell test to disprove the concept of "local causality" formulated by Albert Einstein in response to quantum mechanics.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Google Quantum AI braids non-Abelian anyons for the first time

Our intuition tells us that it should be impossible to see whether two identical objects have been swapped back and forth, and for all particles observed to date, that has been the case. Until now.

Science & Technology | Tech

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman isn’t backing down: our full interview

We interviewed Reddit CEO Steve Huffman about the widespread unrest on the platform in response to its forthcoming API changes.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Scientists Actually Built a Working Tractor Beam: How It Works

Scientists built a working tractor beam—the first example of one that pulls objects visible to the naked eye. That's a huge deal.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Voyager 2 Gets a Life-Extending Power Boost in Deep Space | WIRED

The NASA team hopes the iconic spacecraft and its twin can continue taking data beyond the solar system past their 50th birthdays.

Science & Technology | Social Media

7 Misconceptions About Social Media

In this episode of Misconceptions, we're debunking some commonly held beliefs about social media, from who owns what you post to what happens to your data.

Science & Technology | Tech

Worker v bot: Humans are winning for now

If you’d like to sharpen your skills to future-proof your career, then the VentureBeat Jobs Board is a great place to start a fresh job hunt.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel conducts first test of autonomous flying taxi

Israel hopes autonomous drones will help to ease its traffic problems, as well as give Israeli companies a competitive edge.

Science & Technology | Tech

AI is helping astronomers make new discoveries faster than ever before

AI and neural networks have greatly sped up astronomers' work, allowing them to work through massive amounts of data thoroughly, which would have been near impossible by human effort alone

Science & Technology | Tech News

Watch SpaceX launch 52 Starlink satellites to orbit early Wednesday

SpaceX plans to launch 52 of its Starlink broadband satellites to orbit early Wednesday morning (May 31), and you can watch the action live.

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Revolutionizing Agriculture: New Crispr Technology Reveals Hidden Genes in Plants for Targeted Crop Improvement

TAU: This development Expected to Revolutionize How Agricultural Crops are Improved. For the first time and with the help of CRISPR technology: A new large-scale genetic modification method makes it possible to reveal the role and properties of duplicated

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News 5/19/23

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News 5/19/23 Secretive Israeli startup reveals AR laptop three years in the making. Sightful’s new laptop, Spacetop, has no physical screen and comes instead with augmented reality (AR) glasses. Read more An

Politics | Politics

OpenAI CEO Calls for Government Regulation of AI - by Eva

Sam Altman testifies before Senate panel, urging licensing and safety standards for advanced AI systems

Science & Technology | Technology

How to Install iOS and iPadOS Apps on an Apple Silicon Mac

Did you know your Apple Silicon Mac can run iPhone and iPad apps? Here's how to get started.

Science & Technology | Technology

Welcome to the Mac: 10 Tips for Getting Started as a New Mac User

Are you the new owner of a Mac? Here are 10 tips and tricks that you should know as you familiarize yourself with macOS.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

‘Of course it’s disturbing’: will AI change Hollywood forever?

With the rise of AI-led services to write, voice and provide effects, industry experts express concern over the future

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

The Best Music Streaming Apps to Get Your Groove On

Plunge into the stream with the best apps to discover music, share it among friends, and rock out.

Science & Technology | Tech

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus Rumored to Feature 48-Megapixel Camera Like Pro Models

The lower-end iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models launching later this year will be equipped with a 48-megapixel rear camera lens, according to Jeff...

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

All The Technology Star Trek Predicted Accurately

"Star Trek" has long captivated audiences worldwide with its vision of the future. Here are all of the real technologies that "Star Trek" predicted accurately.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

NASA scientists claim warp drive may soon become reality

Warp drive is said to possess the capability of having a propulsion system that can travel faster than light speed travel.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News 5/5/2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News 5/5/2023 Israeli high-tech crisis deepens with hundreds of layoffs in one day. “There is a deep crisis in Israeli high-tech, part of which is due to the global crisis, but part of it is due to what

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Regular internet use may be linked to lower dementia risk in older adults, study says

If your parents or grandparents ask you how to post on Instagram or how to send a birthday message to a Facebook friend, a new study suggests you might want to help them -- not just to be nice but because getting them online may help their brain health, t

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO April Earnings Drop to Lowest Monthly Earnings in 5 Years | Pokémon GO Hub

April saw a lot of change in Pokémon GO, with the controversial remote raid changes coming into action, and many trainers being incredibly displeased with both the limit of 5 remote raids daily, and the increased cost, rising from 300 coins, to 525 coins

Science & Technology | Social Media

Twitter won't make government agencies, public services pay for automated tweets

The move marks a big reversal for Musk, who has a record of making big changes and then reversing course.

Science & Technology | Technology

‘Godfather of AI’ quits Google with regrets and fears about his life’s work - The Verge

Geoffrey Hinton, whose trailblazing work on neural networks won him the ‘Nobel Prize of computing’ has quit Google to speak freely about the risks of AI now that Google and Microsoft on locked in fierce competition that might be impossible to stop.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Brain Activity Decoder Can Reveal Stories in People’s Minds - UT News

News, stories, and opinions on science, technology, health, education, business, policy, campus life, and more from The University of Texas at Austin.

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CTECH: Israel’s Latest Innovation & Technology News April 29, 2023

CTECH: Israel’s Latest Innovation & Technology News April 29, 2023 Pinecone hits $750 million valuation in $100 million round to build long-term memory for AI. The Israeli startup has seen its valuation increase more than four-fold in one year. Read

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Watch a rocket-powered spaceplane fly for the first time

After flying for the first time on March 29, Dawn Aerospace’s rocket-powered spaceplane, the Mk-II Aurora, flew again the very next day.

Science & Technology | Technology

Demystifying LLMs with Amazon distinguished scientists | All Things Distributed

To learn more about large language models (LLMs), foundation models, and other advances in ML, I sat with two of Amazon’s distinguished scientists, Sudipta Sengupta and Dan Roth.

Miscellaneous | Random

How Podcasting Works

Podcasting combines blogging and mp3s to make an exciting new medium. Learn about podcasting, how to make podcasts and about popular podcasts.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global | Pokémon GO Hub

Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global is a two-day digital event available to all Trainers worldwide from August 26 – 27, 2023 with the event running from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm local time on both days. After the exciting events of GO Fest Osaka, GO Fest London

Gaming | Video Games

Super Mario Bros. - World 3-1 Infinite Lives Trick - YouTube

This is a well-known easter egg that will get you to 99 lives in no time. Unfortunately, this trick takes practice to get down.

Music | Music

5 best Apple Music tracks to try spatial audio on speakers and headphones

Still not convinced by spatial audio? Here's my pick of the best Apple Music tracks to show off the audio format's potential.

Science & Technology | Tech

6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use ChatGPT to Save Time

From content creation to customer service, artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT could be a boon for small business owners — if they know how to use them properly.

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News April 19, 2023

CTECH – Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News April 19, 2023 NSO’s Pegasus spyware found new ways to hack iPhones. Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto found that phones of Mexican human rights activists were infected with Pegasus b

Business & Finance | Business

3 New Generative A.I. Tools That May Save Small-Business Owners Time

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and GoDaddy's recently launched content-generation tools are designed for busy entrepreneurs.

Politics | Politics

Elon Musk Says US Gov't Agencies Had 'Full Access' To Twitter Users' DMs

Twitter CEO Elon Musk told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that multiple different US government agencies had "full access" to content Twitter users sent through

Science & Technology | Tech

Google is reportedly developing a new AI-powered search engine

Google is reportedly “racing” to build an “all-new” AI-powered search engine..

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 16, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 16, 2023 It’s hard to be positive when a tragedy occurs such as that to Lucy (Leah) Dee and her daughters Maia and Rina. All I can report is that the organs Lucy donated have benefited five Israelis

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

A.I. Imagery Is Not Photography, It Never Will Be

Artificial intelligence can now generate images that look indistinguishable from photographs, but should the creations be considered "photos"?

Science & Technology | Computer & Coding Tips

The best antivirus for Mac is none at all | AppleInsider

The online world is still a dangerous place, but while antivirus providers are trying to sell you subscriptions for their wares, macOS is still secure enough for users to resist the products. The best antivirus for Mac is a combo of existing protections a

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Radical NASA Propulsion Concept Could Reach Interstellar Space in Under 5 Years : ScienceAlert

A newly proposed propulsion system could theoretically beam a heavy spacecraft to outside the confines of our Solar System in less than 5 years – a feat that took the historic Voyager 1 probe 35 years to achieve.

Science & Technology | Technology

Mac and iPhone can get a huge gaming upgrade with NVIDIA GeForce NOW | iMore

While gaming in the Apple ecosystem has long been a complicated matter, GeForce NOW provides simple access to PC gaming with high-performance hardware.

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Tel Aviv U – Demonstrates Innovative Technology Alternative for Psychiatric Meds

Tel Aviv U – Demonstrates Innovative Technology Alternative for Psychiatric Meds An innovative technology-driven treatment was found to be as effective as psychiatric medications like Cipralex A new clinical trial conducted at Tel Aviv University ha

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CTECH: Israel’s Latest Innovation and Technology News April 2, 2023

CTECH: Israel’s Latest Innovation and Technology News April 2, 2023 “Freedom in Israel is essential for the success of high-tech. Innovation is a synonym for democracy.” Yigal Unna was the head of a division in the Shin Bet (Israel Secur

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

‘First To the Moon’: Documentary Commemorates Apollo 8, First Flight to Leave Earth Orbit – PJ Media

Apollo 11 was the epitome of a world-defining event. Everybody who was alive in 1969 remembers Neil Armstrong saying, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” Similarly, the ne...

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

How a magician-mathematician revealed a casino loophole - BBC Future

When a gang of gambling cheats sussed out how to beat the house, they inadvertently highlighted a loophole from a shuffled deck. It took a magician-turned-mathematician to reveal how.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help

Cash Apps Can Be a Dangerous Way to Pay Rent — Here Are 5 Tips for Doing It Safely

Cash apps can be a dangerous way to pay rent. A simple mistake can make your rent payment disappear, according to a cybersecurity expert.

Science & Technology | Technology

Organize Your iPhone: How to Hide an Entire Page of Apps on Your iPhone

We’ll discuss how to organize and edit your home screen so you can instantly remove a category of apps in bulk from your iPhone home screen.

Science & Technology | Technology

Can You Really Delete Your Internet History?

The guys at Stuff They Don't Want You To Know talk about whether you can really delete your internet history — and why you want to.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram is the App Americans Want to Delete Most

New data reveals that Instagram is the app that people in the U.S. want to delete more than any other apps.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Mar. 7, 2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Mar. 7, 2023 Verizon Ventures shuts down Israel operations. Eyal Mamistvalov, Principal at Verizon Ventures, revealed that “the company’s new strategy is to primarily focus on the U.S. market.” Veri

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Feb. 27, 2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Feb. 27, 2023 Don’t give up on us, not yet. “’Israel’s stock’ has suffered and will continue to suffer painful blows in the coming months, but you should not short it. Israel will surviv

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Meta Will Start Charging $12 a Month For Verification on Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta will roll out paid verification to both Instagram and Facebook starting this week for $12 a month.

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Instagram is killing live shopping in March, will focus on ads instead | TechCrunch

Instead of pushing live commerce, Instagram will now focus on advertising as one of the main ways people discover businesses and shop on Instagram.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Feb. 9, 2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Feb. 9, 2023 She-VC | “Our philosophy is that a woman shouldn’t have to give up on anything to pursue her career.” Shelly Hod Moyal and Mor Assia, Co-CEOs and founding partners at iAngels, tell

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Microsoft and Google are about to Open an AI battle

Microsoft and Google are both holding AI press events this week. With rumors of Bing getting ChatGPT and Google building a rival, the two tech giants are on course to butt heads again.

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Ghostwriter add-in brings ChatGPT integration to Microsoft Word

A third-party add-in for Microsoft Word called Ghostwriter brings ChatGPT integration to the productivity software, but it'll cost you.

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Twitter to end free access to its API in Elon Musk’s latest monetization push

Twitter will discontinue offering free access to the Twitter API starting February 9 and will launch a paid version.