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Pokemon GO Gen 5 Meta (Early Look, Part 1): Non-Legendary Pokemon With Meta Potential | Pokemon GO Hub

Pokemon GO’s Generation V could be right around the corner, depending on which rumor mill you subscribe to. We’re careful not to start the hype train, but with the latest leaks and rumors hinting that Generation 5 could be a mere month away, we were excited to take an early look at Unova region’s Pokemon line up. Which Gen 5 Pokemon will be worth the dust, candies and grinding? Which will be viable and which are Rattata equivalents? So many questions!

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More Bad News For Apple As New iPhone Upgrades Exposed

Thought you knew everything about Apple's new iPhones? You're wrong...

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Nintendo denies reports of trade-in program for new, upgraded Switch models - The Verge

Nintendo has denied reports that it is offering an exchange program for those looking to upgrade to the newer Nintendo Switch model with improved battery life.

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Making calls with Siri or Google could lead to you getting scammed

If you've ever used Siri or Google to call a business, you could be in danger of falling victim to a new scam the Better Business Bureau is warning.

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel Auguat 18 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Auguat 18 2019 The highlights include: Israeli scientists have developed a new treatment for melanoma. Israel gave free sports footware to Kenyan lacrosse players. Israeli space technology is out of this world.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Introduction to Quantum Programming - Towards Data Science

In depth walkthrough of quantum programming for beginners, building up from the mathematical foundations of qubits to how to run on a real quantum computer.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Aims For More Secure Future By Eliminating Passwords

From hardware tokens to biometric methods, Israel's alternative authentication solutions are pushing weak passwords out of style. | NoCamels

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Google Assistant will let you send reminders to friends and family - The Verge

Google is adding a new feature to its Assistant that will let you assign reminders to other people, so long as that person is part of an opt-in group of trusted fellow Assistant users. The feature is designed mostly for families — it will function via the

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

A Medical 1st In Israel: 3D-Printed Ankle-Bone Implants Allow 2 Women To Walk Freely Again | Health News

Two women, one of them a teen, underwent the country's first (and second) talus replacement through 3D printing surgeries at Beilinson Hospital this month. | NoCamels

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Facebook has been collecting, listening, transcribing Messenger chats - Business Insider

The company reportedly didn't disclose to users that it was sharing any collected audio from Messenger voice chats with third parties.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

PkmnMasterHolly - YouTube

Hi I'm Holly! Join me on my quest to unite the Pokemon Go Community! Let's go on a Pokemon hunting & raiding adventure! Be sure to check out my Instagram pag...

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Make Facebook useful by turning off all its annoying features | Popular Science

Between data privacy scandals and the psychological toll social media can take on your brain, quitting Facebook can be an alluring prospect. But it’s not always practical to delete your account.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel's Amos-17 Satellite Successfully Launched Into Space, Will Provide Fast Internet Service To Africa, Mideast

The launch comes almost three years after a spectacular launchpad explosion destroyed Spacecom's Amos-6 satellite and the SpaceX rocket it was on in September 2016. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Tech

Amazon scientists improve Alexa’s ability to understand context

In a new research paper, Amazon scientists detailed two methods they say improve Alexa's ability to account for command context.

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7 paid iPhone apps on sale for free on August 7th – BGR

Samsung might have the floor today since it's announcing its new Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 flagship smartphones, but we still have a little something in store for all the Apple fans out there: paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free! You'll fi

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Too Noisy? An Israeli Company Developed Personal Sound Bubbles For Some Quiet Time | Technology News

Silentium developed Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) technology that seeks out unwanted noise and counters it with proprietary algorithms. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple's Shock iPhone Redesign Suddenly Makes Sense

Apple's most exciting iPhone redesign is happening a year earlier than expected...

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Check Out These Cool Alternatives to Your iPhone's Default Apps | Digital Trends

If you feel like a change, then you can always switch some of your iPhone's default apps for interesting alternatives -- there are many options. We take a look at what happens when you remove a native app and suggest a few cool alternatives to your iPhone

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel Aug. 8 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Aug. 8 2019 The highlights include: Israeli scientists have transformed MRI scans to detect brain diseases. Israel’s upgrade of neonatal units in Ghana has saved hundreds of babies. Israelis take hundreds of s

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

NASA Solar Probe Spacecraft Fitted With Israeli Tech Reveals Extraordinary Amount Of Data

The probe is fitted with an Israeli-engineered sensor capturing high-res images of the sun's atmosphere; scientists say the data downlinked to Earth is much more than they expected by this point | NoCamels

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Despite scandals, advertisers say YouTube Kids is effective - Digiday

YouTube Kids allows kid-focused clients to reach the right audience safely online since children can’t be on social networks.

Science & Technology | Tech News

New Service Lets You Rent a Stranger’s Swimming Pool for an Afternoon | Mental Floss

Desperate to take a dip but want to avoid the chaos of the public pool? With Swimply, you can rent an entire backyard swimming pool for $25 to $150 an hour.

Science & Technology | Tech

Electric scooters aren’t quite as climate-friendly as we thought - The Verge

Electric scooter companies like to tout their green credentials, frequently reminding riders that every two-wheeled trip they take can help reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change — but the truth is much more complicated.

Science & Technology | Tech News

AI may turn touchscreen keyboards invisible | VentureBeat

In a new paper, researchers propose an "invisible" keyboard -- the I-Keyboard -- that taps AI to adapt to any position and angle.

Science & Technology | Social Media

You Mean You're Still on Facebook? | Inc.

Zombies are populating my FB account. This can't be good for Zuckerberg and Co.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel researchers develop MRI technique to detect molecular changes in brain | The Times of Israel

Math model developed by Hebrew University team could pave the way for physicians to see beginnings of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's

Science & Technology | Technology


In a criminal complaint, the FBI detailed how a hacker allegedly stole data from 100 million people—and how she got caught.

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple’s future iPhone might add a time-of-flight camera — here’s what it could do - The Verge

We’re still a few months away from Apple’s 2019 iPhones, but rumors have already started for next year’s models, with the ever-reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming in his latest report that two of the 2020 iPhones will feature a rear time-of

Science & Technology | Technology

Scientists create contact lenses that zoom on command

Nosebleed seats may soon be a thing of the past. Scientists at the University of California San Diego have created a prototype contact lens that is controlled b...

Science & Technology | Tech

Apple Siri Eavesdropping Puts Millions Of Users At Risk

Apple is employing contractors to listen to Siri conversations, it has been confirmed. However, the voice assistant is picking up private conversations including people talking to their doctor, drug deals and sexual encounters. Here’s what to do.

Politics | From CNN

Trump says he won't exempt Apple's Mac Pro parts from China tariffs - CNN

Apple would like to avoid paying additional tariffs if the Trump administration escalates its trade war with China. President Donald Trump has thrown cold water on Apple's hopes.

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Video shows why Apple doesn’t allow in-store replacement of swollen batteries - 9to5Mac

Apple carries out a number of iPhone repairs in-store these days, but there is one fault that stores are forbidden from touching, and that’s swollen batteries. There’s just too high a risk that these will be accidentally punctured during disassembly or re

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Mathematician Solves Computer Science Conjecture in Two Pages | Quanta Magazine

The “sensitivity” conjecture stumped many top computer scientists, yet the new proof is so simple that one researcher summed it up in a single tweet.

Science & Technology | Technology

The video game industry is a black hole for cybersecurity

Without a fundamental change in approach from both gamers and the industry overall, the magnitude of the security problem shows no signs of slowing down

Science & Technology | TECH

Facebook Knows More About You Than the CIA

Facebook hired Yael Eisenstat, a CIA veteran, to help it address election meddling. Now she's deeply worried about the company's sway over our lives.

Science & Technology | Tech News

Apple denies favoring its own apps in App Store search results

A new investigation by The Wall Street Journal has revealed that the company's own mobile apps are often first in App Store search results ahead of competitors.

Science & Technology | Technology

U.S. Justice Department opens antitrust review of tech companies - Reuters

The U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday it was opening an antitrust investigation of major digital tech firms and whether they engage in anticompetitive practices.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Team Rocket Invasions: Everything You Need to Know | Pokemon GO Hub

Team Rocket Invasions are upon us and in order to help fellow trainers, we collated all of the information report by our Discord members into one massive guide. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s new Team Rocket Invasion system. You

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7 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on July 23rd – BGR

Did you miss our roundup on Monday of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free? Well, there are actually still a few freebies left in there so definitely go back and have a look if you missed it.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Pinterest wants you to take a deep breath, literally - The Verge

When Pinterest users search the platform for something dreary, the company doesn’t have qualms about stepping in. Today, Pinterest has revealed a new set of "emotional well-being activities" that it will automatically suggest to user who search for phrase

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple just released iOS 12.4 for the iPhone and iPad – BGR

It might not be quite as exciting as Apple's iOS 13 beta, but the company just pushed out a new software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. iOS 12.4 comes about two months after the initial release of iOS 12.3, and it mainly focuses on bug f

Science & Technology | Tech

DoorDash uses a shady tactic that stiffs workers out of some tips and customers are furious

Angry customers urged fellow diners to tip with cash to ensure it gets to the courier, while politicians draft laws meant to enforce transparency.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli companies chosen for MedTech Innovator Showcase | ISRAEL21c

Medasense for pain management and Vectorious for heart-failure monitoring were among 50 companies selected from a field of 800 applicants.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli company Watergen generates water from air providing clean drinking water to the residents of Flint, Michigan

"For the past five years, there have been solutions promised to the community by many, yet no one has delivered," said Armstrong Williams.

Science & Technology | Tech

The iPhone 11 rumors are starting to take shape - CNET

A real-life look at what Apple's 2019 iPhone could look like, based on the latest rumors, and a detailed look at that camera bump.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Pampers is making a 'smart' diaper. Yes, really

It's come to this: Babies may soon be wearing Pampers smart diapers.

Science & Technology | Technology

Facebook prototypes haptic feedback wristbands for AR/VR | VentureBeat

If you've dreamed of interacting with VR or AR content without needing to hold controllers in your hands, Facebook's wristbands could make that a reality.

Visual Arts | Photography

In the Mirrorless Age, Here’s an Argument for a DSLR

Mirrorless cameras might be the future. But there's a reason why most professional photographers still choose to shoot with a DSLR.

Science & Technology | Technology

Netflix reports first net subscriber loss in the US, misses global subscriber growth predictions | TechCrunch

Netflix’s continued subscription price hikes might finally have reached the end of some customers’ patience in the U.S., judging from an overall paid subscriber decline the company reported in its quarterly earnings for its fiscal second quarter 2019 resu

Science & Technology | Technology

New video shows Apple’s leaked iPhone 11 models like never before – BGR

There are at least half a dozen new flagship Android smartphones set to be released in the coming months, and each one is more exciting than the last. We've got the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 coming in just a few weeks, and Huawei's next-generatio

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Appraisal Rework, New PvP UI, Charge Mini Game and Team Rocket in 0.149.0 update | Pokemon GO Hub

Trainers, the new Pokemon GO 0.149.0 update is slowly rolling out on Android (iOS to follow soon after) and it’s one of the biggest surprises the Pokemon GO team has done to date. The update brings a vastly improved Appraisal process, a new UI for PvP bat

Science & Technology | Technology

Read this before using FaceApp — you give up more personal data than you realize on this Russian-made app - MarketWatch

FaceApp has gone viral again with a feature that makes users look elderly, but experts say it may pose security concerns.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

The Amazon Prime Day 2019 absolute best tech deals: Tuesday morning update

Latest additions: This microwave includes a free Echo Dot and this discounted Nespresso coffeemaker comes with free coffee.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Orthodox female students develop wireless oxygen monitor | ISRAEL21c

An all-female hackathon for Jewish religious women in Jerusalem produces innovative medical products and services.

News | News

India scrubs historic moon mission less than an hour before liftoff - Los Angeles Times

Citing a 'technical snag,' India postponed an unmanned mission to the south pole of the moon, part of a growing global space race.

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple Watch user says Emergency SOS helped save him - 9to5Mac

A Chicago man credits the Apple Watch's Emergency SOS feature with helping save him from drowning after a jet ski accident.

Science & Technology | Tech

IBM Research explains how quantum computing works and why it matters | VentureBeat

Jeffrey Welser, vice president and lab director at IBM Research at Almaden, breaks down quantum computing in terms anyone can understand.

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple Backs Down; Parental Control App OurPact Returned to App Store | Digital Trends

Controversial parental control app OurPact has returned to the iOS App Store. In April this year, Apple removed a number of parental control apps which used a technology called Mobile Device Management that allows access to user location, app use, email a

Science & Technology | Tech

Check out this flying jet board from France's Bastille Day parade

Bastille Day 2019 featured one of the more strange military demonstrations in recent memory: a flying jet board.

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel July 14 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 14 2019 The highlights include: An Israeli scientist has developed a new way to lure and destroy cancer cells. An Arab Muslim represents Israel in women’s Euro high-jump championships. Israel is designing

Science & Technology | Tech

If iGlasses are truly on ice, Apple's 2020 will be dull but lucrative | VentureBeat

Critics often conflate Apple's innovations with success, but in reality, the company's sales aren't as dependent on new product categories as on iteration.

News | Clean Energy

Thermal Battery Could Power Solar Systems Overnight - Geek

Solar power’s whole MO is converting sunlight into electricity—so nighttime use is usually out of the question. Or is it? Researchers from Curtin University in Australia are developing a thermal battery that would …

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israelis develop haptic vests for rescue and service dogs | ISRAEL21c

Painless vibrating vest created at Ben-Gurion University enables delivery of remote commands to four-legged assistants.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Texas Aerospace Firm Firefly To Use SpaceIL's Beresheet Lander Tech For NASA Moon Missions

Firefly is set to build a new lunar lander based on the Israeli spacecraft's blueprints as part of a NASA program to deliver science payloads to the moon. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Rescue Tech Saves Lives With Just A Tap - Or Shake - Of A Cell Phone

SayVu Technologies was conceived in Israel in the wake of the 2014 kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers. | NoCamels

Gaming | Video Games

Nintendo Switch Lite vs. Nintendo Switch: What Should You Buy? | Tom's Guide

Debating Nintendo Switch Lite vs Switch? We've got the details to help you decide.

Entertainment | HBO

HBO Max will be the exclusive streaming home of 'Friends'

AT&T's WarnerMedia finally has a name for its streaming service -- and some unfortunate news for people hoping it would share some classic shows. The new p...

Science & Technology | Tech

Earthquake warning app didn't alert users before 2 major quakes. Here's why.

The Shake Alert LA app was changed to detect lower intensity shaking after users were frustrated by a lack of warning following two earthquakes.

Science & Technology | Technology

Zoom Mac app flaw sparks serious security concerns—and it’s up to you to fix it | Macworld

Researcher discovers vulnerability in Zoom app that could allow a website to access your Mac's camera.

Science & Technology | Technology

Report: Apple starting production of new 10.2-inch iPad in July, 16-inch MacBook Pro coming in fall - 9to5Mac

The rumors around the redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro continue to flow in. A report today via Economic Daily News suggests that the new laptop will enter mass production in the fourth quarter. The previously-rumored 10.2-inch iPad is also apparently on the

Science & Technology | Social Media

Big brother? Instagram will now ask you to think twice before posting profanities

Instagram today released two new features with a view to curb bullying on the platform - but it remains to be seen how effective they are.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Facebook will start taking a cut of fan subscriptions in 2020 | TechCrunch

Facebook will take a cut of up to 30% on fan subscriptions, beginning on January 1, 2020. The social network is revealing its plans as part of a broader slate of monetization-related announcements this week at VidCon. The news confirms a TechCrunch report

Travel | Travel Israel!

Travel Tips: A Definitive List Of Must-Have Apps for Visitors To Israel

There are a few handy tools to help ensure an easier way to get around and make the most of any trip to Israel. | NoCamels

Business & Finance | Marketing

The Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses | Digital Trends

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your business, connect with customers and network within your niche. There are some online tools that can help you schedule posts, keep track of engagement and much more. Here's the best social media ma

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel July 7 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 7 2019 The highlights include: Israeli surgeons perform unique operation to save a baby. An Israeli-Arab has become the chairman of Israel’s largest bank. Israeli cybersecurity has prevented dozens of glo

Gaming | Gaming

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Adding A Big New Gameplay Feature

According to developer Infinity Ward, one of the ways Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is evolving the Call of Duty experience on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is with big improvements to the animations and authenticity of its weapons, which in some cases, is leading

Science & Technology | Technology

Internet group brands Mozilla ‘internet villain’ for supporting DNS privacy feature | TechCrunch

An industry group of internet service providers has branded Firefox browser maker Mozilla an “internet villain” for supporting a DNS security standard. The U.K.’s Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA), the trade group for U.K. internet service p

Gaming | Video Games

Pokemon Sword & Shield Dev Releases Statement About National Dex Drama - GameSpot

Switch's upcoming Pokemon games won't support every old monster, and now producer Junichi Masuda has shared a message about the controversial decision.

Science & Technology | Tech

Samsung CEO admits pushing Galaxy Fold ‘before it was ready’

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to change smartphone form factors forever,

Gaming | Gaming

The Best Xbox One Games (July 2019) | Digital Trends

The Xbox One console is finally coming into its own four years after its initial debut. There's a wide selection of excellent games available, including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and NBA 2K19. Revamp your game library with our updated list of the best

Science & Technology | Technology

Best Live TV Streaming Services: PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Sling TV | Digital Trends

There is a long list of live TV streaming services available to help you cut the cord and replace your traditional TV subscription. Each is different and caters to a certain audience. This guide to the best live TV streaming services will break them down

Science & Technology | Tech

iOS tip: How to clear your iPhone's RAM and make it faster | ZDNet

Finding that your iPhone is feeling a little slow? Here's a quick and easy trick to help speed it up without having to restart it or delete any apps or data.

Science & Technology | Tech

SpaceX Hopes to Blast off Starship & Super Heavy Rocket Project in 2021 | Digital Trends

SpaceX's inaugural missions for its next-generation Starship and Super Heavy Rocket project could take place as early as 2021, a company executive has said. Jonathan Hofeller, SpaceX’s vice president of commercial sales, discussed the company's plans for

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Amazon Prime Day 2019: 16 Prime membership secrets you didn't know about

You're going to want a Prime membership for Amazon Prime Day. But your membership comes with a ton of other great perks you might not even know about.

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

This Smart Tag Is an Essential Fourth of July Accessory for Dogs Afraid of Fireworks | Mental Floss

In addition to keeping your dog calm during fireworks shows this Fourth of July, a smartphone-connected pet tag will help you keep track of them.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Third Anniversary Event Guide | Pokemon GO Hub

Pokemon Go is celebrating its THIRD Anniversary and GO Hub has all of the event details, tips and tricks for you to get the best out of the celebration!

Science & Technology | Social Media

Facebook’s content oversight board plan is raising more questions than it answers – TechCrunch

Facebook has produced a report summarizing feedback it’s taken in on its idea of establishing a content oversight board to help arbitrate on moderation decisions. Aka the ‘supreme court of Facebook’ concept first discussed by founder Mar

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

SpaceIL Abandons 2nd Moon Mission, To Seek 'Significant Objective' For Beresheet 2 | Technology News

The non-profit behind Israel's journey to the moon says embarking on a similar journey would not be setting the bar high enough. | NoCamels

Gaming | Gaming

The Switch’s hidden shoulder buttons are the key to making it a full-fledged console - The Verge

The Nintendo Switch is an incredible piece of hardware engineering for many reasons. But the best parts of Nintendo’s hardware innovation, at least to me, are the removable Joy-Con controllers that add a whole new dimension to what the Switch can do. And

Politics | Politics

The White House may host a social media summit next month

The White House will reportedly host a social media summit next month. According to The New York Times, White House spokesman Judd Deere said the meeting will "...

Science & Technology | Tech News

Amazon is watching, listening and tracking you. Here's how to stop it

You can turn off some of the tracking, but then many Amazon features won't work. And if you want to delete your Alexa recordings, you need the app.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Exclusive: LinkedIn goes niche - Axios

Users may have noticed that their notifications or engagements on LinkedIn have increased.

Science & Technology | Science

NASA Moon landing: How Apollo 11 landed on Moon with computers weaker than your smartphone

NASA’S Apollo 11 crew landed on the surface of the Moon for the first time in human history using computers considerably weaker than the average smartphone used today, a tech expert has revealed.

Politics | Big Tech vs Conservatives

Big Tech's Big Problems And A Conversation With The Pinterest Whistleblower

Pinterest Whistleblower Eric Cochran joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the rampant censorship of conservatives and Christians in Silicon Valley.

Science & Technology | Technology

7 Types Of Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence (AI) has become a commonly used and understood term, there is still a degree of obscurity regarding the different types of AI that exist and can exist in the future. Understanding the types of AI can help in better understand

Entertainment | Entertainment

Is ‘Black Mirror’ Not Cynical Enough for the Internet?

When you’re extremely online, it’s tough to think metaphorically about technology. Cue the Black Mirror backlash on social media, with a sample criticism reading something like “Cor blimey, the computers’ll mess you up proper, mate!”

Science & Technology | ISRAELI TECH

Ride & Fly: US-Israeli Startup To Begin Testing Flying Vehicle In 2020

New Future Transportation, based in California and with an R&D center in Israel, recently unveiled the design of its electric, autonomous flying vehicle, the Aska. | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Google Express offers brands Israeli compostable packaging | ISRAEL21c

‘These products will offer retailers and customers an eco-friendly option for shipping and receiving packages.’

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Intel to ‘Ignite’ key startup tech with accelerator program in Tel Aviv

Early-stage startup in industries including AI, autonomous systems will be guided to growth, Intel CEO Bob Swan says during Israel visit

Science & Technology | Tech

Israeli company claims it can unlock any iPhone up to iOS 12.3 for police

Israel-based forensics firm Cellebrite claimed that its UFED Premium service can unlock iPhones and iPads up to iOS 12.3 and high-end Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9. The device will be sold as an on-premises tool, which means that the p

News | News

Jack Cohen - Technology and Immigration: A Toxic Combination?

Jack Cohen – Technology and Immigration: A Toxic Combination? The main ostensible reason for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s acceptance of a million Muslim migrants in 2015 was the low birthrate in Germany.   Germany has a fertility rate (number of c

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Pokemon List | Heavy.com

Here's the updated list of Pokemon at Pokemon Go Fest 2019 in Chicago.

Science & Technology | Technology

Why Google’s surprise Pixel 4 tease raises the stakes - The Verge

Just one day after we reported on the first Pixel 4 leaks, Google decided to mount a social media hype campaign by literally tweeting out an image of its upcoming Pixel 4. It was a savvy recognition of how the run up to phone launches actually work and an

Gaming | Pokemon Go

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s limited Pokedex is a huge deal to fans - Polygon

Game Freak, the developers of the upcoming Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch, says that all 800 plus Pokemon aren’t coming to the Gala region. Fans are upset because they’ve spent years ‘catching them all,’ and because Game Freak’s explanation doesn’t quit

History | History

Nest Just Sent Out This Email and It's a Reminder of Why People Just Don't Trust Google

Nest is now sending marketing emails for Google products, in the surest sign that it is officially dead as an independent brand and product.

News | News

China's Threat to Hold Rare Earth Minerals Hostage Is Our Opportunity

Commentary China’s recent “threat” to restrict sales of rare earth minerals to the United States is actually a ...

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Driverless Systems & Flying Cars: Israel's Mobility Sector Talks Trends At EcoMotion | News Brief

Bill Ford kicked off the annual event which drew over 4,000 participants from across the automotive and mobility worlds. | NoCamels

Music | Music

What Was Your First iTunes Download?

As we prepare for iTunes’s ascent to the great trash bin in the sky, let us remember it for what it truly was: a documented library of our most embarrassing music choices.

News | News

This Week's Sanity Report from Israel June 10 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 10 2019 The highlights include: Rare positive news in the search for pancreatic cancer treatment. Israeli experts are helping seven Muslim countries save their coral reefs. Intel Israel has launched its 10t

Science & Technology | Tech

Here's how to view, download, and delete your personal information online

Download your personal data from Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and other tech heavies.

Science & Technology | Technology

The 10 most exciting hidden iPhone features in iOS 13 – BGR

Apple spent plenty of time on stage during its WWDC 2019 keynote presentation earlier this week discussing all of the biggest new features it added to iOS 13.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Doctors Develop Method of Using 3-D Printers to Simulate Operations

Doctors perform a cardiac surgical procedure (illustrative). Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Israeli doctors have developed a method of using a 3-D …

Science & Technology | Tech

How Ridiculous Is Apple's $1,000 Monitor Stand, Really?

At $5,000, Apple’s new Pro Display XDR definitely ain’t cheap, but with a 32-inch screen, 6K resolution, full HDR support (with a ridiculous peak brightness of 1600 nits), and color reproduction that some are claiming is better than OLED, you can sort of

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Over 40 Big European Corporations Operate Innovation Outposts In Israel | Technology News

Half of the innovation centers have been set up over the past three years, according to a new survey mapping the activities of 41 European corporations | NoCamels

Science & Technology | Tech

Siri gets a better voice and new AirPods and HomePod features | VentureBeat

Apple's Siri got a series of enhancements today including a more expressive voice and the ability to quickly send SMS messages with AirPods.

News | News

Israel's Accelerating Brain Drain Should Be Ringing Alarm Bells, Says New Report

The country's most educated population is leaving at an alarming pace, according to a new study called 'Leaving the Promised Land' by the Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research. | NoCamels

Gaming | Pokemon Go

New in Pokémon GO 0.145: Jirachi Encounter, Charm, Giga Impact, Dynamic Badges and More! | Pokemon GO Hub

Pokémon GO 0.145 has been released for Android. Data Miners have found code for Jirachi, new moves in Charm and Giga Impact, and much more!

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple will reportedly limit third-party tracking in kids apps

As tech companies grapple with safety and privacy concerns, Apple will reportedly limit third-party tracking in kids apps starting next week. While the company...

Science & Technology | Tech

Apple is finally going to put iTunes out of its misery

A little more than 18 years after Steve Jobs first introduced Apple’s iTunes software at the 2001 Macworld Expo in San Francisco, pointing to a “music revolution” that was underwa…

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

New York Transit Edges Into a Future Without MetroCards | WIRED

Beginning Friday, you can get into select subway stations by waving your phone. By 2023, MetroCards will go the way of the token.

Science & Technology | Tech

What if Amazon took Sprint’s place as the US’s fourth wireless carrier? - The Verge

Reuters is reporting something rather intriguing and inexplicable on its face: Amazon is interested in buying the Boost Mobile MVNO wireless network from T-Mobile and Sprint, reportedly so that Amazon can have access T-Mobile’s wireless network for a numb

Music | Music

Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry - The Verge

Metadata problems have plagued the music industry for decades. Not only are there no standards for how music metadata is collected or displayed, there’s no need to verify the accuracy of a song’s metadata before it gets released, and there’s no one

Science & Technology | Tech

iPhone 11 rumors: Price, specs, features and everything else we know - CNET

What will we learn about the next generation iPhone when WWDC starts on June 3?

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

The Israeli device that aims to clean up your air | ISRAEL21c

Israeli home device Aura Air checks for dangerous gases and particles, and purifies the air of tiny particles of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and pollen.

News | News

IDF soldiers join battle for Holocaust memory, dignity | The Times of Israel

For the first time tech soldiers take part in hackathon, joining entrepreneurs to help preserve memory and raise the quality of life of survivors; 'It is our duty,' says Major E

Science & Technology | Tech

Flipboard hacks prompt password resets for millions of users | TechCrunch

Social sharing site and news aggregator Flipboard has reset millions of user passwords after hackers gained access to its systems several times over a nine-month period The company confirmed in a notice Tuesday that the hacks took place between June 2, 20

Science & Technology | Tech

Apps Are Using Background App Refresh to Send Data to Tracking Companies

When Background App Refresh is enabled, some iOS apps are using the feature to regularly send data to tracking companies, according to a privacy...

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Interview with Apple's former App Store approval chief offers fascinating insight into the review process - 9to5Mac

A new interview with Apple’s former head of App Store approvals published today by Bloomberg takes an in-depth look at the app review process over the last decade and the team behind it. The wide-ranging conversation covers the early days from 2009, the g

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Bottoms Up: Israeli Scientists Brew Beer With 'Resurrected' Yeast From 5,000 Years Ago | Technology News

A team of microbiologists, archeologists, and beer experts made a beer with ancient yeast dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. | NoCamels

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Facebook and Twitter disable new disinformation campaign with ties to Iran - The Washington Post

The disabled accounts include two on Twitter mimicked Republican congressional candidates in order to push pro-Iranian political messages

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Pokémon Go Burmy forms and evolutions: how to get Wormadam and Mothim evolutions plus Plant, Sandy and Trash Cloak Burmy

How to get all three Burmy forms explained, plus how to get Burmy's evolutions Wormadam and Mothim.

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World Health Organization deems 'gaming disorder' an official illness - CNET

Video game addiction gets added to the organization's latest list of modern-day ills.

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel May 26 2019

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 26 2019 The highlights include: Israeli scientists can protect the blood-brain-barrier to prevent brain diseases. Israelis are generating water from the air for Uzbekistan orphans. An Israeli rescue robot ca

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Stunning new video shows off Apple’s leaked iPhone 11 design – BGR

There's no such thing as a surprise anymore in the smartphone industry. There are simply too many hands in the pie and too much hype surrounding big smartphone launches. As a result, there's no way that all the people involved with building flagship smart

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Israeli Tech Entrepreneurs Host 2nd Hackathon To Support Holocaust Survivors

TLV Starters will host its second hackathon aimed at promoting Holocaust education and aiding Holocaust survivors. | NoCamels