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Three Skills a Marketer Should Have to Master Instagram

Do you use Instagram for business? Here are 3 skills you should have to play and master Instagram and the game of visual marketing.

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14 Influencers Talk About Their Most Popular Image on Instagram - Feature Shoot

© Christopher Anderson Christopher Anderson “To be honest, this IG thing confuses me. Some images I am convinced will be crowd pleasers don’t generate interest, and then some that I almost don’t post because I think they are not good en

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Is Facebook About To 'Break' Instagram, And What Does That Mean For Influencers?

Until now, Instagram has kept its distance from Facebook and the brands have been kept separate. But that could all be about to change, driven by influencer marketing, and the challenge for Facebook is to make that work without breaking the Instagram infl

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Account linking could make Instagram the heir to Facebook Login

Teens’ aversion to Facebook jeopardizes not only the company’s feed ad revenue, but its dominance as an identity provider. The Facebook Login platform keeps people tied to the social network in order to easily access other apps without a separ

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Instagram outage forces millions to look directly at the world for nearly half an hour

Photo-sharing app and social network Instagram was briefly taken offline on Monday afternoon, causing nothing of consequence to occur other than a brief respite from one source of the constant deluge of inconsequential information to which we all voluntar

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Facebook is integrating WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger | TechRadar

Facebook is bringing its three messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger closer.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram will now let you post to multiple accounts at the same time

Instagram is rolling out a new feature today, which will allow users who manage multiple accounts to post the same content to all feeds more directly. Previously, users were required to either manu…

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Elizabeth Hurley, 53, spent 2018 breaking the internet in bikinis

The actress and model turned a lot of heads in 2018, gifting her Instagram followers with what seemed like a little more skin with each post. And no one’s complaining.

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Instagram might be working on school Stories

It would only contain content from a particular school’s student body.

Science & Technology | Social Media

A New App Will Plan Your Next Vacation Based on an Instagram Photo | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Extreme selfies have resulted in 259 deaths, says US report

The desire for ever more extreme selfies has so far resulted in 259 deaths, says a new report by the US National Library of Medicine ...

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How to Get Sponsored on Instagram (Even if You Currently Have 0 Followers)

Find out everything you need to do to get sponsored on Instagram, even if you currently have zero followers.

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Take this online class and learn how to make Insta-money

The photo sharing app sees over one billion visits every month, with a high level of engagement from its users. Learn how to get a piece of that pie.

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The state of advertising on Instagram Stories in five charts - Digiday

Spending is shifting to Instagram, with brands like Smirnoff, Nike and Stella Artois starting to spend more money on the vertical video format.

Science & Technology | Social Media

The Five Step Formula To Instagram Engagement

Instagram is today one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Between 2014 and 2017, the number of daily active users has grown from 200 million to 500 million. The time spent on Instag…

Science & Technology | Social Media

You can now apply to get a verified badge on Instagram — here’s how

Instagram is at last quenching the thirst of its thirsty, thirsty unverified users. The company just introduced a trio of new features designed to make Instagram a generally safer and more authentic place to hang out (third-party 2FA — enable it!) and f

Music | Music

Even Rolling Stones' frontman Mick Jagger embarrasses his teenage son

Their father-son relationship involves regular social media banter.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram users are reporting the same bizarre hack

A bizarre Instagram hack appears to be spreading: users' account names, bios, and profile avatars are changed, as is all their contact information.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom on winning the Stories war - The Verge

Two years after Instagram cloned Snapchat Stories, we interviewed CEO Kevin Systrom about his future plans.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Facebook and Instagram now show how many minutes you use them

It’s passive zombie-feed scrolling, not active communication with friends, that hurts our health, according to studies Facebook has been pointing to for the last seven months. Yet it’s treating all our social networking the same with todayR

Science & Technology | Social Media

How Instagram's Algorithm Works And Where Your Strategy Needs to Shift

As Instagram's algorithm changes, yesterday's marketing tactics might become less effective tomorrow. Here's how the Instagram algorithm works and how you can evolve your Instagram strategy to get the most out of the platform today.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram now lets you see when your friends are online

just added a new feature that lets your followers see when you are "active" and using the app

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Best Instagram Marketing Tactics for An Early Stage Business

Instagram is helping a lot of small and big businesses in the brand building and generating sales.

Advice & Self-Help | Tips & Tricks

Want More Instagram Followers? Here's 12 Proven-Successful Organic Strategies

You might think of your follower count as a vanity metric, but with over half of Instagram users following brands and using the platform to conduct research prior to making purchase decisions... it's high time you got vain.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram’s Wannabe-Stars Are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy

Hotels are being forced to figure out how to work with a new class of brand-peddling marketers.

Science & Technology | Social Media

How Instagram—and a Bunch of Celebrities—Saved the Comment Section - The Ringer

The social media app recently adjusted its algorithm to promote comments from notable users. (Read: famous people.) The results have been delightful.

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How To Use Instagram To Grow Your E-Commerce Business (With Zero Budget)

Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users and the platform is a great marketing tool if utilized effectively. Let’s take a look at ways you can use this visual-based social media platform to build your brand and grow your following without spe

Science & Technology | Social Media

The do's and don’ts of hashtags

How to grow your reach and engagement with hashtags.

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

What the Mona Lisa Tells Us About Art in the Instagram Era

The photo-taking crowds that surround Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece at the Louvre exemplify how the digital generation experiences artworks.

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5 Tips to Rule Over Instagram and Make Money

Instagram is one of the hottest social media channels and the best place to monetize your influence. Find out the best ways to make money on the platform.

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How Social Media Actually Boosts Efficiency in an Office Environment – Adweek

Employees who take quick breaks can decrease stress and increase morale.

Health & Fitness | Health

Instagram Photo Leads to Grandfather's Skin Cancer Diagnosis | PEOPLE.com

When Sarah Frei shared an Instagram photo of her grandpa holding his new great-grandsons in November, she never thought it would end up saving his life

Science & Technology | Tech

What Are Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook ‘Stories’? - The Atlantic

The format, made popular by Snapchat and Instagram, is the native genre of glass rectangles.

Science & Technology | Social Media

The 1-2-3-4 Strategy to Drive Leads From Instagram

Instagram can make sense as part of a lead-gen strategy. The secret is a laser focus on optimizing four key elements – Content Marketing Institute

Science & Technology | Social Media

Real People Are Turning Their Accounts Into Bots On Instagram — And Cashing In

Verified accounts turning themselves into bots, millions of fake likes and comments, a dirty world of engagement trading inside Telegram groups. Welcome to the secret underbelly of Instagram.

Science & Technology | Social Media

10 Social Media Usage Statistics You Should Know (and What They Mean for Your Marketing Strategy)

We sifted through mountains of data on social media trends to bring you the social media usage statistics that mean the most for your marketing strategy.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Chicago

The 25 most Instagrammable places in Chicago

Upgrade your Instagram game with our definitive guide to Chicago’s most likable sights

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Report: Social media use is increasing despite privacy fears

New report shows Facebook users are getting older, Instagram is one the rise, and provides an in-depth look at Twitter users.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram Looks Like Facebook’s Best Hope - Bloomberg

With lawmakers and users on the warpath, the photo-sharing app could be Mark Zuckerberg’s way out of the latest data scandal.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram traps data without a Download Your Information tool | TechCrunch

It’s hard to #DeleteFacebook with no viable alternative, but at least you can export all your data. There’s no such option on Instagram . That lack of data portability puts users at the mercy of Instagram’s product and policy decisions. And it could

Science & Technology | Social Media

Uncovering Instagram Bots With a New Kind of Detective Work

Marketers are increasingly concerned that too many of the influencers they pay to push their products are actually followed by a percentage of accounts that are fake.

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When Is a Child Instagram-Ready?

I waited to draw up a social media contract for my 9-year-old until I could see where the trouble spots were. I found them fast.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram Unleashes the Ultimate Weapon for Marketers – Adweek

Opinion: ‘Regramming’ could encroach on Pinterest’s position as a king of brand content discovery

Miscellaneous | Dating & Relationships

The New Dating Requirement: Consuming All of Your Partner’s #Content

‘Be respectful and watch my [Instagram] Story,’ one 20-something demanded. Her relationship prerequisite isn’t unique—but when stories expire in 24 hours, it’s not easy, either.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Best Practices for Advertising on Instagram – Adweek

Make the most of the unique opportunity presented by the visual social network

Science & Technology | Social Media

13 Clever Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Social Media Marketing World speakers share their lesser-known tips to upping your Instagram game.

Science & Technology | Social Media

The Instagram course that can help you grow an audience and monetize content

This online course includes 23 lectures and two hours of content that can teach you how to use Instagram for business, gain a following, and monetize posts.

Science & Technology | Social Media

How To Build A Thriving Brand Presence On Instagram

There are millions of brands trying to get noticed on Instagram, here's how to stand out in the sea of sameness.

Science & Technology | Social Media

What is the best time to post social media?

Different platforms have different user patterns. See this guide for the peak engagement hours for each of the major social media outlets.

Science & Technology | Social Media

10 Instagram Tools to Help You Build Your Following in 2018

Successful brands and influencers have used these tools in order to generate sizable Instagram audiences in no time.

Science & Technology | Social Media

10 Instagram Automation Tools to Build a Massive Following

Instagram has immense power to make or break brands and influencers. For example, Halo Top Creamery increased online sales by 2,500 percent after growing Instagram followers, and the makeup company Anastasia Beverly Hills came to prominence only after the

Science & Technology | Social Media

When Instagram Influencing Isn't So Glamorous | WIRED

Instagram fame can be enviable—but it comes at a cost. Excerpted from Brooke Erin Duffy's (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Beware of Relying on Fake Social Media Followers. Ever Heard of 'Shadowbanning'?

It's scarily easy to grow your numbers rapidly if you're willing to resort to fake traffic. But if you do, brace yourself for the consequences.

Business & Finance | Business

How to make millions on Instagram

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift in the way companies execute marketing campaigns. Today, marketers are using social media platforms and influencers to spread awareness of their products and services. Instagram is one of the most popu

Business & Finance | Business

How To Get More Real Instagram Followers: The Definitive Guide

Struggling to get any followers on Instagram? We hear you! This definitive guide will show you how to grow your Instagram following faster...

Science & Technology | Social Media

The Rise of the Made-for-Instagram Museum

The age of Instagram has given rise to a new genre of installations, which seem to exist only to produce the perfect photo.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Complete Without These 21 Tactics

You’re ready to take social media to the next level. But if you aren’t building the traction you hoped for, there’s usually a reason. Just like any industry, there are a set of crucially important tactics every successful social media strategy needs

Business & Finance | Marketing

Experiment Reveals How Surprisingly Easy It Is To Become A Fake Instagram Star And Get Brands To Pay You | Bored Panda

Instagram influencer marketing is now a $1 billion dollar industry, and you don't need a cute dog or a book-worthy lifestyle to get into the game. According to

Science & Technology | Social Media

A 4-Step Process for Building Your Instagram Presence | Social Media Today

Here's a four stage process for building an Instagram following, from creating a profile to gaining more followers to posting. 

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

14 Abstract Painters to Follow on Instagram – Design*Sponge

Lately I’ve found myself drawn to abstract art, as it feels like such a boundless territory. The painter Arshile Gorky once said “Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes.”

Science & Technology | Social Media

Say goodbye to finstas and hello to Instagram 'favorites'

Instagram is testing a new feature called "favorites" to let users share private photos with a select group of people.

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

Yayoi Kusama’s Art for the Instagram Age - The Atlantic

Is Yayoi Kusama’s new participatory-art exhibit about seeking profound experiences—or posting selfies?

Science & Technology | Social Media

Snapchat vs. Instagram: What marketers need to know - Digiday

With Facebook’s Instagram Stories positing huge competition to Snapchat, brands and advertisers are trying to figure out which works best.

Science & Technology | Social Media

7 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers for Life #InstagramforBusiness

Use these seven ways to reach out to prospects and make them want to buy from you, over and over again.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram Analytics: Which Metrics Really Matter?

These key figures can help you measure your reach and make smart moves that engage audiences to interact with your brand.

Science & Technology | Social Media

How to Run an Instagram Story Takeover : Social Media Examiner

Do you want to reach more people with your Instagram stories? Discover how to plan and execute an Instagram Story takeover.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Dear Instagram, We Hate The Stupid Algorithm -- Sincerely, Every User | HuffPost

It’s dumb, it’s wrong, it’s counterproductive, it’s rude, it’s frustrating, it’s confusing, it’s downright evil. All these things and a lot more can be s...

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Travel blogger comes clean about tactics used on Instagram | Daily Mail Online

Sara Melotti, a photographer based in Indonesia, recently shed light on the competitive environment and revealed the eye-opening tactics being used by some in the community.

Science & Technology | Social Media

9 easy ways to explain what you actually do as a social media professional

Quick quiz for social media marketers: Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked, “So, you get paid to go on Facebook?” “We're hunting for awesome startups” Run an early-stage company? We're inviting 250 to exhibit at TNW Conference and pitch on

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Instagram Deleted My Account with 135K Followers. Zero Warning.

Instagram is the most common platform photographers, clients and models use to meet and follow each other. Recently though, accounts are getting shut down

Science & Technology | Social Media

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: If You're Not Using Instagram, You're Already Behind

Only 20% of small and medium businesses pay to advertise on Instagram, writes Krista Wiltbank, head of social media at GetResponse.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

This trick lets you upload to Instagram from a computer

Instagram's new mobile web app also works on a desktop with this trick.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Why Instagram Is Becoming Facebook’s Next Facebook

Instagram, now with 700 million users, resembles Facebook in 2009 to 2012, when it went from being something people used occasionally to something they use every day.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram Algorithm: The 7 Key Factors that Influence Your Organic Reach

In this post, we'll go through the seven key factors of the Instagram algorithm that influence your reach and share 10 ways to boost your reach today.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Coachella 2017: The Best Non-Sponsored Celebrity Instagrams From Insid Photos | W Magazine

From Rihanna in head-to-toe Gucci to Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, here are the best celebrity Instagrams from Coachella 2017.

Science & Technology | Social Media

This instagrammer’s epic shots of Yosemite National Park will make you want to travel right now

This collection of pics that will make you wanna pick your climbing gear, camping tent and head to California to enjoy one hell of an outdoor experience.

Science & Technology | Social Media

How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media? [Infographic]

People apparently spend more time on social media than they spend on eating and drinking. See where consumers are spending their hours—and days and years—on each social media platform.

Science & Technology | Social Media

How to Avoid Unwanted Communications on Social Media

That recent tech innovation known as the internet has made keeping in touch with family and friends easier than ever—but it might also have brought you some unwelcome attention from people you’d rather not keep up correspondence with. If you want to m

Science & Technology | Social Media

Dogs to Follow on Social Media - Scientific American Blog Network

Companion animals have taken over social media, and these are the ones you should follow

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Why Instagram Is Going To Start Blurring Some Of Your Images

Instagram has gotten a lot of well-earned praise for it’s in-app safety tools, and an upcoming update is taking these to the next level.

Science & Technology | Social Media

How To Sell On Instagram - business.com

Emerging Instagram trends and tools for every business owner. Learn to master the skills of social selling.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends – Charged Tech

Snapchat is the darling of technology: for years, we’ve fawned over the company for being innovative, using daring interfaces and out of…

Entertainment | The Hometown

14 must-follow Instagram accounts for LA lovers

Follow these accounts if you love shots of the Los Angeles skyline, glowing sunsets, stunning architecture, and inspiring design.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Instagram's next feature might be photo albums - Social Media Week

The feature would allow you to select up to 10 photos and videos to combine into a single post.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

Inside Instagram’s reinvention

How Kevin Systrom got over minimalism and snapped into building mode.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

How Instagram Swelled To 500 Million Users While Others Struggled To Grow

Instagram now has half a billion users. How did the photo-sharing app outpace Twitter and keep us so addicted?

Science & Technology | Social Media

3 Creative Ways to Generate Leads With Instagram

Have you ever thought of how to generate leads with Instagram rather than just using it for brand building? These 3 creative tactics will get you started.

Miscellaneous | Potpourri

The False Childhood of Instagram - WSJ

Children’s book author Dan Paley writes that in the Instagram age sharing family photos too often involves feigning perfection.

Science & Technology | Social Media

How to use Instagram Stories | TechCrunch

Lookout, Snapchat. Instagram just launched its own Stories feature for sharing everyday moments that disappear. Click the arrow to the right or scroll down to..

Science & Technology | Tech

This Simple Plugin Lets You Post to Instagram Directly from Lightroom

Instagram may be seeing a big dip in engagement, but plenty of photographers still rely on the service to bring in business. Now, thanks to the LR/Instagra

Science & Technology | Social Media

6 Killer Tips To Promote Your Instagram Page

So fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, you must all be using Instagram as a part of your Social Media Strategy by now and you want to be rocking it. Of course it is needless to say that you sho…

Science & Technology | Social Media

Instagram Influence Marketing: What Two College Student Projects Taught Us - Forbes

The even savvier students have questions, such as: How does Instagram influence start and what is the social cost of allowing brands into an otherwise organic feed?

Science & Technology | Social Media

What the designer of the old Instagram icon thinks of the new one

The designer of the old Instagram icon reveals his thoughts in the new one, and where the look of his design came from.

Science & Technology | Tech

Spending a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram could be making you depressed, study finds

A U.S. study recently found a strong and significant association between social media use and depression.

Business & Finance | Business

Here's A Toolkit for Creating a Loyal Instagram Following

These brands were built on Instagram. They share their strategies for creating a loyal following and driving sales on the platform.

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

Domino’s Clever New Pizza Boxes Are Designed For Sharing (On Instagram)

Domino's U.K released a bold brand refresh for their pizza boxes, and they're designed to cut through the noise of social media.

Music | Music

Iggy Pop Has An Instagram Dedicated To His Cockatoo

If Iggy Pop’s last album, Post Pop Depression, a wry, post-punky romp made in collaboration with Queens of the Stone Age chief Josh Homme is anything to go by, Iggy Pop may be considering retirement. Best known as the shirtless, peanut butter-covere

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Kayla Itsines Is Winning Instagram Followers, One Ab Post at a Time

How a 24-year-old personal trainer from Australia became Instagram’s biggest fitness star.

Science & Technology | Technology

Getting Your Business Started On Social Media.

Not having your business on social media is probably one of the not so smart a move you can make. The world currently revolves around the digital communication axis, if I should call it that. And the medium is social media platforms. The biggest percentag

Science & Technology | Tech

How to See Who Unfollowed You - Tracking Friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

How to find out when you've lost a follower on social media, and who it was.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

These pictures show what really happens in the background of stylized Instagram shots - Quartz

Our filter-friendly life is coming under so much scrutiny lately. First, hipster Barbie touched a nerve by parodying all the stereotypes of the Instagram hashtag #liveauthentic. Now, Chompoo Baritone, a Thai photographer based in Bangkok, has published

Visual Arts | Photography

Holga's digital toy camera lets you take Instagram pics IRL

The Holga Digital toy camera lets you take filtered photos and save them to an SD card like a normal digital camera.

Science & Technology | Tech

Here's Why Instagram Chose to Break the Frame

Instagram cracked the restrictive barriers of its iconic square format yesterday, announcing to the world that it intends to remain the dominant platform o

Science & Technology | Tech

Don't panic, Instagram's app icon isn't changing

Don't worry, that colorless Instagram app icon isn't coming to your phone.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Here's What A Normal Day Looks Like For Jennifer Aniston, According To Instagram

On Thursday, May 21, Jennifer Aniston used Instagram to show us what a normal day for her looks like.

Visual Arts | Photography

On the Prowl With Instagram’s Ultimate Street Photographer | Magazine | WIRED

Maciek Jasik It's bright but cold and the yellow cabs and skyscrapers are on some Big Apple snow-globe shit—the whole thing looks like a Hollywood back lot. Fifty-third and Fifth Avenue is an aggressively New York corner and one I usually avoid