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The Best Camera Apps for the iPhone | Digital Trends

Smartphone cameras are nothing to scoff at, but there's something to be said for an app that works to extend the functionality of your phone. If you're looking to improve your Instagram game, or to simply capture better stills, we've rounded up some of th

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7 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on October 16th – BGR

If you're looking for new apps to fill up your iPhone or iPad and you don't want to break the bank in the process, you've come to the right place. We dug through hundreds of apps on sale to find the seven best premium iOS apps that are available as free d

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Israeli app seeks to create video trail to nail reckless drivers

Jerusalem-based Comroads sets up a pilot app to create social network for drivers to share 'vital video evidence' of car accidents

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Sleep Trackers May Actually Make Your Sleep Worse, Study Finds

A new study finds that wearable sleep trackers, such as ones found in some smart watches, might actually make your sleep worse.

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Facebook warns that third-party apps could have been affected by recent breach

It may not just be your Facebook account at risk. The social media giant has warned that third-party apps which allow users to log in via their Facebook accounts may also have been affected by the recent security breach, though the company has yet to conf

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TapeACall Lets You Record Phone Conversations on Your iPhone Like a Pro

If you've ever been on the receiving end of a threatening phone call, you'll immediately know the value in being able to record phone conversations on your iPhone. Beyond that extreme example, however, recording calls is still an extremely useful

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9 Apps to Try if You Want to Learn Something New Every Day

Sure, smartphones and smartphone apps can waste our time and bring out the worst in people, but they can most definitely also be a force for good: They can educate, inform, and inspire. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of our favorite apps th

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The Healthy And Wealthy Track Sleep Habits The Most In The U.S., Study Finds - Study Finds

NEW YORK — Looking to adopt the habits of the well-to-do? You may want to think about paying more attention to your sleep. People who use smartphone apps to track and monitor their sleep habits tend to be wealthier and report themselves as healthier tha

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Need tefillin? There’s an app for that

'Wrapp' crowd sources the Chabad mission of helping Jews pray by offering a platform for instant lending and borrowing of phylacteries

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Low on Gas? You Can Now Get It Delivered to You | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

Visual Arts | Photography

16 of the Best Apps for Landscape Photography

In this article, I’ll share my top 16 favorite apps that I use almost every time I have to plan a photography session, a photo trip, or a complex spot with a long hike in the mountain to get there.

Family & Parenting | Kids

First-Of-Its-Kind 'Play Disney Parks' Mobile App Debuts This Week at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort | Ma

BURBANK, Calif., June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Guests can explore the Disney theme parks like never before with the Play Disney Parks mobile app, a transfor...

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How to control your app permissions

Apps often have access to private information like your contacts and even your location. Here's how to check and limit what they can do on your phone.

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The 6 Apps
Every Driver Needs This Summer

Essential tech tools to make driving way more fun (and affordable too).

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

New Israeli App Warns Drivers AND Pedestrians When They Are In Danger

Trial in Ashdod simulated accidents involving multiple vehicles and pedestrians. The walkers had Foresight’s Eye-Net app installed on their phones.

Business & Finance | Startups

5 Years and 75 Rejections Later, Trading App Robinhood Is Now Worth $5.6 Billion

Recently, the company added bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies to its platform.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

This app by an Israeli startup is a hit on Broadway

GalaPro, created by a Herzliya-based startup, sends subtitles, dubbing and amplification services for shows to your smartphone

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1Password rolls out its biggest Mac update in years

AgileBits has finally released 1Password 7 for Mac, and it's the password manager's first major upgrade for the platform in years. The developer has made sure i...

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Apple is removing apps that share your location data without consent

Apple has recently started removing apps from the App Store for violating the Terms of Service — or, more specifically, the rule against sharing location data with third parties without the consent of the app users. According to 9to5Mac, several app dev

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This Social Media App Is the New Instagram for Audio (and Yes, Audio Influencers Are About to Become a Thing)

The newest social media craze is driven by audio: Here's what you need to know about HearMeOut, and why you may want to add it to your marketing toolkit.

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Silicon Valley Wants to Cash In on Fasting

Several startups are working to commercialize the tech world’s latest health craze.

Science & Technology | Technology

Welcome to the app-i-fication of friendship

Millennials increasingly feel isolated and alone. Can the internet help solve a problem it created?

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Best Investment Apps 2018: Stash, Acorns, Wealthsimple, Robinhood and More | Inverse

Anyone with an Instagram feed has probably seen them: investment apps that promise they can generate wealth, marketed toward you member of the millennial generation. Some of them use spare change to round-up, others are marketed to people who identify wit

Psychology | Psychology

Addiction Rehab Is Broken. Can Technology Fix It?

My time in rehab left me humiliated and desperate to know why my friends were dying. A wave of app developers are trying to do better.

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

8 money saving apps for New Yorkers

Who couldn’t use a little extra moolah? These money saving apps that are helping New Yorkers get just that.

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David Pogue's Rated:App: Human Anatomy Atlas 2018

Yahoo Finance's David Pogue reviews Human Anatomy Atlas 2018, an app that gives you an interactive, incredibly detailed, medically accurate jaw-dropping 3-D view of the human body.

Science & Technology | Innovation

How 2 former college roommates are helping people to get cheap lunches with their MealPal app

Mary Biggins and Katie Ghelli launched MealPal in New York last year. It has been backed with $35 million (£26 million)

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The 20 Must-Download Apps of 2017

Catch up on the year's essential apps and games for both iOS and Android.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Secure messaging app Signal is the most important app of 2017

Pull out your smartphone and scroll through your list of recently downloaded apps. What do you see — Snapchat, HQ Trivia, or maybe some random face-filtering nonsense? Is Signal in there? If not, you've messed up in a major way.

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Abbey Road Studios Launches Its First-Ever App Today On iOS.

This brand new app form the world-famous Abbey Road Studios enable fledgling musicians to capture their musical ideas on iOS devices and to sketch out songs for working up into finished songs in the studio.

Pets & Animals | Cat & Dog Resources

Must Have Apps for Dog Lovers

As the saying goes ‘there’s an app for everything these days’, and that is now true for dog lovers. Check out these apps to give your pooch an easier life.

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That app-controlled paper airplane just got an update and it's pretty sweet

Paper airplanes are high tech now, thanks to the team at POWERUP and they're super successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

This app could be the key to speaking a second language

uTalk Language Education teaches you how native speakers actually talk, so you're not listening to a robot with strange intonation and inflection.

Business & Finance | Money & Personal Finance

These 5 Financial Apps Will Help You Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year

Having your finances and banking readily available is one of the best ways to keep on top of your money. As of recently, there are countless apps and platforms available that allow you to track your spending, banking, stock trading, and investments. Disco

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I downloaded an app. And suddenly, was part of the Cajun Navy. - Houston Chronicle

I read an article about the Cajun Navy, and on a whim, downloaded Zello, the walkie-talkie-type app they used to communicate.

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These apps are dominating because of Hurricane Irma

The extreme situation faced by people affected by Hurricane Harvey and, now, Irma is causing some lesser-known apps to rise to the top of the App Store.

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Learn how to rank higher on Google by mastering SEO

In today's digitally driven world, it's no longer a surprise to any business that in order to remain viable and competitive, it's essential to have a strong online presence.

Entertainment | Entertain Me

Legendary pokémon are finally coming to Pokémon Go

Today Niantic announced that the long-awaited release of legendary pokémon in Pokémon Go is coming soon. The studio provided some details on how the feature will play out in-game. Players will have...

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Best iOS app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest iOS app deals on sale in the iOS App Store.

Entertainment | Entertain Me

Sega will start releasing its classic games as free mobile apps

Sega is launching a new mobile gaming initiative called Sega Forever, the long-lived publisher announced today. Under that banner, the company plans to bring loads of games from all eras of its 30-year history to Android and iOS devices as free-to-play ap

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Comparison Shows Just How Far Behind Apple Maps is To Google Maps

It’s no secret that Apple Maps simply cannot match up to Google Maps in terms of coverage, details, and information. Nonetheless, it was believed that Apple was working aggressively on improving its mapping service and catch up to Google Maps.aaa

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

gett vs uber

Taxi booking systems help us to book our ride quicker, track its whereabouts and pay without cash. But who wins out of the top 3, Hailo vs Uber vs Gett?

Architecture & Interior Design | Decorating & Interior Design

The 7 Best Apps For Planning a Room Layout & Design

What a time to be alive (and planning room layouts)! Thanks to a treasure trove of user-friendly apps, it's super easy to create floor plans and virtually design our rooms.

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Apple makes a bunch of apps free for everyone

iOS and Mac users can now download iMovie, GarageBand and iWork suite without having to shell out for the app or a new device.

News | News

5 News Apps That Will Make You Smarter And Give You A Better Perspective

It's more difficult and important than ever to get unbiased news and challenge preconceived notions. Fear not, here are five new apps will help you do just that.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases made by kids | TechCrunch

Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases kids made on mobile devices, having now dropped its appeal of last year's ruling by a federal..

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Mobile app Memoji turns your face into an emoji | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Dean Takahashi

Lightricks has created Memoji from Facetune to blend cartoon-like emojis with an image of your face so you can turn your own selfies into emojis.

Travel | Travel

The 50 Best New Travel Apps for 2017

Download these must-have apps to help you plan a trip and save money.

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

Compare New York City’s Past and Present in a New App | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

Gaming | Video Games

You need to try these 5 free iPhone games that just launched on the App Store this week

One of our most popular features over the past couple of years has been our paid apps gone free posts , in which we find a bunch of apps that normally cost money, but are temporarily on sale for free. Today, we're introducing a new feature where we round

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Safe & Green: Repurpose an Old iPhone as a Home Security Camera

When it's time to get a new iPhone, there are a lot of options for what to do with the old model. Here’s one more idea — turn that old iPhone into a home security camera.

Science & Technology | Social Media

7 Apps You Need as a Social Media Consultant

To be efficient as a social media consultant, you need the right applications that encompass every aspect of your social media activity and business

Gaming | Video Games

Your biggest Super Mario Run questions, answered

Have you ever played a Mario game and wished there weren't so many buttons to press? Good news! Super Mario Run is upon us, and it's going to take over the world for a little while.

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple launches Apple Support troubleshooting app for iPhone and iPad

Apple launched a new app on Tuesday for people who use its products. It's pretty nifty.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

GAINSCO Android App

Easy access to information about GAINSCO Auto Insurance

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

GAINSCO iPhone App

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

What Would You Pay for an Empty Room? - The Atlantic

A new app wants to “democratize” city spaces by offering private, well-designed rooms by the hour—but only elites can afford its rates.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

'Pokémon GO's Upcoming 'Buddy System' Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To The Game

Pokémon GO is getting a brand new feature that looks to be a total gamechanger: The ability to train specific Pokemon to reach higher evolutions and power levels.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Time Saving Apps LA Parents Can’t Live Without

Drive through coffee finder, cars cleaned while you work, laundry picked up and even find perfect parking spots: these time saving LA apps do it all!

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Food Delivered to Your Beach Towel

Two defectors from the Manhattan food industry created the iPhone app Combrr to let sunbathers skip the long lines at a Queens concession stand.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

'Pokémon GO's New 'Sightings' Feature Is A Tracking Fix That Actually Works

Niantic is testing a new addition to Pokémon GO called "sightings" that tries to fix its long-running tracking problem. Early testing seems to indicate that it may actually work, and wild Pokémon are trackable once more.

Science & Technology | TECH

How the World's Biggest Apps Make Millions of Dollars per Day

Do this if you want to build the next Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Pokemon GO.

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7 Apps to Help Manage Your Money | MONEY

These seven apps can help you track your monthly expenses and generate a budget, so you can skip the monthly creative accounting.

Business & Finance | Business

Apple fires back at Spotify over app update dispute

In a letter Apple accuses the music streaming platform of asking for special treatment while blasting it for "rumors and half-truths."

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

50 Apps and Websites to Optimize Your Vacation

Everyone has an airport horror story. But you can make the most of a bad situation with apps like Flight+, which will keep you abreast of the latest delays and gate changes. And if you need a shower, unlimited Wi-Fi, or a work space during your extended l

Travel | Travel

9 useful apps for the savvy traveller

Here are a selection of travel apps that will make life easier and take the stress out of all that planning and preparation.

Miscellaneous | Interesting & Helpful Information

17 Great Apps That'll Make Your Life Easier

Always looking for new ways to get more done at work, and quickly? Check at these 17 apps to boost your productivity throughout the work week.

Science & Technology | Technology

Why bots won't replace apps anytime soon | VentureBeat | Bots | by Dan Grover, WeChat

Lately, everyone’s talking about “conversational UI” [user interface]. It’s the next big thing. But the more articles I read on the topic, the more annoyed I get. It’s taken me so long to figure out why

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

You can now control your Android TV from your iPhone

Android TV is getting a virtual remote on iOS. As with Android version of the same app, it works via Wi-Fi to connect to your Android TV and provides a vir

Science & Technology | Tech

Facebook launches Account Kit, a tool that lets you sign in to apps without passwords | VentureBeat | Dev | by Jordan No

Facebook today announced the launch of Account Kit, a piece of new software third-party developers can add to apps that will let end users sign in with just an email or a phone number — no passwords necessary.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

You can now share Dropbox files directly in Facebook Messenger | VentureBeat | Apps | by Ken Yeung

Dropbox has launched a new feature that allows you to share photos, videos, and other files directly with people you’re chatting with on Facebook Messenger. The feature is available within Messenger’s iOS and Android apps, and you can either share dir

Science & Technology | Technology

This guy recreated that $47,000 TSA app in 10 minutes

What did this app do? Basically, it randomly selected which lane (left or right) passengers should go into in a security line.

Science & Technology | Technology

The New Power of Notes in iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.4 | Other World Computing Blog

The Notes app gained some new capabilities. Today we’ll take a look at some new things you can do with Notes, as well as highlight a few functions you may not have been aware of before.

Business & Finance | Money & Personal Finance

Apps can teach you all about the stock market, but be careful

Grant Regimbal, 19, has a favorite smartphone game. It isn't Angry Birds or Candy Crush.
It's Robinhood, an app that lets you quickly buy and sell stocks with no fees attached.
He'll pull it up when he's bored or has a few minutes and take a look at his positions. Maybe he'll make a couple trades.

Science & Technology | Technology

Best app deals of the day! 8 paid iPhone apps free for a limited time

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on the chopping block for free, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance. Here are the latest and greatest apps that will co

Pets & Animals | Dogs & Other Animals

App lets you 'borrow' a dog

NEW YORK (FOX 5 NEWS) - Anna Browne has a thing for corgis, but she's not ready to get her own. "I live in a studio... I work late most nights," said Browne, who works in financial services. So she found an app that lets her borrow one.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Virtual home app to help people with dementia

A new Australian app uses 3D simulations of a home environment to help people living with dementia.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Apple confirms killing your apps doesn't really save battery life

Apple's iOS chief Craig Federighi has dispelled the myth that force closing your iPhone apps will help save your battery.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

New app turns the entire world into a giant game of laser tag

With a free app and a small attachment, you can turn your smartphone into a first-person laser tag game with a massive multiplayer mode.

Psychology | Relationships

Dating App Once Uses Your Heart Rate To Help You Find Love

We've all felt it — the little adrenaline rush and increased heart rate that comes when we meet someone we're attracted to — but now we can track it...

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

OneGo Provides Unlimited Flights Per Month

Love flying? Hate fluctuating air fares? Travel for business constantly or have tons of free time on your hands? There's lots of reasons to download and sign up to OneGo -- a new subscription-based ai...

Business & Finance | Business

The Best Apps to Run a Startup From Your Phone - WSJ

There’s been an explosion in apps designed for small companies. Here are the best offerings.

Miscellaneous | OTHER STUFF

Blizzard 2016: 8 Apps to Keep You Safe and Informed

Check out these eight apps that will keep you armed with the information and communication tools you need to weather the storm.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

WhatsApp is now free and promises to stay ad-free | The Verge

WhatsApp is dropping its subscription fees to access the popular messaging service. WhatsApp introduced the fees a few years ago, forcing new users to pay an annual 99 cents subscription after the...

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

9 mobile apps that can earn you real money

You aren't going to get rich using these, but it's basically free money. And everyone likes free money.

Science & Technology | TECH

Apple saw $1.1B spent on apps over the holidays; New Year’s Day was biggest in history

Apple has revealed that customers spent a record amount of cash on apps over the holiday season, marking the App Store's biggest-ever holiday period.

Science & Technology | Computer & Coding Tips

Wi-Fi setup tips and tricks: NetSpot helps you find dead zones | BGR

So you've just set up your home Wi-Fi network but for some reason you're having trouble getting your PC to connect to the network. It could very well be that you've set up your computer in a Wi-Fi "dead spot" that makes connecting to the web ver

Science & Technology | Tech

Got a new smartphone? Here's how to get the best out of it | Technology | The Guardian

From privacy to backups and the best apps – here’s a guide to get you started with that new smartphone

Science & Technology | Technology

How to use the hidden iPhone feature that could save your life

If you have an Apple iPhone, make sure to fill out your medical ID, which can be accessed directly from the lockscreen.

Science & Technology | Technology

Microsoft's newest app turns anyone into a programmer

The world of Microsoft Office is going to get a lot bigger with today's introduction of...

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

11 apps you should use every day!

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of apps — there are more than a million apps in Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

Science & Technology | Technology

This app is like Shazam for your beer

Your next mystery bottle could either be sinfully good or horribly awry. Don’t you wish someone had told you before you opened it?

Pets & Animals | Dogs & Other Animals

This New App Will Actually Let You Borrow A Dog To Walk And Play With

Sign me up. Sign me WAY THE EFF up. Using the app, those looking to score puppy playdates set up their profiles with standard combinations of pictures and personal information that most services or personal apps ask for.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

5 can't-miss apps: 'Trivial Pursuit,' Launchify, Capitan and more

With Apple's emoji-filled iOS 9.1 update going live and Instagram launching a new standalone video app, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.

Miscellaneous | Stuff

Tinder is offering a brand-new swipe option for people you “super like” - Quartz

Swipe left, swipe right—swipe up? Tinder succeeded in designing a simple yet fun dating app centered around two smartphone gestures: swipe left on a person's profile to pass, or swipe right to say you're interested (two people are matched when they swi

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Best Free iPhone Apps: 9 paid iOS apps on sale for free | BGR

It's almost here! As long as you don't live in one of these 17 zip codes, Apple's new iPhone 6s will start reaching customers doorsteps tomorrow morning.

Science & Technology | Technology

iPhone apps with XcodeGhost Malware: Top 25 iOS apps in App Store | BGR

After setting up a special help page that provides information about the massive XcodeGhost malware hack on its website, Apple has listed the top 25 iOS apps built using the counterfeit version of Xcode that was capable of injecting malware in apps befor

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple Targeted as Malware Infects China Mobile Apps - WSJ

Some of the most popular Chinese names in Apple Inc.’s App Store were found to be infected with malicious software, researchers say, exposing a rare vulnerability in Apple’s iOS mobile platform.

Science & Technology | Technology

Write Like Hemingway: The App | Social Media Today

A lot of writers wish they would write more like Hemingway. And now there is an app for that.

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Some Stock Apps Can Be Deleted Someday - Fortune

After years of having to shuffle those pesky stock apps you never use around your iPhone, you might be able to delete them eventually.

Science & Technology | Technology

This Little-Known Feature On Your iPhone Could Save Your Life. I'm Setting Mine Up Right Now [STORY]

It’s something we all hope will never happen. A sudden medical crisis that leaves you unconscious or otherwise unable to speak with first responders or ...

Family & Parenting | Kids

How 'Secret' Mobile Apps Help Kids Hide Texts, Photos

Watch the video How 'Secret' Mobile Apps Help Kids Hide Texts, Photos on Yahoo Good Morning America . Some kids are now hiding

Science & Technology | Technology

iPhone VS Jailbroken iPhone | Know Your Mobile

There are many benefits to jailbreaking your iPhone but also some HUGE drawbacks. Here we pit a jailbroken iPhone versus a regular iPhone to see how they compare.

Science & Technology | Technology

Best free iPhone apps: August 31, 2015 | BGR

Summer is almost over... but it's still not too late to get some paid iPhone apps that are on sale for free for a limited time. Today we've rounded up seven paid iPhone apps that would normally cost a total of $17 but that are all completely free to downl

Travel | Travel

TripScout’s Main Appeal: It’s Blissfully Simple | Travel + Leisure

TripScout employs actual guides—generally from leading local tour companies—to curate lists of around 25 top cultural and historic sites in a given city. Read on for more.

Science & Technology | Technology

Best free iPhone apps: August 20 2015 edition | BGR

It's that time of day again. Today we have a terrific batch of seven paid iPhone apps that would normally cost you a total of $39 but that are all completely free to download if you act right now.

Science & Technology | Technology

Best Free iPhone Apps: 7 paid iOS apps on sale for free, August 10 | BGR

It's time to start another week off on the right foot, and BGR is there to make it happen. Today's list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free includes seven solid iOS apps that would normally cost $15 all together to purchase, but if you act fas

Business & Finance | Business

How to choose the perfect app for your business

Choosing a business app is not the same as choosing a consumer app. You can’t just download and delete it when it doesn’t do what you intended it to.

Business & Finance | Business

A once-hot startup that raised $4 million and rejected a $40 million Twitter acquisition just shut down

Frontback is shutting down August 15, after raising $4 million and stepping away from an acquisition offer from Twitter. The once-hot selfie app let users take a picture with the front camera and back camera. The app then merged both photos into a single image.

Gaming | Video Games

Rovio's 'Angry Birds 2' to launch on Apple's iOS July 30

Finnish developer Rovio will launch its first official sequel to the ultra-popular

Science & Technology | Social Media

4 Apps You Need to Master the Art of Instagram: The Daily Details: Blog : Details

If you’re going to share your life on Instagram, share the best version. That means moving beyond using built-in filters like Valencia and X-Pro II and taking advantage of apps that’ll bring your ‘gram game to the next level.

Travel | Travel

8 Essential Apps for Traveling Abroad

Travelers used to carry along guidebooks about each place they were visiting when exploring the world, but now you can find all the information you need in the palm of your hand. There's an app for virtually everything these days and many of them are desi

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

The best new iPhone and Android apps from June - Business Insider

Find some fresh new apps for your phone with our collection of the best Android and iPhone apps from the last month.

Science & Technology | Technology

Best Free iPhone Apps: 10 paid iOS apps on sale for free, June 19 | BGR

This has been a fantastic week for paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free, and we're finishing things on a high note. Yesterday's post had nine great paid iOS apps on sale — some of them are still free if you hurry — and today we have 10 more

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

Best apps for Chicago drinkers: delivery, trivia and more

From a booze delivery app to a tiki handbook to a guide to the city's bar history, these are the best apps for Chicago boozehounds

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple is hiring human editors to change the way you get news

Apple appears to be building a newsroom. The iPhone maker has posted a new job listing that...

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple unveils iOS 9 with smarter Siri, public transit in Maps, iPad split-screen multitasking

Apple's next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 9, will focus on enhanced system intelligence, numerous improvements to built-in apps, new iPad-specific capabilities, and much more, it was announced at WWDC on Monday.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Student Develops An App That's Like Uber For Disabled People

Meghan Lazier wants to get New York City's accessible transit up to speed.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Free App Puts NASA Pluto Mission in Palm of Your Hand

A new app lets you follow the progress of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which is in the home stretch of its historic mission to Pluto. New Horizons will make the first-ever flyby of Pluto on July 14, zooming within 7,800 miles (12,500 k

Business & Finance | Business

Tinder sneaks ads for albums into your dating profiles

There comes a point in every zeitgeisty app's life when it wonders if it should stop eating nothing but Doritos and having those drunken one-night stands

Science & Technology | Technology

Affirmations? on the App Store on iTunes

Need a supportive, subversive, or often meaningless affirmation? This application will deliver a dose of what you need to reach your zen state. Click open and touch the feel button to get your wisdom. Facebook to share this affirmation with your friends and family.

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israeli Apps Revolutionizing Parking | Technology News

Israeli mobile apps can now quickly locate available curbside parking spots and the fastest way to snatch them. They also offer cashless payments.

Science & Technology | Technology

Best Free iPhone Apps: 10 paid iOS apps all now free, May 13 | BGR

Yesterday's list of paid iPhone and iPad apps that were on sale for free was one of our best of the week, but we're going to outdo ourselves with Thursday's list.

Health & Fitness | Allergy

WebMD Allergy App

Based on the allergies you have, the free WebMD Allergy app for iPhone will help you prepare for each day with a personalized allergy and weather forecast along with doctor-approved tips that can be customized to you and your family's specific allergies.

Science & Technology | Technology

Yahoo & Localytics extend their analytics platforms to support Apple Watch apps

With more than 3,000 apps for the Apple Watch already on the App Store for Apple's new device, two major analytics platforms today announced support for Apple Watch apps through their respective SD...

Science & Technology | Technology

New Photo-Sharing App Aims To Curb Bullying Through Community Downvoting

Stop bullying from infiltrating your digital space? Now there's an app for that. Hyper, a new social media platform launching on May 5, is aiming to keep trolls at bay by creating digital audiences...