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How the Sony Walkman changed everything

The Sony Walkman precipitated the rise of MP3 and audio players that allow us to revel in our own private auditory worlds.

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Best iPhone apps to enhance your experience with Apple Music

Check out the best iOS apps that bring unique features to enhance your experience with Apple Music on iPhone.

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Spotify’s new party mode feature, ‘Group Session,’ goes remote | TechCrunch

Spotify announced today it’s updating its recently launched shared-queue feature, Group Session, to support remote usage.  Essentially a “party mode,” the feature first debuted in May, offering a way for participants contribute to a collaborative playlist

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4 Israeli Startups Using Tech To Amplify The Music Scene - One Note At A Time

From haptic tech that lets you feel sounds to a music learning app that teaches you piano through mobile, these four tech companies are transforming the global music scene. | NoCamels

Music | Audio Equipment: SO Cool!

Don’t bother with AirPods when these $200 Sony earbuds are down to $84

“WF1000XBM1” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “AirPods,” but Sony’s true wireless buds do have a few things going for them. First, they sound fantastic.…

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How Technology is Reviving the Global Music Business

As it stands, streaming continues to be the biggest contributor to the global recorded-music business. Estimates suggest that streaming paid out $9.6 billion into artist and labels in 2018, making up more than 50 per cent of the global trade’s total rev