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Understanding the Far-Reaching Effects of Stress

Research on health and coping effects from stress, trauma, and abuse.

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10 Places To Live Abroad So Cheap You Could Quit Your Job

With the cost of living in the United States soaring, more and more people are setting their sights on an international destination that won't break the bank....

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Quit your job and live on a yacht? 8 ways to make it happen - Yachting World

Erin Carey talks to a variety of liveaboard yacht cruisers about how they make a living on a yacht and what their days look like

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10 Best Countries for American Expats | Travel + Leisure

Thinking about moving abroad? These are 10 of the best countries for American expats.

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Not fasting is killing us, but fasting can hurt us too. Here's what to do.

We need to take long breaks from eating, new research says. Can we do that without putting ourselves in danger?

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Want To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Attack? Try Walking Or Cycling To Work If You Can - Study Finds

A study by two former Olympic athletes suggests that walking or cycling to work on a daily basis may lower one's risk of suffering a heart attack.

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How easy is it to improve your health? Practical Health Tips

If you want to be successful in life - you just need to improve your health. If you want to be happy in life - the answer is the same - you will ha...

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More employers offer flexible hours, but many grapple with how to make it succeed

More businesses are offering flexible schedules but it doesn't always work. Some don't formalize policies or provide technology to make it seamless

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You’re never too old to do these 5 simple, healthy workouts

As part of Active Aging Week, try out these exercises that help keep you active and social.

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Exercising for 10 minutes-a-day is enough to save off disability from arthritis 

Arthritis sufferers can stave off disability with less than half of the weekly recommended exercise, a new study has shown.

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Self-Induced Disease: Why the #1 Killer of Americans May Surprise You

Most modern illness comes from bad behaviors that that can be hard to change. But with focus and motivation, we can avoid self-inflicted suffering.

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Can you live without a smartphone? This flip phone fan has done it for 13 years and will teach you how – GeekWire

Michael Valeri is a 28-year-old Seattle techie who is decidedly low tech when it comes to our most high-tech personal item. Michael has made a conscious decision to use a flip phone instead of a smartphone for the past 13 years.

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Marie’s Top 5 Productivity Routines

Building routines and habits can be difficult. Just when we think we’re settled on a routine, life throws unexpected challenges; it’s not easy to always maintain a regular schedule. For me, I always begin thinking about how I spend my time in spans of

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The New Old Age | The Walrus

Longevity is now our reality. Are we ready for it?

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The Simply Co. - Toxin Free and Sustainable Cleaning Products

Here at The Simply Co. we strive to make the most sustainable cleaning products ever. All of our ingredients will ALWAYS be listed on our packaging.

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8 money saving apps for New Yorkers

Who couldn’t use a little extra moolah? These money saving apps that are helping New Yorkers get just that.

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How One Woman Finds Mindfulness Through #Vanlife - mindbodygreen

Kathleen Morton lived in a camper van before it was cool. Check out how living on the road has made her infinitely more mindful here.

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5 Tips for Becoming A Morning Person

Even the most dedicated night owls can train themselves to become early risers.

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How ‘Wellness’ Became an Epidemic

Why are so many privileged people feeling so sick? Luckily, there’s no shortage of cures.

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9 “Extra Credit” Moves to Fit into Your Busy Day

Ever feel like the carpool lane and the fast lane are one and the same? Back-to-school season has that way of upping the ante on your already busy schedule.

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The New Science of Single People -- Science of Us

Now that single people are such a big share of the population, maybe social scientists will stop ignoring them.

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New study shows prediabetes is often ignored by primary care physicians

According to a study published three days ago in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, less than 25% of patients who met the criteria for prediabetes received lifestyle recommendations from their primary care physicians. This is a huge mis

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How To Become More Resilient

Resiliency is the way in which someone copes with life's adversities. You might assume that some people are simply more resilient than others. The fact is that resiliency may be more of a lifestyle choice than anything else. While some might be innately m

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Why "Vitamin L" Is The Best Way To Prevent Aging - mindbodygreen.com

The headlines grab our attention. A new vitamin, superfood, pose, exercise equipment, or workout that promises to restore our vitality and youth. In my opinion, we're unlikely to find a single

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High Blood Pressure Pictures: Symptoms, Causes, Tests and Treatments

See inside the arteries where high blood pressure can lurk without outward symptoms. WebMD explains the causes, tests, treatments, and remedies to stop this

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5 Lifestyle Secrets For Longevity & Vitality

As a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician and health coach, I truly believe that lifestyle IS medicine! As I work with patients and clients and in my own life, I find it's nice to reaffirm the

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Ahhh! 6 Ways to Get Better Work-Life Balance

1. Manage yourself.Sufficiently managing oneself can be challenging, particularly in getting proper sleep, exercise and nutrition. Self-management is the recognition that effectively using the spaces in our lives is vital. Energy and time are finite resou

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Why Night Owls Make Better Lovers And Early Birds Make Better Friends

The tortoise and the hare. Coyote versus roadrunner. The Sharks and the Jets. There are many proverbial rivalries that have rocked this world, but perhaps none so divisive as the one between the early bird and the night owl -- two rivals who share th...

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The Scary Stats & Happy Facts on Cognitive Health – Part I

As the baby boomer population ages, memory loss, along with its associated decreased quality of life, is a major concern. This is especially true with those who are caregivers to parents and loved ones who suffer from various forms of dementia, including

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The Broke Girl's Guide To Healthy Eating: Cheap Healthy Food, Affordable Grocery Staples, Recipes

Many nutritionists will tell you that they're big advocates of the "all foods fit" approach to healthy eating—the idea that even things like cookies, cakes, and candies have a place (albeit in moderation) in an overall healthy diet...

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The yuppiest neighborhoods in America: LoDo, Pearl District, Murray Hill and more!

In order to help you either avoid them, or aspire to become them, we've identified urban zones where DINKS (yep, we're bringing…

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The Brooks England Blog » Blog Archive » Cyclists Are Weird – Juliet Elliott

Sometimes I wonder what on earth I’m doing. It’s cold, I’m tired and I need some time to relax and simply do nothing. But totally exhausted from a ful

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21 Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Lose Weight - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with expert and insider tips and tricks for mind and body wellness.

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80% of Americans took a week's vacation in 1976. Just 56% will in 2014.

In Australia every full time worker is guaranteed four weeks of paid vacation each year. In Japan, it's 10 days. Canada? A minimum of 10 days of paid vacation. Here in the U.S.? Zero.

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Part Of Utah's Polygamy Ban

The part of the law that prohibits cohabitation with others violates the First and 14th Amendments, the judge ruled. He upheld the part of the law that prohibits multiple marriage licenses.

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100 Year Old Life Hacks That Still Work Today - Gallaher Brand Cigarette Cards

You'll be amazed by how well these old-timey tips hold up. - Gallaher Brand Cigarette Cards #life hacks, #lifestyle, #people, #wins, #history

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Top 10 Processed Foods Myths and Facts

What do you really know about your processed foods? How have them been processed and modified to fit the package claims? You need some piece of mind. I’ve rounded up the myths and facts about processed foods.

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Intelligent People All Have One Thing In Common: They Stay Up Later Than You

There’s an electricity in the moon. A pulse, a magic, an energy. A bewitching entrancement unlike that of the sun.