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How To Make Money Fast: 10 Real Ways To Make Money Quickly

Want to make extra money ASAP? Check out this breakdown of 10 ways to make money fast to get inspired and start earning quickly.

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Family finds 1 million copper pennies while cleaning out home

John Reyes, a realtor from the Inland Empire, is trying to figure out what to do with more than 1 million pennies he and his wife discovered in her father's former home in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe

Many readers of this Substack have doubtlessly wondered why their “health care providers”—i.e., doctors, repeatedly exhorted them to ...

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The Best Time to Buy Concert Tickets

There is a way to get those elusive tickets without the opening-day frenzy and having to empty your bank account—it all comes down to knowing when to buy concert tickets. 

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Are Employees Who Need the Money Being Taken Advantages of by Their Employers | Workplace Coach Blog

Are employees who need the money being taken advantage of by their employers? It's a real possibility. It's happened before.

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These 7 Books Can Help You Make More Money and Advance Your Career

The best business books of 2022 so far (and one from very late 2021).

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Inflation TikTok: Creators Share Increased Cost of Groceries

TikTok videos about inflation and the cost of living are going viral as people share the increased prices of everyday grocery items.

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What Is Inflation? | PragerU

Look for the source of a society’s collapse, and you’ll usually find the i-word (inflation) at its core. So what exactly is inflation? How does it work? Why…

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22 Side Gigs That Can Make You Richer Than a Full-Time Job

If you need a side job to create extra income, read this list of viable side jobs to create your own schedule and breaking out of the 9-to-5 grind. According to Business Insider, real estate and tourism businesses often hire local writers to craft city a

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Having a sense of meaning is less important for your happiness if you’re rich – Research Digest

By Emily Reynolds. Wealthy individuals may have greater access to other, external sources of happiness.

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Is there any free government money to start or grow a business right now? Yes. Here's how to find it.

Yes, there actually is some of that “free money” you hear about, but second, that money usually really quite specialized and tough to get.

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Special $1,000 stimulus checks are being sent to certain people - see if you qualify

Some states, like Georgia, are sending a new stimulus check to people - in the form of a $1,000 "thank you" bonus to boost morale.

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$3,600 in new stimulus checks is on the way – here’s when you’ll start getting it

Anyone who's been following the political dynamics around the possibility of a new stimulus check to deal with the ongoing financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic, by now, probably understands how unlikely we are to get another stimulus check in the

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Your new stimulus check might be more than $1,400 – do this now to get the full payment

Among the stimulus check updates we got this week is a strange but true reminder of how bizarre a place Washington DC really is, and how difficult it is for anything of substance to get done in the…

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Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

Bill Gates has quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the United States. For a man obsessed with monopoly control, the opportunity to also dominate food production must seem irresistible

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3 Ways to Make Money and Build Your Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

Starting a business requires capital and time. These strategies can help you use your limited time and resources to build your bread and start your business while hanging on to the security of your 9 to 5.

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How To Invest In Startups – Forbes Advisor

Startup investing is potentially lucrative, but it’s important to understand that it comes with big risks. Here’s what you need to know to begin investing in startups.

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Top Investors Advice To Prepare For The Next Decade

A few of today’s top investors share their best advice on how to prepare investment portfolios for the next decade - with all of its expected trends and its propensity for ups and downs.

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What’s the status of new stimulus checks? Here’s everything you need to know – BGR

Americans hoping for a new stimulus check sometime soon were no doubt dismayed when the Senate's negotiations over a new coronavirus relief package dissolved into a stalemate.

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3 Top Small-Cap Stocks to Buy in August

A new digital era is dawning, and these small businesses could rise with the sun.

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Nic Carter: Where the NY Fed 'Bitcoin Is Not New' Blog Goes Wrong - CoinDesk

A recent post categorizing Bitcoin as just another fiat currency uses some strange definitions of money, our columnist writes.

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The IRS Is Coming for Your Payroll Protection Loan | Inc.

A recent IRS ruling says those who use the forgivable portion of a PPP loan to pay employees miss out on long-held tax breaks.

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Why it’s not so crazy that stocks are rising even though 26 million people are out of work

The are many reasons for the stock market’s buoyancy — from incentives in the industry to retirement-account purchases to behavioral biases.

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Richard Branson isn't motivated by money

"I know in America, people are fairly fixated on money, billionaires, millionaires and so on. I'm not," Branson tells CNBC Make It.

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Private payrolls soar in January, the best monthly gain in nearly 5 years

ADP/Moody's Analytics said private payrolls rose by 291,000 in January, nearly twice the expected gains.

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Turns Out Bankruptcy Can Wipe Out Student Loan Debt After All

Many Americans who get overwhelmed by student loan debt are told student debt can't be erased through bankruptcy. Now more judges and lawyers say that's a myth and bankruptcy can help.

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For First Time in 26 Years, All U.S. Metros Enjoyed Income Gains - Bloomberg

Americans in every U.S. metropolitan area experienced economic prosperity in 2018, according to a recent report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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If you want to be rich, stop focusing on your salary (do this instead)

Over the past four months I’ve gained a newfound understanding of self-worth.I used to break down my money into two categories; salary and savings.

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Why 99% of people will never be rich

If you need a mansion and expensive material possessions to be considered rich, chances are my advice will not be what you are looking for.

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I made my first million at 50, and I wouldn't have it any other way

Having had my biggest and best year ever be my 50th, I've stopped feeling bad about being a slowpoke — which I am in every way.

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Marie Kondo betrays her whole premise by launching e-commerce store full of useless junk

Some of us—not naming names here—really appreciated Marie Kondo’s take on clutter. Maybe we didn’t thank our sweaters for their service before donating them to Goodwill—and we’re still finding that folding method a bit tricky—but we found he

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17 Passive Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow

Putting your effort in upfront and collecting the returns forever after is the foundation of financial freedom.

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I saved $300,000 by 26—and doing these 5 unusual things helped me save like crazy

From switching jobs without the all the "right" qualifications to staying in hostels with up to 15 beds per room, making a few lifestyle changes made an enormous difference in my finances.

Family & Parenting | Jewish People

Wait to hear what Bill Gates said about this Sabbath-observant Jew

This is truly AMAZING!

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Think time isn’t on your side? These late savers are all on track to hit financial independence

A few tweaks, some cost-cutting and funneling money into stocks can help you get where you want to be.

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Here’s the salary you need to earn to save 10% of your income and retire with $2 million

CNBC calculated the amount you'd need to earn annually in order to save $2 million by 65 without putting more than 10% of your earnings into investments.

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10 of the Best Stocks to Buy for 2019 | Stock Market News | US News

How are U.S. News’ best stocks to buy for 2019 doing? Put briefly, the winners are dwarfing the losers.

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You could make $125 by filling out this Equifax data breach claim form

Equifax this week agreed to pay nearly $700 million to settle claims related a massive data breach at the consumer credit reporting agency in 2017.

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7 money mistakes millionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates avoid

If you want to reach millionaire status, the most important thing you can do is to learn from the likes of the super wealthy, from Bill Gates to Eric Schmidt to Warren Buffett. Here are seven things you'll never find them doing, and how you can apply thei

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I took Yale's most popular class ever—and it changed how I spend money

I've always found the idea that money doesn't buy happiness impossible to justify. Little did I know that a 10-week Yale class on happiness would change my views.

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21 Ways To Earn $100 Every Day Online

Here are 21 ways you can start earning $100 a day taking advantage of online business.

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Copywriter, 27, who saved $500,000 in eight years reveals the '4% rule' that was key to her success - while still enjoying holidays and luxury items

Michelle Ives and her husband Andy, who are based in Sydney, are 'very excited' about their futures after adopting the FIRE method to save their hard-earned salaries.

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How Intellectual Property Can Create an Income Stream Even When You're at Work - from #ThePowerofPassiveIncome

Using intellectual property to your advantage can become the perfect side hustle, one that generates income even when you're not around.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Financial IQ

If you’re not familiar with the concepts of compound interest, investments, retirement funds, and all those other seemingly scary terms, it can be overwhelming to even get started.

Business & Finance | Money & Personal Finance

6 Financial Tips for When You're Just Starting Out

Money matters can feel overwhelming when you're just starting out, but making smart financial decisions early on can set you up for success later in life.

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How badly are we being ripped off on eyewear? Former industry execs tell all

Charles Dahan was a leading supplier of frames to LensCrafters, before the company was purchased by Luxottica. Glasses that cost him $20 to make would be sold for five times that amount.

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Average tax refund jumps to $3,100, dents Democrat claims of tax cut trickery

The average tax refund so far this filing season is more than $3,100, the Treasury Department reported Thursday, putting things on track and denting Democrats’ claims that the 2017 tax cuts were actually hurting Americans’ wallets.

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Giant Monopoly Game with Real Money

Four random people that bought merchandise were flown in to play a life-size version of the game Monopoly. In the game, real cash was involved

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9 Ways These People Make Money at Home With Nothing But Their Laptops

Here's how these individuals, including some who make more than six figures, earn their livings.

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A retired couple explains exactly how they used math skills and a lottery loophole to win $26 million in 9 years

Jerry and Marge Selbee won millions when they realized a loophole in a Michigan state lottery game that boosted their chances of winning.

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Stop worrying that you’ve missed your chance at success—Science says you probably haven’t

Am I lagging behind? Why have I not yet achieved “success”? A study published in the journal Nature suggests we don’t need to worry so much.

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HISTORIC DAY: Stocks Jump 1,084+ POINTS in Biggest ‘Single-Day Gain’ in US History | Sean Hannity

The Dow Jones average rose a shocking 1,000 points Wednesday; slashing deep losses accumulated ahead of the holiday season and posting the largest...

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Man suspected of money laundering after $400,000 found in washing machine - CNN

The term "money laundering" was never more appropriate than this week, when Dutch police found around $400,000 stuffed inside the drum of a washing machine.

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Owning your home doesn't make you rich. Owning somebody else's does - Los Angeles Times

In the United States more than almost anywhere else, wealth and income are concentrated among business owners and landlords. That club, blessed by capitalism, is becoming increasingly difficult to join.

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If You Win Mega Millions or Powerball, Should You Take the Cash Payout? | Mental Floss

Mega Millions has reached a record-breaking jackpot of $1.6 billion, which means your individual chances of taking home the winnings are less than one in 300,000,000. (And, amazingly, Powerball is currently at a not-too-shabby $620 million.) But it doesn't hurt to be prepared: If your ticket matches the winning numbers, here's the first decision you need to make before your life changes.

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Trump’s New Trade Deals Seek to Deter Currency Manipulation

WASHINGTON—The new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is the first trade agreement in history to directly address the issue of currency manipulation, which could now serve as a precedent for future U.S. free trade agreements. Governments man

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Want to Become a Self-Made Millionaire? Do This for 30 Minutes Every Day | Inc.

While exercise may not directly cause success...where self-made millionaires are concerned, the two are definitely linked.

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How to retire successfully when starting from scratch at age 50

This is the first of a four-part series on how to retire successfully when starting from scratch at age 50.

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Vitamin D, the Sunshine Supplement, Has Shadowy Money Behind It

The doctor most responsible for creating a billion-dollar juggernaut has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the vitamin D industry.

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The Founders Of The World’s Five Largest Companies All Follow The 5-Hour Rule

One thing these successful people have in common is following the 5-hour rule, which ensures they devote an hour each day to learning and growing.

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What Is An HSA? Health Savings Account Tax Advantages Draw Fans

A health savings account is a great tool to curb medical costs, reduce taxable income and plan for retirement. Here's everything you need to know about what is an HSA and how to use one effectively.

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19 Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know They Could Get – Life'd

There are many special discounts that are available to seniors. Retirees are offered discounts at most retailers, restaurants, parks, on public transport and at hotels. But you won’t get these ...

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

How to Cope When Debt Wrecks Your Mental Health

Here’s expert advice on handling the psychological and emotional toll of money, especially when you’re in debt.

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The Best Companies to Work For Are Beating the Market | Fortune

New research on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For ranking shows that it might actually be the nice guys who finish first.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

21 Low-Cost Ways to Make Money from Home

Startup costs can be a real barrier to getting up and running, so here are some work ideas that cost little to no money to consider.

Business & Finance | Career Advice

Here's What A $75K Salary Gets You In Six Different Cities In The US

Over the last few months, BuzzFeed News spoke with six people around the country, in a diverse set of circumstances, to see what life on roughly $75,000 looks like today.

Psychology | Personality

Why it’s time to invest in yourself

Leaving the corporate 9 to 5 to invest in your health and wellbeing, in your skills and career capital, and, ultimately, in your future

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Useful Tips For How To Save Money When Moving

You are planning to organise a move and the time to finalise it is coming. How much will cost to hire a furniture removal company?

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5 Ways Anyone Can Create a Profitable Podcast | Inc.com

Looking to get into podcasting? Here's how to gain -- and grow -- a following.

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Learn To Invest Like A Casino Rather Than A Gambler

At its essence, a stock’s price is the price at which a buyer and a seller agree to transact, because the buyer believes a company will do better than everyone else’s current expectations and the seller thinks it will do worse.

Family & Parenting | Family and Parenting

Five Big Money Mistakes We Make with Our Children

Here are some of the most common money mistakes parents make, and how they can be avoided.

Business & Finance | Money & Personal Finance

These 5 Financial Apps Will Help You Save Thousands Of Dollars Every Year

Having your finances and banking readily available is one of the best ways to keep on top of your money. As of recently, there are countless apps and platforms available that allow you to track your spending, banking, stock trading, and investments. Disco

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

How much money people are really earning from Uber, Airbnb, and 7 more "side hustles"

If you're looking to make some extra money, these are the average incomes for nine different side jobs.

Business & Finance | Money & Personal Finance

17 Passive Income Ideas for Automating Your Cash Flow

Putting your effort in upfront and collecting the returns forever after is the foundation of financial freedom.

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A natural experiment proves it — ‘service providers’ make it easy to pay and hard to stop

Two things happened at my house not long ago: My wife turned 65, and one of our credit cards expired. Not very interesting in themselves perhaps, but the two events occurring together set up what scientists call a “natural experiment.”

Politics | Politics

Democrats once represented the working class. Not any more | Robert Reich

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama helped shift power away from the people towards corporations. It was this that created an opening for Donald Trump

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$25-million gift for new LACMA building comes with an unexpected back story

Eric Smidt was a peddler’s son, rattling through the morning light in his father’s van, hawking jewelry, tape and electrical cords in the San Fernando Valley. He endured a troubled home life and spent two years in an orphanage. But a restless need for

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How to turn a ‘Lucky Penny’ into $1,000

Ally Bank has placed 100 fake pennies worth $1,000 apiece across the United States in a promotion aimed at encouraging people to save.

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California's parents don't know they have a voice in school spending decisions

Parents in California have a right to help decide how their schools spend money, but many in the state may not know that.

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Paid $75,000 to Love a Brand on Instagram. But Is It an Ad?

Companies are spending big to have celebrities praise their products to millions of social media followers, raising questions about disclosure rules.

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Brace Yourself: How You Will Pay To Rescue ObamaCare - Forbes

Either through higher premiums or through a taxpayer funded bailout, Americans will pay for the disaster that the ACA is fast becoming.

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Stress Over Family Finances Propelled Hillary Clinton Into Corporate World

In an aspirational life on the edges of power, Mrs. Clinton shouldered her family’s financial burdens but has been accused of going against her principles.

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Closing the Bank of Mom and Dad

The phone rings and you cringe. Your adult child probably isn’t calling just to say hello. He or she needs money again. 

Science & Technology | TECH

How the World's Biggest Apps Make Millions of Dollars per Day

Do this if you want to build the next Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Pokemon GO.

Science & Technology | Tech

7 Apps to Help Manage Your Money | MONEY

These seven apps can help you track your monthly expenses and generate a budget, so you can skip the monthly creative accounting.

Business & Finance | Money & Finance

The 5 Most Important Years for Your Financial Life

To secure your retirement, make the proper moves at a few key moments.

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How to Answer the Salary Question During a Job Interview

Your starting salary sets the bar for your future earnings, from overtime to raises and promotions, so it's important to get it right.

Politics | Politics

Meet the lobbyists, donors and bundlers behind Hillary's $157 million juggernaut

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said she will stand up to big banks, drug companies and other special interests. Yet a new report reveals Clinton has been fueled by millions from a network of well-connected Washington lobbyists, Wall

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

10 Secret Mindsets of Multi-Millionaires - Fortune

There's no limit to what you can accomplish with a deep purpose and faith in something greater than yourself.

Business & Finance | Real Estate

How a Realtor with a Snow Shovel Showed Me Exactly What Hustle Really Looks Like | Inc.com

When I was growing up, The Hustle was a dance made famous by Van McCoy. Today, hustle means a different kind of moving, as it relates to building your business. It means you are willing to do whatever you need in order to break through your barriers and make things happen.

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The World's Most Expensive Billionaire Homes

Billionaires have been trading multimillion-dollar real estate with tremendous zeal in recent years, slapping down record sums for trophy homes while quietly floating other properties in their portfolios through brokers in unofficial, off-market offerings

Advice & Self-Help | Advice

7 Surprising Truths About Very Wealthy People

I once interviewed a dozen millionaires, one at a time, as a personal research project. Although I'd not call them very wealthy by modern standards. It was in the 70′s. They all agreed,

Business & Finance | Abundance

How Much You'll Need to Retire in the Most Expensive U.S. Cities

Many people move to affordable retiree-friendly places like Las Vegas and Florida when they stop working, but what if you want to stay in the big city? SmartAsset calculated how much you should have in savings for the most and least affordable cities in t

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The case against equality of opportunity

It's a morally toxic goal. The sooner we stop pursuing it, the better.

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Anthem to buy Cigna to create biggest U.S. health insurer - Yahoo Finance

From Yahoo Finance: The deal — the biggest ever in the health insurance industry — comes three weeks after Aetna Inc (AET.N) agreed to buy Humana Inc (HUM.N) for $37 billion and is part of an industry-wide consolidation following the roll-out of Presi

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. stripped of WBO title after failing to pay sanction fee | Boxing - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The world's top pound-for-pound boxer has been stripped of the WBO title he won from Manny Pacquiao.

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11 Feng Shui Tips to Overcome Debt and Deficiency

In Feng Shui, its all about the chi (life energy). If you want to overcome debt, you just need to shift the energy to the right places.

Advice & Self-Help | Empowering Tools for Growth

The True Heart of Money

Money might be the target of your desire. The reason you work, get out of bed in the morning, maybe even the driving force behind the endless hours you devote to its creation.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

The True Heart of Money

Life In harmony with your money begins with your values.

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Alexander Hamilton to Share Image on $10 Bill With a Woman

The Treasury Department announced Wednesday it will replace the image of its own founder, Alexander Hamilton, on the $10 bill, with a woman as yet to be determined.

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Trends Show Crowdfunding To Surpass VC In 2016

By 2016 the crowdfunding industry is on track to account for more funding than venture capital, according to a recent report by Massolution. Just five years ago there was a relatively small market of early adopters crowdfunding online to the tune of a rep

Business & Finance | Money & Personal Finance

The way the richest Americans build wealth isn't smart for the average person

How did the Forbes 400 get to be fabulously wealthy? That's what every investor wants to know, so Merrill Lynch CIO Ashvin B. Chhabra studied the members of the list to see what they had in common.

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Millionaires Who Are Frugal When They Don’t Have to Be

Recent research shows that single-digit millionaires, at least, are generally far more mindful about how they save, spend and invest their money.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice

How to Manage Financial Stress - Whole Living Balance

Browse Whole Living's How to Manage Financial Stress collection. Also get relationship & career advice, time management tips & natural stress remedies at WholeLiving.com.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

The glory days for growth equity are just getting started | VentureBeat | Business | by Richard Maclean, Frontier Capita

Guest Despite recent claims that the glory days of private equity are over, growth equity remains an attractive segment of the industry with a bright future.

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Don’t be a bachelor: Why married men work harder, smarter and make more money

Even as more young people are delaying or foregoing marriage, research shows that marriage transforms many men, spurring them to become more responsible people and smarter, higher-earning employees

Business & Finance | Money & Personal Finance

How to Save More for Retirement Without Saving an Extra Cent

Think you can't set aside any more dough than you're already saving? Here's a simple way to grow your nest egg without squeezing your budget.

Advice & Self-Help | Advice & Self-Help!

6 Easy Moves to Make in Your 30s That Will Pay Off Huge Later On

You still have time on your side, so even small moves can make a huge difference in the long term.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Apps That Earn You Money - Business Insider

Your phone and your wallet are a lot more similar than you think!

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CVS Follows Rite Aid, Shuts Off Apple Pay

Source: Courtesy of Apple Inc.Last Thursday drug store chain Rite Aid Inc. (NYSE: RAD) reportedly stopped accepting payments made through the just launched Apple Pay system from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL). On Saturday, CVS Health Corp. (NYSE: CVS) was repo

Business & Finance | Business

Apple Just Passed a Massive Milestone | TIME

It took a few days, but Apple’s blow-out quarterly earnings report — driven by strong iPhone and Mac sales and bolstered by the largest stock repurchase program in the history of capitalism — has finally made its way through Wall Street’s algorithms and into Apple’s share price.

Business & Finance | Business

No Money to Start a Business? No Problem. Try These 5 Options.

Follow these simple guidelines to build up a venture of your choosing for little to no capital.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

When Your Big Business Idea Stalls, Ask These 3 Questions

It can be tough to determine if you're really onto something. After conducting a gut check, seek the advice of others.

News | The News

$2.66T: Tax Revenues for FY14 Hit Record Through August; Gov’t Still Runs $589B Deficit | CNS News

Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues hit a record $2,663,426,000,000 for the first 11 months of the fiscal year this August, but the federal government still ran a $589,185,000,000 deficit during that time, according to the latest Monthly Treasury Stat

Family & Parenting | Parenting

Average cost of raising a child hits $245,000 - Aug. 18, 2014

New parents listen up: The average cost of raising a child has reached nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Business & Finance | Careers & The Workplace

Powerful people have a distorted perception of time - Quartz

Maria Konnikova, writing in the New York Times, made the point recently that there’s much more to poverty than just a shortage of money. Being poor, she said, brings with it other abstract deficits, most notably a lack of time. She quoted Sendhil Mul

Business & Finance | Business

4 Tips for Managing Cash Flow When You're Bootstrapping | Entrepreneur.com

The wealthiest companies work hard to know where every dime goes. Startups literally cannot afford to do less.

Business & Finance | Business

America's Most Surprising Six-Figure Jobs

Corner offices, operating rooms, and trading floors aren't the only arenas in which professionals can bring in six figure salaries.

Business & Finance | Business

Stocks We Love - CNNMoney

CNNMoney readers like their tech stocks. Apple is by far the most looked up ticker on the site. Google, BlackBerry and Nokia also make the list. But so do Ford and GE. Here's a snapshot of the top 10.