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How R.E.M. Invented the Nineties With ‘Out of Time’

Rob Sheffield looks back at R.E.M.'s 1991 classic, and how it presaged the entire decade to come.

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Steve Albini Dead: Nirvana Producer Was 61

in the history of rock, Albini's name will forever be linked to Nirvana, which hired Albini in 1993 for work on its third album, the massively-successful 'In Utero.'

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97 Facts About Generation X

The generation born between 1965 and 1980 loves nostalgia, has a ton of student debt, and hates cooking.

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Saturday Morning Shows We Love From The '70s

Saturday mornings used to be appointment television. While classic programs like Wonder Woman, The Brady Bunch, and MASH aired during prime time, Saturday

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15 Funny Gen X Memes That Captures The Gen X Life

There are a lot of things that make Gen X unique, and one of those things is their sense of humor. Sit back and enjoy these Gen X Memes

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Gen X to Democrats: Eat My Shorts!

Some social media blue checks had a bit of a temper tantrum this week following the release of a New York Times poll that showed overwhelming support for…

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Which Age Group is Most Likely to Vote GOP in 2022? Gen-Xers, of Course!

Every pollster and writer is analyzing this upcoming election to death. From the early predictions of a red wave to the Democrats’ summer momentum shift to the tide turning back toward the GOP,...

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Our 15 Most Popular Dinner Party Recipes From the 1970s

Discover favorite dinner party recipes from the 1970s, including the cheese ball, salmon loaf, black forest cake, pasta primavera, and more.

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10 Retro Treasures From a 50-Year-Old Lego Toy Catalog

Before movie tie-ins, video games, and $800 models, Lego's appeal was a lot simpler.

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Nirvana's horrified reactions to 1993 ticket prices are a sweet reminder of more innocent days

Watch Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's brain melt when he learns what other musical artists in 1993 charge for gig tickets

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Revised Guidelines Redefine Birth Years and Classifications for Gen X, Millennials, and Generation Z

The age ranges and birth years for Generation Z are now included with Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers in Pew Research's official generational definitions.

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Gen X is running the world — and nobody even realized it

Last weekend’s Super Bowl Halftime Show confirmed what most of us have known for a while.

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Calling All Gen Xers: The Illinois State Museum Wants Your Help Curating a New Generation X Exhibit

If you were born during the Gen X years—1965 to 1980—the Illinois State Museum might feature your old Trapper Keeper.

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Dear Gen Xer At The Rock Club | The Riff

A modest proposal for Generation X music-lovers. Just try to wrap your head around what it's like to be in a new rock 'n roll band these days.

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Why Gen X is far more financially fragile than boomers - MarketWatch

Caregiving challenges, significant debt and job problems account for much of why Generation X is hurting financially.

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Bill and Ted Face the Music Review - Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Return With an Excellent Message

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return as two kind-hearted, middle-aged men wrestling with their own mediocrity.

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Your Summer Travel Plans Are Turning You Into Your Parents

It's the summer of the RV and car camping; car-hops and drive-ins. And basically, we're all just turning into our parents.

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In This Time of Panic, We Look to Generation X for Inspiration

Keep calm and put on some flannel.

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X doesn't mark the spot: As Millennials and Baby Boomers feud, a generation is left out

Generation X has largely earned a reputation for being disconnected politically, and is overshadowed by the older Baby Boomers and the younger Millennials.

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Think time isn’t on your side? These late savers are all on track to hit financial independence

A few tweaks, some cost-cutting and funneling money into stocks can help you get where you want to be.

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Friends is a Generation X Show. Why Don’t We Call It That?

Baby boomers created it. Millennials and Gen Y keep it popular today. But Friends, which premiered 25 years ago on NBC, will always be about Generation X, even if we don’t talk about it that way.

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R.I.P. Tim Conway, comedy legend of The Carol Burnett Show and McHale's Navy

The man who brought us Mr. Tudball and Dorf passed away at 85.

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The Difference Between How Younger and Older Gen Xers Use Social Media – Adweek

They also have differing streaming habits.

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Sorry, millennials. The average age of a successful entrepreneur is a lot older than you think. - The Washington Post

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg? Those whiz-kid entrepreneurs are anomalies. Most successful business founders are in their 40s — and have much more experience on the job.

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Whatever Happened to Generation X?

As they head into middle age, the “slacker” generation of Philadelphians — sandwiched between the never-say-die boomers and the all-about-us millennials — is feeling overlooked, overworked and overwhelmed. But their chill, pragmatic approach to li

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Generation X had the luxury of being rebel slackers, but Millennials have to be total squares

You know Generation X. The ones who skateboarded through high school with flannel shirts and angry music during a period of economic stability. The ones who criticized the establishment while…

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How Kevin Smith Makes Big Business Out of Niche Audiences

After years in critical exile, the onetime poster boy for slacker filmmaking reinvents himself for an era of narrowcast fame.

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Generation X needs to save America from millennials

Though one of its own sits yet again in the White House, the baby-boom generation, 78 million strong, is finally preparing to depart the scene. Theirs is a 40-year legacy of war, debt and cultural …

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How Old is "Old"? The Answers Vary by Age | Money

Definitions of "old" and "young" vary depending on your age, a new study by U.S. Trust shows.

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Generation X More Addicted to Social Media Than Millennials, Report Finds

Adults from the ages of 35 to 49 were found to spend an average of six hours and 58 minutes on social media per week, compared with six hours and 19 minutes for their younger counterparts.