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Here’s the salary you need to earn to save 10% of your income and retire with $2 million

CNBC calculated the amount you'd need to earn annually in order to save $2 million by 65 without putting more than 10% of your earnings into investments.

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Copywriter, 27, who saved $500,000 in eight years reveals the '4% rule' that was key to her success - while still enjoying holidays and luxury items

Michelle Ives and her husband Andy, who are based in Sydney, are 'very excited' about their futures after adopting the FIRE method to save their hard-earned salaries.

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Oh, baby! Walmart to offer big discounts on Feb. 23 for 'Baby Savings Day'

Cribs, car seats, clothes, sippy cups, diaper bags, pacifiers. There is a lot that goes into having a baby, and Walmart&

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See How One Couple Retired by 35 and Traded in Work for Full-Time Travel | GOBankingRates

Who doesn't daydream of retiring early? The Adcock family turned that fantasy into a reality before they turned 40. Keep reading to see how they managed to retire so early. Trading in Tech for R and R...

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Here's How Much Money You Save By Cooking At Home

A cost comparison of cooking at home versus getting delivery or using a meal kit.

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A Very Trumpian May: American Incomes and Savings Rose While Utility Bills Fell | Breitbart

Tax cuts have lowered utility rates this year, leading Americans to spend less on gas, water, and electricity. With incomes rising, this has helped push up the saving rate.

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The Secret Weapon ALL Mothers With Young Children Should Be Using

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this before, but I’m a mother with two young children. I raise them by working from home as a love and relationship blogger for BlackLoveAdvice.co…

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How Much You'll Need to Retire in the Most Expensive U.S. Cities

Many people move to affordable retiree-friendly places like Las Vegas and Florida when they stop working, but what if you want to stay in the big city? SmartAsset calculated how much you should have in savings for the most and least affordable cities in t