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After Years of Food Shortages, Blackouts, Civil Unrest, Venezuela Flirts With Chinese-Style ‘Capitalism’

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has quietly admitted defeat in the arena of economics, moving to dismantle the country’s socialist-based economy,

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‘It’s a Miracle’: Helsinki’s Radical Solution to Homelessness

Finland is the only EU country where homelessness is falling. Its secret? Giving people homes as soon as they need them – unconditionally.

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VENEZUELA: Socialist Government Now Preventing Doctors Without Borders From Entering Country

As the people of Venezuela suffer the ravages that Socialism serves up as a reward to those who blindly allow

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John Stossel: There's nothing wrong with inequality. Here's what IS wrong | Fox News

Socialists like Bernie Sanders tell us that “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

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Shirley Chisholm, The Rebbe and a Vision to Feed America's Hungry Children

U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisholm (D-N.Y.), the first African-American woman elected to Congress, helped expand federal food supplement programs at the urging of the Rebbe.

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Liberal California's Poverty Rate Is Highest In The Nation

California is the most liberal state in the nation. It's also the most poverty-ridden state in the nation.

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The United Nations’ Patently Ridiculous Report on American Poverty by Nikki Haley

It is unnecessary, politically biased, factually wrong, and a waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars.

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Newt Gingrich: Trump is working to disarm welfare's poverty trap | TheHill

"Republicans should take note, though. President Trump can lead the way, but true reforms will have to come from Congress."

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As Santa Ana gentrification hits their pocketbooks, immigrants turn to co-ops to help make ends meet

Under the watchful eye of Apolonio Cortes and Abel Ruiz, a handful of shoppers picked at a selection of lettuce, green onions and other produce at the El Centro Cultural de Mexico community space in Santa Ana.

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Literal Food Bank Lets People Deposit, Withdraw Food As Needed

“The poor, unemployed and old can withdraw respectfully, without begging.”

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Poverty Causes Crime? - The Dennis Prager Show The Dennis Prager Show

One of the first clues that this Columbia-educated, liberal, Democrat, New York Jew had that there was something wrong at the heart of progressive/left-wing thought was when I read and was taught over and over that “poverty causes crime.” I knew from

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Info Graphic Uses Upsetting Book Facts To Get People To Read