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Jack Cohen - Heaven on Earth: The End of Socialism?

Jack Cohen – Heaven on Earth: The End of Socialism? The book “Heaven on Earth,” by Joseph Muravchik, is an excellent history of socialism and communism and ends with a chapter titled “The Afterlife,”  in which he lists some of the more rece

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Photo Shows How Bernie’s Campaign Tries To Downplay To Voters That He’s Socialist | The Daily Wire

An alleged campaign script that Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) campaign is deploying in Iowa seeks to downplay voters’ concern over the fact that Sanders is a socialist by suggesting to voters that they really don&

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No Safe Spaces is now in theaters!

No Safe Spaces follows Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager as they explore the challenges to the First Amendment and freedom of thought faced in America today. No Safe Spaces is now in theaters!

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Mid-Day News - SNL

News anchors (Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim, Alex Moffat, Chris Redd) report the local news while trying not to react to the race of each ...

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An Introduction To The History Of Socialism - Freedom Wire

FreedomWire analyzes the history and implementation of socialism. Today, we discuss it's origins and economic effects throughout history.

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(VIDEO) Jeering Men Douse NYPD Officers With Buckets Of Water, Police Blame Mayor de Blasio - Laura Loomer Official

Shocking footage posted on social media Monday shows officers of the New York City Police...

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Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief Of Staff Admits What The Green New Deal Is Really About — And It’s Not The Climate - AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” is more about drastically overhauling the American economy than it is about

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How Can Democratic Presidential Candidates Advocate Immigration Lawlessness? - AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens

Sometimes simple questions spur thinking. Unasked questions spur more. That is happening in the area of illegal immigration. The crisis is upon us. It is mi

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Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Free Government Service

Every such promise of 'free stuff' should be greeted with instant, habitual, and empirically verified incredulity...

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Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it. Slowly, it will destroy America, too.

While neither 'Medicare for All' nor a wealth tax will turn America into Venezuela overnight, all it would take is a series of catastrophic policies.

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RNC Co-chair tells OAN: Americans will choose between Socialism and Liberty in 2020 | One America News Network

Carpe diem!

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KGB defector warned of the silent war being waged against America

He warned us over 30 years ago!

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John Stossel: There's nothing wrong with inequality. Here's what IS wrong | Fox News

Socialists like Bernie Sanders tell us that “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

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Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders Silent On Venezuela Allegedly Attacking Protesters

Socialists Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) were completely silent on Tuesday about the situation unfolding in Venezuela as the socialist nation reportedly fired on and ran over proteste

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Hey, Democrats: Here’s the price I paid for your socialist dream

The house where I was born in Communist Cuba had a dirt floor, a bathroom hole-in-the-ground, which we shared with six other families, and a zinc roof that left us unbearably hot in the summer and shivering in the winter.

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Trump Campaign Focuses on Exposing Socialism

President Donald Trump's reelection campaign will focus on exposing a dramatic shift toward socialism among the Democratic candidates ...

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Venezuelans Are Marked With Numbers To Stand In Line At Government Supermarkets

In Venezuela, your place in line for the supermarket can be marked on your body.

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Socialism Ruins the Traditional Family Structure, Warns Expert

WASHINGTON—The economic problems brought by socialism are widely known, but the danger the ideology poses to the institution ...

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Hey, Democrats, I've lived in a socialist country with income 'equality' and it was miserable | Fox News

As Democrats justify grandiose proposals by decrying income inequality, many of us who immigrated to the United States from socialist countries see great irony. After all, unending income equality is what drove us to leave our native lands in the first pl

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Trump Calls for Unity Over Partisanship to Achieve American Greatness

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump projected a grand course for the United States in his State of the Union speech ...

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Yes, Venezuela Is a Socialist Catastrophe

In the age of A.O.C., the lesson must be learned again.

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Ocasio-Cortez Accidentally Endorses Social Security Privatization, Killing The Minimum Wage, Corporate Tax Cuts | Invest

Newly minted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says isn't modeling her brand of socialism on socialist basket cases like Venezuela, but on successes like Sweden, Norway or Finland. Really?

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'They Are Starving Us to Death': Cubans Protest Food Shortages

Cubans defied state security forces as they protested widespread food shortages still plaguing the communist-controlled island. 

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Millennial socialists have a lot to learn from George H.W. Bush's legacy | Fox News

It is no coincidence that socialism’s popularity is rising as the first generation to be ignorant of Bush's anti-communist legacy comes of age.

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President’s Economic Advisers Reveal What Socialism Would Cost Americans — It’s a Huge Price Tag

The recent report released by the President's Council of Economic Advisers detailed the issues with implementing socialist policies in the U.S.

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Nordic ‘Socialism’ Context Is Key: Scandinavian Policies Wouldn’t Work in America | National Review

In short, many of the ideas that make Nordic social democracies effective operate in a different context than that of the United States. To take those ideas out of their context and plop them down in the United States would be, in many cases, to ignore ju

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Venezuela's health system is in worse condition than expected, survey finds - CNN

A survey of 104 health facilities, commissioned by the opposition, paints a grim picture of a collapsed system hurting for the most essential goods and services.

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Millennial Socialism: Stupid, Evil, or Both? - Kurt Schlichter

Congratulations, oh most insufferable of generations – against all odds and confounding the experts, you have still somehow managed to make yourselves even more annoying. Apparently, the hep new jive among your tiresome cohort is “Democratic Socialism,” resurrecting a poisonous nineteenth-century political death cult and putting a kicky new spin on it to make it palatable for the suckers. It’s the political equivalent of hipsters who insist vinyl records are superior because they didn’t grow up forced to crank their tunes on that miserable format.

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 NPR Explains the New Democratic Left: Jesus Was a Socialist

Inside a bar in West Virginia, a group of socialists shared with National Public Radio what the new face of the Democratic Party looks like.

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Survivors of socialist regimes react to Democrats' agenda | Fox News Video

Immigrants from Albania, Russia and Nicaragua react to the rise of 'Democratic socialism' in America.

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Sorry Bernie Bros But Nordic Countries Are Not Socialist

As much as liberals like to use Nordic countries as examples that socialism and successful societies can co-exist, the reality is that these countries are not socialist, or even farther along the spectrum toward socialism than most other developed countri

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What’s Wrong with the Idea of ‘Free’ College? | National Review

Tennessee lures students into the state’s community colleges with free tuition — what’s wrong with that?

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Socialism Is Growing In America Because Everybody's Rich Thanks To Capitalism | Daily Wire

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the flavor of the month among members of the media. She’s the new, fresh face of democratic socialism, the harbinger of the new wave of Leftism among Democrats.

Politics | The circus we run our country with

How much of a socialist is Sanders?

BARACK OBAMA spent his first campaign for president explaining why he was no socialist. Bernie Sanders, the out-of-nowhere candidate who has constituted an...

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Socialists Wants $20 Wage, Offer $13 | The Daily Caller

Freedom Socialist Party in Seattle that wants $20 per hour minimum wage but advertises job for experienced web developer paying $13 per hour