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USPS employee arrested, accused of dumping mail, including ballots sent to NJ residents

A USPS mail carrier from New Jersey was arrested Wednesday for discarding mail, including 99 general election ballots sent from the County Board of Elections and intended to be delivered to West Orange residents.

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Minneapolis Police ‘Looking Into’ Explosive ‘Voter Fraud’ Allegations Following Project Veritas Video Involving Ilhan Omar Campaign

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) announced on Monday afternoon that it is "looking into" explosive "allegations of voter fraud" following a video

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FEDS: Military Ballots Discarded In ‘Troubling’ Discovery. All Opened Ballots Were Cast For Trump.

Federal law enforcement officials have ordered that Luzerne County, in Pennsylvania, must change its practices after multiple military ballots were found

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Political insider explains voter fraud with mail-in ballots

A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he's been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.

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Report finds many US election officials vulnerable to phishing attacks | Engadget

Security researchers have determined that some US election officials are vulnerable to phishing attacks, whether through accounts or software.

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Revealed: Number Registered to Vote in Los Angeles County Far Exceeds Population of US Citizens

UPDATE: Settlement Mandates Purge of 1.5 Million Inactive Voters Statewide.

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California Voter Fraud Scheme Involved Giving Cash for Signatures: Officials

Nine people were charged in a “large-scale voter fraud scheme” in Los Angeles County on Nov. 20. The group was hit with a dozen felony counts for allegedly offering money and cigarettes to homeless people in exchange for false and forged signa

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Is Voter Fraud Alive and Well in America?

In close elections, there is room enough for voter fraud to tip the scales for a political party willing to engage in shenanigans. But is it happening?

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Is Voter Fraud Real?

Is voter fraud real? A look at the numbers that reveal problems with California's voter rolls.

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Voter fraud exists – Even though many in the media claim it doesn’t | Fox News

President Trump warned on Twitter last week that law enforcement would be looking for “voter fraud” in the midterm elections. Many journalists quickly responded – as they always do – by dismissing the very existence of voter fraud.

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Expert: 170 Registered Voters in Ohio's 12th District Listed as Over 116 Years Old

Republican Troy Balderson clings to a narrow margin in last night’s special election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional district, underscoring the impact voter fraud can have in key elections around the country.

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California has 11 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting-Age Citizens: Registered Voters 144% of Eligible

The Election Integrity Project California provides a list of 11 California counties that have more registered voters than voting-age citizens. In addition, Los Angeles County officials informed the…

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Pants on Fire for Trump claim that millions voted illegally

President-elect Donald Trump provoked a firestorm on social media with a series of tweets on Nov. 27 that questioned the integrity of the balloting that elected him president. In one tweet, Trump wrote,