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Kelly Loeffler Calls for Investigation Into Stacey Abrams’s Shady Voter Group - Washington Free Beacon

Former senator Kelly Loeffler (R., Ga.) called on authorities to fast-track an investigation into Stacey Abrams’s voter registration group following a Washington Free Beacon report on the group’s alleged financial impropriety.

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Loeffler: Ossoff 'A Pathological Liar'

Jon Ossoff is running against GOP incumbent Senator David Perdue in the Georgia runnoff election but that didn't stop him from spreading lies.

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Georgia Pushes Forward With Mail-In Voting Rule Changes Even As Lawsuits Question Legality

At the center of several of the lawsuits currently being pursued by the Trump campaign is this question. Can a

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US Senators Loeffler, Perdue Call on Georgia’s Republican Election Chief to Resign

The two incumbent US Senators from Georgia – both embroiled in run-off elections due to take place on January 5,