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VIDEO: Ossoff Aide Says He Hides Progressive Values to Sway Georgia ‘Rednecks’

An undercover video has captured a campaign aide to Democrat US Senate candidate Jon Ossoff explaining how the candidate is

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GA Court Denies Stacy Abrams Effort to Block Poll Watchers And Election Observers During Senate Run-Off

Stacey Abrams, who lost her bid to be Georgia’s governor by over 50,000 votes but still refuses to concede, lost

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Stacey Abrams’ Sister – a Federal Judge – Blocks 2 Georgia Counties from Purging Ineligible Voters

With the all-important twin US Senate run-off elections just days away, a federal judge related to political activist and failed

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GEORGIA RUN-OFF: County Elections Board Throws Out Challenge To Toss 16,000+ Potentially Ineligible Voters

Election officials in Cobb County, Georgia, the states third most populated county, have dismissed – without investigation – claims that

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Georgia Pushes Forward With Mail-In Voting Rule Changes Even As Lawsuits Question Legality

At the center of several of the lawsuits currently being pursued by the Trump campaign is this question. Can a