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Controlling the First Island Chain: How to Ensure China Can't Dominate the Pacific?

Girding for battle along the Ryukyus chain constitutes a major part of deterrence for Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi.

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Biden Climate Appointee Studied at CCP-Controlled University Linked to Chinese Military

President Biden's latest climate appointee studied at a Chinese Communist Party-controlled university that conducts research for the People's Liberation Army.

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China Preps For War With Coal As US Self-Destructs With Green Energy

The West's insistence on the widespread implementation of green energy may backfire as China continues to use coal in preparation for war.

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Taiwan shoots down drone for first time off Chinese coast

Taiwan's military shot down for the first time an unidentified civilian drone that entered its airspace near an islet off the Chinese coast on Thursday, after the government vowed to take tough new measures to deal with an increase in such intrusions.

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Trump Is Right. Mitch McConnell And Elaine Chao Spent Decades Getting ‘Rich On China’

For years, the McConnell and Chao families have cultivated a relationship that enriches them and grants status to the Chao shipping company.

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Pelosi Blasted After Calling China ‘One Of The Freest Societies In The World’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) faced backlash online Tuesday after she said during an NBC News interview that communist China was “one of the freest societies in the world.”

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U.S. Department of Energy Gives Revolutionary Battery Technology to China

The U.S. Department of Energy inexplicably allows China to walk away with superior battery technology funded by U.S. taxpayers.

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Could China Really Invade and Hold Taiwan?

Beijing may want to control Taiwan, but serious obstacles make seizing the island a costly challenge that may not even be worth the effort.

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The U.S. made a breakthrough battery discovery — then gave the technology to China

Taxpayers spent $15 million on research to build a breakthrough battery. Then the U.S. government gave it to China.

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Palestinian Authority Declares Support for Chinese Regime as Tensions Deepen Between Washington and Beijing

Palestinian Authority Declares Support for Chinese Regime as Tensions Deepen Between Washington and Beijing by Ben Cohen   Algemeiner The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Tuesday declared its full support for the People’s Republic of China amid renewed te

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PODCAST | Poking The Bear & Antagonizing China

With Nancy Pelosi's wholly unnecessary and pre-maturely announced trip to Taiwan out there and the Biden administration's move to deploy USAF F-22 Raptor fighter jets to Poland, the radical Left now in charge in Washington is tempting global con

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The Arrogance of Ignorance

The Biden administration pokes the Bear in the East as Nancy Pelosi forces China's hand in the West, all while a nascent nuclear-capable Iran makes inroads in South America...

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Karine Jean Pierre considers question about threat of China shooting down Pelosi’s plane too hypothetical

"Pathetic and frightening show of weakness."

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Chinese Biggest Investor in U.S. Real Estate Last Year – $6.1 Billion on Homes in Florida, California

Chinese investors are gobbling up homes, farms and other properties in the U.S., statistics in a real estate market report show

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Breaking Free From China?

We have been writing for a long time about the fact that transitioning from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy is catastrophically bad policy, not only because those forms of energy are intermittent and therefore inadequate, but also because China domi

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Satellite Imagery Shows Global Crop Declines – Except For Russia And China

ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

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How Biden Helped a Chinese Gas Giant Boost the Communist Nation’s Oil Reserves

President Joe Biden's decision to deplete America's oil reserves is helping a top adversary—China, which has built up its own stockpile while taking advantage of Biden's firesale.

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Attack Beijing or an Invasion Fleet? How Taiwan Should Use Its Cruise Missiles

Taiwan's new long-range cruise missile can damage Beijing in a conflict. But there might be a much better use for such weapons.

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Biden Admin Sold Nearly 1 Million Barrels Of Oil To Chinese State-Owned Company Tied To Hunter Biden

The Biden administration sold close to one million barrels of oil from the United States’ strategic reserve to a Chinese company that one of his son’s equity companies once bought a $1.7 billion stake in.

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Apple CEO Sucks Up to China in Interview With State-Owned Media

Apple chief executive Tim Cook met this month with Chinese Communist Party members and propagandists who enable Beijing's mass surveillance, internet censorship, and other human rights abuses.

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Military Jet Incident in Hawaii Points to U.S.-Taiwan Cooperation

A fighter jet identified as belonging to Taiwan's air force, although it lacked insignia, suffered a "hard landing" at Honolulu airport on Monday afternoon.

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Taiwan cheers ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ for defying Chinese censors

The flag used by the Beijing-claimed island was restored in the Tom Cruise blockbuster after being removed in an early trailer, which one moviegoer called “surprising and a joy.”

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PODCAST | The Biden Price Hikes & The Choice Of A Lifetime

As Joe Biden stupidly saber-rattles war in the Pacific Rim, we here at home are suffering from his i

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Xinjiang Police Hack Reveals Horrors of Uyghur Camps

The West has long known about the camps in China’s Xinjiang region where the regime has imprisoned Uyghurs. However, a recent hack into the Xinjiang police reveals material directly from inside the camps. The information is damning.

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Biden says U.S. would intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan

At a Tokyo news conference, he also said he doesn't think a recession is inevitable in the U.S. and there's no need for strict anti-monkeypox quarantine measures.

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The Chinese Communist Party’s Terrorist Attack on America

When Dr. John Cheng opted to attend church services at the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, just 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles…

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China's Weibo shows user locations to combat 'bad behavior'

Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter, told users on Thursday it would start to publish their IP locations on their account pages and when they post comments, in a bid to combat "bad behavior" online.

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Former head of state-run Chinese newspaper claims 'high probability’ of war with US

The prominent former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a highly popular state-run Chinese media outlet, published a commentary on Saturday urging Chinese citizens to “prepare for a military struggle” in the near future. The commentary, written by jour

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SUNDAY DIGEST: Democrats Plan to Close Enthusiasm Gap By Paying People to Nag Their Friends About Politics

Democrats Plan to Close Enthusiasm Gap By Paying People to Nag Their Friends About Politics A group of Democrat strategists is trying to spread an organizing tactic in this year’s election called “paid relational organizing.” It boils down to paying

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Congresswoman Pushes for New York To Divest From China - Washington Free Beacon

New York congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R.) is calling for her state to divest its retirement fund from Chinese companies.

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The Mass Graves of Bucha

As the Biden administration waffles on whether or not to label what Vladimir Putin is doing to civilians in Ukraine genocide, Human Rights Watch has interviewed survivors and captured chilling images of mass graves in Bucha, just outside of Kyiv, mass gra

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SUNDAY DIGEST: Russian Medical Watchdog Group Reveals Data Suggesting Putin Is Being Treated for Thyroid Cancer

Russian Medical Watchdog Group Reveals Data Suggesting Putin Is Being Treated for Thyroid Cancer A report from a Russian health watchdog group, Proekt (The Project) reveals that Vladimir Putin secretly took visits from a doctor specializing in thyroid can

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Diving into the Biden Administration's Rolodex of Blame

It's a legitimate question. Has the Biden administration taken responsibility for anything they have launched or affected since it took the helm in Washington, DC? From the energy crisis to Afghanistan, the devastation of the economy to the deepening

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The Moscow-Beijing Axis Is a Troubling Alliance Toward a New World Order

There has always been a lot of talk about the threat of a “new world order” in contemporary America. From talk about the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg to the Council on Foreign Relations, there has always been a shadow in which organization

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We Must Move Away from the Cult of Personality in Politics Before It's Too Late

The transformative Left, or the fascist left (same thing), has done a great job of duping the country into believing that our political system is simply the clash of cult titans; the politics of cult personalities. Moving forward in these very dangerous t

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GOP senators want answers on DOJ decision to kill program to catch Chinese spies

DOJ bowed to activist pressure led by two prestigious schools with extensive China ties.

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SUNDAY DIGEST: White House Executes Egregious Spin on Straight-Forward Statement by Biden; Putin 'Cannot Remain in Power'

White House Executes Egregious Spin on Straight-Forward Statement by Biden; Putin 'Cannot Remain in Power' President Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power," as he declared the Russian invasion of Ukraine a "strategi

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Joe Biden Eliminates U.S. Tariffs on More than 350 China-Made Products

President Joe Biden's administration has eliminated United States tariffs on more than 350 products made in China.

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There’s Something Happening Here, What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear...

In a world where it is impossible to fully believe we are getting even a portion of the truth from the mainstream media, and where divining the facts online about any given matter is a dubious task, points of view with solid arguments are a premium.

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Biden Allows the Mask to Slip; Exposes a Key Tactic of the Transformative Left

It was a comment that almost certainly found Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod – as well as the army of far-Left activists and operatives at their disposal – cringing. Of all of the gaffes and misstatements President Biden has made in the short time h

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PODCAST | Russia: A Paper Tiger or a True Force to Be Reckoned With

With Russia facing increased resistance in its efforts to take over Ukraine, Putin has exposed the Russian military as less than what it was during the Cold War. But with the Biden administration weak and pushing a domestic policy centered on destroying t

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How Is the US Mainstream Media Any Different from Soviet-Era Pravda?

In the era of the Soviet Union, the Russian people were fed, exclusively, a steady informational diet of propaganda; an anointed version of the “news” that advanced a preferred narrative vetted by their totalitarian government. Once the Soviet Union c

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If Only the Biden Administration Was Serious About the Sanctions Against Russia and Clean Fuel

All of the chest-tumping rhetoric about sanctions against Russia’s energy sector appears to be just that: rhetoric. While the European Union waffles on an end date to its dependence on Russian oil, the Biden administration is withholding the key to free

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China Planned Taiwan Invasion in Fall, Alleged Russian Intel Leak Claims

The claim contradicted Taiwan's own intelligence services, which said a move by Beijing wasn't likely in the near future.

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The Failure of Globalism: It's Not About Isolationism; It's About Self-Reliance

As the leaders of the European Union scramble to figure out how to wean themselves from Russian energy dependence we, too, in the United States are feeling the kneejerk repercussions of the energy market’s upheaval, warranted or not. This is leading a r

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The Winner in Ukraine Won't Be Russia or America. It Will Be China. - Tablet Magazine

A seat at the European table won't be too much to ask for the man who saves Europe from nuclear war

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Soros Calls for Regime Change; Wants a Culled Field for the Great Reset

In an eyebrow-raising moment, George Soros – a fascist, globalist, and a habitual supporter of the radical Left in the United States, has penned an opinion editorial that calls for regime change in both Russia and China. His declaration comes as Vladimi

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel’s Superpower Tightrope: The Next Round Will be More Difficult

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel’s Superpower Tightrope: The Next Round Will be More Difficult Israel seems to have managed to squirm out of a very tight situation involving two of its friendly countries at loggerheads: the U.S. and Russia. Unfort

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Mike Pompeo: US should immediately recognize Taiwan as ‘free and sovereign country’

The U.S. should immediately "do the right and obvious thing" and recognize Taiwan as a "free and sovereign country," former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote Thursday night in a series of Twitter messages.

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New York’s Governor Boosts Chinese Companies Under US Sanctions

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D., N.Y.) delivered a keynote speech last week to a Chinese business group led by the American subsidiaries of multiple companies under U.S. sanctions.

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Putin's Moves Against Ukraine Partly Due to Telegraphed US Weakness

Vladimir Putin’s move into the sovereign nation of Ukraine is now in the history books. There is no stopping him from achieving exactly what he wants, regardless of any paper chase pressures from the United Nations, the G7, NATO, or any Western nation.

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BOMBSHELL: Biden's DOJ Drops Anti-Spy China Initiative — Because Racism

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and his Chi-com libertine Fang Fang are going to crack open the champagne over this one. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dropped the Trump-era China Initiative, creat...

Politics | The China Threat

‘Red-Handed’: 20 Republicans Who Sold Out to China

A total of 20 Republicans are named in Peter Schweizer’s new book as having business dealings and political ties to the United States’ largest adversary, China.

Politics | The China Threat

Meet the California Dem Who Invited the CCP Into His Local Classrooms

A Democrat running for Congress in California worked to bring an educational program sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party into his community's K-12 classrooms.

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Pressure Campaign Exposes BlackRock Pro-Great Reset CEO Larry Fink as Lackey to the Communist Chinese

In an era when many shrink from standing up for what’s right in fear that the Woke will come to cancel them, one independent, educational nonprofit organization is braving the fascist snowflake brigade to expose one of the most influential power players

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PODCAST: It's Inarguably Bigger Than the Watergate Scandal!

New revelations that operatives for the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign were illegally gleaning information from inside the White, among other places, should see Mrs. Clinton and the entirety of her team arrested and indicted on some very serio

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In Olympics coverage, NBC should stand for 'National Beijing Corporation'

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., condemns NBC for allegedly reciting Chinese Communist Party talking points in its coverage of the Winter Olympics.

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PODCAST: Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Had a Natural Immunity to Hillary Clinton?

Stunningly, two-time-losing Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is floating rumors about a third run for the presidency. But as the country is finally waking up to the fact that the political power players and fascist-Left cannot be trusted wi

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My father Elie Wiesel would have been ashamed of Beijing Olympics

Most of the world didn’t seem to know, or care, that the host country is hosting a pageant of “peace and friendship” while simultaneously terrorizing its Uyghur minority.

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PODCAST: Putin Maybe Trying to Cancel Ukraine and the Olympics Are a Bust, But Rogan Remains

While the Biden administration fear-mongers about Vladimir Putin's intentions on the border of Ukraine and the Chinese manipulate NBC over the Olympics, Joe Rogan - as John Adams would say - remains... ARTICLE LINKS You Either Believe in the Guarante

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Genocide Olympics: Winter Games in China is a stain on humanity

It seems the CCP has quite a few friends helping them whitewash their crimes against humanity as the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing carry on despite Chinese human rights abuses. 

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Report: China's Uyghur Torchbearer Vanishes After Poor Showing at Ski Event

Uyghur torchbearer Dinigeer Yilamujiang reportedly disappeared from the Beijing Olympic games after a poor performance on Saturday.

Sports | Snowboarding/Skiing

Olympics freeski star Eileen Gu's delicate balancing act between China and the U.S.

Eileen Gu, who is expected to win three gold medals in Beijing, chose to represent China instead of the U.S. when she was 15.

Politics | The China Threat

US Media Outlets Peddle Chinese Propaganda as Olympics Begin in Beijing

China is hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, which means U.S. media coverage of the brutal communist regime is going to be even more credulous and obsequious than usual over the next couple of weeks.

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Report: China Keeping Winter Olympians in ‘Unreasonable’ Quarantine Conditions

China is reportedly keeping coronavirus-positive winter Olympians in “unreasonable” quarantine conditions. 

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International Olympic Committee President: IOC, Athletes ‘Must Be Neutral’ on Uyghur, Human Rights Abuses

In a move that both defies the mission statement of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and presents an apathetic middle finger to those directly affected by human rights abuses around the world, the head of the IOC vowed to stay “politically neut

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PODCAST: Putin's Personal Pandemic on Ukraine...and COVID, Too

If anyone actually thought the Biden administration was serious in their response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's eventual taking of Ukraine I have some Chinese real estate stock to sell you. Then, if you are Ukraine your $8+ Billion investment

Politics | The China Threat

Beijing-Based ByteDance Knows TikTok Is A Cultural Weapon

ByteDance owns an app controlled by a government enemy, and it's designed to be less harmful than the one peddled in America.

Politics | The China Threat

China Scores Propaganda Triumph at Opening of Genocide Olympics

It was a masterstroke of propaganda created by the master propagandists of the Chinese Communist government.

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WATCH: Dutch Reporter Dragged Away By Chinese Agents During Live Olympics Broadcast

On Friday, a Dutch reporter was pulled away from the camera as he reported on live TV from the Beijing Olympics while the shocked Dutch anchorwoman looked on. According to one translator, the anchorwoman said, “We are going to China, to our correspondent Sjoerd. Sjoerd, you are near the stadium, what is China gonna show in the next hours?”

Politics | Liberal Fascism

Pelosi Instructs U.S. Athletes To Not ‘Speak Out’ During Olympics Against Communist China’s Genocide

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) instructed U.S. athletes to not “speak out” against communist China’s human rights abuses during the Winter Olympics because it might make China angry.

Politics | The China Threat

‘Red-Handed’: 23 Former U.S. Senators and Congressmen Who Lobby for Chinese Military or Chinese Intelligence-Linked Companies

Peter Schweizer's exposé, "Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win," reveals how 23 former U.S. lawmakers have lobbied for Chinese military or intelligence-linked companies.

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Chinese elite have paid some $31 million to Hunter and the Bidens

The Biden family has done five deals in China totaling some $31 million arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence — some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency.

Politics | Corruption

‘Red-Handed’: How the Bush Family Cashed In on Friendship with Chinese Official Involved in the Tiananmen Square Massacre

The Bush family has cashed in on friendship with Jiang Zemin, the architect of the Tiananmen Square massacre, for generations.

Politics | Corruption

Schweizer: Pelosi Family 'Has Done a Lot of Business in China Since the COVID Outbreak' -- Won’t Allow Hearings on COVID

On Wednesday's broadcast of the Fox News Channel's "Jesse Watters Primetime," Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer and author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, said House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went soft

Politics | The China Threat

China could recover US stealth fighter jet from South China Sea before US

The U.S. Navy is in a race against China to recover an F-35C Lightning II fighter jet that crashed in the South China Sea on Monday. The $100 million

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PODCAST: From Ukraine to Davos, the World Knows Biden's America Is Weak

With Russia amassing troops on the Ukrainian border and China sending fighter jets into Taiwanese air space, it is obvious that the Russian and Chinese leaders see the Biden administration as a weak-link joke. But when you add to that the World Economic F

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China's app for Olympic athletes has security flaws, study finds - Axios

The security defect could imperil data security for those taking part in this year's Winter Games.

Politics | Covid 19

UPDATE: US Military Report States COVID-19 Was Created by a US-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Program at Wuhan Institute of Virology

Bombshell report also reveals that the government covered up the lab leak and suppressed information about known curatives ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Politics | The China Threat

NFL ‘Caves To Communist China’ As It Releases Map Falsely Claiming That Taiwan Belongs To China

The National Football League (NFL) faced backlash on Wednesday afternoon over a map it published that showed Taiwan belonging to China.

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China Preparing to Build Naval Base on Africa’s Atlantic Coast

China is seeking to build a military base on the western coast of Africa, its first permanent military presence on the Atlantic Ocean...

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L.A. County has contracted with a genetics firm with ties to China to handle its mandatory COVID-19 testing and registration

"...received a recent briefing from the FBI warning him about the firm’s links to China."

Politics | The China Threat

Disney Caves to China By Dropping 'Simpsons' Episode That Mentions Tiananmen Square

The Walt Disney Company who owns the Disney streaming service Disney +, decided to drop an episode from the 16th season of The Simpsons from its menu.

Politics | The China Threat

How Deep Chinese Influence Pushed Australia Into Astonishing Covid Tyranny

Australia's compromised elite is responding to a virus likely juiced up in a Chinese bioweapons lab by adopting unprecedented, Communist-style controls.

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China bars celebrities from showing off wealth and 'extravagant pleasure' on social media, saying pop stars must comply with 'core socialist values'

Social-media platforms must monitor the accounts of celebrities and report violations to the state as China cracks down on the entertainment industry.

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Hunter Biden's firm helped Chinese company purchase rich cobalt mine in $3.8 billion deal: report

An investment firm that counts Hunter Biden among its founders helped a Chinese company purchase one of the world’s most lucrative cobalt mines from an American company, according to a report by The New York Times. 

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Hong Kong Passes Film Censorship Law

The legislature of Hong Kong passed a new law allowing censorship of certain films in the most recent move to infringe upon the liberties of people in the region.

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PODCAST: While Kamala Breaks The Law, The Left Is More Concerned With Golf Courses | Underground USA | United States

Even as Vice President Kamala Harris engages in the blatant transgression of the Hatch Act - as well as other campaign laws, the disingenuous Left is taking aim at a golf course in Scotland owned by former President Donald Trump and an array of sand dunes. Curious that they are so focused by the former President even as China successfully tests a hyper-sonic, nuclear-capable, high-altitude missile that Biden administration officials say caught them off guard...

Politics | The China Threat

Psaki On Communist China Obtaining Advanced, Nuclear-Capable Weapons Tech: ‘We Welcome Stiff Competition’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to news reports from over the weekend that indicated that China had developed advanced nuclear-capable weapons systems by saying that the Biden administration “welcome[s] stiff competition.”

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US Special Forces Quietly Training Taiwanese Military At Threats From China

Some two dozen members of US Special Operations and a Marine contingent have been conducting the training of small special units in the...

News | Military

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Troops Have Been Deployed in Taiwan for at Least a Year

The small presence of Americans secretly training local forces marks mounting concern regarding China’s yearslong military buildup and its recent threatening moves.

Politics | The China Threat

Democrats Block Bill To Sanction Trillion-Dollar Trade Between China and the Taliban

Democratic leadership in the House blocked a GOP-led measure to sanction trade between the Taliban and China, with the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee citing opposition to any move that could anger the Afghan terror group, according to con

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House Panel Democrats Kill Anti-Forced Labor Amendment

Democrats on the House Energy & Commerce Committee killed a Republican amendment that would have barred the use of federal funds to...

Politics | Corruption

Milley Defends Secret Calls To Chinese General: ‘Perfectly Within Duties,’ ‘Routine’

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, finally address reports that he made secret phone calls to his counterpart in China to advise the Chinese generals that Milley would warn them if then-President Donald Trump was planning an attack.

Politics | The China Threat

Chinese State Media Shows Up At L.A. High School To Capture Images Of Students Getting COVID Vax

The Xinhua News Agency's U.S. arm registered as a foreign agent earlier this year.

Politics | The China Threat

The CCP’s COVID-19 Cover Up

The Biden Administration’s intelligence community has completed its investigation into the origins of COVID-19. Two of three agencies believe the virus…

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Northeast Residents Told to Immediately Destroy Invasive Insect Native to China

An invasive insect native to China has been spotted in the Northeast United States and authorities are instructing people who see them to...

Politics | The China Threat

Top Biden Ambassador Picks Served on Board of China-Backed Group

President Joe Biden's picks for two high-profile ambassadorships served on the board of a nonprofit group tied to Chinese propaganda organizations and several Chinese state-owned companies.

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Who Benefits From the Taliban Takeover? The Same Country That Has Paid Millions to the Bidens.

The beheadings have just begun and the rape rooms haven’t even been repainted yet, but the Chinese commies are already willing to recognize the Taliban as the new leaders of Afghanistan, followi...

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China Invented Swiss Biologist Who Claimed US Pressured Who On COVID Source

China's state media allegedly invented a Swiss biologist and quoted him claiming the US had pressured the World Health Organization in...

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China Uses Artificial Intelligence on Social Media To Propagandize America

A massive pro-China “spamouflage” network on social media is being used to distort international perceptions on important issues, such as...

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Biden Sec. of State Concerned Over Communist China's Nuclear Weapons Build-Up

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told a group of foreign ministers he is deeply concerned about the rapid growth of China's nuclear...

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Victor Rosenthal – How the West was Lost and What “Everyone Knows”

Victor Rosenthal – How the West Was Lost and What “Everyone Knows” How the West Was Lost oday the world we live in is dominated by a Western alliance that includes the US and much of Europe, along with some smaller players. This alliance

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Communist Chinese Trained Cuban Police On How to Deal with Protesters

Records show that the Cuban military, paramilitary, and police forces who have taken to beating protesters calling for an end to Communist tyranny, received “counter-terrorism” training from the Communist Chinese paramilitary. Records going back ten y

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The Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill Bypasses 'Buy Made in USA'

In a bill that is supposed to benefit the infrastructure of the United States and through that effort US businesses and the American...

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DoJ Drops Charges Against 5 Researchers for Hiding Chinese Military Connection

In a move that raises serious questions about the Biden administration’s relationship with the Communist Chinese, the Department of...

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Clintonite Podesta Lobbies for Chinese Firm Banned Under Trump

Making it clear that the Democrats and Marxists in that party care more about enriching themselves than national security, it was...

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US Deploys F-22 Raptors in Show of Force in the Indo-Pacific

The US Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) has announced it is ordering a massive military presence into the command’s “area of...

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Texas Congressman Wants to Prohibit China from Buying Up America

In a common sense move that should spark a deeper debate, US Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has proposed legislation to block members of the...

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Communist Chinese Officials Talk of Nuking Japan in Taking Taiwan

Existing in ground substantially beyond saber-rattling, China has threatened the use of nuclear weapons should the Japanese interfere in...

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In Wake of US-NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan, China and the Taliban Ally

The withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan has presented an opportunity for China to fill a gaping void in that country and...

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Communist China Ignores Ethics Lines in Biomedical, Genetic Engineering

If there was anyone left on Earth who doesn’t believe that the COVID event was a bioweapons experiment leak from Wuhan China, the fact...

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No Good Reason the Cryptocurrency Sphere Shouldn't Box Out China Completely

China appears at the precipice of permanently banning crypto miners from its borders, preparing to issue a new round of regulations to...

Science & Technology | Social Media

TikTok insiders say social media company is tightly controlled by Chinese parent ByteDance

Former TikTok employees say there is cause for concern when it comes to the popular social media app's Chinese parent company.

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The UN Abandons a Whistleblower to Appease Communist China

A whistleblowing lawyer for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is being thrown under the bus by Sec-Gen...

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EU Countries Refuse to Condemn Communist China’s Forced-Slave Labor

The cowardice of European Union leaders was on full display during the G7 Summit where they reportedly blocked attempts from the US...

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Chinese Fishing Ships Illegally Encroach Sovereign Waters in South America

Never one to play willingly by international rules, a full fleet of Chinese fishing boats has been discovered switching off their...

Politics | Covid 19

The Media's Wuhan Lab Scandal Looks Worse and Worse

You’d think that after the Covington kids disaster and the Steele dossier calamity the American news media would get the message. Which is to say, report facts, not liberal narratives.

But of course, ain’t happening.

Sports | Mixed Bag

Why Is Biden Even Allowing the Chinese to Build a Wind Farm in Texas?

Tacit approval through the Biden administration’s silence on a proposed Chinese wind farm on Chinese-owned land in southwest Texas is...

Politics | The China Threat

Chinese State Media After Biden Calls For Pandemic Probe: China Must Prepare For Nuclear War With U.S.

The editor of China’s state-run Global Times has reportedly warned that communist China needs to prepare for nuclear war with the United States after President Joe Biden ordered the U.S. Intelligence community to redouble their efforts in investigating th

Politics | The China Threat

Rand Paul ‘Very Worried’ U.S. Funding Being Used For Chinese ‘Frankenstein Super-Virus’ Bioweapons

Speaking with Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro on Saturday, Sen. Rand Paul expressed concern that U.S. funding may still be used by the Chinese communist regime to

Politics | The China Threat

Despite ‘Uncompromising Commitment To Security And User Privacy,’ Apple Is Handing Over Data To China

Apple claims to be committed to both “human rights” and privacy. In their “Our Commitment to Human Rights” document, they declare that they “feel a deep

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Cryptocurrency Mining Operations Pulling Out of China

Only in a land where the government turns a blind eye to genocide and forced labor can news that cryptocurrency miners abandoning an...

Politics | Politics

John Cena issues apology to China in Mandarin after calling Taiwan its own country in 'F9' interview

John Cena apologized to the people of China after mistakenly referring to Taiwan as a country.

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China’s Military Chiefs Snub Biden Administration; Won’t Meet with Pentagon

In what can only be seen as a dangerous devolution in US-Chinese relations, the military leaders of the Communist Chinese government are...

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China Laughably Orders Uyghurs to Make Videos Denying Human Rights Violations

The Communist Chinese government has taken great interest in promoting a series of videos featuring Uyghur men and women deny...

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Are China & the US Government Colluding to Attack Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies?

Two pressures, both based on false-narrative and self-serving fear-mongering, saw cryptocurrencies dive overnight. The first in an...

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After Crippling Hack, Pentagon Says China, Russia Can Disrupt Our Military Satellites

In the aftermath of a cyberattack on the Colonial pipeline that has crippled the petroleum supply chain on the eastern seaboard of the...

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America Needs An Honest Debate About Red Lines In Defense Of Taiwan

Politicians and military analysts should be blunt about their plans regarding the defense of Taiwan from possible Chinese invasion.

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The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?

If the case that SARS2 originated in a lab is so substantial, why isn’t this more widely known? As is now obvious, there are many people who have reason not to talk about it.

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New submarine threat: Top U.S. general says China pursuing Atlantic naval base

China is moving behind-the-scenes toward establishing a major naval port on the west coast of Africa that would host Chinese submarines and aircraft carriers capable of projecting Beijing’s military power directly into the Atlantic, a top U.S. milit

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Lawmaker Raises Alarm over 'Directed Energy' Attacks on US Personnel

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said she understands the classified nature of the issue, but said "the horse is out of the barn."

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Congressman: Pelosi Distributed Masks Made in China for Biden Speech

A Republican congressman posted on Facebook that he was issued a mask made in China to wear for President Joe Biden's speech. | Politics

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Wuhan Lab Connected to Chinese Military, Documents Reveal

A Daily Mail investigation has uncovered additional evidence that the COVID-19 coronavirus may have originated in a military virus lab in Wuhan China.

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Facebook caught Chinese hackers using fake personas to target Uyghurs abroad

Facebook on Wednesday announced new actions to disrupt a network of China-based hackers leveraging the platform to compromise targets in the Uyghur community. The group, known to security researchers as “Earth Empusa,” “Evil Eye” or “Poison Carp” targeted

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Did Capitalism Save Communist China? | PragerU

How did one of the world’s poorest countries—China—become, in thirty years, one of the world’s richest? The answer is surprisingly simple and surprisingly powerful. China scholar Helen Raleigh breaks it down.

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WHO Points To Wildlife Farms In Southern China As Likely Source Of Pandemic

Peter Daszak of the investigative team sent to Wuhan says the farms were probably where the coronavirus first jumped from bats to another animal before infecting humans.

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REVEALED: DC Mayor Bowser & Cabinet Picks Met With Top 'Influence' Arm Of Chinese Communist Party.

Despite these warnings, Bowser and her appointees repeatedly met with the United Front’s Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

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Study Links Nike, Adidas And Apple To Forced Uighur Labor

Nike, Adidas, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are among 83 multinationals that have been linked to forced labor by Uighurs in factories across China, according to a new study by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

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Democrats Block Amendment to Prevent COVID Relief-Stimulus Funds from Going to China

An amendment to the House COVID relief-stimulus package that would have prevented any funding from going to the Communist Chinese was...

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Wuhan Lab *Was* Cause Of COVID-19, Claims Award-Winning Scientist in New Study Citing 600 Pieces of Evidence.

The February study argues against two prevailing theories that COVID-19 was transmitted to humans either via a wet market or a lab accident.

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(PDF) Studie zum Ursprung der Coronavirus-Pandemie

PDF | Die vorliegende Studie zum Ursprung der Coronavirus-Pandemie wurde im Zeitraum vom 01.01.2020 bis 31.12.2020 an der Universität Hamburg... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate

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The Thirty Tyrants

The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the history of Athens and Sparta