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China | Politics

Politics | China

Who is Jack Ma? Where the Alibaba co-founder came from and disappeared to

China’s Jeff Bezos has disappeared and his rockstar ways could be to blame.

Politics | China

BREAKING: Insiders Sound Alarm That US Has Mobilized Navy To Fend Off Foreign Invasion — Move Comes After Trudeau Allows Chinese Troops In Canada

There has been several different sources reporting that the United States has begun mobilizing the Navy in what appears to be a strategic move to fend off a yet-unknown foreign invasion. At this point we

Politics | China

Republican Lawmakers Call For "Compromised" Swalwell's Removal From Intel Committee, Congress After Chinese-Spy Links Exposed -

Spread the love: Fox News contributor, and ex-Congressman, Jason Chaffetz said Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., should be kicked off the intelligence committee after a report he was caught up in an expansive Chinese spying operation. “I want to know ex

Politics | China

Gordon Chang: China Election Interference; Paid Propaganda in US Media; China Building DNA Database | American Thought Leaders

Today, we sit down with China analyst Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” to discuss Chinese Communist Party paid propaganda in American news outlets, how Beijing interfered in the