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Watch: Migrants Brutally Attack NYC Cops, Get Freed from Jail without Bail

A mob of migrants in the sanctuary city of New York City, New York mercilessly attacked New York Police Department (NYPD) officers.

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California electricity pricing exploded in the last three years, far outpacing inflation

Energy Toolbase’s latest analysis reveals, following six years of stable, inflation-adjusted electricity prices, California’s electricity bills have surged, increasing nearly three times faster than the Consumer Price Index.

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What HE said! Ted Cruz goes BEAST MODE on Lefties NOW pushing to control how much alcohol you drink

 Did you guys know Joe Biden has an Alcohol Czar?

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KJP says she was made press secretary because she's 'beyond capable'

 It's no joke when we take back everything we said about Jen "Circle Back" Psaki when she was press secretary and not an MSNBC host, doing the same job.

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Americans Could Be Limited to Two Beers a Week

 Dr. George Koob, who is apparently the Biden Administration's alcohol czar (why the hell is there such a thing as an alcohol czar?) plans to issue strict new alcohol-intake guidelines limiting Americans to two beers a week. Good luck with that.

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Park Employees At Yosemite Violate Uniform Code For Pride March

'Nothing like a horde of people making a political statement while you're trying to enjoy your brief break from society,' someone commented.

Politics | The China Threat

Communist China Is Planning To Build Military Base Just 100 Miles Off The Coast Of Florida

Communist China is reportedly planning on building a military base in northern Cuba, approximately 100 miles off the coast of Florida, sending U.S. officials into a panic over how to respond.

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‘Brace Yourselves, Folks!’: Former Biden Aide Predicts SCOTUS Could Outlaw Black History

MSNBC host Symone Sanders gave a dire warning to her followers on Saturday, claiming that the Supreme Court was poised to make a series of radical decisions — ranging from outlawing Black History to allowing daycares to refuse Jewish children.

Politics | The Decline Of America

Induced Energy Crisis? Biden Admin Has New Pollution Limits for Power Plants

The Biden administration’s “solution” to every crisis is to make it even worse. As Americans face electricity shortages and high gas prices, Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced...

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Family of Marine killed In Afghanistan stunned to learn snipers were ordered not to take out jihad suicide bomber

Old Joe Biden's woke and desperately corrupt military actively misled the family of one of the soldiers who was killed in the jihad attack. An update on this story. "Family Of Marine Killed During Afghanistan Withdrawal Stunned To Learn Snipers Could Have

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America’s Teens Are Registering Lower IQs Than They Have In Nearly A Century

Our educational system has turned out a generation of narcissists who've never been intellectually challenged and are ill-equipped to deal with such challenges.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Woke Wrecking Machine

Almost everything that has followed from the woke mass hysteria gripping the nation since 2020 has proved disastrous. Wokeism destroys meritocracy in favor of…

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Biden’s FAA Nominee Aggressively Pushed Woke DEI Policies At LA Metro, While His Agency Was Investigated For Discrimination

The Biden administration’s nominee to head up the Federal Aviation Administration has an extensive history of pushing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, according to a memo obtained by The Daily Wire.

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Biden Taps California Official Who Oversaw Billions In COVID Unemployment Fraud To Serve As Labor Secretary

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he will nominate Julie Su, who oversaw billions in pandemic relief fraud during her time as a senior official in California, to replace Labor Secretary Marty Walsh.

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WATCH: Aussie Reporter Loses It Covering Biden's Mental Health

An Australian news anchor struggled to keep a straight face while covering the results of Joe Biden’s recent physical, which gave him a clean bill of health....

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‘Black Girl Magic’? Biden’s Acting Ambassador for Afghanistan Blasted After Sending Cringey Tweets

A series of condescending and cringe-inducing tweets sent out by Joe Biden's Acting Ambassador for Afghanistan has spurred a reaction of shock…

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What We Know About The Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over United States

The United States is tracking a high-flying, suspected Chinese spy balloon over the lower 48 states.

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Bill Melugin lays out why Biden did not see the actual border crisis: 'This was hard to do'

Bill Melugin and Tom Homan reacted to Joe Biden's visit to the southern border and the criticism he received from the visit for avoiding areas of migrant hotspots.

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Poor People Five Times More Likely Than Average Earner To Be Audited by Biden IRS

Poor people faced a significantly higher chance in 2022 of being audited by President Joe Biden's IRS than both rich and middle-class earners, according to a Syracuse University study.

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U.S. Military Begins Multi-Million Project Renaming Army Bases, Navy Ships Linked To Confederacy

The Department of Defense said last week that Pentagon officials began working on renaming military infrastructure tied to the Confederate States of America by the start of 2024.

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Omnibus Bill Being Flown to St. Croix for Biden Signature

Well, if this doesn’t take the cake. I mean the whole platter of angel food. No, make it the whole darn bakery. As if this administration and the Democrats have not shown enough insufferable hubris, incredible hypocrisy, unparalleled arrogance, and a monumental entitlement mentality, this would certainly qualify.

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A New Poll Will Frighten You About the Future of America

A new poll from Summit.org, in partnership with McLaughlin & Associates, shows that an increasing number of Americans do not believe absolute truth exists. All the talk about “my truth”...

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BREAKING: Biden Pardons Thousands With Federal Convictions For Drug Crimes, Orders States To Do The Same

President Joe Biden announced Thursday afternoon that he was pardoning thousands of people who had prior federal convictions for possessing marijuana, and he urged governors to do the same at the state level.

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L.A. Gas Prices Hit Record High $6.494; OPEC Move Suggests Worse Ahead

The average price for a gallon of gas hit a new record high on Wednesday in Los Angeles, California, reaching $6.494.