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Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Absolutely Blasted for Gaslighting on Prices and Thanksgiving Dinner

 Thanksgiving is upon us, and if you were the one buying the food, you probably weren't happy with the bill. Food costs have skyrocketed under the Biden administration, and this year's holiday season is no different.

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Stupid and Hard of Hearing: KJP Says She 'Misheard' Question About Anti-Semitism

Mere days after the world witnessed one of the most horrific and violent manifestations of anti-Semitism by Islamic terrorists in recent memory, the Democrats rushed to express concern for American pr...

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Second day in a row, Karine Jean-Pierre trivializes Jew-hatred

The White House press secretary, who began the daily press conference ostensibly to correct her pivot to Islamophobia the day before when asked about Jew-hatred, began discussing Muslims again.

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KJP Blames GOP for Rep. Cuellar Getting Carjacked, and It Gets Dumber

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) was carjacked at gunpoint in Washington, D.C., on Monday night, and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says Republicans are to blame....

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KJP says she was made press secretary because she's 'beyond capable'

 It's no joke when we take back everything we said about Jen "Circle Back" Psaki when she was press secretary and not an MSNBC host, doing the same job.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Is Finally Right About Something, and It's Not Pretty

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is convinced that she will be remembered as a historic figure, and she really will be. But it won’t be pretty

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White House Revises Press Rules, Shields Karine Jean-Pierre From Hard Questions

The White House is currently drafting revisions in the service of protecting its admitted diversity hire, Karine Jean-Pierre, from any questions that might make her uncomfortable or make the puppet sh...

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Karine Jean-Pierre says administration doesn’t need emergency powers to cancel student debt

Biden does not have the authority to cancel student debt.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Snaps At Reporters: ‘It’s Not Your Decision To Make On What I Can And Can’t Answer’

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre snapped at reporters during Wednesday’s press briefing over repeated questions about President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Is a Font of Ridiculous Misinformation About Our Open Border

In a hilarious round of circular thinking, Karine Jean-Pierre blames the run on the border on people pointing out it is open.

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TOTAL MORON: Karine Jean-Pierre Reads Wrong Answer During Press Briefing – PJ Media

 White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre embarrassed herself again this week when she accidentally read the wrong scripted response to a question during Monday’s White House press briefing.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Loses Control Of Briefing Room (And Herself) As Journalists Balk At Her Skipping Conservative Reporter

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lost her cool against a conservative reporter after she pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci on his approach to COVID.

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Karine Jean-Pierre claims that when a Democrat says something anti-Semitic, they hold them responsible

Ilhan Omar's name didn't even appear in the resolution condemning her anti-Semitism.

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AWFUL: Karine Jean-Pierre's Botches Spin on Biden's Walorski Gaffe

It must be so hard for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to repeatedly have to explain, clarify, and backtrack Joe Biden’s statements and comments. On Wednesday she really had to co...

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KJP Tells Us That Biden Has Created 'Ten Thousand Million Jobs'

Saying that she's an incompetent fool who doesn't belong in such a high-profile position in the White House would be racist, sexist, and homophobic of me.

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Karine Jean-Pierre asks Americans to remain peaceful after FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

That's more than Jean-Pierre had to say about an assassination plot against a Supreme Court justice.

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Oh Yes, She Did: Karine Jean-Pierre Says It Was ‘Unconstitutional’ for Supreme Court to Overturn Roe

Now we have people at the highest levels who don’t know anything about how the government is supposed to work. Of course, it doesn’t matter to Biden’s handlers.

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Karine Jean Pierre considers question about threat of China shooting down Pelosi’s plane too hypothetical

"Pathetic and frightening show of weakness."

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Politico analysis explains why it appears that Karine Jean-Pierre is reading from a page

Karine Jean-Pierre clings to that binder like a life preserver.

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WH press secretary’s response to question about stock market plunge explains a LOT

"You know who does keep an eye on the markets every day? People watching their 401k tank faster than Biden's approval."

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New White House Press Sec Claims Disinformation, ‘Mischaracterizations’ Tanked Disinformation Board

New White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre argued that disinformation spread by critics of President Joe Biden’s administration were responsible for putting the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board on hold.

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If You're Reading This, Karine Jean-Pierre Probably Hates You. Here's Why.

Joe Biden’s new check-the-woke-boxes press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is a Democrat, and so it is no surprise that she sees racism absolutely everywhere.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Hates Israel

Though new White House press secretary Jean-Pierre doesn’t openly contend that Israel shouldn’t exist, her regurgitation of BDS talking points says just as much.

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Biden Taps Anti-Israel Activist as White House Press Sec

The White House announced on Thursday that Karine Jean-Pierre, a veteran anti-Israel activist who is married to CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, will replace outgoing press secretary Jen Psaki, raising potential ethical quandaries.

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Here’s What Biden Doesn’t Want You to Know About His New Press Secretary

Biden clearly expects Karine Jean-Pierre's status as a black woman and a member of the LGBT community will protect her from scrutiny and criticism.