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‘Dear Emperor Gavin Newsom’: Comedian Rob Schneider Blasts California Governor Over Thanksgiving Rules

Comedian Rob Schneider is not a fan of California Gov. Gavin Newsom. The Democratic governor last week announced new restrictions about state residents

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The Best Thing You Can Do with Leftover Mashed Potatoes

A simple recipe for pan-fried potato pancakes using leftover mashed potatoes.

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What the IDF Soldiers Are Thankful For?

What the IDF Soldiers Are Thankful For? HAPPY THANKSGIVING PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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A New Way of Tapping into Gratitude to Light Your Way

Gratitude benefits us and those around us. Read a simple, new way to connect with gratitude to lift you up and light your path forward.

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Meanwhile... A Full Thanksgiving Dinner On NYC's L Train

Meanwhile... normally you'd want to avoid eating anything found on the New York City subway, but in this case the holiday grub looked pretty good. #Colbert #...

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This Thanksgiving, give thanks for private property rights

In most of our lives, private ownership makes political arguments unnecessary.

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Perfect Roast Turkey

Get Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe from Food Network

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The 20 Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes, Ranked | WIRED

Looking for something on-brand to watch this Thanksgiving? These are all available to stream right now.

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Etiquette Expert Suggests Thanksgiving Hosts Offer A Safe Space To Discuss Politics, Gets Mocked Online

A recent article in the Associated Press is now getting roundly mocked for featuring an etiquette expert who suggested that people hosting Thanksgiving provide an actual safe space for people to discuss the current political issues. The article by Dan Sew

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Studies Show That Few People Actually Fight With Family Over Politics On Thanksgiving

Since President Trump’s election in 2016, far-left activists have been pushing their progressive followers into disrupting Thanksgiving dinner by arguing with their conservative family members over the current political issues. Last year, The New York Tim

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Cook's Illustrated's Foolproof Pie Dough Recipe

When we talked to Cook's Illustrated publisher Chris Kimball about the November 2007 issue of the magazine, we asked what recipes really stood out in it this year. This pie crust is one of them, he said. "It's a brilliant...

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HuffPost says ‘you may want to consider’ ruining your Thanksgiving in order to reduce your carbon footprint

Listen up, everybody. Before you get too excited about Thanksgiving this year, there’s something you should know: you’re basically killing the planet. But don’t take our word for it. Just listen to HuffPost, who spoke with experts. Experts who care:

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16 Easy snd Creative Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids - Southern Living

Thanksgiving crafts for kids can keep little helpers busy while teaching them the importance of the season. From decorative paper turkeys to leaf

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The Many Reasons to Be Thankful | National Review

We face challenges both domestically and internationally. But the reality is that things are pretty good and getting better all the time.

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Lincoln and Thanksgiving: The Origin of an American Holiday

The very first Thanksgiving happened almost 400 years ago—long before the nation was born. How did it evolve into America’s quintessential national holiday? Credit largely goes to two people—one, a name you know; the other, you’ve probably never h

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17 Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Desserts

Make-ahead Thanksgiving desserts include chocolate-swirled pumpkin pie and flaky pear pie. Plus more make-ahead Thanksgiving desserts.

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How to Cook a Frozen Turkey | MyRecipes

If your Thanksgiving turkey didn’t thaw in time and you’re left with a block of ice, here’s how you can roast that frozen fowl and still enjoy your

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Presidents didn’t always pardon turkeys. Some birds became dinner.

Or sometimes they became pets, like when President Lincoln's son kept the bird and named it Jack.

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These Are the Worst Possible Ways to Thaw a Turkey | MyRecipes

For the love of a safe Thanksgiving (and everyone at your table), do not thaw your turkey with any of these methods.

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Family Games & Conversation Starters to Try This Holiday Season

We've got ice breaker games, conversation starters and family games perfect for when everyone gathers this holiday season.

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Janice Dean: 10 reasons to be thankful | Fox News

I recently started writing a gratitude list, and I encourage you to do the same.

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Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe - Sweet and Savory Meals

Sweet Potato Souffle is a delicious, rich and creamy side dish. Topped with crunchy, oven roasted pecans and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

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South Your Mouth: Sweet Potato Praline Casserole

A classic Southern casserole recipe made with whipped sweet potatoes crowned with a pecan praline topping perfect for Thanksgiving or alongside your Christmas ham.

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Southern Cornbread Dressing - A Family Favorite! - Southern Bite

So, last week I posted a question on Facebook to ask what your must-have Thanksgiving sides were.  I posted that mine was Cornbread Dressing.  Several folks asked for my family recipe.  I jumped over to…read more »

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Want to feel relaxed over the holidays? Maybe choose red wine over shots.

Drinkers associate beer, liquor, and red and white wine with different emotional responses, says a new study.

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10 times Thanksgiving was done just right on classic TV sitcoms

These classic sitcoms cooked up extra-special treats for Turkey Days past.

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What's the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?

Should Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of gratitude? Or should they mourn it as a day of guilt? Michael Medved, author of The American Miracle, shares the fascinating story of the first Thanksgiving.

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What's open on Thanksgiving day in Los Angeles

If you're going to be in town for the holiday, find out what's open on Thanksgiving day this year, from L.A. attractions to a Korean spa

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How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving

Go ahead and let Fido or Fluffy join in the celebrations, but follow these dos and don'ts to keep your pet safe.

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38 Modern Thanksgiving Recipes to Cure You of Any Holiday Fatigue

These tweaks on traditional recipes will keep the vibe fresh and exciting at your holiday table year after year.

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15 Turkey Facts That Will Make You Sound Smart This Thanksgiving

If the words snood and wattle sound funny to you, then you are going to gobble this post right up!

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Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch-What to Watch Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means family, turkey, and many, many hours spent lying on the couch recovering from all that family and turkey time. The holiday also provides the best excuse to tuck into a brand new TV series—the kind of show you can watch for seven hours straight between trips to the kitchen for just-one-more pie slivers and hot toddy refills.

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The History of America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Brands - Fortune

Turkey hotlines, marshmallow sales, and other tales of the (Thanksgiving) tape. There’s no question that Americans’ eating habits are changing. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, consumers are still rooted in tradition.

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How to spot a deal on Black Friday

This week on a special MashTalk, we share our advice for how to spot a true deal on Black Friday.

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Want to Win the Argument at Thanksgiving Dinner? A Successful Trial Lawyer Says Do These 10 Things | Inc.com

Thanksgiving is the #1 time during the year when distant family members wind up in heated arguments. If you're going to engage, why not win?

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Classic Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes Recipe . Kitchen Explorers . PBS Parents | PBS

Free up the stove and make these make ahead mashed potatoes in a slow-cooker. Perfect for Thanksgiving and the holidays!

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6 Dangerous Thanksgiving Foods for Pets

Learn about six Thanksgiving dishes that are dangerous for your pets from veterinarian Dr. Eva Evans, for Pets Best pet health insurance.

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Thanksgiving Game Plan!

Can you believe it? Turkey Day is almost here! And with it comes a swell of emotions—which is true of most holidays involving food. On one hand, you’re excited about spending time with friends and ...

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Thanksgiving for Beginners - Chowhound

New rule: No more fussy holiday meals. You cook a turkey (we show you how in a simple, photo-heavy recipe) and all the fixings. You time it just right (again, we'll show you how). And you enjoy it immensely (for that, you're on your own). We do, however,

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You're Doing It All Wrong - How to Make a Moist Thanksgiving Turkey

recipe: http://www.chow.com/galleries/49/the-basics-how-to-roast-a-turkey CHOW Associate Editor Roxanne Webber demonstrates the wrongs and rights of Thanksgi...

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Who cares about 'Black Friday' deals? Why you should boycott 'Gray Thursday' - LA Times

Thanksgiving , more than any other holiday, revolves around the communal family meal. With Americans’ increasingly busy schedules, it is a rare occasion to slow down and be with your nearest and dearest. But if some retailers have it their way,

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11 things you didn't know about Thanksgiving foods

Here's a list of Turkey Day dinner trivia, just in case you run out of conversation topics with your weird third cousin.

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The 6 mobile games that will help get you through Thanksgiving | The Verge

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, a chance to spend a few days with family and friends and enjoy an amazing meal. But there's also a lot of downtime, whether it's due to travelling across...

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Tales from the Butterball Hotline | Mental Floss

The Butterball Hotline is real. Here are some of the stranger reasons people have called.

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Tim Allen, Jimmy Fallon Face Off in Hilarious Turkey Scooter Race: Watch

Tim Allen faced off against Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Monday, Nov. 24, competing against the host in a hilarious Thanksgiving-themed Turkey Scooter Race -- watch now!

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Thanksgiving Beer and Wine Pairing Guide

We've enlisted a beer pro and a certified sommelier to come up with the best wine and beer pairings for your Thanksgiving feast.

Food & Drink | Chicago Food & Drink

12 Midwest craft beers to drink on Thanksgiving

Not sure what craft beer to pair with turkey, mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie? We asked beverage directors and bartenders to help.

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The Thanksgiving Shopping Guide to Chicago 2014

Whether you're looking for a place to take the pre-holiday edge off or a last-minute pie pit stop in Chicago, this Thanksgiving survival guide has you covered.

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6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America

It turns out our teachers, Hollywood and whoever we got our Thanksgiving mythology from (Big Turkey?) all made America's origin story far more boring than it actually was for some very disturbing reasons.