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Judaism | Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Thanksgiving Meets Chanukah - . . . and they find they have a lot in common.

Hi, America, I’m Thanksgiving. And I’m also Chanukah. Hold my hand. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Now say, “Thank G‑d, we’re free.” Doesn’t that feel good?

Miscellaneous | Judaism

17 Rosh Hashanah Facts Every Jew Should Know

Brush up on basic facts, traditions, and more associated with the Jewish New Year.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Why Purim Isn't The Jewish Halloween

Purim tells a story of the victory of life. Halloween contains an awful lot of the opposite.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Antisemitism: Why the Jews?

Over the centuries, numerous “reasons” have been advanced to explain the phenomenon of Antisemitism. But perhaps there is no reason!