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I’m a Chassidic Woman, Here’s My Story

My life is a balancing act. I don’t see the two halves of myself as contradictory.

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How I Made it Through the Talmud - Chabad

It took over eight years, but I complelted all 2,711 pages of the Babylonian Talmud.

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Who Made G-d? - The Classic Jewish Answer in Clear Modern English

The Creator of all boundaries is unbounded by any definition. Otherwise, He too would require a creator.

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In The Zechus of Moshe Rabbeinu

Later at night I got a phone call from my younger sister that lives up north in Israel. She wanted to talk to me about an incident that happened between us, which she felt she had never really asked f

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How Much Is G-d Involved in Our Lives?

Our journey has value—not merely as a means to a greater end, but in and of itself.

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Light and Shadows: What Is Divine Reciprocity? - Chabad

We don't have to take on an army in order to experience miracles.

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Battling My Eating Disorder, Day by Day - Dealing with Challenge

I have an eating disorder.The doctors call it anorexia nervosa, but I resent being put in a box with a nice little label.

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When Blessings Come Cloaked in Darkness

A distillation of the Rebbe's talk on Jewish indignation, 1966.

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How Did David Defeat Goliath? - Jewish History

In the famous narrative, young David slays Goliath, the giant Philistine warrior, using a round pebble he collected from a brook.

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The Moses Connection - The Daily Dose of Jewish Wisdom

“Command” in Hebrew is tzivah, which also means “connect.”

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Jewish Wisdom: Mothering Teens Is Harder Than I Thought - Vayishlach

On the one hand,
I saw myself traveling, working long hours, being busy with a busy career; on
the other hand, I always had this desire to be a mommy.

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With Our Unity, We Can Help Our Brethren in Israel

There was a time when the Land of Israel seemed far away. Not anymore. Updates come by the minute—the dull thud of rockets, the piercing sound of Red Alerts, and the cries of mothers and children running for their lives—emerging from our computers and phones as if it’s all happening next door.

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Thinking Healthy - Daily Dose of Jewish Wisdom

The Baal Shem Tov taught, “Where a person’s thoughts are, that’s where he is, all of him.”

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Circumcision, Berzerkeley, and the Power of Five Minutes - Jewish Life

Rabbi Chanan Feld was a towering fixture of my childhood—my friend’s father, and my father’s friend. He had the cuddly torso of a teddy bear, the magical beard of a wizard, and the twinkling eyes of a Rebbe. This is how I remember him.

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9 Ways to Stay Sane With Kids at Home - Insight & Commentary

Rediscover your inner child and play along. Be flexible. Resisting is not going to help in this particular situation.

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4 Spirit Boosters for the Corona Fiscal Blues

I feel rather depressed. I’m not doing anything important and have not yet found another job. But most of all, I miss having a sense of purpose and identity.

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Jewish and Chassidic Perspectives on the Coronavirus - Torah Classes - Video

What does Judaism say about a pandemic? What have the great Jewish sages and mystics taught throughout the ages, and what insight can we glean for our times?

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Chabad: Coronavirus Resources & Inspiration - Insight & Commentary

No matter where we may live in this ever-shrinking world, almost everyone seems to be affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). As the days progress, the number of people impacted is increasing at an alarming rate with entire cities under quarantine.

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Jewish Responses to Epidemics Throughout History - Insight & Commentary

Let’s take a look at epidemics throughout history to gain some
insight into how Jews were affected and how leaders responded.

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4 Strategies for More Meaningful Conversations - Editorial & Commentary

Studies show that social interactions, even if very brief, leave us feeling more satisfied and happy.

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Living in the White Space – Audrey Jacobs – Medium

“Mommy, please can you paint the walls white?” his sweet eyes pleading with pain.