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How the Prayers of Thousands of Jewish Children Are Protecting Israel

An injured Israeli soldier finds and thanks the American girl whose prayer was with him when he got wounded.

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Care Focus: Caring for Self; Caring for the World - HeartMath | Blog

As we pause at times during the day to radiate our heart’s care and compassion to all the people suffering in Gaza and Israel and in the Russia-Ukraine war, we can wonder how much of a difference are we making and how else can we help the world. You’r

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Can Prayer Really Change Your Reality?

Our very own Queen Esther teaches us that while practical actions are necessary to succeed in any endeavor, spiritual efforts have the real impact in drawing down God’s blessings.

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Is Meditation Kosher? - And if so, why aren’t we doing it? - Chabad

Is it possible to be a good Jew, do mitzvahs, study Torah and pray to G‑d without ever thinking too deeply about who He is and what’s my relationship with Him?

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Spiritual Physics - Jewish Prayer

What do you do with this powerful love and desire for G‑d, awakened during prayer as a result of our challenges?

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How to Reset Your Balance After an Unexpected Change

Have you ever started your day with good intentions, and then something happens that sets you off? Try reciting this prayer to reset your energy.

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Hostages Freed at Texas Congregation After 10-Hour Standoff

People around the world prayed and dedicated mitzvahs in the merit of those held

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Judaism: Why Is the Contemporary Prayer Book So Long?

During the days of the First Temple, no formal prayer was needed.

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Shelly Schreter – Israel: My Issues with Prayer

Shelly Schreter – Israel: My Issues with Prayer For someone who doesn’t really davven, I have spent a lot of time in shul. I have nothing in principle against davvening, and am familiar with the liturgy and the moves after many years of exposure t

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Itzchak EvanShayish – MEETING THE REBBE AND SAYING GOODBYE “Who’s Shlomo?” I asked…   It was the early winter of 1974. I was learning Torah at Shma Israel, the cauldron whose Rabbis birthed Or Sameach and Aish HaTorah. E

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Shelly Schreter - My Issues with Prayer

Shelly Schreter – My Issues with Prayer For someone who doesn’t really davven, I have spent a lot of time in shul. It’s not that I have anything against davvening, or even that I don’t know the liturgy and the moves, because I actually do, aft

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‘F***’ Trump’s ‘National Day Of Prayer’: Rashida Tlaib Pushes Nasty Message On Social Media, Backtracks

As our nation takes precautions against the China-originated novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, President Donald Trump announced over the weekend that Sunday March 15 would be a National Day of Prayer, calling on all faiths to pray for protection and strengt

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Jerusalem's best-kept secret comes in form of silent prayer

Did you know Jews pray on the Temple Mount? They do this discreetly, without provocations, and the custom is one

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3-year-old boy goes viral after leading Pre-K class in prayer

In his prayer, Makhi asks God to bless his class' lunch and to "bless all the boys and girls all over the world."

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Why the Difference Between Men and Women in Jewish Prayer? - Israel Unwired

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Family & Parenting | Jewish People

Men and Women in Jewish Prayer - Israel Unwired

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Palestinians Say Jews On Judaism's Holiest Site Desecrated Jerusalem Mosque By Doing This | Daily Wire

On Monday, a Palestinian media outlet claimed that Jews on the Tremple Mount, the holiest place on earth for Jews, were “desecrating” the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was built on the spot where the ancient temples of Israel stood, by doing one thing: Prayin

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Why Is a Tallit So Often (Mostly) White? - Questions & Answers

The overwhelming majority of tallits have historically been white, often with stripes. There are a number of reasons for this.

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We were married for 10 years and lonelier than ever – then THIS happened and changed everything | Fox News

Sometimes it can creep into our lives with an unwelcome stealth. I would never have conceived that I could be surrounded by a husband, kids, and friends, and yet still feel its clutches suffocating my heart. But there I was, married 10 years, two kids, bu

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8 Steps of Gratitude That Will Change Your Life

You can’t force change. You need to allow it. And a key to allowing is accountability. When we take accountability for every aspect of our life we are in the most powerful position to allow change to occur. Implementing these eight steps of gratitude wi

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Lodi Man Gets Second Chance At Life When Brain Tumor Vanishes Without Surgery « CBS Sacramento

It’s a medical mystery that’s left several doctors scratching their heads.  A suspected malignant brain tumor vanishes without treatment giving a patient a second chance at life.

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How Should Clinicians Respond to Requests from Patients to Participate in Prayer, July 18 - AMA Journal of Ethics

Physicians can respond to patient requests for prayer by first pausing, listening respectfully, and reflecting back their understanding of the request.

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Don't dismiss the incredible power of prayer | Fox News

Dismissing prayer is a tragically seamless task for those who have never experienced its powerful ability to sustain – and transform – the heart and soul.

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VIDEO: Alabama football players surround Trump in prayer after White House ceremony - The American Mirror

A remarkable thing happened while the media was focused on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony: After a White House ceremony, several Alabama football players huddled around President Trump and prayed with him. WBRC’s Christina Cha

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Power of Prayer: Evidence for Its Efficacy | National Review

For most believers, prayer isn’t a substitute for data-based solutions. It complements other thoughtful action.

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How moms set children's spiritual compass and why it matters - Religion News Service

Mothers are best at conveying "the spiritual life is as real as the earth under our feet: We stand on it and we count on it,” a psychologist says.