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How the Prayers of Thousands of Jewish Children Are Protecting Israel

An injured Israeli soldier finds and thanks the American girl whose prayer was with him when he got wounded.

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Support for Israel is stronger than we think - The Jerusalem Post

Jews in Israel and across the world, are taking constructive action driven by our despair and rage. For now, the center holds.

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100 Jewish youngsters make aliyah to enlist in IDF

An interview with three who left family and friends behind to defend the Jewish state.

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Worldwide antisemitism is the Jewish people's call to action

We are a people known for resilience and ingenuity. This is our fight, and there can be no backing down. Consider this your call-up.

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LIVE: Hundreds of Thousands March for Israel in Washington DC

American Jews began arriving well before dawn, in time to pray the Vasikin and Hallel morning service at sunrise, led by popular Hasidic vocalist Beri Weber outside the gates of the White House.

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Their Video of Jewish Pride went Viral

An interview with the Campus rabbi who didn't flinch in the face of an anti-Israel rally.

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Dear world: I don’t care

I don’t care if you’re out on the street, waving your flag and chanting your slogans. We won’t die silently the way you want us to

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Largest Rabbinic Delegation to Visit Israel Greeted With Gratitude … and Rockets

26 Chabad rabbis from around North America insisted that they ‘have to be here’

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Amid Israel-Hamas war, thousands of people sign up to pray and do mitzvot for Israeli soldiers

A website that matches the names of Israel Defense Force soldiers with those willing to do acts of service or prayer in their honor received thousands of signups its first week.

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Jewish families break down at the gate at JFK airport as they proudly wave off young IDF reservists on the way to war with Hamas - as flights from Big Apple to Israel sell out for the next TEN days

Emotions ran high at JFK Airport Wednesday night as Jewish families broke down at the gate watching proudly as they wave off young IDF reservists on their way to war with Hamas terrorists. 

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Why On Earth Do We Need a Third Temple? - Chabad

The Third Temple is not a building, but a state of harmony between God, humanity, and nature.

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Priority: Jewish Unity

Just before this year’s Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), a horrifying, and not at all surprising, report came out of Tel Aviv University (TAU) called “The Annual Report on Antisemitism Worldwide–2022.” The study found that there were roughly 3,700 attacks on Jews in the United States last year. The year before that, 2021, saw 2,717 attacks. Each set a record for attacks on our people. The incidents included beatings, being spat on, having objects thrown at people, verbal abuse, etc.

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Can Israeli resilience inspire alienated Americans?

After months of divisiveness, the country immediately united in the face of incessant rocket fire. Will a community unwilling to fight antisemitic progressives learn that lesson?