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The Woke Rock & The Global Conflict Hard Place

To say that the United States is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to how the stage is being set for global conflict would be an understatement. With the US engaged in a proxy war with Russia to the tune of getting on

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Democratic Senators Mull Legislation Conditioning US Aid to Israel

US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) on Thursday said that he believes the US should condition aid to Israel based on the country's support for a two-state solution. “I worry that we are at a moment in which we are watching a future Palestinian state be obliter

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PODCAST | What Worked Yesterday Isn’t Working Today

Listen now | Before we get started, I wanted to point out an article on substack by Dr. Naomi Wolf. It is called, Dear Conservatives, I Apologize. It is a great chronological timeline of someone awakening from being Woke and opening their eyes to the mani

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How Biden's New Washing Machine Regulations Could Ruin Laundry Day

When Cincinnati firefighter Ed Wallace bought a high efficiency Whirlpool washing machine, he came to regret the decision almost immediately. The machine used less water—not enough to clean Wallace's work clothes—and his colleagues at the firehouse quickl

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PODCAST | Remember The Pain Going Into 2024

Listen now | I want to kind of add more emphasis on something we talked about this morning’s episode and that has to do with the pivot that the Biden team and Democrats, in general, are going to make going into the election season for 2024.

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House passes bill to protect free speech from government interference, 206 Democrats oppose

Under the bill, a federal employee cannot use their "official authority to censor any private entity, including outside of normal duty hours and while such employee is away from the employee's normal duty post."

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Democrats should stop meddling in Israeli democracy

The Biden foreign-policy team is just the latest Democratic administration that has sought to interfere with the politics of the Jewish state to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Cori Bush's Bodyguard Says He Can't Be Anti-Semitic Because He's a “Jewish High Priest”

Rep. Cori Bush’s (D., Mo,) bodyguard claims a host of supernatural abilities, including the power to summon tornadoes and read minds. During a Tuesday evening interview with the Washington Free Beacon, he added another line to his résumé: his status as a

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Meet the Anti-Semitic Spiritual Guru on Cori Bush's Payroll

He claims he can summon tornadoes at will, cause earthquakes with his hate, and conduct blood rituals to bring ruin upon his enemies. An intergalactic master of psychic self-defense born 109 trillion years ago, his days, he says, are now spent tending to

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PODCAST | Too Many White Construction Workers…And Then There’s Buttigieg

Listen now | Before we get into this morning's segment in which we discuss how incredibly unqualified Pete Buttigieg is for the position of Secretary of Transportation – and the fact that he bald-faced lied about his experience when he was mayor of

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Setting The World Stage For War

As the Biden administration executes every diplomatic blunder to inch the world closer to global conflict, it would serve us well to recall the history of the major conflicts of the United States and who was at the helm at the genesis of each. An accurate

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Marjorie Taylor Greene calls again for ‘a national divorce’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) resurrected her calls for a “national divorce” on Monday, arguing that Republican and Democratic states needed to be separated and the federal government needed …

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PODCAST | Time To Derail The Ideologues

Listen now | If you look at the “infrastructure bill” that was passed by the Biden Administration – to the tune of trillions – you would think that our infrastructure would be solid. But the derailment in Pennsylvania proves it's not...not by

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The week in whoppers: James Clapper’s salami-slicing, the WH’s inflation disinfo and more

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is now claiming his letter on The Post's reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop was "distorted" by Politico.

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Hakeem Jeffries needs to come clean on his support for a notorious antisemite

Last week, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) attacked the Republican Party for removing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the House Foreign Affairs Committee for her blatantly antisemitic public comments. But before attacking Republicans on this matt

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Mayor and entire council change party affiliation from Democrats to GOP in East Hanover

Longtime Mayor Joseph Pannullo and four council members have joined the Republicans, the county party said in a statement.

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Hunter Biden Hearings Open Wednesday, AOC Thinks It's 'Atrocious' to Investigate Recovering Drug Addict

They've been hiding the truth about Hunter Biden's laptop for too long. Uncover the truth, Oversight Committee!

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Omar: Republicans Don't Believe Muslims, Black People Should Have Equal Access to Legal System

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Monday on MSNBC's "All In" that House Republicans voted for her to be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee because they did not "believe Muslims or black people should have equal access." | Clips

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Kamala Harris and the Democrats’ Unwillingness to Hear Bad News | National Review

The Democrats’ Harris dilemma reflects an inability to process accurate information.

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Ingraham: These are the tears of clowns

Fox News host Laura Ingraham reacts to Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., being booted from the House Foreign Affairs Committee on 'The Ingraham Angle.' #foxnews #fox...

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The Media Keep Lying To Protect Ilhan Omar

The press uncritically repeats Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries' claim Democrats 'unequivocally condemned' Ilhan Omar, without any pushback.

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Rashida Tlaib Pays Lip Service to Israeli Terror Victims, 'Honors' Palestinian Terrorists

Following a terror attack in Jerusalem, US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib implicitly compared the terror victims to Palestinian terrorists.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Biden judicial nominee can’t answer Sen. Kennedy’s questions about the Constitution

"Hoo boy this is bad."

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Convenient Timing: Pelosi Sold $3 Million of Google Stock Weeks Before DOJ Launched Antitrust Probe

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and her multimillionaire husband sold up to $3 million in shares of Google in recent weeks—just before the Biden Justice Department launched an antitrust probe of the tech giant. 

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PODCAST | The Open Secrets Of The Biden Administration

Listen now (27 min) | Before we get into this morning's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I’d like to send my condolences to everybody who is affected by the mass shooting in California. I do want to point out that

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Democrats Are 'Saving the Environment' by Killing Whales

Seven dead whales have washed up on the New York-New Jersey coastline since December, prompting calls for Gov. Phil Murphy (D., N.J.) to halt development on a number of offshore wind farms in the area. He refused.

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VIDEO | Our Birthright Can Only Be Protected Symbiotically

Watch now (7 min) | Our nation is divided. That is, perhaps, the understatement of the millennium, young as it is. From race relations to the economic divide to every disjointed political identity the manipulators of the narrative have conceived, if the p

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The Super Shady Coverup of the Paul Pelosi Story Is Worse Than You Thought

Remember when the Paul Pelosi story was big news for a while, then weird things started coming out, and then suddenly everyone stopped talking about it?
Yeah, I do....

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PODCAST | The Stand-Off: The Debt Ceiling Debacle & Who’s Really Responsible

Listen now (26 min) | Before I get to this morning’s episode with Matt Bruce on The Captain's America: Third Watch, on which we talk about the upcoming debt ceiling standoff, among other things, I want to tease a few things that are coming up. One

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New poll reveals rising antisemitism in the Democrat party

One of my favorite pastimes is reading the Facebook feed of an extremely nice man I know who is both an ardent Democrat and an ardent Israel supporter. For several years now, he’s been trapped in a state of cognitive dissonance, trying to squar...

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PODCAST | The Blame Game Or The Klain Game?

Listen now (51 min) | Before we get to today's segment on TalkBack with Chuck Wilder, I want to talk a little bit more about who's culpable for the top secret documents being in Joe Biden's garage…and his personal office…and every other

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Manic Methods of Mad Democrats

For all Joe Biden’s talk about “semi-fascist” and “un-American,” “ultra-MAGA” Republicans, it is the Democratic Party that has far more radically changed.

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Democrats in tough spot with Biden classified documents

Senate Democrats are finding themselves in a tough spot as they try to figure out how to best respond to revelations that President Biden had improperly stashed classified documents at his personal office in Washington and in his garage in Delaware. The D

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Ilhan Omar is the Democrats’ problem, not Kevin McCarthy’s

The new Speaker of the House has good reason to boot the antisemitic congresswoman from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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Victor Davis Hanson: What Caused the Political Hysteria?

The Left has gone mad over Donald J. Trump—past, present, and future. The current Democratic Party and NeverTrump “conservatives” assumed that Trump was and…

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PODCAST | A New Congress. A New Speaker…But How Free Are We?

Listen now (29 min) | Before we get into yesterday morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I’d like to acknowledge that US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), is the new Speaker of the House…after 15 votes. That’s the

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Coup We Never Knew

Did someone or something seize control of the United States? What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally?

Politics | Blue State/City Life

8 of the 10 Neediest Cities in America Have Something in Common

A recent study showed that the 10 neediest cities in the U.S. have a few things in common. The most glaring commonality of this list is that eight out of the top ten cities had a Democrat at the helm at the time the survey took place.

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The Democrats must have a ‘Sister Souljah moment’ on antisemitism

It is time for Biden and others to rise up and condemn antisemites in their own party like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

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Watch: Shpeaker of the Houshe, Nanshy Peloshi, wishes everyone a Happy Schwanza

People on Twitter had themselves a laugh a the expense of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, when she wished people a 'Happy Schwanza'.

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Wild Spending: House Dem Lands $1 Million for Former Client Implicated in Child Rape Case

Rep. Susan Wild (D., Pa.) is poised to secure $1 million in taxpayer funding for a children's mental health asylum she defended in a molestation case.

Politics | The "Squad"

Is This Squad Member’s Office Committing a Federal Crime?

In March 2019, the most well-known member of Congress was also one of its newest: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). She had not yet been elected…

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A Shameful Prisoner Swap

Not three years ago, Brittney Griner refused to take the floor when the WNBA played the national anthem before tipoff. "I think we should take that much of a stand," she said at the time, arguing that "basketball doesn't mean anything in a world where we

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3 Unsexy Reasons Warnock Beat Walker In The Georgia Runoff

Republicans are once again using the 'quality candidate' excuse as the reason for Herschel Walker's loss. They're wrong.

Politics | Media Bias

More media excuses for Palestinians and terror

In their coverage of the twin bombings in Jerusalem, reporters could not bring themselves to use the word “terrorist” to refer to the attacks or the perpetrators.

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States, Then . . .

First, you would surrender our prior energy independence. Reduce new gas and oil leases on federal lands to the lowest levels of any president in history.

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A House GOP Opportunity: A Resolution Calling on Biden, Democrats to Apologize for Dem Support for Slavery - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Well. Democrats and the media have made much about former President Donald Trump unknowingly hosting a white supremacist and anti-Semite at a Mar-a-Lago dinner. The guy was brought along as an unannounced guest of Ye (as Kanye West now calls...

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden's Silence On Idaho Student Murders Speaks Volumes

The Idaho college students' deaths won’t help congressional Democrats push gun laws or score points with minorities or LGBT Americans.

Politics | Leftist Lies

Walmart Mass Shooting Doesn't Fit the Narrative, so Democrats Change Their Blame Game

A Walmart manager shot at least nine fellow employees Tuesday in Chesapeake, Va., leaving four wounded and at least six dead. The miscreant is believed to have killed himself as well but is not mentioned in the fatality count.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

The Left’s Response to Fetterman Puts a Spotlight on Insanity

Let me start by saying that if any readers are still recovering from Election Day, or week, or months (depending on which state you live in…

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It seems clear Dems pressured the FDA to delay the COVID vaccine to hurt Trump

Democrats claim the Trump administration undermined public trust by irresponsibly trying to “rush” the vaccine for political gain.

Politics | 2022 Midterm Elections

How Could John Fetterman Have Won? Every Possible Answer Is Bad in a Different Way.

The great strength of democratic rule is that you get what the people want. The great weakness of Democratic rule is that you get what the people want.

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Who Will Control The House And Senate? Here’s What We Can Say At 4:30 a.m.

It’s early Wednesday morning and we don’t yet know which party will control the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. And based on simulations using FiveThi…

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Barnes Campaigns With Celebrity Anti-Israel Activist on Eve of Election

Mandela Barnes, the Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate, capped off his campaign by hosting a fundraiser on Sunday with actor and anti-Israel activist advocate Mark Ruffalo, who is under fire after objecting to the International Holocaust Remembrance Al

Politics | From CNN

On Election Eve, Dems Confront Nightmare Scenario

Democrats close their midterm election campaign Monday facing the nightmare scenario they always feared -- with Republicans staging a gleeful referendum on Joe Biden's struggling presidency and failure to tame inflation.

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The hypocrisy of Democrats on crime

There's a growing lawlessness in the United States. And regardless of who the Democrats try to blame, voters aren’t buying it.

Politics | Politics

Democrats Should Be Optimistic. Here’s Why

It is the day before the 2022 midterm elections, and it has been an emotional roller coaster for Democrats. If you believe the polls and most of the coverage...

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Democracy Isn’t At Risk, Democrats Are

A red wave will not be an end to our representative democracy. It will just be an end to the Democrat representatives.

Politics | The Left

Antisemitism watchdog: AOC’s ‘obsession’ with Israel is ‘shameful’

A nonpartisan antisemitism watchdog group has condemned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for criticizing the top pro-Israel lobbying group for opposing a progressive congressional candidate in Pennsylvania. 

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Diesel, Weasels & Witches

A reminder to parents, please be sure to check your child's trick-or-treat candy. There are reports of candy-looking fentanyl going around. Ingesting just a little bit of it could kill your child. So, please make sure your child knows not to eat any

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???? Watching Out For The Goblins

With Halloween weekend upon us, please be sure to check your child's trick-or-treat candy. There is a candy-looking fentanyl going around and ingesting just a little bit of it could kill your child. You will also want to make sure your child knows no

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Elections Can’t Continue Being About The ‘R’ Or The ‘D’

With the Midterm Elections upon us (early voting is already underway) we all really should take a moment to seriously reevaluate how we go about choosing who runs our government. As it stands today, government exists as an industry and one that significan

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: The Switcheroos of the Two Parties

Our two parties have both changed, and that explains why one will win, and one lose in the midterm elections. The old Democrats have faded away after being…

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Democrats: The Only Way To Save Democracy Is One-Party Rule

The 'Save Our Democracy' card Democrats have played incessantly leading up to midterms is the new 'Russia Collusion.'

Politics | Op-Ed

Will ‘Democracy Die in Darkness’ After November?

The Republicans were always going to win big in November, regardless of what biased pundits professed. There was likely never a sudden “blue resurgence” or “red collapse” of late summer.

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PODCAST | Tempting War Through A Failure To Acknowledge History

If we are guilty of at least one thing in our fast-paced, self-indulgent society it is this. We consistently fail to learn the lessons that an adequate knowledge of contemporary history affords. As the Biden administration - and even former-CIA director a

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Missing The Lessons Of History

There is a lot of truth in the adage, “history repeats itself.” Even a pedestrian student of history understands that if we ignore the important moments of history – if we ignore the lessons of history, we both hobble ourselves to being able to capi

Politics | Op-Ed

Gen X to Democrats: Eat My Shorts!

Some social media blue checks had a bit of a temper tantrum this week following the release of a New York Times poll that showed overwhelming support for…

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Has The Day Of Reckoning Come For The Fascist Progressives?

Since before the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, I have warned of the coming re-emergence of fascism at the hands of the Progressives. I argued that the Progressive movement was a destructive Fifth Column that meant to kill our

Politics | Politics

Subpoena Donald Trump? His Testimony Would Make Democrats Pay

Trump’s testimony will allow him to repeat those truths and to smack down the accusations made against him in a way that only Trump can do.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

S.C. Dem House hopeful wants to ‘be VERY clear’ about holding Jews accountable for ‘their LONG history of anti-blackness

"David Duke would be proud."

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Karine Jean-Pierre claims that when a Democrat says something anti-Semitic, they hold them responsible

Ilhan Omar's name didn't even appear in the resolution condemning her anti-Semitism.

Politics | Politics

Democrats Are Afraid to Debate GOP Opponents - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Americans have long since come to expect debates between candidates for major public office. For many voters, these encounters provide the only opportunity to see how competing candidates comport themselves in a venue that is nominally beyond their contro

Miscellaneous | Opinion

Column: How the GOP counts on Democrats' goodwill to conceal its own cruelty

Republicans get away with flying migrants in a political stunt and voting against disaster aid, only because they know others will cover for the cruelty of their policies.

Politics | Op-Ed

Blue State Blues: Why Trump Has Survived the Nixon Strategy

A new series by "Red Pilled America" finds parallels in the media's strategy against Trump: it's the anti-Nixon playbook, with a twist or two.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Jayapal: Biden Should Have Been ‘Much Tougher with the Saudis’ — OPEC Cut Is Saudis, Russia Trying to Influence Election

On Wednesday's broadcast of CNN's "Situation Room," Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) reacted to OPEC's announced production cut by stating that President Joe | Clips

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There’s a Democrat on the Ballot This November Who Once Referred to Holocaust as a ‘Supposedly Accepted Historical Fact’

"Supposedly accepted historical fact." That is how Pennsylvania state legislative candidate Mark Moffa (D.) referred to the Holocaust in a 1999 editorial in his college newspaper defending his decision to publish an ad from one of the country’s leading pu

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

The View's Defense of Biden's 'Where's Jackie' Moment Was Nuclear-Levels of Insanity

You expect them to be crazy, and still they say "hold my beer."

Politics | Opinion

Why Haven’t Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib Even Mentioned Iran’s Hijab Protests?

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib in August 2018. Photo: Rashida Tlaib via Twitter. As of this writing, heartbreakingly brave Iranian …

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: Martha’s Meltdown Model

Martha’s Vineyard has been all over the news. The tony resort community so loves aiding and comforting the undocumented immigrants who were flown in from…

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PODCAST | The Not So Good Information From The Good Information Foundation

For years - years - I have been telling you how the dark money, special interest, elites have been manipulating the information presented to you to consume. I have talked about David Brock and Media Matters and how the mainstream media complex is bought a

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PODCAST | The Hypocrisy of the Left's ‘Sanctuary Lie’

Vice President Kamala Harris’ insistence that the southern border of the United States is secure is a statement fully encamped in the realm of the absurd. And now that some of the more traditionally far-Left bastions are experiencing the many negative e

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PODCAST | Biden's Lame Victory Lap & Why Government Shouldn't Pick Winners and Losers

Now that the potential rail strike has been averted, it would seem a perfect time to address the ongoing supply chain issues that the Biden administration has perfectly ignored. The fact that the US Transportation Secretary wasn't even involved in th

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Democrat Pramila Jayapal Memorializes 9/11 Terrorists (For The Second Year In A Row)

Far-left Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) included the 9/11 hijackers among "those who lost their lives" on that fateful day 21 years ago.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Dem Senator Uses 9/11 Anniversary To Bring Up January 6th

On the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) invoked the January 6th Capitol riot.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

New Orleans Mayor Says Flying Coach Not Safe For Black Woman, Won’t Reimburse City

A defiant New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell insisted she had to fly first class on recent taxpayer-funded junkets to France and Switzerland because economy class is not safe for a black woman and because she has a child.

Politics | Politics

Democrats Deliver Disgusting Takes About the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Perpetual outrage must be exhausting.

Politics | The "Squad"

AOC Is Afraid She Won't Live Through September Because You Hate Women

AOC’s implication that Leftist congresswomen are being gunned down so often that she can’t be sure she'll live through the coming weeks is absurd and offensive.

Politics | POLITICS

Nearly 1 In 4 Democratic Voters Believe Men Can Get Pregnant: Poll

A new poll finds that significant numbers of Democratic voters believe things that are false.

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PODCAST | The Speech Backdrop That Sets The Tone For 2022 & 2024

The Biden administration and its handlers (or should I say the fascist cabal that is now in control in Washington, DC), have telegraphed its playbook. Their strategy for the midterms and 2024 is to run against Donald Trump again, regardless of whether he

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

ABC’s Martha Raddatz accused of being a Nazi enabler for … asking questions

ABC's Martha Raddatz questioned President Biden's unity message, drawing criticism from the left that she was a poor journalist and was enabling Nazis.

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PODCAST | The Mainstream Media Can Be Leashed If We Make It About Policy

In the wake of President Biden's insanely coercive and authoritarian speech that sought to further cement the divide in our country as we approach the Midterm Elections, we see that the puppet masters of the Left - Obama 2.0 - are telegraphing their

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PODCAST | Time To Examine The Worth Of The 'Progressive' Movement?

The turn of the 20th Century introduced fascism to the United States. Under Woodrow Wilson - and continuing under Franklin Roosevelt, the system of government the Framers created ceased to exist because a fundamental protection for the states was removed

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Remember When Hillary Destroyed Subpoenaed Docs and the Feds Gave Her a Pass? So Do We.

Six years seems such a long time ago. The kids were little, TikTok didn’t exist, and gas prices averaged $2.23 a gallon under Obama. The election was coming up, and Hillary Clinton was going to...

Politics | Leftist Lies

Democrats Are Lying and Everyone Knows It

In case you haven’t heard, according to the Democrats (and their errand girl Liz Cheney), democracy is under attack. Grab a seat, dear readers, because I don’t think you’re going to...

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

Kathy Hochul's call for 5.4M Republicans to leave New York is dangerous

It’s time to put partisanship aside for the good of the state and its residents. Those who still live here are all New Yorkers — even the ones the governor disagrees with.

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PODCAST | Replacing the Cult of Personality with an Honest Policy Discussion

The Midterm Elections are just months away and the radical Left, the Biden administration, its Obama 2.0 masters, and the mainstream media want to make the election a rehash of the anti-Trump campaign they executed successfully in 2020. The task at hand i

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ARTICLE & PODCAST | What Has Progressed Under Progressivism?

As we prepare for the onslaught of propaganda that is coming our way (from both sides) during the lead-up to the Midterm Elections, we all need to take a step back from the preferred narratives being foisted upon us by the political Left and mainstream me

Politics | Woke Insanity

More Woke Silliness: LA Homeless Authority Says Don't Use Word ‘Homeless’

The left loves to change the language instead of fixing things.

Politics | American Politics

This Wisconsin Dem Talks Up Support for Israel on the Campaign Trail. He Doesn't Mention His Membership in a Vocal Anti-Israel Group.

Mandela Barnes, the Wisconsin Democratic senate candidate, has talked up his support for Israel on the campaign trail. Left unmentioned in his stump speeches is his membership, until 2019, in one of the most vocal anti-Israel groups in the state.

Politics | Politics

‘They Don’t Know How They Sound’: Critics Roast Energy Secretary For Telling Poor People To Buy Solar Panels

Critics absolutely roasted Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm after she suggested that lower to middle class Americans could fight the rising cost of living by investing thousands in solar panels and other green energy initiatives.

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PODCAST | Slash & Burn Politics and 'The Chexit'

It is astounding why a rising star amongst the political Right at the national level - a woman with name recognition, a legacy, and a solid base - would attach her entire political career to attempting to settle some kind of score against Donald Trump. Bu

News | The News

Going to do this each time, gov? Hochul orders arrest of released sex fiend sucker punch attacker

Bui Van Phu, the sex fiend accused of sucker-punching a stranger into a coma — and released without bail when Bronx prosecutors charged him with mere misdemeanors —, was arrested Friday for allegedly violating the terms of his lifetime parole.

Politics | Interesting Links

Don't Look Now But Democrats Are Gaining

With the primary season nearly over and the candidates for federal office mostly set, Republicans should be optimistic.

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PODCAST | Acid Politics Produces Caustic Snowflakes

In the days after the questionably legal FBI raid on Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida - and after a crazed gunman committed suicide by cop at an FBI office in Ohio, The US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Secu

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Okay, Maybe a Plantain Republic

It was very public; vert overt. Pro-administration agents swooped in, searched, and detained prominent members of the opposition – politicians and society leaders – on questionable charges of “subversion” in the hope of eliminating competition in

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton Flaunts Her Democrat Privilege, Peddles 'But Her Emails' Swag the Day After Mar-a-Lago Raid

The day after news broke of the blatantly partisan FBI raid on former President Trump's home, Hillary Clinton rubbed the nation's face in her Lefty privilege.

Politics | Op-Ed

After the FBI's Trump Raid, Don't Take the Bait

Democrats are playing a cynical game. Do not give them what they want.

Business & Finance | NFTs

The Fakest Show On Earth

With the passage of the so-called "Inflation Reduction Act," which actually raises taxes on every financial class and carves out almost $400B for green energy cronies, the politicians in Washington prove they are as fake as the Cardiff Giant.

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‘There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute’

It’s a famous quote erroneously attributed to the circus and sideshow king P.T. Barnum, who also dabbled in politics: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And while the quote was likely coined by a corrupt banker (imagine that), the notion was no

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PODCAST | The Inflation Reduction Act: When Politics Masquerades As Government

With the looming passage of the poorly-named Inflation Reduction Act, Senate Democrats are proving that the well-being of the nation's citizens comes in second to bullying through even a few of their radically fascist agenda. Hundreds of economists s

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Biden Adviser: Reconciliation Bill Doesn’t Raise Tax Rates, It Just Requires Paying ‘Minimal Fair Share’ to Generate Revenue

On Thursday's broadcast of CNN's "The Lead," Senior Adviser to President Joe Biden Gene Sperling claimed that the reconciliation deal announced by Senate | Clips

News | Abortion

In Show Of Pro-Abortion Brutality, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Just Slashed Care For Pregnant Women From Michigan’s Budget

Hide as she might behind activist judges, Whitmer's budget vetoes show she and her fellow Democrats don’t value women -- only abortion.

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PODCAST | When Does Ideological Activism Cost Too Much?

In the aftermath of reports that an illegal alien has been arrested for repeatedly raping a 10-year-

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PODCAST | In The Face Of Tragedy, Score One For The Good Guys

Yet another indignant spawn product of the entitled generation took to shooting innocent people because of his unaddressed psychosis only to have his evil deed cut short by a quick-thinking individual - trained and licensed to concealed carry. Then, as we

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PODCAST | Activism On The Back Of A 10-Year-Old Rape Victim?

Before we get to yesterday's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch in which we discuss President Oatmeal's groveling to the Saudis for oil even as he and his team decimate the US fossil fuel industry and sell our strategic reserves

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Reps. Omar and Tlaib among Democrats tied to group with alleged links to Hamas slaying

At least eight Democratic members of Congress share close ties to a nonprofit group that is now subject to discovery in a landmark federal civil lawsuit that seeks to hold the group financially liable for the terrorist slaying of an American teenager in 1

Politics | Politics

The great realignment

Even small inroads with Hispanic voters could tip a number of Democratic-held swing seats to the GOP.

Politics | Politics

Meet the Cori Bush Activist Who Wants To Burn Jews Alive

Rep. Cori Bush (D., Mo.) spent years cultivating a relationship with a pro-Palestinian activist who once tweeted that she wants to "set Israel on fire with my own hands & watch it burn to ashes along with every Israeli in it."

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Dear Democrats, THIS Is What Your Oppressive Global Initiatives Lead To

After suffering from weeks of brutal food and fuel shortages, as well as crippling inflation, Sri Lankans have had enough.
Riots have broken out throughout the impoverished country. Police have used t...

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Sadiq Khan welcomes “All about the Benjamins” Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to London as heroine of “equality and inclusion”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has welcomed Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to London as a heroine of “equality and inclusion” as she began a trip that saw her meet with fawning parliamentarians. In a statement on Twitter, Mr Khan wrote: “From the lakes of Min

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The Left's Hypocrisy On Gun Crime Is Killing People

The big headline from over the Independence Day weekend was that there was yet another mass shooting, this time in the affluent neighborhood of Highland Park, Illinois. A troubled teen opened fire in the predominantly Jewish (and White) neighborhood killi

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Politico analysis explains why it appears that Karine Jean-Pierre is reading from a page

Karine Jean-Pierre clings to that binder like a life preserver.

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Democrats cater to the woke at their electoral peril

The Democratic Party’s embrace of socialist-leaning politicians — namely “The Squad” — has not only put it on track to lose control of Congress in November.

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North Carolina Democratic party adopts series of anti-Israel resolutions

  The North Carolina Democratic party adopted a series of resolutions critical of Israel at its annual statewide convention on

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Victor Davis Hanson: Why the Left Will Cut Biden Loose

Republican pundits and conservative activists are debating whether they can win in 2024 with the successful Trump agenda, but without the controversial Donald…

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‘The Jewish Factor, It’s Money’: Biden Ambassador Pick Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Tirade

The Biden administration’s nominee to serve as the U.S. ambassador to Brazil spoke at length about the influence of Jewish money in politics, claiming the “Jewish lobby” exerts undue influence over the Democratic Party with its “major money.”

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Where Californians go, homelessness and violence follow | Washington Examiner

When the renovated Denver Union Station was unveiled in 2014, there were bands, food trucks, and plenty of activities for families with children. The $500 million project was designed to be the “crown jewel” of lower downtown. And for a number of years, i

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How Stacey Abrams Helped Funnel Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to an Israel-Hating Terrorist Sympathizer

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams sits on the board of a foundation that funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to an anti-Israel activist who has praised terrorists and encouraged violence against Jews.

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4 Edited Tweets, Videos Shown by Jan. 6 Panel During Primetime Hearing

During a June 9 primetime hearing disclosing its findings after a nearly yearlong investigation, the Democrat-dominated panel investigating ...

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Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, McCollum target Israeli eligibility for Visa Waiver Program

‘The Administration’s continued work to include Israel in the VWP is deeply troubling,’ Tlaib wrote to colleagues

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Flunks History At Memorial Day Ceremony

Eric Adams flunks history at Memorial Day Ceremony

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Meet Rashida Tlaib’s Favorite Anti-Israel Publisher

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) spoke at a rally this month with a pro-Hamas newspaper publisher who urged Palestinians to attack Israel. Tlaib shared the stage with Osama Siblani, the publisher of the Dearborn-based Arab American News, at the second annua

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Dem strategist says that Republicans ‘want to force you to have kids so they have something to shoot at’

If this is what Democratic strategists are coming up with, November looks good.

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Rep. Tlaib attends ‘nakba’ rally where activist calls for use of guns, stones, rockets

“We are going to lift Palestinians all the way to victory,” whether in Michigan or Jenin, said Osama Siblani of “The Arab American News.”

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‘Ideology of Rage’ Comes to Congress

US Congresswoman Rashia Tlaib of Michigan. Photo: Reuters / Rebecca Cook. JNS.org – It is the sort of resolution one …

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NY Democrats accusing one another of racism after gerrymander debacle

The New York Democratic Party’s redistricting battle has worsened by the day and on Wednesday descended into a racial furor among Congress members.

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'Squad' members introduce resolution calling Israel founding 'catastrophe'

Members of the "Squad" of far-left House lawmakers have called on the US government to describe the events surrounding Israel's founding with the Palestinian term "Nakba," an Arabic word meaning "catastrophe."