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Obama privately lobbied on Harvard President Claudine Gay’s behalf amid antisemitism controversy

A new report found that former President Barack Obama privately lobbied for Harvard President Claudine Gay amid backlash to her comments on antisemtism.

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Obama and Farrakhan

A veritable Krakatoa of anti-Semitism is erupting across America, with little if any reference to the nation’s leading anti-Semite, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. As recently noted, 1984 p…

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Sorry, Obama: 'We' Aren't Complicit. It's You Who Has Blood on Your Hands

Maybe we can finally see Obama for what he truly is: The man who set the world on fire.

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Obama: 'All of Us Are Complicit to Some Degree' in 'Occupation,' Hamas Terror

Obama said "all of us are complicit to some degree" in Gaza, as he tried to equate Hamas terror against Israel and the so-called "occupation."

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Obama Eager to Remind Everyone He's an Idiot on Foreign Policy

Top O’ the Briefing
Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Filitzia took great pride in being known as “The Swap Meet Queen of Embroidered Unmentionables.”...

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Obama's Fraudulent Legacy Is Being Exposed, And It's On The Wrong Side Of History

The most discussed piece of journalism this year is shaping up to be a deeply unflattering interview with a respected Obama biographer.

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Who's the Real Barack Obama? Things Are Finally Becoming Clearer

Who is Barack Obama? You’d think a guy who’s penned three memoirs and is the subject of several authorized and unauthorized biographies would be an open book, but he isn’t, as most s...

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Photos Show Barack Obama Playing Golf With Bandaged Hand, Black Eye

Last week, the Obamas' private chef drowned near the former president's Martha's Vineyard estate. Now, photos show Barack Obama golfing with a bandaged hand and what looks like a black eye.

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How Barack Obama set the legal path for the FBI's Trump raid

2009 executive order stripped prior presidents' standing to maintain executive privilege. Court hearing Friday in Navarro case could challenge that.

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Are Pro-abortion Leftists Really This Stupid or Just Disingenuous?

Did the people who accused Cornyn of calling for overturning Brown really believe he was doing so? Or were they deliberately distorting his meaning?

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The Morning Briefing: Reminder — Barack Obama Is Un-American and Awful

Top O’ the Briefing
Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Clarissa’s muumuu isn’t the declaration of independence that she thinks it is....

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Prominent Anti-Semite Attends Obama Birthday Bash, Jewish Comedian Snubbed

Al Sharpton, the prominent anti-Semite and verbally challenged MSNBC host, was among the "sophisticated crowd" of guests who attended former president Barack Obama's 60th birthday bash on Martha's Vineyard over the weekend. Jewish comedian Larry David was

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Obama Is Building An Opulent ‘Presidential Center’ In Chicago. It’s Not In A Poor, Black, Or Environmentally Friendly Neighborhood

Former President Barack Obama dialed back his planned 700-person birthday bash, set to take place this weekend, after sustained criticism for the large-scale gathering at a time when Democrats are telling ordinary Americans to hunker down or wear masks. But that’s just the tip of the hypocrisy iceberg.

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PODCAST: When No One Wants to Be a Cop Anymore Then What Do We Do?

An undercover audio file of Iran's foreign minister talking shop revealed that while John Kerry was Secretary of State under President Obama, he violated the trust of our most important ally in the Middle East - Israel - by outing over 200 clandestine Isr

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ZOA writes a letter to the publisher of Obama’s “A Promised Land”.

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Report: Obama offered Syria an Israeli withdrawal from Golan Heights

  Just a few months before the Syrian civil war erupted in March of 2011, the Barack Obama administration offered

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Obama Let Your Tax Dollars Go to Al Qaeda-Linked Group

In a sane political environment, Barack Obama would be tried for treason. Instead, he is about to put his dotty old puppet on his knee and begin his third term.

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Obama trafficked in anti-Semitic tropes — lefty media didn’t notice

The words leap out and grab you. Former President Barack Obama characterizes no other world leader in anything like the terms he reserves for former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Elder Of Ziyon - What was Joe Biden's role in pushing UNSC 2234?

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Column: Phony Lines from Barack Obama's Speech

Ryan Lizza, the Chief Washington Correspondent of Politico, is the kind of character assassin who likes going to the White House briefing and throwing beanball questions about how many coronavirus deaths President Trump thinks are acceptable.

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Obama Endorses Manipulating History For Political Ends

Obama's claim that the filibuster is racist is an alarming harbinger for how Democrats will attack and reject limits on power.

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Liberals Still Think Obama Was the 'Best President Ever,' Here Are 14 Reasons Why That's Ridiculous

Liberals used social media to dub Trump's birthday as "Obama Day," but what exactly are they celebrating? Here's all thing they don't want you to remember

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Barack Obama Goes Golfing at Country Club the Day After Michelle Urged African Americans to Stay Home

On Friday, two PSAs featuring former first lady Michelle Obama urging African Americans to stay home in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus were released.

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Karl Marx gets shoutout during 'American Factory' Oscars 2020 acceptance speech

“The Communist Manifesto” got a shoutout during the 2020 Oscars. Julia Reichert, the co-director of best documentary winner “American Factory,” which was produced by former …

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Saudi National Gave Thousands of Illegal Donations to Obama Inaugural Committee, Report Finds

An analysis by the Associated Press of campaign finance records and court documents determined that Barack Obama's 2012 inauguration received hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal donations from a Saudi national via a straw donor. U.S. election law

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Obama Successfully Hunted Trump Campaign Aides Instead of Terrorists

The weekend raid that resulted in the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named after Kayla Mueller, an American aid worker killed in Syria in 2015 while being held captive by the sadistic ISIS leader. During his Sunday morning announcement from the White H

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Mattis: Obama Failed to Respond to Iran Bomb Plot on U.S. Soil Because of Nuclear Deal

In his shocking memoir, James Mattis reveals that former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden refused to listen to him and respond to Iran's act of war because they were pursuing the Iran nuclear deal.

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14 Real Obama Scandals That Have Nothing to do with His Wearing a Tan Suit

Five years ago last week, Barack Obama attended a press briefing in a tan suit, and the media wouldn’t shut up about it. Since then, the tan suit incident evolved into a myth that conservatives had freaked out about the suit.  So, of course, the medi

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Hey Joe Biden, Here Are Some Scandals You Forgot About

Perhaps Joe Biden feels 'most proud' of his mythical years of non-scandals because it’s the only thing in his past he isn’t going to be forced to abandon.

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Report: Obama Administration's Actions Against Press Worse Than Previously Known

On Thursday, the Columbia Journalism Review reported on the results of a Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the Obama Justice Department's attempts to crack down on leaks to reporters which reveal that th

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Report: Obama Sets New Record In Narcissism: Mentions Himself Almost 400 Times in 90-Minute Speech | Daily Wire

Speaking on Saturday in Germany, former president Barack Obama may have set a new record for narcissism, reportedly mentioning himself almost 400 times in a 90 minute speech.

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Before Omar, Obama Mainstreamed Anti-Semitism Among Democrats

People spoke openly of Obama's 'Jewish problem' in 2008. He went on to normalize Israel critics with dubious motivations and terror connections.

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This whopper from Barack Obama is 'your fake news problem in a nutshell'

"Um, he lied about lying!"

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Obama’s Portrait Artist Has Habit Of Painting Black People BEHEADING White People | Daily Wire

The artist who painted former President Barack Obama’s presidential portrait, unveiled on Monday at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, has a disturbing pattern of painting violent beheadings of white people.

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Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, Poll Finds

Falling behind his predecessor George W. Bush. ore Americans consider Barack Obama to be the worst President since World War II than they do any other president, according to a new poll.

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1995 Video: Obama Praises Communist Mentor Frank Marshall Davis | Truth Revolt

Video of Barack Obama in 1995 has surfaced online from the vault of Cambridge Public Library where a discussion of his book Dreams from My Father was hosted. Speaking to the crowd, Obama reveals that "Frank," whom he mentions "schooled"

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WATCH: President Uses Selfie Stick, Utters 'Thanks Obama'

In a new Buzzfeed video, “Things Everyone Does But Doesn’t Talk About,” President Barack Obama makes funny faces in a mirror, poses with a selfie-stick, and pretends to shoot hoops.

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Barack Obama, September 11th, 2001: 'A Failure of Empathy'

"We must also engage, however, in the more difficult task of understanding the sources of such madness. The essence of this tragedy, it seems to me, derives from a fundamental absence of empathy on the part the attackers: an inability to imagine, or

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Newspaper Reversal: 'We Were Wrong' -- Obama Worse than Bush

"The Billings Gazette," a Montana newspaper that endorsed President Obama over John McCain in 2008 (but went with Romney in 2012) admitted Friday that they were wrong -- Obama is in fact worse than his predecessor, George W. Bush.