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Cyclist's Olympic Dream Becomes $200,000 Medical Bill Nightmare

Cyclist Phil Gaimon was competing in a race that could have won him a spot in the Tokyo Olympics. Instead, a crash landed him in two hospitals where his out-of-network surgeries garnered huge bills.

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The Swamp: 18 Republicans Sign-Off on Cloture for Incomplete Infrastructure Bill

In a move that should raise eyebrows on both sides of the aisle, the US Senate – including 18 Republicans – voted to advance an as of yet...

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US Postal Service Union Pushes Back Against Biden COVID Vaccine Mandate

Signaling that perhaps the practice of taking the Biden administration and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) at their...

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Teacher of the Year Placed 'On Leave' After Questioning Equity Training

A Virginia teacher with an exemplary record who in 2016 had been named “Teacher of the Year” in her school was placed on administrative...

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Leftist Elite, Outsiders Load Up Whitmer's Campaign War Chest

In a stunning revelation that spotlights what should be termed “election interference,” campaign finance reports filed with election...

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If the Vaccine Works, What's with the Mask Mandate?

We’re getting into some duplicitous and deceitful area with the CDC’s new guidelines for COVID mask mandates. Either the vaccines work or...

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Schumer Uses the Fear-Mongering of COVID to Push Climate Extremism

Not letting an effectively manufactured crisis go to waste (like a good Alinskyite), US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)...

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Pelosi Goes Infantile in Name-Calling of House Minority Leader

In one of the most inappropriate acts in the halls of Congress since US Rep. Preston Brooks (D-SC), savagely beat US Sen. Charles Sumner...

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ZZ Top: Bearded bassist Dusty Hill dies in his sleep at 72

HOUSTON (AP) — ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill, the long-bearded bassist for the million-selling Texas blues rock trio known for such hits as “Legs” and “Gimme All Your Lovin'," has died at age 72. In a Facebook post Wednesday, guitarist Billy Gibbons and drummer Fr

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Big Tech Partners With US Intel Agencies to Spy on American People

It has been revealed that Big Tech has been running a private counterterrorism group that scours your internet activity under the guise...

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Politicized DoJ Rules COVID Vaccine Mandates 'Legal' Setting Up Legal Challenge

In a move that should spark a firestorm of lawsuits, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) has “ruled” that federal law doesn’t prohibit...

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Congressmen Take Unanswered January 6 Inquiry to the DOJ & Merrick Garland

After months of silence in response to their inquiries, several members of Congress – who have been pressing law enforcement for months...

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Schools Give 'Equity Survey' to 4th Graders, Tell Them Not to Tell Parents

A fourth-grader in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District in Minnesota said her teacher administered an "equity survey" in class and...

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Newsom Casts Political Blame In New California Vaccine Push

The Democratic governor on Monday blamed “right wing" politicians and media for perpetuating misinformation about the shots and hindering vaccine efforts.

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PayPal Goes Woke; Partners to Spy on Transactions to Find 'Extremists'

The online payment system PayPal has not only gone woke, it has gone all-in on the campaign to frame anyone who doesn’t agree with the...

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Amazon Makes the Move to Accept Bitcoin Payments by End of Year

Following an increasingly popular path, e-commerce giant Amazon.com has signaled it will begin to accept Bitcoin payments by the end of...

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As the Taliban Take Ground the Beheadings Begin

As the US-NATO withdrawal in Afghanistan enters its final stages. The world is getting a preview of what is to come for the Afghan people...

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As Virus Cases Rise, Another Contagion Spreads Among the Vaccinated: Anger

As coronavirus cases resurge across the country, many inoculated Americans are losing patience with vaccine holdouts who, they say, are neglecting a civic duty or clinging to conspiracy theories and misinformation even as new patients arrive in emergency

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Corrupt Corporate Media Are Profiting Off Of Shaming, Mocking Unvaccinated COVID Patients

Viral stories about unvaccinated individuals highlight the media's willingness to boost narratives that serve no purpose but to advance their agenda.

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The ‘I just left the ER’ variant is multiplying on Twitter, warning people they’re back to getting crushed by COVID-19

A lot of people just left the ER, where they're getting crushed by the Delta variant.

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Worried About Breakthrough COVID Cases? Here's What To Know

Fully vaccinated Olympic athletes and members of Congress have tested positive for the virus. Should you be worried? How common are breakthrough infections, and are they rising?

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49 Fully Vaccinated New Jersey Residents Have Died From COVID-19

About four dozen fully vaccinated people in New Jersey have died from COVID-19, health officials say. Forty-nine deaths ...

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This is fine: Jen Psaki reiterates WH’s policy of withholding information about new COVID19 cases from the general publi

Late last week, Jen Psaki demanded to know why the public might need information on breakthrough COVID19 cases at the White House.

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DoJ Drops Charges Against 5 Researchers for Hiding Chinese Military Connection

In a move that raises serious questions about the Biden administration’s relationship with the Communist Chinese, the Department of...

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Clintonite Podesta Lobbies for Chinese Firm Banned Under Trump

Making it clear that the Democrats and Marxists in that party care more about enriching themselves than national security, it was...

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Iran Comes to the Aid of the Communist Government in Cuba

As the people of Cuba continue their quest for freedom over the tyranny of Communism, another of the world’s despotic regimes has...

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Biden Administration Slow-Walks Internet Access for Cubans

Cubans are being beaten, kidnaped, tortured, and killed at the hand of their totalitarian Communist regime, but they cannot beam video of...

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New Battery Technology Supports Hope of True Energy Independence

A green technology startup company is claiming a breakthrough for long-duration, grid-scale energy storage that could be the key – or the...

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Taliban Lays Siege to Kandahar

The Afghan Taliban has launched an attack on the provincial capital of Kandahar, Kandahar City. This comes after they took control of key...

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The Most Transparent White House Ever? Hardly!

Proving that the Biden administration has a distant relationship with truth and transparency regardless of their rhetoric, White House...

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Physicians Exclaim Effectiveness of Ivermectin Against COVID

Ignored by the Biden administration, the CDC, and the World Health Organization, an international coalition of respected medical experts...

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Federal Court Rules CDC Eviction Moratorium Edict Illegal

In a shot across the bow to let the Deep State bureaucracy know it does not have carte blanche to make the rules, a federal court has...

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Erick Erickson: Why Are Trump Voters Getting Flak for the Biden Administration's Failures?

'Between media monomania and government irresponsibility and hubris, a lot of people don't know what to think.'

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Senator Kennedy Scorches Biden: President 'Has a Ph.D.' in Lying

'Well, President Biden's not telling the truth. And that's just a fact. It's been well documented,' Sen. John Kennedy said.

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Meet Ben & Jerry’s Board Chair: Anti-Israel Activist Has Published Defenses of Hezbollah, Hamas

Ben & Jerry's board chairwoman isn't your average corporate suit. A social justice warrior who's now under increased scrutiny in the wake of the company's announcement that it will boycott Israel's West Bank and East Jerusalem, she has a lengthy history o

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AZ Senate President: I Was Told My Family Should Die Simply Because I'm Fighting for Election Integrity

Karen Fann revealed that, in addition to a faked bioterrorism attack, her office has received emails saying she and her family should die.

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U.S. olympic athletes respond to fierce criticism after it is revealed that they are unvaccinated: 'It's one hundred percent a personal choice'

After it was revealed that a number of U.S. olympic athletes were competing at the games without being vaccinated, they faced fierce criticism online, which led several of them to fire back in defense of their choice not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. T

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Iconic Borscht Belt comic Jackie Mason dead at 93

Famed borscht-belt comedian Jackie Mason, who rose from a modest childhood on the Lower East Side to become one of the most famous funnymen of all time, has died. He was 93.

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Special $1,000 stimulus checks are being sent to certain people - see if you qualify

Some states, like Georgia, are sending a new stimulus check to people - in the form of a $1,000 "thank you" bonus to boost morale.

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Majority of Physicians Surveyed Have Not and Will Not Get COVID Vaccine

If we are to trust the experts – as the Biden administration has told us we should where the issue of COVID is concerned, then a new...

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Soros Heavily Finances 'Defund the Police' Movement Contradicting Biden

Betraying a statement by President Biden and a Democrat narrative currently being floated, George Soros, according to Federal Election...

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Congressman Seeks to Eliminate 'Diversity' Positions at the Pentagon

In what many consider to be a move back to sanity, US Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), has introduced a bill aimed at eliminating a major portion of...

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More than a laugh: Kamala Harris' is a sound check for a divided country

To gauge how some people view Kamala Harris, the first woman and woman of color to be vice president, look at how they respond to her laugh.

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Even the vaccinated must take precautions as L.A. coronavirus surge worsens, officials say

Coronavirus infections in Los Angeles County are accelerating amid a surge that has cases and hospitalizations reaching levels not seen in months.

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The Delta Variant Will Drive A Steep Rise In U.S. COVID Deaths, A New Model Shows

New estimates show the U.S. is on track to see a big rise in cases and more than triple the number of deaths by October.

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Texas State Rep. Donna Howard actually thought she could get away with lying about Texas Dems’ private superspreader flight

donna howard

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US Deploys F-22 Raptors in Show of Force in the Indo-Pacific

The US Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) has announced it is ordering a massive military presence into the command’s “area of...

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McCarthy Gives Pelosi Ultimatum on January 6th 'Committee'

Opening the door for extrication from a position he should have never been in, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), found himself...

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Sen. Paul Sends a Criminal Referral to DoJ, Says Fauci Lied to Congress

Hitting his breaking point with the “definition of words” rhetoric game, US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), said he plans to send a criminal...

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Iran Creates New Proxy-Military Unit to Fight Taliban in Afghanistan

As if the situation in Afghanistan needed to be “Islamo-complicated” any further, news has come out of the despotic Iranian regime that...

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Biden Administration Issues Weak Response to Cuban Cries for Help

After over a week of contentious and oftentimes violent protests in the streets of Cuba, the Biden administration has responded to the...

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Why the US should NOT appoint an "Islamophobia envoy"

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Another Olympic Opening Ceremony Hitch — The Director Is Fired For Holocaust Comments

It's another setback for the troubled event on the same week that the ceremony's composer was forced out. Still, the show will go on tomorrow, officially kicking off the long-postponed Tokyo Games.

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Eric Clapton pushes back on venues requiring COVID vaccines

Eric Clapton, one of rock's most vocal COVID-19 skeptics, says he reserves to right to cancel any show where vaccination becomes a condition of attendance.

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'Watching the Watchmen': The FBI’s Hidden Role in MI Gov Kidnapping Plot

An investigation by BuzzFeed News found the FBI informants who halted the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer planned meetings and purchased explosives for participants, giving extremists unsubstantiated evidence that the government “targeted” p

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‘This Is Just The Beginning’: Larry Elder Wins Case Against California, Judge Orders State To Include Elder On Ballot

A Judge in California has ordered the state to include radio host and author Larry Elder on the ballot in the upcoming California recall election.

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LGBTQ: American churches, Scripture get it wrong on gays and lesbians

Churches will continue hemorrhaging members until we face the truth: Being a faithful Christian does not mean accepting everything the Bible teaches.

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New Far-Left Dem Talking Point: 'CRT Is Not Being Taught in Schools'

In an attempt to move a new far-Left narrative into the mainstream, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), complained about grassroots...

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Texas Congressman Wants to Prohibit China from Buying Up America

In a common sense move that should spark a deeper debate, US Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has proposed legislation to block members of the...

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Wisconsin Lawmakers Call for ConCon to Protect Supreme Court

In an age when talk appears to suffice as fulfillment of an obligation, several Wisconsin lawmakers are actually trying to affect a...

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Biden Admin to Border Agents: Prepare for the Flood

The Biden administration is telling immigration agents to prepare to process hundreds of thousands of migrant families and asylum claims as the White House moves to reverse Trump-era border and coronavirus policies, according to internal documents obtaine

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

California Exempts Gavin Newsom from Tax Return Rule It Applied to Larry Elder

The Secretary of State exempted Governor Gavin Newsom from releasing tax returns -- even as she excludes Larry Elder over his tax returns.

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The 'Biggest Threat to Our Country' in History Sees Light Sentences

To listen to President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the events of January...

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Biden Has the Ability to Connect Cuban Protesters to the Internet, But Will He?

As the brave people of Cuba continue to fight for their freedom, their Communist government is doing what any despotic regime does in an...

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Democrats' #MeToo Double-Standard on Display in Minnesota

High-profile Democrats in the State of Minnesota – including the state’s Governor, are calling on one Democrat State Representative to...

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Pronoun Police Get Slapped Down in California

The California Court of Appeal has overturned a portion of California’s Health & Safety Code that, while only applicable to employees at...

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Disney Introduces A Revamped Jungle Cruise Ride Without The Racist Imagery

The ride, which previously featured racist imagery of Africans as spear-waving headhunters, has been transformed into a slapstick comedy in which the wildlife bests clueless safari-goers.

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Why are wrongly-convicted people still imprisoned in Missouri?

Prosecutors have called for the release of Kevin Strickland and Lamar Johnson, who have served a combined 70 years in prison for murders they did not commit. And yet, innocence has not earned them their freedom. So, what's going on in the state of Missour

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

George Takei advises his followers on what to do ‘if a Republican invokes MLK’

We’re not sure when George Takei made the transition from actor to political expert. Probably because the transition’s been so seamless!

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Democrats Want to Push Amnesty, Immigration Reform in Infrastructure Bill

It’s hard to imagine that immigration could ever be considered “infrastructure,” but it appears Democrats are set to include several...

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What’s really happening in Portland, OR -- a city at a turning point dealing with its own history

Portland, Oregon has bore witness to some of the longest and most destructive demonstrations in the nation over the past year. The right-wing media would have you believe Portland is a dystopian Hell-hole overrun by anarchists, lawlessness, violence, and

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Klobuchar Lies About Voting Reform; Suggests It Can Move in Infrastructure Bill

In the continuation of Democrats attempts to co-opt federal elections, US Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), suggested packing the meat of the...

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London Mayor Hails Statue of Activist Who Beheaded Father in Front of Children

In a move that questions the state of humanity, London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, defended the upcoming placement of a statue celebrating John...

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Merkel tours 'surreal' flood scene, vows aid, climate action

BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel surveyed what she called a “surreal, ghostly” scene in a devastated village on Sunday, pledging quick financial aid and a redoubled political focus on curbing climate change as the death toll from floods

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Kamala Harris Visits Walter Reed For ‘Routine Appointment’ Days After Meeting COVID-Positive Texas Dems

Vice President Kamala Harris made a previously unannounced visit to Walter Reed Medical Center Sunday for a “routine doctor’s appointment,” according to Fox News.

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Ocasio-Cortez Tries to Focus Away from the Failures of Communism in Cuba

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), put both her propagandist tendencies and her geo-political naivete on full display last week...

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The Federal Government Wants to Micromanage Your Showerhead

In a move that illustrates exactly how far the government has unacceptably interfered with our everyday lives, the Department of Energy...

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With Just 1/3 of Voters 'Woke' Why Are We Taking a Knee to Totalitarianism?

A recent survey taken of one-thousand American voters revealed that under one-third of them consider themselves “woke.” This leads to the...

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Biden White House Crosses the Line into Full-Blown Facebook Fascism

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki exposed disturbing news that the Biden administration is actively working with the social media...

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As Biden Does Nothing, Floridians Boatlift Food, Supplies to Cuba

As the Cuban people fight for freedom, the Biden administration has limited itself to providing supportive rhetoric and little else...

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Communist Chinese Officials Talk of Nuking Japan in Taking Taiwan

Existing in ground substantially beyond saber-rattling, China has threatened the use of nuclear weapons should the Japanese interfere in...

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A Study Predicts Record Flooding In The 2030s, And It's Partly Because Of The Moon

Researchers say high tide flooding in U.S. coastal regions will become more frequent in the mid-2030s because of climate change, amplified by a routine wobble in the moon's orbit.

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Woke Florida County Commissioners Refuse to Affirm the US Bill of Rights

In a move that betrays our nation’s founding documents, the Collier County Florida County Board of Commissioners defeated a proposal that...

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Democrats Usurp State's Constitutional Rights with Probe into Election Audit

House Democrats on the Oversight & Reform Committee have launched a probe into the Florida-based cybersecurity firm Cyber Ninjas, a...

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Where Are the Cellphones and Why Were They Wiped?

US Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Ron Jonhson (R-WI) want answers from the Department of Justice (DoJ) as to why a significant number...

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Biden Appoints Union-Connected Trumka to Commission

In another payback to the labor union bosses, President Biden has nominated Rich Trumka Jr. – the son of AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka...

News | Antisemitism Watch

Erasing Years of Work, California Bill Revives Anti-Semitic Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Rossman-Benjamin was the first to expose how the discipline of Critical Ethnic Studies is deeply antisemitic and anti-Zionist.

News | The News

Disney to Move Thousands of Jobs from California to ‘Business Friendly’ Florida

The Walt Disney Company is joining a growing number of businesses to move some operations out of California to states considered to have a “business friendly climate,” in this case Florida where its second theme park is located.

Politics | The "Squad"

AOC's Response to the Cuban Uprising Is So Terrible That Even Democrats Are Condemning It

She finally speaks and probably shouldn't have.

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San Francisco won't follow LA County's lead, but could update mask guidance

Hours before LA County officials reinstated its mask mandate, San Francisco Mayor London Breed stopped short of saying the city would also bring back its own. But new guidance could be issued in the coming days.

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Carl Sagan Predicted The Mess 2021 Would Be 25 years Ago

Astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan managed to predict a lot of the things the challenges America faces in the year 2021 all the way back in 1995 when he wa...

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Guillain-Barré syndrome: FDA warns of potential rare neurological complication with Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine

The US Food and Drug Administration updated the label on Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine Monday to warn of the possible increased risk of a rare neurological complication known as Guillain-Barré syndrome.

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LA County To Require Masks Indoors Starting Saturday Regardless Of Vaccination Status

Los Angeles County officials released a new Health Officer Order Thursday requiring masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.

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Los Angeles County reimposing indoor mask requirement

Los Angeles County is reviving a requirement that masks be worn indoors, regardless of people's vaccination status, according to multiple West Coast reports.

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Tucker Carlson Reveals Bombshell Emails Exposing US Military Secretly Moving Illegal Immigrants Around the Country

'Apparently, Americans don’t have a right to know where foreign nationals are being resettled in their own country.'

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California approves 1st state-funded guaranteed income plan

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers on Thursday approved the first state-funded guaranteed income plan in the U.S., $35 million for monthly cash payments to qualifying pregnant people and young adults who recently left foster care with no res

Politics | PC Culture

New Batch Of Emojis Include ‘Pregnant Man’ And ‘Pregnant Person’

Unicode Consortium’s draft for Emoji 14.0 includes a “Pregnant Man” and “Pregnant Person.”

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Biden Administration Invites UN to 'Investigate Systemic Racism' in the US

In a move that opens the door for the corrupt United Nations to judge the internal issues of the United States, President Biden’s...

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YouTube Denies County Residents Access to Their Government Meetings

In a stunning display of obstruction, Google’s YouTube platform deleted a video of a public governmental meeting under the guise of that...

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Sunscreen recall: J&J Neutrogena, Aveeno products recalled for benzene

Johnson & Johnson is voluntarily recalling select Neutrogena and Aveeno sunscreen products after low levels of benzene were found in products.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Joe Biden Finds Some Refugees He Doesn't Want: Cubans Seeking Freedom From Communism

The Biden Administration will deny dissident Cubans entry into the United States. They will be sent to a third country while economic migrants flood the border.

Politics | Politics

Texas Democrats Disenfranchise Their Non-Aligned Constituents

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), said Democrat state lawmakers who abandoned a special session of the State Legislature to avoid voting on a...

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Homeland Security chief says U.S. will not give refuge to those fleeing Cuba and Haiti by boat

"Allow me to be clear: if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States," Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned on Tuesday.

Politics | Politics

Pennsylvania Goes to War Over Election Transparency

The Pennsylvania Department of State last week ordered county boards of elections to not provide any access to third parties that are...

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

High potency weed linked to psychotic episodes, mysterious vomiting illness in young users

“It felt like Edwards Scissorhands was trying to grab my intestines and pull them out,” a Colorado man told NBC News.

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What Will Happen To All The Plexiglass Barriers Austin Businesses Set Up During The Pandemic?

Plexiglass barriers used to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 won't be easy to recycle. The acrylic sheets will likely have to be reused or repurposed to avoid being added to landfills.

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing a recall — here's what to know and why he'll likely win

Gavin Newsom is the second California governor ever to face a recall election. Experts say he'll likely win.

History | The Constitution

YouTube Deletes CPAC's Video About Trump's Lawsuit, Group Can't Upload Content

YouTube deleted a video uploaded by the American Conservative Union, which hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference, for allegedly ...

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'An incredible day' as Lee statue removed in Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — Cheers erupted Saturday as a Confederate statue that towered for nearly a century over downtown Charlottesville was carted away by truck from the Virginia city where it had become a flashpoint for racist protests and deadly v

Politics | Election: 2020

New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020

Both an audit and a recount confirmed Biden’s victory, but ignored in the process was evidence that nearly 35,000 Georgians had potentially voted illegally.

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Report: Malaysian ‘Troll Army’ Targeted Israelis During Conflict With Hamas

A series of cyberattacks aimed at shutting down pro-Israel social media accounts and spamming Israelis with abusive messages during the military conflict with Hamas was coordinated by a Malaysian "troll army," according to researchers who have been tracki

Politics | The "Squad"

Did Rashida Tlaib Just Commit Treason?

Tlaib's position will likely become the Democrat mainstream. Defunding DHS is fine, but if you suggest defunding Tlaib, your political career will be over.

Politics | Politics

The National Archives Provides a Chilling Taste of the Institutionalized Woke-ism Infecting America

A terrifying National Archives report reveals the Orwellian institutionalized Woke-ism threatening America.

Politics | Politics

Eric Trump Rips Trump Org Indictment: 'Political Vendetta' Because They're 'Petrified My Father Will Run Again'

Thousands of man-hours, millions of dollars and endless investigations have proven one thing: Trump is the most honest businessman in NY.

Politics | Politics

California endeavors to do away with ‘white supremacy culture’ in the mathematics classroom

California is looking at the framework, "Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction."

Politics | Politics

Second Teachers’ Union Embraces Critical Race Theory

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the largest teachers union in the United States, is going all-in on Critical Race Theory (CRT)...

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Delta Is Now The Dominant Coronavirus Variant In The U.S.

The CDC just released new estimates showing the highly contagious delta variant now accounts for 51.7% of cases in the U.S. In some parts of the country, the strain is responsible for 80% of cases.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Eric Garland questions demolition of Surfside condo due to ‘presence of Israeli Defense Forces’

"If anyone wants to see a blatant example of anti-semitism..."

Psychology | Psychology

Biden Admin Expands Tuition Breaks For Future Teachers, Removes GPA Requirement To Provide Access To ‘Students Of Color’

The Biden administration announced a plan to expand tuition breaks for future teachers and remove GPA requirements for grant recipients in hopes of providing access to “students of color.”

Politics | Politics

Nothing to see here, just Jen Psaki admitting the feds will be going door-to-door to Americans who have not been vaccinated

Gosh ... feds coming to your door if you haven't been vaccinated. That sounds pretty damn authoritarian to us, just sayin'.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Author and podcaster says 'F*** Fourth of July': 'The only independence I recognize is Juneteenth'

Author and podcaster Touré Neblett at The Grio says he does not recognize America's Independence Day — only that of Juneteenth. What are the details? In a highly critical editorial, Neblett said "F*** the Fourth of July" and that the only independence tha

News | Media Bias

Big Tech Censorship & Government Collusion: Judicial Watch Reveals Secret History of 2020 Election | Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch has uncovered critical new details in the secret history of the 2020 election: how state government officials—at times interfacing with the Biden presidential campaign—colluded with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to censor freedom of speech

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

‘Not in my neighborhood!!’: Resident calls cops because fireworks are ‘a literal call to white supremacy’ and intimidating to BIPOC

Can you believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris set off fireworks in D.C. for the inauguration?

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Says It Will Teach Critical Race Theory In All 50 States, 14,000 School Districts

The nation’s largest teacher union pledged to teach critical race theory — the ideology that claims America is irredeemably rooted in racism — in all 50 states and across the more than 14,000 school districts the union works with.

News | The News

NPR Trashes Declaration Of Independence On Fourth Of July, Adds ‘Editor’s Note’ To Warn Of ‘Racist Slur’

National Public Radio (NPR) denounced the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July because of terms it deemed offensive.

Politics | Politics

More Proof that State Election Officials Betrayed Trump & Election

It’s clear that conservatives need to watch out for establishment Republicans as much as they do Democrats. For anyone watching the presidential elections, it was clear that something was off about the elections from the jump. However, it was the ac

Politics | Joe Biden

FACEPALM—Biden on Tragic Condo Collapse: 'You Know What's Good About This?'

On Thursday, Joe Biden was in Florida for a meeting with Governor Ron DeSantis and other local leaders near the site of the Surfside condo collapse and bizarrely interjected to point out what he consi...

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Boston Chabad Rabbi Stabbed Several Times, Attacker Apprehended by Police

A Boston Police cruiser. Photo: Ben Schumin / Wikimedia A Boston-area Chabad rabbi was in stable condition after being stabbed …

Politics | The "Squad"

Energy expert tackles AOC’s ‘dangerously delusional views about energy that will end up killing many people’ in Puerto Rico

Yesterday, armchair energy expert AOC dismissed the concerns of people who believe it’d be a bad idea to shut down the coal plant that helps to keep the lights on in Puerto Rico.

Politics | BLM

Black Lives Matter Files Lawsuit Against Santa Monica To Prevent ‘Unlawful’ Police Response At Future Protests

Black Lives Matter’s Los Angeles chapter (BLMLA) and other protesters filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against the city of Santa Monica, California, claiming its response to demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd last year violated the constitutional and statutory rights of some demonstrators.

News | Interesting Links

Teen with rare disorder who wasn't expected to live beyond 18 months graduates from high school

A teen from Owensboro, Kentucky, was born with a rare genetic disorder, and doctors never expected him to ...

News | In The News

Bill Cosby released after assault conviction overturned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Pennsylvania high court vacates Bill Cosby's conviction, orders him freed from prison

News | The News

Heart inflammation after COVID-19 shots higher than expected in study of U.S. military

Members of the U.S. military who were vaccinated against COVID-19 showed higher-than-expected rates of heart inflammation, although the condition was still extremely rare, according to a study released on Tuesday.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Democrats to Federalize Local Zoning Laws, Displace Single-Family Homes

Democrats plan to federalize local zoning laws within the infrastructure package to displace single family homes with highrise apartments.

News | News

CTECH – Israel’s Latest Technology and Innovation News

CTECH – Israel’s Latest Technology and Innovation News SentinelOne aiming to raise over $1 billion at more than $8 billion valuation after hiking IPO price range. The Israeli-founded cybersecurity company now plans to sell 32 million shares pr

News | In The News

In Huge Blow To Antitrust Efforts Against Big Tech, Federal Judge Dismisses Suits Against Facebook

In a massive blow to Congress’ effort to rein in Big Tech, a federal judge threw out antitrust lawsuits leveled against Facebook by the Federal Trade

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Olympian Gwen Berry says she’s ‘pissed’ and it was ‘disrespectful’ to play the national anthem while she was on the medal stand

"The anthem doesn't speak for me. It never has."

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Portland police issue tweet to assure protesters that person shot by cops was a white male

Portland police wanted to tamp down rumors that it was a person of color who was shot.

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Biden DoJ Fires First Shot in War Against Constitutional State Sovereignty

In a move that can only be characterized as an assault on the sovereignty of States, the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit...

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Derek Chauvin Is Sentenced To 22 1/2 Years For George Floyd's Murder

Prosecutors were asking for the former police officer to be sentenced to a 30-year prison term. The defense attorney called for probation and time already served.

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Newsom Misled the Public About Wildfire Prevention Efforts Ahead Of Worst Fire Season On Record

Gov. Gavin Newsom dramatically overstated the amount of fire prevention work performed on “priority projects” he touted and cut Cal Fire’s mitigation budget by $150 million last year, an investigation by CapRadio and NPR’s California Newsroom foun

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The So-Called Delta Plus Variant of COVID-19 Is Dangerous But Appears Unlikely to Be a Game-Changer

The COVID-19 virus is morphing into new versions—like Delta Plus—but not all of them carry the same immediate danger to your health.

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Voter Fraud: California Still Has Massive Irregularities on Its Voter Rolls

It’s now more than seven months after the contentious November 2020 election and California still has massive and downright fraudulent-appearing irregularities on its official voter registration...