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101-Year-Old Holocaust And Spanish Flu Survivor Just Beat COVID-19

A 101-year-old man, identified as ‘Mr. P’ has been released from isolation after recovering from COVID-19 in the Italian city of Rimini. Mr. P., a WWII

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Rhode Island Governor Announces National Guard Will Go 'Door-to-Door' to Identify New Yorkers to Slow COVID-19 Spread

Rhode Island officials will patrol the highways and knock on doors, ordering anyone coming from New York into quarantine.

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E.P.A., Citing Coronavirus, Drastically Relaxes Rules for Polluters

The agency said it would not penalize companies that violate rules on monitoring and reporting pollution discharges. 

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Seattle Coronavirus Cases Beginning to Slow After Strict Stay-at-Home Measures

The city had the first reported case of the virus in the U.S., and has since been able to reduce the spread, early data shows.

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'Trump is right about the coronavirus. The WHO is wrong,' says Israeli expert - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Dr. Dan Yamin has developed models for predicting the spread of infectious diseases, and helped curb the Ebola epidemic. He says the coronavirus could take some 13,000 lives in Israel – but there's cause for optimism

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FSI - Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?

Current estimates about the Covid-19 fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude, Stanford Health Policy's Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya write in this editorial published in the Wall Street Journal.

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Trump announces 30-day extension of coronavirus guidelines

That's well past the president's Easter target to re-open parts of the country.

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Coroanvirus: Holland recalls 600,000 masks imported from China - Business Insider

The Dutch Ministry of Health said on Saturday that it asked hospitals to return 600,000 face masks after they failed to meet safety requirements.

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Manhattan Beach surfer issued $1,000 citation for violating beach closure order, disrespecting lifeguard.

Manhattan Beach, newsletter - A  Manhattan Beach surfer was issued a $1,000 citation Saturday morning after ignoring a lifeguard’s order that he not go in the water. And being disrespectful.

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China Sends Hundreds Of Thousands Of Coronavirus Tests, Masks To Nations. Many Reportedly Don’t Work.

Communist China, in an attempt to salvage its image over the coronavirus outbreak, has started to deliver hundreds of thousands of testing kits and masks to nations around the world, which reportedly do not work. “In Spain, which currently has the f

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Disney’s U.S. Parks Will Be Closed Indefinitely

After an initial decision to remain open, Disneyland announced that its Southern California parks and resorts will close for coronavirus beginning on Monday, March 16.

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Coronavirus: Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

Wearing face masks, protesters blocked the US southern border, telling Americans to 'stay home'

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Ilhan Omar calls for 'national lockdown' amid COVID-19 outbreak

Rep. Ilhan Omar on Thursday called for the Trump administration to issue a “national lockdown” in response to reports that the United States is now leading the world in confirmed coronavirus cases.

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Fauci: The Response Of Trump Admin Has Been Impressive, I Can't Imagine Anybody Could Be Doing More

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the White House Coronavirus Task Force is working around the clock to fight the coronavirus outbreak in an interview with Mark Levin on FNC's 'Life, Liberty & Levin.' Fauci said Trump has never challenged him on the science of coron

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Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Are Coming: Here's How to See If You Qualify

The federal government is offering financial support to Americans in the coming weeks. Here's how to find out how much you'll get.

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Amazon warehouse workers are outraged after a coworker tested positive for COVID-19 and they weren’t notified

Workers at 10 Amazon warehouses in the United States have tested positive for the coronavirus. Many learn of it through rumors and aren’t notified by the company.

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Kathy Griffin, In Hospital, Lashes Out At Trump Administration

On Wednesday morning, President Trump tweeted, “Just reported that the United States has done far more ‘testing’ than any other nation, by far! In fact, over an eight-day span, the United States now does more testing than what South Korea (whi

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21 Million Fewer Cellphone Users in China May Suggest a High CCP Virus Death Toll

The number of Chinese cellphone users dropped by 21 million in the past three months, Beijing authorities announced ...

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Coronavirus: Prince Charles tests positive but 'remains in good health'

The Prince of Wales, 71, has mild symptoms but "otherwise remains in good health," Clarence House says.

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Gallup: President Trump's Job Approval Rating Up to 49%, Five Percentage Points Higher Than Prior Poll

Amid the COVID-19 situation, Donald Trump's job approval rating has increased five percentage points from the prior survey.

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Communist Quality Control: Beijing Sends 150,000 Wuhan Virus Testing Kits to Prague, 80% Fail

The Communist thugs in charge of China have been trying to have it two ways on coronavirus: Playing the aggrieved victim of racism/biological-warfare/whatever, and acting like the international bigshot who, having solved the crisis at home, is now eager t

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Trump Squashes Democrats’ Partisan Demands For Funding Not Related To Coronavirus

President Donald Trump put his foot down on Democrats’ attempts to advance their leftist political agenda by hijacking the coronavirus relief bill and filling it with partisan demands that are not related to the coronavirus crisis. The president mad

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Neo-Nazis Urge Supporters to Target Jews for Coronavirus Spread

A propaganda image shared online by neo-Nazis alleging that Jews are profiting financially from the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: ADL.org. Neo-Nazi …

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Praises ‘Violent Criminal Attack’ On Rand Paul

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter appeared to praise a violent attack on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Sunday after Paul announced that he had contracted the coronavirus, which originated in China. Pelosi’s daughter, Christine

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BREAKING: Democrats Block Coronavirus Bill That Provides Lifeline To Economy, Families

Democrats blocked a massive $1.8 trillion stimulus spending bill to protect the U.S. economy and provide relief to American families who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. “The fate of a sweeping government rescue package to prop

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Nonprofits launch site for Asian Americans to report coronavirus-related racism

“We hope members of the AAPI community will report incidents they have experienced, which may range from microaggressions to incidents of racial profiling to hate violence,” the site's co-founder said.

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We'll Be Alright, and Then We Must Reckon with Communist China

China's communists unleashed the coronavirus and there must be a reckoning for their lies.

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Majority of Americans now say they approve of Trump's handling of coronavirus: poll | TheHill

The majority of Americans now approve of President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, a reversal from just one week prior, according to a 

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WHO official warns against calling it 'Chinese virus,' says 'there is no blame in this'

An official with the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday warned against referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus,” saying that it could lead to racial profiling against Asians when “there is no blame in this.”

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Watch: Thousands Of Israelis applaud medical teams amid coronavirus outbreak

Israeli citizens express their appreciation for the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals on front lines of fight against COVID-19

Politics | Leftist Lies

WATCH: Martha MacCallum Nails Biden Adviser Symone Sanders For Politicizing Coronavirus

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum grilled Biden adviser Symone Sanders on Wednesday night for falsely claiming that referring to the coronavirus by a name that signifies that it came from China is a “racial slur.” “A leader has to lead from the

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Animal Shelters Seek People To Foster Pets During Coronavirus Pandemic – CBS Los Angeles

Social distancing got you feeling a bit lonely these days? If you've ever thought about fostering a pet, this is the time to do it.

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Cuomo Says Trump Is Sending Navy ‘Hospital Ship’ to Aid N.Y. Coronavirus Effort

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the U.S. Navy would be sending its 1,000-bed USNS Comfort floating hospital ship to New York

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Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December

Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news, a Chinese

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How About Some Good News? Coronavirus Can't Be Passed From Mom To Newborn, Study Finds

Chinese researchers believe that the novel coronavirus is not transferrable from pregnant mothers to newborns at birth, a new study finds.

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Uber suspends shared rides in U.S. and Canada

Uber has suspended pooled rides in the U.S. and Canada due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

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Coronavirus causes LA’s Philippe the Original to close for first time in more than 100 years

Philippe the Original in Los Angeles, is always bustling with locals and tourists in search of the Chinatown mainstay’s french dipped sandwiches. But not on Monday or in the near future.

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Life in San Francisco area screeches to a halt amid shutdown

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — First, people were advised to avoid large gatherings. Californians adjusted. Life went on. Kids went to school, some people worked from home, but mostly it was business...

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Clyburn Compares Trump to Hitler, Warns U.S. 'Could Very Well Go the Way of Germany in the 1930s'

Clyburn also called Trump a racist who has hired white supremacists to work in the White House.

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What the Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Cut Means for Consumers

A look at how the Fed's interest rate cut could affect your savings accounts, credit card rates and more.

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No, The Coronavirus Emergency Spending Bill Still Hasn't Made It to the Senate. Here's Why.

The coronavirus spending bill, which passed the House on Saturday morning, has yet to make it to the Senate, thanks likely to Pelosi's shenanigans, which Republicans like Louie Gohmert have pointed out.

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Coronavirus quarantine, travel ban could backfire, experts fear

The government has broad legal authority to detain people in the name of public health. But politically and diplomatically, it’s more complicated.

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Disneyland to donate excess food to a food bank during coronavirus closure

Disneyland will be closed the rest of the month due to coronavirus fears — but officials aren't letting food go to waste.

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Trump declares national emergency over coronavirus, enlists private sector

President Trump on Friday declared a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak amid extensive disruptions to the economy and American life, announcing partnerships with major U.S. companies to expand testing capabilities while saying he believes th

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Israel at the forefront of coronavirus measures

Diplomatic Affairs: At first criticized, Israel now looks like a coronavirus containment visionary

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

Seattle coronavirus survivor Elizabeth Schneider on what it's like to have the virus

A Seattle woman who says she had the coronavirus and is recovering has one "big takeaway" to share: Don't panic.

Politics | The China Threat

Inside China's high-stakes campaign to smear the United States over coronavirus

It's a high-stakes strategy for the Asian nation fighting to keep its superpower status amid a national lockdown and palpable anger over claims of a cover-up made worse by an economic crisis. 

Politics | Leftist Lies

Fake news: Teen Vogue columnist enraged by ICE’s ‘jackbooted jackals’ barging into hospitals to arrest people –

It turns out that ICE agents were escorting the man to the hospital for care.

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Southwest, Frontier, and JetBlue are offering insanely cheap flights right now – BGR

If you're a traveler who doesn't mind the risk of exposure to coronavirus, or maybe you're trying to rush home to conclude your travel or you need to fly the friendly skies for any other reason, airlines are desperate for your business right now.

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Nearly 70,000 people have recovered from coronavirus | TheHill

Amid concerns over the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., it’s important to remember most who become infected recover from the illness.

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Disneyland Closes for Only Fourth Time in History Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The parks previously closed down in the wake of the JFK assassination, the Northridge earthquake, and 9/11, but this will represent their longest closure in history.

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TCM Classic Film Festival Canceled As Coronavirus Spreads

The 2020 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood has been canceled amid growing concerns about the coronavirus, TCM said today.

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Editorial: Where Ties With Communist China Are Close, the Coronavirus Follows

In the final weeks of 2019, a novel coronavirus outbreak occurred in the city of Wuhan, in central ...

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson diagnosed with coronavirus

Actor Tom Hanks says he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Politics | The "Squad"

Ilhan Omar Posts Pic Revealing She Married The Man She Denied Having Affair With

Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) posted a picture of herself with political consultant Tim Mynett on Wednesday night and revealed that they got married, which comes after Omar denied accusations that she was having an affair with him. “Got married!&#

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Trump suspends travel between US and Europe for 30 days

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday he is suspending all travel between the U.S. and Europe for 30 days beginning Friday as he seeks to combat a viral pandemic. Trump...

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Uber may suspend accounts of riders, drivers who test positive for coronavirus

Uber Technologies Inc on Wednesday said it may temporarily suspend accounts of riders and drivers who have tested positive for the coronavirus or been exposed to it at the direction of health authorities.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky: Coronavirus Panic Must Stop, Press Needs to Be Held Accountable for Hurting People | Video | RealClearP

Dr. Drew talks with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith about coronavirus: "The panic must stop. And the press, they really somehow need to be held accountable because they are hurting people." CBS NEWS: "So you've seen pandemics over the decades, how

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It’s Official! Coachella 2020 Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns | Pitchfork

The Indio festival is pushing the festival to October in response to public health concerns

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Tennessee ‘hero’ dog dies after saving family from deadly tornado | ABC 14 News

Related Posts Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and chief fundraiser lover go… Body cam shows police helping mother celebrate… There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. Pastor Darrin Crockett’s family miraculously survived Tuesday morning’s t

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Netanyahu and Pence Discuss US-Israel Scientific Cooperation on Coronavirus Outbreak

US Vice President Mike Pence speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting in Jerusalem, Jan. 22, 2018. …

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Sanders Campaign Says Status as 'White Jewish Man' Disqualifies From Giving Racial Justice Speech

Democratic 2020 US presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at a debate at the Gaillard Center in Charleston, South Carolina, …

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SXSW Lays Off a Third of Its Staff After Coronavirus Cancellation

The cancellation of this year’s annual South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, due to the global coronavirus pandemic has hit its organizing body hard, with dozens of employees let go on Monday.

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Harvey Weinstein fell and hit head while in jail, is reflecting on past behavior, rep says

While attempting to walk Sunday without his wheelchair, Harvey Weinstein fell and hit his head, according to his representative.

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BREAKING: Trump Makes Major Announcement In Providing Economic Relief For Coronavirus Outbreak

President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the administration was going to seek to cut payroll taxes and provide economic relief to hourly employees who suffer economic harm from the coronavirus, which originated in China. “We are going to take care

Politics | Censorship

Cruise Passenger & Dr. Fauci on CNN: Don't Get 'All Bent Out of Shape' on Virus

CNN has declared coronavirus a "global pandemic." But in an interview with a CNN reporter, a passenger on board the Grand Princess cruise ship off California said that he was not worried "at all" about contracting coronavirus, and that he "absolutely" vie

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2nd Closest Supermoon for 2020 to Light Up the Sky on Monday

The first supermoon of the year 2020 is right around the corner and will be visible in North and South America during the daylight hours of Monday, March 9.

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US House Democrats block pro-Israel, anti-BDS bill

Lawmakers defeated consideration of the bill by a tally of 219-194.

Politics | From the HuffPost

The Heartbreak Of Elizabeth Warren | HuffPost

As the senator exits the 2020 presidential race, her supporters wonder if they’ll ever see a woman president.

News | Israel/Jewish Community

Trump Administration Deporting Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Back To Germany

The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it was deporting a Nazi concentration camp guard, who was living in Tennessee, back to Germany. U.S. Immigration Judge Rebecca L. Holt issued the removal order against Friedrich Karl Berger, a German nat


Antisemite Who Assaulted Jewish Student on NY Subway Will Be Tried for Hate Crime

Lihi Aharon was left with a facial scar after she successfully fought off an antisemitic assailant on the New York …

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Fareed Zakaria: I want to talk about Bernie Sanders - YouTube

CNN's Fareed Zakaria analyzes Bernie Sanders' economic proposals, and how they have fared in other countries.

Politics | From CNN

Biden Leads in Tight Texas Race

View the latest news and breaking news today for U.S., world, weather, entertainment, politics and health at CNN.com.

Politics | Election: 2020

A Fantastic Night . . . If You Don’t Like Bloomberg, Warren, or Sanders

If you don’t like Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders, Super Tuesday night is just delightful so far.

Politics | Donald Trump

‘Hitler Never Took A Salary’: Liberals Attack Trump For Donating Salary To Combat Coronavirus | The Daily Wire

As reported by The Daily Wire on Tuesday, President Donald Trump donated his entire quarterly salary to help combat the coronavirus, directing the $100,000 to the the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Not everyone was pleased with the news o

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Azerbaijan minister makes history by attending AIPAC, praises ties with Israel

Finance minister Samir Sharifov told the crowd: “Cooperation with Israel is not limited to oil supply; we are interested in widening cooperation in defense and the transfer of technology.”


Brooklyn grand jury fails to indict woman accused of anti-Semitic attack

Jasmine Lucas, 24, was held for seven days in Rikers Island on a charge of second-degree robbery as a hate crime after her New Year’s Day arrest in Williamsburg.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Racist Jill Filipovic Thinks It’d Be Swell If ‘White Guys’ Stopped Running for President

Adding another arrow to her quiver of crazy, radical feminist commentator and occasional New York Times columnist Jill Filipovic took to social media to disparage most of the remaining Democratic presidential field. No, not because they embody some of the

Politics | Israeli Politics

Netanyahu Claims ‘Enormous Victory,’ Pledges to Form ‘Nationalist Government’

Confetti falls as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands next to his wife Sara after speaking to supporters following the …

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BREAKING: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Announces Retirement During TV Segment

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews announced on Monday that he was retiring effective immediately following controversy surrounding recent remarks that he had made on air. “Let me start with my headline tonight. I’m retiring,” Matthews

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Trader Joe’s founder Joe Coulumbe dies at 89

Joe Coulombe envisioned a new generation of young grocery shoppers emerging in the 1960s, one that wanted healthy, tasty, high-quality food they couldn’t find in most supermarkets and couldn’t affo…

Politics | The "Squad"

‘I await your engagement on the actual substance’: Ted Cruz won’t accept AOC’s insults and extensive resume as answers to these science questions

"You ignored all three."

Politics | Election: 2020

OOPS! Joe Biden campaign admits he was never arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela

The presidential campaign for Joseph R. Biden admitted Tuesday that the former vice president was never arrested while trying to see Nelson Mandela during the South African apartheid despite him claiming he was arrested at least three times this month.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

YIMBYs – Newest Handmaidens of the Growth Machine

Grassroots and Progressive views on local, national and world news

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USC Waives Tuition For Families Earning Less Than $80K | Patch

USC To Waive Tuition For Countless Families - Los Angeles, CA - The University of Southern California will also eliminate home equity as a financial aid factor, a boon for California families.

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How European-Style Public Housing Could Help Solve The Affordability Crisis

Government-financed "social housing" is utterly mundane in Europe, but remains a radical concept in the U.S. Could it work in the D.C. area?

Politics | Media Watch

Column: The Old Media Pushes Facebook to the Left

The “news” media routinely exhibit a badly disguised loathing for the social media. Journalists calling themselves the “mainstream” expect the social media to bend their platforms to their liberal talking points. Any rogue information that doesn’t match t

Politics | From CNN

2020 Democratic debate in South Carolina: Live coverage - CNNPolitics

Seven presidential candidates will take the stage at the tenth Democratic debate in South Carolina, just days before the state's primary. Follow here for the latest.

News | Abortion

Democrats Block Bill To Protect Infants Born Alive After Abortion, Proving Again That They Are The Party Of Evil

On Tuesday, Democrats in the U.S. Senate blocked a bill that would have required clinics and hospitals to provide basic medical treatment to infants born alive after failed abortions. Democrats tried to position the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protectio

Politics | Malfeasance

Pete Buttigieg Brings 9-Year-Old Boy on Stage to Announce He's Gay

In what must be one of the most troubling political rallies hosted by Mayor Pete up to this point, the former South Bend mayor turned Democrat presidential candidate invited a 9-year-old boy to come on stage to announce to the entire world that he's gay.

Politics | Iran

How Iran’s regime spread coronavirus to the Middle East

Iran has known for five days that there were likely more cases concentrated in the holy city of Qom, where religious pilgrims gather.

Politics | Donald Trump

‘This. Is. Amazing’! 100,000-plus at stadium rally for Trump in India made for quite the sight

"I would give good money to see Jennifer Rubin’s face when she first saw this."

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Bernie Sanders, Surrounded By Anti-Semites, Attacks AIPAC. AIPAC Responds In Statement.

Socialist Bernie Sanders, the front runner in race for the Democratic presidential nomination, attacked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Sunday and was subsequently condemned by the organization. “The Israeli people have the r

Politics | Leftist Lies

Nate Silver: No Strong Evidence Russian Hacking, Disinformation Swung 2016 Election

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! That is what most of the media want you to believe about the 2020 election. This explains the recent spate of reports about the Russians attempting to hack the results of the upcoming election just as they

Pets & Animals | Interesting Animal Stories

German Shepherd Treads Water for 11 Hours to Rescue Owner | PEOPLE.com

Heidi the German shepherd was named honorary police dog for the day by officers in Moreton Bay, Australia

Politics | Politics

Officials Push Back On Claim That Russia Trying To Help Trump Win: ‘No Intelligence Behind It’ | The Daily Wire

Officials are beginning to push back on a New York Times report from this week that claimed that Russia was attempting to help President Donald Trump get re-elected, arguing that there is no intelligence to support the claim. The New York Times reported o

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Real ID worries for airports, DMV administrators as deadline approaches | Fox Business

Airports and DMV administrators worry that not enough Americans have made the Real ID switch or have the proper identification documents.

Politics | Other Politics

American Federation of Teachers to members: Support Warren, Sanders or Biden in 2020 election

The nation’s second-largest teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), said it will encourage local and state chapters to back Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sen.

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Creator Of NYT’s 1619 Project Shows Just How Unseriously She Takes History

Much has been written about the problems with The New York Times’ 1619 Project, criticisms the outlet has responded to with fingers in their ears. It follows then that the creator of the project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, would take a similar attitude toward c

Politics | Other Politics

4 takeaways from the Nevada Democratic debate

The relative civility of the last eight debates was thrown by the wayside with Bloomberg on stage.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Facebook is testing tabs to organize your News Feed

Facebook caused a lot of hullabaloo when it changed the News Feed from chronological order to an algorithmic ranking, and some people will never get over it. While you can still sort your feed by ‘Most Recent,’ the option is currently buried in the sideba

Politics | Politics

Justin Trudeau Faces Backlash After Shaking Hand With Iranians Who Shot Down Plane With Canadians Aboard | The Daily Wir

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing anger from his own countrymen after he was photographed chatting, shaking hands, and even bowing to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, after the rogue nation shot down a commercial airplane with 57 Cana

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Australia's bushfires show drastic effects of climate change

Scientists say climate change is behind the unprecedented intensity of the bushfires that have burned a reported 27 million acres in Australia.

Politics | Politics

Trump Wows Daytona Speedway By Swooping Air Force One Over Race Crowd

President Trump might just have earned a couple hundred thousand votes on Sunday — even before he arrived at Daytona International Speedway. That’s how many people are attending the Daytona 500 in Florida, where Trump visited to serve as grand

News | The News

Top Mueller Prosecutor Says DoJ Starting New Investigation into Comey, McCabe, and Strzok

An interesting twist is arising from the decision of Attorney General Barr to name an outside counsel, Jeffrey Jensen, to investigate the Michael Flynn case. Former top prosecutor on special counsel Robert Mueller's team says the ploy by Barr is a "ruse"

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Michael Avenatti has been found guilty on all counts in Nike extortion trial

Michael Avenatti is guilty on all three counts he was facing, according to a decision by a jury in federal court in New York on Friday.

Politics | Election: 2020

To Defeat Trump, Virginia Dems Give State’s Electoral Votes Away. Ted Cruz Gives Them A Constitutional Lesson.

In an astonishingly partisan move, the Virginia House of Delegates, which has a majority of Democrats, voted to disenfranchise their voters by deciding to give their entire state’s presidential electoral votes to whomever wins the popular vote. The move w

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Rep. Maxine Waters: California should have more say in primary because of all the fancy parties in Beverly Hills

California pays those candidates good money, so of course the state should have more say.

Politics | Election: 2020

Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats, you're headed for a 2020 disaster unless you do THIS

The new progressive Democratic Party had four of its worst days in recent memory in a single week in February.


Former Dem lawmaker confronts Rashida Tlaib on anti-Semitism at campus event: It's about 'fighting hate'

Former Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind  encouraged people to "speak out" against anti-Semitism on Thursday, just days after campus police removed him from an event at Rutgers University Sunday afternoon for asking guest speaker Rep. Rashida Tla

News | In The News

Why people with student debt are refusing to repay it

People are going on strike against their student debt. Here's why.

Politics | Climate Change

United States Led Entire World In Reducing CO2 Emissions In 2019

The United States led the entire world in reducing CO2 emissions last year while also experiencing solid economic growth, according to a newly released report. “The United States saw the largest decline in energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 on a c

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Downtown’s Broadway poised to be first LA street to ban cars

A 1.5-mile stretch would be open to pedestrians, bikes, scooters, and buses—but not private vehicles.

Politics | Malfeasance

Here They Go Again: Pelosi to Launch New Investigation into Trump

Just when you thought America's long impeachment drama was over and behind us, the Democrats have begun the process to do it again. While most of us believed they would try to repeat impeachment, we thought it would start in the second term and not a mere

Politics | Malfeasance

Chicago Prosecutor Responds To New Jussie Smollett Charges, Blames Donald Trump | The Daily Wire

Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx responded to news that an special prosecutor issued new charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who allegeldy faked a hate crime back in January of 2019, by blaming “politics” and the &#

Business & Finance | Business

Defusing the Debt Bomb

Commentary President Donald Trump's new budget confirms that without corrective action, trillion-dollar deficits will be with us for ...

News | News

Major Uranium, Rare Earth Deposit ‘Rediscovered’ in California

A massive critical mineral deposit in San Bernardino County, Calif., could yield $2.5 billion in uranium alone, enough to supply the nation’s needs for the next 16 years, say the miners who own the claims.

Politics | Other Politics

Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Democratic Primary - Bloomberg

Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, fending off strong challenges from Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar as he sought to solidify his status as standard bearer of a Democratic party split between progressives and moderates.

Politics | The "Squad"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Draws Another Primary Challenger – This Time It’s Serious

Everybody’s favorite socialist bartender cum congressperson has had a rough go of it over the past few months. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, when not committing verbal gaffe after verbal gaffe, has seen her own party’s apparatus line up against her at the sta

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Palestinians Struggle To Gain Support For Rejecting Trump Peace Plan

A United Nations Security Council vote on a Palestinian draft resolution that rejects President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan has been delayed after the Palestinians realized that it did not have the votes to pass. “This is a significa

Politics | Donald Trump

Trump Flies Unannounced To Dover AFB After N.H. Rally To Pay Respects To Two Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

After a raucous campaign rally in New Hampshire, President Trump on Monday took an unannounced trip to Dover Air Force Base to take part in a somber “dignified transfer ceremony” for two 28-year-old soldiers killed in Afghanistan. After a brief prayer ins


WATCH: Jewish Dem Thrown Out Of Tlaib Event For Confronting Her Anti-Semitism

Former New York State Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind was thrown out of an event over the weekend for confronting far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) over her extensive history of promoting anti-Semitism. The event, hosted by ‘Muslims4Peace,’ w

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County in rural Kansas is jailing people over unpaid medical debt

A rural Kansas county enacted a law that sends people to jail if they fail to appear in court over unpaid medical bills. Meg Oliver reports.

News | Antisemitism Watch

ADL: Extremists using coronavirus outbreak to stoke hatred against Jews

Neo-Nazi and white supremacists are using fears of the deadly coronavirus to stoke hated against Jews and spread conspiracy theories

Entertainment | ENTERTAINMENT

Karl Marx gets shoutout during 'American Factory' Oscars 2020 acceptance speech

“The Communist Manifesto” got a shoutout during the 2020 Oscars. Julia Reichert, the co-director of best documentary winner “American Factory,” which was produced by former …

Politics | The "Squad"

Ilhan Omar: U.S. Responsible For ‘Flooding’ In Other Countries

Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) suggested last week that the United States was responsible for problems around the world, including flooding that happens in foreign countries. Omar made the remarks in Washington, D.C., while speaking at a Democracy Now an

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Trump said to propose roughly $3 billion NASA budget boost for 2021 – TechCrunch

President Donald Trump is set to request a budget of $25.6 billion for NASA for its fiscal 2021 operating year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. It’s looking for nearly $3 billion more than the $22.6 billion NASA had for its current fisca

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Kobe Bryant Pilot Deliberately Broke Flight Rules, Says NTSB

A new NTSB report concludes that he made the fatal decision to fly into a cloudbank – something he was not permitted to do.

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Trump Administration Finalizes Plans To Allow Development On Downsized Monuments

More than two years after Trump dramatically shrank the protected land in Utah, the Bureau of Land Management released the framework for the move, despite continuing challenges to its legality.

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Senators Say Redacted Footnotes Contradict IG Report Statements

News Analysis The chairmen of two U.S. Senate committees are disputing claims made by an FBI official to ...

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President Trump Caps Off Successful Week By Outpacing Jobs Expectations

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any better for President Donald Trump, government figures released Friday show that the administration, again, outpaced jobs expectations. In the month of January, 225,000 jobs were added, according to La

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IsraAid Sends Medical Supplies To China Amid Coronavirus Crisis | News Briefs

The Israeli aid organization said it was sending medical supplies to the Chinese Health Ministry as it grapples with a shortage. | NoCamels