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Pathetic and Weak: Scrabble Introduces 'Less Competitive', 'More Inclusive' Version for Gen Z

 There is nothing the Left won't touch and completely ruin. Television, movies, books -- you name it. Now, like locusts swarming the next farm, they've moved on to board games.

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How Are ‘Scrabble’ Letter Points Decided?

How did ‘Scrabble’'s makers decide how many points each letter was worth? It started with an unemployed architect during the Great Depression, and it has stayed the same ever since.

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‘Braconid’ Wins the Day and the World Scrabble Championship 2016

Good for 176 points, the word for a type of parasitic wasp helped a London recruitment consultant take the top prize of 7,000 euros.

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Scrabble adds even more garbage words to its dictionary

Scrabble, once the sport of kings and their grandmothers, has made increasing inroads toward trying to chillax about its word restrictions, to name just one garbage portmanteau it allowed to slither into its official dictionary. Last year, it invited play