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Los Angeles' Eastside shaken by third earthquake in a month - Los Angeles Times

A magnitude 2.9 earthquake struck underneath the L.A. neighborhood of El Sereno on Monday morning, causing weak shaking throughout the Eastside and San Gabriel Valley.

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4.7 magnitude earthquake strikes New Jersey, shaking buildings in surrounding states | Fox News

A minor earthquake was felt in the New York and northern New Jersey area Friday morning. Social media users reported feeling the quake in other states such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

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Largest earthquake in decades hits Southern California, measuring 6.4 magnitude - Los Angeles Times

Earthquake rattles Southern California. The 10:33 a.m. quake was centered in the Searles Valley, a remote area of Kern County about 100 miles from L.A.

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California mega-earthquake fear: Is the San Andreas fault at risk of the 'Big One'? | Fox News

New research suggests that a newly-discovered 'structure' in the San Andreas fault line could result in a massive earthquake, often referred to as the big one.

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Rare Film of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Found | Breitbart

A rare film was found with nine minutes of footage capturing San Francisco two weeks after the devastating 1906 earthquake.

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New videos capture moment Nepal earthquake struck

Newly released video footage of Saturday's deadly earthquake in Nepal captures the moment the 7.9-magnitude quake struck.

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On first day, IDF field hospital in Nepal treats nearly 100, delivers baby

Members of army unit of Israel’s last missing national, IDF vet Or Asraf, head to Kathmandu to join search for him

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Robotic probe releases new video from Fukushima plant - CNN.com

A robotic probe into the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has retrieved crucial information on conditions inside the damaged reactor.

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Vin Scully provides play-by-play of 5.1 earthquake as play continues at Dodger Stadium

The ground began shaking at Dodger Stadium on Friday night after a registered magnitude-5.1 earthquake rattled the Los Angeles area. The scene played out dramatically on live TV with legendary broadcaster Vin Scully calmly … Continue reading →