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Montana photographer captures 'mind-blowing' images of rare white bison reportedly born at Yellowstone | Fox News

Montana wildlife photographer, Erin Braaten, photographed a rare white bison calf at Yellowstone National Park which is believed to be a prophetic sign meaning "better times" are ahead.

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Billions of cicadas are about to emerge, creating a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle

Two large broods of cicadas in the Midwest and southeastern U.S. are set to surface simultaneously—something that hasn't happened in over 200 years.

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51 Must-Visit National Park Properties Across America

From Acadia to Zion, these are the best U.S. national park properties in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.monument within driving distance.

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Twenty Endangered California Condors Die Amid Avian Flu Outbreak | Smithsonian Magazine

Scientists fear the deaths could set back the slow-breeding birds' recovery by at least a decade

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Rare and Threatened Wolverine Spotted In Oregon!

A rare wolverine was spotted near Portland, Oregon, instilling hope in animal lovers advocating for their protection, as the animal is currently listed as

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Albania's last 'restaurant bear' freed

After more than 20 years in captivity, Mark, the last of Albania's 'restaurant bears', has safely arrived a...

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88-year-old woman killed in alligator attack in South Carolina - ABC News

A woman was killed in an apparent alligator attack in South Carolina on Monday, officials said.

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World's rarest sea turtle lays eggs on new Galveston beach

The nesting was reportedly made possible through a beach 'renourishment' project that...

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The Best State Park for Kids in Every State

The best state park in every state. These are the perfect spots to visit during COVID as they won't have the crowds that the national parks do.

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Nature Can Be as Engaging as Video Games — How to Help Kids Fall in Love With the Outdoors

You don’t need to go to a national park to help your kids fall in love with nature; a walk around the block can be enough. Tech also doesn’t have to be the enemy. Instead, use it as a tool to enhance their awe.

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How to Embrace Nature in Your Own Backyard

Simply stepping outside to take in the fresh air can do wonders for your energy, your focus, and your stress levels.

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Study Finds Spiders Are Victorious in Battles Against Snakes | Mental Floss

A recent study looked at hundreds of records of spiders killing and eating snakes—even snakes many times their size.

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Breaking down the skills required for dealing with 40 different creatures.

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Simple Ways to Discover Wonder in Nature

Small ways spending time outside can help inspire you and shape your perspective.

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Mount Etna roars to life

Raw video: Europe's highest active volcano sends plumes of ash and lava into the night sky and showers roads with volcanic rock

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Is spending 2 hours outdoors the new 10,000 steps?

As people spend more time indoors, a mountain of scientific research says spending time in nature is critical to health and increases longevity.

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Video Reveals All The Animals This Utah Highway Overpass Has Saved - The Dodo

In 2018, Utah build the Parley's Canyon wildlife overpass over a busy six-lane highway just for wildlife. And the animals are loving it!

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Monkeys Filmed Working Together to Save a Juvenile From a Boa Constrictor

Anthropologists from Tulane University have captured incredible footage of capuchin monkeys teaming up to rescue one of their own from the strangling clutches of a Boa constrictor. The video, along...

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Jane Goodall Says Pandemic Is Due to 'Little Respect for the Natural World' but There's Hope for This Planet Yet

Goodall talks to Newsweek about the pandemic, her new documentary and the most important message she hopes her life's work leaves behind.

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Stop & Smell The Roses: Visiting Nature Benefits Your Health - And The Planet's Too! - Study Finds

It can be difficult for city dwellers to find the time for nature, but a new study finds making some room for greenery will do a world of good for not only your own well-being, but the planet as well.

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Plants 'Talk' To Each Other When A Threat Is Nearby, Study Finds

Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that plants can indeed communicate among each other to warn of nearby threats and pests.

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13 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hummingbirds

These fascinating facts and photos are bound to make you adore them even more! Learn some interesting facts about quirky hummingbirds.

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Snakehead fish that can breathe air, survive on land found in Georgia

An invasive northern snakehead fish was found in a pond, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division confirmed.

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Russian Mine Yields Diamond-Within-Diamond Stone; First of its Kind

The stone weighs 0.62 carats, while the internal gem weighs 0.02 carats. It may be more than 800 million years old.

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Some interesting info on biodiversity and why it matters to humans

Biodiversity is all the different kinds of life you’ll find in one area -- the variety of animals, plants, fungi, and even microorganisms like bacteria that make up our natural world.

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A Shopper’s Guide to Home Tissue Products

In the United States, we consume more than 15 billion pounds of tissue each year—more than 50 pounds per person. It’s taking a major toll on forests like the Canadian boreal.

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Tackling plastic pollution in the Galápagos | Stories | WWF

Around the world, humans produce an estimated 1.3 billion tons of plastic waste per year, a number that is set to increase to 2.2 billion by 2025. In countries such as Ecuador that have limited garbage collection services, some of this plastic waste inevi

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Doctors in Shetland can now prescribe a walk in nature

Since October 5, doctors in Shetland, Scotland have been authorized to prescribe nature to their patients. It's thought to be the first program of its kind in the U.K., and seeks to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and increase happiness for those with

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Urban Green Spaces And Gardens Linked To Improved Mood : Shots - Health News : NPR

When researchers cleaned up vacant lots and planted grass and trees in poor neighborhoods in Philadelphia, residents' mental health improved.

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Green Your Coffee Habit | NRDC

Our guide to buying greener beans, brewing with less waste, and avoiding all that packaging.

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Let Kids Play Outside | Psychology Today

Playing outside, digging for worms, planting vegetables, and essentially coming into contact with plenty of dirt and livestock are actually good things. Not just good – essential.

Psychology | Personality

The surreal, sad story behind the acclaimed new doc 'Three Identical Strangers'

The incredible true story of triplets separated at birth and reunited years later unfolds in the documentary 'Three Identical Strangers'

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The Secret To Staying Happy Is Getting Whatever Exposure To Nature You

A new study finds that even just seeing a tree or hearing a birdsong will up your state of mind.

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Alaska Over a Century: From Natural Wonders to Government Plunder

Retracing a famous environmentalist's journey almost 120 years ago, an author discovers a very different Alaska.

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'Gang' of rhino poachers mauled to death by pride of lions after breaking into game reserve | Fox News

At least three suspected rhino poachers have been killed by a pride of lions after they broke into a game reserve in South Africa.

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What’s Happening to the North Atlantic Right Whale Is Just Plain Wrong | NRDC

Scientists say the species could be functionally extinct in as little as 20 years—but there are some solutions within reach.

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Without Bees, the Foods We Love Will Be Lost | NRDC

Bees, which pollinate crops like apples, blueberries, pumpkins, and watermelon, are facing huge challenges to their survival, such as the overuse of neonic pesticides.

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The Hiker’s Guide to Leaving No Trace . . . and in One Piece | NRDC

How to be responsible, pee responsibly, and handle animal encounters when you’re out in the wild, communing with nature.

Pets & Animals | Pets & Animals

Everything you think you know about bald eagles is wrong

Bald eagles look awesome. Heck, all eagles look awesome. It’s why they’re a good national symbol—they seem so fearsome and regal. But despite their image being absolutely freakin’ everywhere, the average American probably doesn’t know a whole lo

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Monarchs: Poetry in Motion

It's hard to justly express the magnitude and majesty, the sheer scale of what this experience can be, literally millions of butterflies dancing around you.

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Why Old-Growth Forests Matter to Cities

In cities around the U.S., old-growth forests bring unique ecological benefits and let us experience ancient landscapes.

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

Bioluminescent critters bathe Southern California surf in aqua glow

A large concentration of bioluminescent plankton has formed in the water near San Diego, treating late-night beachgoers to its eerie, electric blue glow.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

Nature Is Risky. That’s Why Students Need It.

Some hate the jungle, but most find hidden strength and unanticipated freedom.

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'Fire rainbow' spotted over Pinnacles National Park in California | Fox News

A runner spotted a “fire rainbow” over Pinnacles National Park in California, the National Weather Service, Bay Area announced on Wednesday.

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Jaw-dropping nature photos from the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest | Daily Mail Online

They include amazing animal encounters and breathtaking landscapes from the Maldives to Alaska. The overall winner of the contest will receive $10,000.

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Tick Season Facts: How to Prevent Parasite-Borne Diseases

Most of the bites that lead to disease come in the spring and summer seasons, and more people are moving to tick territory.

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Remarkable video shows tiger and bear locked in ferocious fight | Fox News

An incredible fight between a furious tiger and an angry bear has been caught on camera.

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The Best Anti-Anxiety Remedy

Why getting in touch with nature is the best thing you can do for your anxiety.

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These are 15 of the best photos scientists took in 2017 — and they show the world in stunning ways

For their jobs, scientists explore the most unique corners of our world, observing the beauty of nature. There's lots of incredible photo opportunities.

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

Deepest Dive Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World

Our special report offers a rare look at life beneath the frozen continent—where penguins, seals, and exotic creatures thrive.

Miscellaneous | Local Flavor

Two Amazing Spots to See Tens of Thousands of Monarch Butterflies

Each year hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies flock to several small groves up and down the state's beachside communities. In turn, locals and tourists come out in droves to witness this wintering spectacle.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

The Weird Ways Americans Try to Make the Wilderness Comfy | WIRED

To be able to unplug and enjoy nature, you need outhouses and food trucks.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

Roots: Where does Sickness Start?

The title of this post starts in acknowledging where sickness starts. Today I decided to write about this not because sickness is the focal point but rather focus on why it starts and how we can el…

Health & Fitness | Health News

Stronger by Nature - 30 Minutes of Nature Will Strengthen Mental Health

It's always a welcome thing when science confirms that the beautiful things can strengthen us. A new study has found the difference a dose of nature can make

Miscellaneous | Other Interesting Stories

Away from the city lights of the West, the night sky promises a dazzling celestial show

My love for the celestial wilderness persists. That desire has led me to pockets of the U.S. West far outside city lights where even novices can rediscover the Andromeda Galaxy and Jupiter's moons.

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5 Species You Might Have Mistakenly Thought Were California Natives | KCET

Did you know that all of these animals are exotics that were introduced to California? Some of the entries on this list may surprise you.

Science & Technology | Cosmic Research

The Science Behind Nature's Patterns | Science | Smithsonian

A new book explores the physical and chemical reasons behind incredible visual structures in the living and non-living world

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Patient Nanny Dog Helps Raise Orphaned Animals at the Cincinnati Zoo

A five-year-old rescued Australian shepherd named Blakely has one of the most important jobs at the Cincinnati Zoo: He helps raise orphaned animals.

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For The First Time In A Century, Wild Tiger Numbers Are On The Rise

For wild tigers, the numbers have not been kind. In 1900, an estimated 100,000 tigers roamed free on our planet. Yet within a hundred years, that number plummeted by more than 95 percent — the result of rampant poaching and widespread habitat loss.

Travel | Travel Destinations?

Transform Caterpillars Into Butterflies With a Simple Click

These interactive photos invite you to turn these caterpillars into moths and butterflies.

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Common Allergic Reactions and Allergy-Trigger Pictures

From pollen and pets to food and bugs, find out the most common things that can trigger allergy symptoms in this WebMD slideshow.

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Bei Bei the panda needed mom's help getting down from a tree

Bei Bei the panda successfully climbed a tree, but needed some help from mom in his return to earth.

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Watch a Video of the Only Known Wild Jaguar in the U.S. | Mental Floss

The large cat known as "El Jefe" was spotted 25 miles outside of downtown Tucson, Arizona.

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What Happens When a Young Rescue Elephant Sees Her Favorite Person Each Day (Video)

The sweet elephant in the video above is named Kham La. At not quite six years old, she’s still a youngster. It’s obvious Kham La’s got a thing for one ...

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

10 Playful Facts About Beluga Whales | Mental Floss

In an ocean filled with over 80 whale species, belugas definitely stand out from the crowd. From their distinct pale shade to their relatively petite stature, you should have no trouble identifying these social sea mammals if you’re ever in their arctic neighborhood. Here are 10 facts worth knowing about the bubbly beluga whale.

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Paul Allen megayacht destroyed most of Caribbean coral reef, officials say

MV Tatoosh, Paul Allen’s 303-foot yacht, has destroyed about 80 percent of a protected coral reef — 14,000 square feet — in the Cayman Islands, according to officials there.

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Healthy diet gives new lease of life to world’s oldest tortoise, 183-year-old Jonathan | Daily Mail Online

A new healthy diet of nutritious high-calorie foods including bananas and guavas has helped 183-year-old Jonathan the Seychelles giant tortoise to regain a new lease of life.

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

SeaWorld sues to keep breeding killer whales

SeaWorld has filed a lawsuit challenging California’s decision to forbid breeding of killer whales as part of a planned expansion of holding tanks at the San Diego theme park.

Pets & Animals | Animals

How a swarm of honeybees cook a giant hornet alive - Vox

The little Japanese honeybee and the Japanese giant hornet are the David and Goliath of nature.

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

10 Misconceptions About the Ocean | Mental Floss

No, that's not water spouting out of a whale's blowhole.

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Injured Deer Walks into Emergency Room After Being Hit by Car | Fox News Insider

A deer limped into a hospital emergency room after being hit by a car Monday afternoon.

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

Encounter With World’s Rarest Ocean Mammal Thrills Scientists

Fewer than 100 vaquitas—an elusive porpoise found only in the Sea of Cortez—are left on Earth.

Pets & Animals | Dogs & Other Animals

There’s a Sea Otter With Asthma and She Knows How to Use an Inhaler

Mishka, who lives at the Seattle Aquarium, is the first sea otter diagnosed with the condition.

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What happens to your body on Mount Everest? - CNN.com

The mountain presents an intense challenge of icy temperatures, the constant threat of bad weather and an altitude where human life isn't meant to thrive.

Travel | Travel

Redwood Forest Cabin Offers Beautiful Solitude, Emersion With Nature - Our Explorers

This is an intimate cabin tucked away within the redwoods of California, beautifully clad with vertically placed wood boards designed to mirror nature.

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'Biggest great white shark ever filmed' surfaces | GrindTV.com

Massive great white shark known as Deep Blue surfaces anew in footage shared by researcher, showing how small people in cages can appear.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Stunning wildlife photographs

View the Stunning wildlife photographs photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain - The New York Times

A walk in the park may soothe the mind and, in the process, change the workings of our brains in ways that improve our mental health.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Elusive snow leopards captured in photos | GrindTV.com

Inger Vandyke describes her experience photographing endangered snow leopards in northern India as being "almost spiritual." Cats are masters of camouflage.

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Rhinos Get Camera Implants in Their Horns to Fight Against Poachers

A team of British conservationists have created a new system for stopping the killing of rhinos at the hands of poachers. The idea involves giving rhinos G

Pets & Animals | Animals

Amazing footage of sharks swimming in boiling water around a volcano is completely baffling scientists

Brennan Phillips and some colleagues were recently on an expedition to Kavachi volcano, an active...

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

Places where nature has won - Telegraph

In the words of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park (the old one, not the new fancy one), “life, uh, finds a way”, and when it’s found a way, it takes over, as illustrated by these photos of places around that world that have succ

Health & Fitness | Health & Fitness

4 Ways to Heal in Nature | Yoga International

You don’t have to travel far to allow nature to bring a little more light into your day.

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Duck Couldn't Be Happier To See His Little Human Home From School

The sweet domesticated duck is the featheriest member of the Toschi Family in California, among whom son Jonny holds the highest place in his heart. Since Nibble's mother died before he hatched, the duck imprinted on the 10-year-old boy as though he were parent — a role Jonny has happily embraced.

Miscellaneous | Local Flavor

Great Hikes: The Murphy Ranch Trail | Hiking | SoCal Wanderer | KCET

Explore the ruins of the Pacific Palisades ranch that was meant to be a Nazi encampment.

Miscellaneous | Potpourri

Largest great white shark ever videotaped underwater? | GrindTV.com

Researcher discovers clip showing a great white shark measuring 20-plus feet, and with the girth of a fat hippo, dwarfing cage divers at Guadalupe Island.

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Rare pygmy hippo is introduced to the world and takes a shower

There's been a new delivery at Melbourne Zoo in Australia. A rare pygmy hippo has been presented to the world on Jun. 7, the first of its kind since 1981.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Herd rescues collapsed baby elephant on busy road

A herd of elephants immediately took action when a baby of their group collapsed on a South African road.

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London's Regents Canal Path Now Has Duck Lanes | Mental Floss

Designated lanes in high-traffic areas make sense, especially if you're trying to ease congestion and accommodate travelers of different speeds. With bikers, pedestrians, and ducks all vying for access along the Regents Canal path in central London, it was only a matter of time before demarcated lanes started appearing

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff!

Just looking at nature can help your brain work better, study finds - The Washington Post

Yet another study suggests that regular glimpses of nature can have psychological benefits.

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Delightful Images of Squirrels in the Wild | ExposureGuide.com

Talented nature photographer Vadim Trunov shoots delightful squirrel images that depict them in all sorts of cute activity.

News | That's News to Me

New videos capture moment Nepal earthquake struck

Newly released video footage of Saturday's deadly earthquake in Nepal captures the moment the 7.9-magnitude quake struck.

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

World's Last Male Northern White Rhino Placed Under 24-Hour Armed Guard In Kenya

After the decimation of his species by poachers, Sudan the rhino finds himself in an extremely precarious position: He is the last male northern white rhinoceros on the planet. According to The Independent, the 40-year-old animal has been put und...

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Sea lion pup arrested after impersonating a high schooler

A sea lion pup was detained on April 8 for breaking into Mar Vista High School in Imperial Beach, California without registering for classes. The pup seemed to think he could float by getting an easy A in Algebra, but his hopes were dashed after teachers called the sheriff's office.

Miscellaneous | Local Flavor

11 Places You Have To See In The California Desert | Guides | SoCal Wanderer | KCET

The California desert offers millions of acres of amazing things to see and do. With so much to choose from, where does a person start?

Miscellaneous | Local Flavor

Lower Arroyo | Nature | Highland Park Field Guide | KCET

The Lower Arroyo Seco presents a beautiful terrain for relaxation. Head up the street to the Gamble House, one of the premiere Craftsman homes in the area. Also, the Nature Park includes a fly casting pond and archery range.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

Stunning Shot Captures Griffith Park Bobcat Amid The City Lights

A photographer snapped a stunning picture of a majestic bobcat high up above in Griffith Park, overlooking L.A.'s city lights at night.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

Gorgeous, Up-Close Photos of Los Angeles-Area Mountain Lions | Mental Floss

The National Park Service has been closely monitoring mountain lion residents of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area for more than a decade.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Video: Meet the 183-year-old tortoise who is the world’s oldest living land creature - Telegraph

Jonathan the tortoise, who lives on the British territory of St Helena, is thought to be the world’s oldest living land creature

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Orphan kangaroos spend Christmas without their parents

Over here in the UK, we are used to the image of homeless dogs and cats pining for a family at Christmas time.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Your Monday needs this turtle helping his upside-down friend

When one turtle spotted his buddy flipped over onto his shell, he immediately got to work helping him. He struggled, but was ultimately successful and the pair headed off for a celebratory hangout.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Sixth-Remaining Northern White Rhino Dies : DNews

Angalifu, a northern white rhino housed at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park, has died of old age at 44. With his death the subspecies draws closer to extinction, as only five remain.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

This baby goat will crash your cute-o-meter - Boing Boing

It doesn't get cuter then Benjamin the baby goat. This BBC video has been making the rounds on social media, and you can practically here the collective "SQUUUUUUEEEEEEE!" Most people's natural reaction to Benja

Pets & Animals | Animals!

And Then Here’s an Owl Going for a Swim in Lake Michigan | TIME

Silly owl, your primary mode of transit is supposed to be flying, not swimming! But alas, here you are, doing what is essentially the butterfly stroke in the cold waters of Lake Michigan.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Cub only looks like it’s waving a friendly hello - GrindTV.com

As a momma bear fished for salmon, this cub frolicked on the shore and did something unexpected that turned out to be an endearing photo that went viral.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Baby Elephant Falls On Its Back At Zürich Zoo, Adult Elephants Rush Over To Help

It's all happening at our new favourite alliterative attraction, Zürich Zoo. Specifically, it's all happening at Zürich Zoo's Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park: where a baby elephant slipped over, ended up on its back - and was immediately hel...

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

Photographer Flies Drone So Close to Volcanic Eruption it Melts the Face of His Camera

Drone photography and videographer is allowing image makers to capture footage that would have been impossible to shoot just a few years ago. Case in point

News | In the News

Artificial Sweeteners May Disrupt Body's Blood Sugar Controls - NYTimes.com

New research in mice suggests artificial sweeteners may disrupt the ability to regulate blood sugar, causing changes in metabolism that can be a precursor to diabetes.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links!

Giant wall of dust sweeps through Phoenix, Arizona - timelapse video

Timelapse footage shows a giant wall of dust blow through Phoenix, Arizona, over the weekend

Pets & Animals | Animals & Pets

Dog Tries Desperately To Save Fish's Life - Neatorama

I think it is sometimes easy to look at animals and not realize that they are a bit of purity in an impure world. People want to write off their actions as all being based on the need to survive, so let me ask you, what is the dog doing in this video that

Pets & Animals | Animals

On the Frontlines of the Rhino 'Genocide': Saving A Species on the Brink

In the debut episode of "A Broad Abroad" Yahoo Travel Editor-in-Chief Paula Froelich traveled to South Africa to spend time with the men and women fighting to stop rhino poaching.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Baby Elephant Happily Playing With His Tire Toy - Neatorama

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPyMTB9voK8]YouTube LinkThis adorable elephant calf seems to be having a ball with a toy consisting of three tires that are connected with rope. The baby and his herd of elders are residents of Elephant Nature Park&nbs

Visual Arts | Photography

By the Silent Line: Beautiful Photos of a Parisian Railway Being Reclaimed by Nature

Photographer Pierre Folk has spent 3 years documenting the same, 20-mile long stretch of Parisian railway with his 4x5 view camera... but he's not doing it

Pets & Animals | Animal Rescue Stories

This Rescued Elephant Playing with Ribbon is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Watch rescued elephant Faa Mai play with an elastic ribbon at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. What a beautiful animal.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

5,000 People Showed Up To A Manatee's 66th Birthday Party, Which Is Nice

Snooty the manatee is hella popular.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

These Photos Of Koko The Gorilla Mourning The Loss Of Robin Williams Are Incredibly Moving

The two met in 2001 and became fast friends. Robin Williams touched not just the lives of people, but also some of our closest relatives in...

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Jonathan The Tortoise Photographed In 1902 And Today | Bored Panda

Although he's lost his sense of smell and is blinded by cataracts, 182-year-old Jonathan the giant tortoise is still going strong. He just might be the oldest living tortoise, or even terrestrial animal, in the world. It is thought that Jonathan was broug

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Mimi the Baby Baboon - Neatorama

Oakland Zoo knew they had a photogenic girl on their hands early on in Mimi the baby hamadryas baboon's life. The cuteness was so abundant that they started a feature on their Facebook page in which one Mimi teething ph

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Shock Tape and Sticks: Delhi Residents Battle Thousands of Terrorizing Monkeys - NBC News

NEW DELHI, India — Madi is a bully. He has three-inch canines that glisten when he snarls.And that’s a good thing, says his owner, Niraj.Madi is a langur — a...

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Diver Rescues Sea Turtle, Gets a Thanks

[http://youtu.be/QSCbpcpjJl4] (YouTube link)Off the coast of Mexico, a diver untangles a sea turtle from a hank of rope. Instead of making a quick escape, the turtle hangs around long enough to say his thanks and pose for the camera. -via Laughing Squid..

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Incredible sight of the elephant that cried: this is an AMAZING story!

Raju the elephant was rescued by a team from North London-based charity Wildlife SOS after suffering for 50 years in the Uttar Pradesh area of India.

Science & Technology | The Ocean & The Environment

'Nothing is ever dry down here. Ever.' - Telegraph

Sixty feet below the sea, in the world's only underwater habitat, a group of scientists is trying to unlock the ocean’s secrets. But how do the crew of the Aquarius stay sane?

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

'Bigfoot' hair samples found to be mostly from bears, wolves

In 2012, researchers at Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology issued an open call asking museums, scientists and Bigfoot aficionados to share any samples they thought were from the legendary ape-like creatures.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

LOOK: 'Over 100' Dolphins Surf A Party Wave Like You've Never Seen Before

Apparently, the mammals of the sea are having some kind of weird, surf competition-slash-viral drone video battle. First, it was the humans of Hawaii, showing off their shredding skills at the world famous Banzai Pipeline. Then, a few months later...

Home Improvement | In the Garden

What’s Inside a Dandelion?

Although plenty of folks have dismissed dandelions for their plain exterior, savvy investors know it’s what’s inside that counts. Turns out the milky white sap in dandelion stems is latex, the building block of rubber.

Pets & Animals | Animals!

These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable

Humans are not the only ones who suffer from hair loss. Whether caused by disease or old age, this condition can affect our animal friends, too. Hair loss from the head or body is technically called alopecia. It can have many different causes, such as nat

Pets & Animals | Animals!

INCREDIBLE Footage of Mama Bear Pulling Cub Off Highway To Safety

Shot by http://www.TornadoHunter.com driver Ricky Forbes -https://www.facebook.com/rickyforbestornadohunter. Driving through British Columbia's Kootenay Nati...

Pets & Animals | Animals!

What's the Difference Between Seals and Sea Lions?

There's a good reason seals and sea lions look so similar—they're both members of the pinniped taxonomic group, a name which refers in Latin to their

Visual Arts | Photography

Fantastic Fungi: The Startling Visual Diversity of Mushrooms Photographed by Steve Axford

Marasmius haematocephalus Panus fasciatus Leratiomyces sp. / Found in Booyong Reserve, Booyong, NSW Mycena chlorophos Cyptotrama aspratum or Gold tuft Schizophyllum commune Hairy mycena White Mycena Mauve splitting waxcap Marasmius sp. / Marasmius haemato

Pets & Animals | Animals!

Oregon's Legendary Wandering Wolf May Have Met A Mate

OR-7, as he is known, traveled from northeast Oregon all the way to California for years in search of a new home and a chance for a mate. Now, biologists say, he may have found a mate.

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Blue-Footed Booby Threatened in the Galápagos

As their fishy food source has declined, so has breeding among the bright-footed birds, a new study says.