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Finally, a High Seas Treaty to Protect the World’s Oceans

A new U.N. agreement aims to bring order and conservation to what has—up to now—been an ocean of mismanagement and neglect.

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New Federal Report on Microfiber Pollution Spotlights Textile and Fashion Industries - Lexology

A new draft report to Congress by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on behalf of the…

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How to regrow a wrecked coral reef - BBC Future

When Hurricane Iris hit southern Belize in 2001, the country's magnificent corals were wrecked. But within 10 years, a radical restoration project brought the reef back to life.

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Thousands of Mysterious ‘Micro Depressions’ Discovered Offshore Near Big Sur

A new survey of the ocean floor off the California coast revealed nearly 15,000 small craters referred to as “micro depressions.”

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Dutch inventor says his ocean cleaning boom is working

After a series of setbacks, a system for catching plastic floating in the Pacific between California and Hawaii is now working, its Dutch inventor said Wednesday. Boyan Slat, a university dropout who founded The Ocean Cleanup nonprofit, announced that the

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Scientists Go Back in Time to Find More Troubling News About Earth's Oceans | WIRED

A clever study finds communities of foraminifera, a hard-shelled kind of plankton, have transformed dramatically since the Industrial Revolution.

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Trump Signs Bill to Improve International Cooperation on Ocean Trash Cleanup

President Donald Trump extended and expanded what he called a “very important” program to clean up sea-borne waste by signing a bill to boost international cooperation on removing debris from the planet’s oceans. The Save Our Seas Act of 201

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Flooding has flushed 43 billion plastic pieces out to sea | Science | AAAS

Study reveals how plastic pollution travels from the world’s cities to its oceans

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It Looks Like Pluto Has a Liquid Water Ocean

For a frigid little space rock at the ass-end of the solar system, Pluto is full surprises. Ice volcanoes, hazy skies, vast plains of churning nitrogen, what’s next? Just maybe, a subsurface ocean.

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10 Misconceptions About the Ocean | Mental Floss

No, that's not water spouting out of a whale's blowhole.

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Encounter With World’s Rarest Ocean Mammal Thrills Scientists

Fewer than 100 vaquitas—an elusive porpoise found only in the Sea of Cortez—are left on Earth.

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New Horizons data hint at underground ocean

Pluto wears its heart on its sleeve, and that has scientists gleaning intriguing new facts about its geology and climate. Recent data from NASA's New Horizons probe—which passed within 7,800 miles of the surface on July 14—have revealed striking featu