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10 Most Dangerous Sharks

Dangerous sharks may not hunt humans, but if they took a sample bite, they could do some serious damage. Which 10 sharks make up the worst in the ocean?

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For the First Time Ever, Scientists Witnessed—and Recorded—Orcas Stalking and Killing a Blue Whale

New video evidence shows that orcas are capable of hunting and killing blue whales—the largest animals on Earth.

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Australian researchers find 81-year-old snapper, oldest known tropical reef fish | Fish | The Guardian

The midnight snapper caught at Rowley Shoals off Western Australia is 20 years older than the previous record holder

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Through Awareness, Education And Cleanups, An Israeli Initiative Is Taking A Stand On Plastic

Plastic Free Israel is promoting environmentally conscious alternatives and raising awareness of how to live a plastic-free life.

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How Israel Became An Unlikely Shark Research Hub, According To A Marine Ecology Expert | Environment News

Eyal Bigal, a marine ecologist at University of Haifa's Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, says the sharks' draw to Israel's coasts presents a unique opportunity. | NoCamels

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Why Are Octopuses So Smart? - The Atlantic

A new hypothesis suggests that their vaunted intelligence and short-lived, solitary nature are all linked to a fourth trait.

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Scientists Go Back in Time to Find More Troubling News About Earth's Oceans | WIRED

A clever study finds communities of foraminifera, a hard-shelled kind of plankton, have transformed dramatically since the Industrial Revolution.

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Bioluminescent critters bathe Southern California surf in aqua glow

A large concentration of bioluminescent plankton has formed in the water near San Diego, treating late-night beachgoers to its eerie, electric blue glow.

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Why Whales Got So Big

It’s often said that the ocean releases them from the constraints of life on land. It’s actually the opposite.

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Scientists Develop Underwater Microscope For Peering Into Coral | Mental Floss

The new tech allows researchers to view organisms that are as small as one-hundredth the width of a human hair.

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10 Playful Facts About Beluga Whales | Mental Floss

In an ocean filled with over 80 whale species, belugas definitely stand out from the crowd. From their distinct pale shade to their relatively petite stature, you should have no trouble identifying these social sea mammals if you’re ever in their arctic neighborhood. Here are 10 facts worth knowing about the bubbly beluga whale.

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10 Misconceptions About the Ocean | Mental Floss

No, that's not water spouting out of a whale's blowhole.

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Diver Rescues Sea Turtle, Gets a Thanks

[http://youtu.be/QSCbpcpjJl4] (YouTube link)Off the coast of Mexico, a diver untangles a sea turtle from a hank of rope. Instead of making a quick escape, the turtle hangs around long enough to say his thanks and pose for the camera. -via Laughing Squid..