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Finally, a High Seas Treaty to Protect the World’s Oceans

A new U.N. agreement aims to bring order and conservation to what has—up to now—been an ocean of mismanagement and neglect.

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Revolutionary 'super Seaweed' Produces Natural Health Compounds from the Sea: a Breakthrough in Marine-derived Medicine and Cosmetics

TLV – New Israeli Tech: “Super Seaweed” New Israeli tech: “Super Seaweed” produces natural health compounds and medicine from the sea     An innovative study conducted by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Oceanographic and Limnolo

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The film debut of the Antarctica “headless chicken monster,” a rare sea cucumber — Quartz

Scientists accidentally discovered a deep-sea swimming cucumber in the waters off Australia during a marine conservation project.

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Who is John Kelly? A look at Trump's White House chief of staff | Fox News

From John Kelly's extensive military career to his time hitchhiking across the country, here are five things to know about President Trump's White House chief of staff.