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Fast north magnetic pole shift prompts navigation update

Planet Earth is alive. Deep beneath its skin, its life blood — rivers of molten iron — pulse around its core. And this mobile iron is what generates the magnetic field that causes auroras — and keeps us alive.

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Thanksgiving Day 2018 may be among coldest on record in northeastern US

People spending time outdoors during Thanksgiving Day into Black Friday may face some of the coldest conditions on record in the northeastern United States for late November.

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Hurricane Chris headed to sea, Atlantic hurricane season may be calmer - Business Insider

Early signs of activity aside, projections for the rest of the hurricane season are changing, with experts now projecting a year that's average or even below average in terms of activity, according to CSU's most recently updated forecast.

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Those aren't golf balls: Large hail chunks pelt Colorado fairways | Fox News

Pictures emerged Wednesday depicting damaging storms that dumped large hail across the Denver metro region earlier this week.

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SpaceX rocket carved giant hole in the ionosphere

Rockets can leave a mark on the atmosphere well after they've left, and SpaceX may have learned that first-hand. Researchers have determined that a Falcon 9 lau...

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Well the weather in Chicago is frightful, but these sad tweets are so delightful

As a deep freeze settles in across the United States, people are turning to Twitter for solace and self-pity.

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A Requiem for Florida, the Paradise That Should Never Have Been - POLITICO Magazine

As Hurricane Irma prepares to strike, it’s worth remembering that Mother Nature never intended us to live here.

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California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe

A 43-day storm that began in December 1861 put central and southern California underwater for up to six months, and it could happen again

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NASA rover snaps photo of a dust devil swirling on Mars

More than 4,000 Martian days after NASA's Mars rover Opportunity began exploring the surface of the red planet, the little robot caught sight some something truly stunning. Opportunity snapped a photo of a dust devil swirling in the Meridiani Planun, the

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Los Angeles Just Experienced A Weird And Rare 'Reverse' Spring : LAist

While you've been busy watching movies and drinking outside this spring, you may have noticed that L.A.'s weather has felt a little upside down for the past few months. For the first time in nearly 100 years, downtown Los Angeles just experienced a "reverse" meteorological spring.

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11 Unexpected Spring Allergy Triggers | TIME

Avoiding flowers and trees will only get you so far during allergy season

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Nearly Frozen Waves Captured On Camera By Nantucket Photographer

A photographer on Nantucket found something most of us have never seen – nearly frozen waves.

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13 Winter Problems You Don't Know Exist if You Live in LA

No matter how crappy the weather gets here (AHHHHHHH!!! DRIZZLE!!!!!), we've definitely got it better than anyone on the East…

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Boston area hit by howling blizzard; New York gets off easy

BOSTON (AP) — A howling blizzard with wind gusts over 70 mph heaped snow on Boston along with other stretches of lower New England and Long Island on Tuesday but failed to live up to the hype in Philadelphia and New York City, where bus

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Why the world seems quieter when it snows

When a fresh batch of snow falls to the ground, the world tends to quiet down. Here's why:

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You know that smell after it rains? Here's where it comes from

A new study may finally identify the mechanism through which the earthy smell of rain gets into the air, and it has to do with "frenzied aerosols."

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Giant wall of dust sweeps through Phoenix, Arizona - timelapse video

Timelapse footage shows a giant wall of dust blow through Phoenix, Arizona, over the weekend

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Hurricane Arthur puts a damper on July 4 celebrations

Residents and vacationers in North Carolina’s outer banks are preparing for the storm.

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Hurricane Arthur grows to Category 2 storm as it menaces N.C. coast

As Hurricane Arthur muscled up Thursday evening, heavy rain began to fall along the coast of North Carolina.

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Why isn’t the hottest weather on the year’s longest day? | EarthSky.org

The solstice marks the height of the sun, but the hottest weather comes a month or two later. Why?