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FCC Chairman says he will move to ‘clarify’ Section 230, threatening tech’s legal shield

The rules could cause tech platforms to change their business models to avoid liability for their moderation practices.

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Google Pushes Conservative News Sites Far Down Search Lists | RealClearPolitics

It has long been feared that Google, which controls almost 90% of U.S. Internet search traffic, could sway an election by altering the search results it shows users. New data indicate that may be...

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Ohio Governor Calls Out Fauci Lies, Lifts HCQ Ban

Among our most fundamental and sacred rights is the right to medical freedom. In Ohio, a ban on hydroxychloroquine has been lifted.

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Broadcasters Air 150 Times More Negative News on Trump Than Biden: Study

Evening news has aired a plethora of negative stories against President Donald Trump while virtually ignoring presumptive Democratic ...

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Censored! Big Tech Silences Over 260 Biden Critics Before Nomination

Former Vice President and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a popular target on social media. But Big Tech companies have responded by deleting mocking posts and suspending critics. 

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Censored Frontline Doctors speak out: ‘We want to help people’

These 20 physicians, from across multiple specialties, arent doing this for media attention.

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LifeSite petition encouraging break-up of Big Tech goes viral

The petition has surged, with over 47,000 signatures in less than 48 hours.

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Only 1 of the Top 100 Universities Feature Conservative Commencement Speaker for Class of 2020

Only one of the United States' top 100 universities has invited a Republican a guest speaker to address the class of 2020 at their graduation ceremonies.

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Jason Calacanis Urges Users to Quit Facebook and Instagram, Says He'll Fund Alternative

"I'm gonna fund folks to replace both platforms," tech investor tweeted Sunday evening

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MUST SEE: Google Manipulating Search Results to Ensure ANY THREE DIGIT NUMBER will Show COVID-19 Panic-Porn at Top of List

In March 2018 Dr. Robert Epstein joined Tucker Carlson to discuss an upcoming presentation on “The Search Suggestion Effect (SSE): How Search Suggestions Can Be Used To Shift Opinions and Voting Preferences Dramatically.” Dr. Robert Epstein is

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Twitter's New 'Fact-Checking' Label Has Dangerous Implications, Experts Say

Twitter, in a first for the social media platform, has added a fact-checking label to posts by President Donald ...

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Statement on President Trump and his social media taskforce

Last week President Donald Trump announced that he's thinking about making a task force to tackle social media censorship. Here are my observations: Team World Supporter started to work on this issue over two years ago. It wasn't till a year later that a

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YouTube Deletes Comments Critical of China’s Communist Party

YouTube has been deleting comments critical of China’s ruling party due to a software flaw, the company said on Tuesday in response to criticism of the practice.

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Mich. music shop owner shuts doors for good, blames Gov. Whitmer: ‘It’s the closing of a dream’

A Michigan music store owner gave a tearful interview with local media saying he is closing his doors for good after the ongoing coronavirus-related lockdown imposed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer left him unable to pay his bills.

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No Safe Spaces is now available on DVD and VoD!

Free to view at this link until 5/31/20. No Safe Spaces follows Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager as they explore the challenges to the First Amendment and freedom of thought faced in America today. No Safe Spaces is now available on DVD and VoD!>

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NYC Council speaker demands Samaritan’s Purse to leave over homosexuality views

While Samaritan's Purse has treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients at its field hospital in Central Park, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson demanded that the Christian charity leave the city over its biblical views on homosexuality.

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Twitter Suspends Candace Owens For Message To ‘Dictator’ Whitmer, Michigan Protesters. Owens Responds. | The Daily W

On Friday, conservative commentator Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter over a post slamming “dictator” Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and encouraging Michigan protesters to go back to work even if they are deemed so-called &

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Candace Owens Suspended for Encouraging American Defiance Against Lockdown

Conservative commentator Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter for encouraging Americans to defy stay-at-home rules. Owens blasted Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday for her stringent stay-at-home policies enforced on her state. The fiery tweet t

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COVID Empowers Google, Facebook & Twitter Censors - National Legal & Policy Center

PHOTO: The National Guard (CC) The Wuhan virus has presented the left-leaning Big Tech companies yet another opportunity to burnish their reputations for censorship of conservatives and independent thinkers. They have seized that opportunity. To be sure,

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Alaska school board removes 'The Great Gatsby,' other famous books from curriculum for 'controversial' content

"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," "Catch-22," "The Things They Carried," "The Great Gatsby" and "Invisible Man" were removed by Alaska's Mat-Su Borough School District.

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Video interview with Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi taken down from YouTube

A video press briefing with Accelerated Urgent Care doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi was taken down from YouTube by the media company Monday.

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NYT Slammed as Its '1619 Project' Enters Schools, Accused of Re-Writing US History

The New York Times: Once again spewing lies -- this time in classrooms as a rewrite of history.

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Israeli Patriot Banned on Facebook for Posting Video of Islamic Terrorists

Sometimes, the rules of Facebook seem to give more credence to the feelings of jihadist terrorists than to their victims.

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BREAKING: CBS News Fires Former ABC News Employee Who They Claimed Leaked Amy Robach's Epstein Video to Project Veritas, Real Leaker Responds

CBS News has fired a former ABC News employee who they believed leaked the hot mic video of Amy Robach discussing how the network killed her story about Jeffrey Epstein three years ago during the 2016 election. However, the person they fired, Ashley Bianc

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WE WERE RIGHT! Facebook Removes All References to Whistleblower Ciaramella - Threatens Users - Joins Liberal Media in PURPOSELY HIDING TRUTH From American Public

As we reported on Thursday… Democrats are using an anonymous anti-Trump CIA operative in their latest attempt to impeach US President Donald Trump. It has widely been reported in the past week that Eric Ciaramella is the name of the anti-Trump CIA w

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Banned Practice: YouTube Takes Censorship to Trans Debate

Talk with teens about possible regret. That's what the American Academy of Pediatrics says about tattoos and

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Zuckerberg Has Dinner With A Whole Bunch Of Censorship Lobbyists - Loomered

Groups that want to shut down dissenting thought had dinner at Zuckerberg's home.

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Censored: YouTube Silences Doctor Warning Against Transgender Mutilation

The Daily Signal, the Heritage Foundation's media outlet, has exposed YouTube's censorship of doctor Michelle Cretella, who allegedly committed "hate speech" by warning against cutting off healthy body parts in pursuit of transgender identity.

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Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us

This is the book that the leftist elites don't want you to read -- Donald Trump, Jr., exposes all the tricks that the left uses to smear conservatives and push them out of the public square, from online "shadow banning" to rampant "political correctness."

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Liberal Journalist Advocates To Change First Amendment

The former editor of “Time” made an argument for why the First Amendment needs to be changed to include a hate speech law.

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Dennis Prager on why new film 'No Safe Spaces' is unfairly rated | Fox News

Dennis Prager and Adam Caroll's upcoming documentary "No Safe Spaces" has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA.

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Congressman suing Twitter: ‘I’ve run out of patience’ for biased tech giants

'If I can win one of these cases, it will really set these guys back,' Rep. Devin Nunes told Breitbart News.

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American Movie Studios Are Wrong to Appease Chinese Censors | National Review

And it’s not the first time Hollywood has bowed to authoritarian foreign powers.

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Young Conservatives at Turning Point: We're Being Censored

Young Conservatives Feel They Can't Express Themselves on Social Media

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Facebook under scrutiny following controversial policy changes | One America News Network


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Tommy Robinson 'Guilty' Until Proven Guilty

After admitting that Tommy Robinson's arrest for doing journalism outside a courthouse was a farce, and having needlessly punished him with 2 months in solit...

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Sign the Petition

Let's force Facebook, Google, and other Tech Giants to obey the 1st Amendment! We need do more than just switching social media sites. We have to use petitions, the law, and our voices, as well as our actions, to protest this total fascist abridgement of our Constitutional Rights as US citizens.

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DuckDuckGo Is Funding Your Enemies

This brief video explains that DuckDuckGo.com is just a typical technology company from Silicon Valley. Meaning totally without scruples. While pretending to...

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Antifa members clash with groups during Demand Free Speech rally | One America News Network

Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from OANN.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports.

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Shocking memo reveals George Soros behind Google, Facebook censorship

Exposing 'the most diabolical attack on free speech in the history of America'

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Michelle Malkin: Big Data 'Pulling the Plug' on Conservatives for 2020

Michelle Malkin warned of tech companies' increasing political censorship ahead of the 2020 presidential and congressional elections.

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Surprise! Look who urges social-media strike - WND - WND

See Larry Sanger’s interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: A co-founder of Wikipedia is calling for people to stop using social media July 4 and 5 in protest of the tech giants’ censorship and breaches of privacy. Larry Sanger, in a D

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Facebook’s content oversight board plan is raising more questions than it answers – TechCrunch

Facebook has produced a report summarizing feedback it’s taken in on its idea of establishing a content oversight board to help arbitrate on moderation decisions. Aka the ‘supreme court of Facebook’ concept first discussed by founder Mar

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Facebook reverses ban on Led Zeppelin album cover - CNN

Facebook has reversed a ban it placed on a classic Led Zeppelin album cover that features images of naked children.

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Kyle Kashuv on Twitter

“1/ THREAD: Harvard rescinded my acceptance.

Three months after being admitted to Harvard Class of 2023, Harvard has decided to rescind my admission over texts and comments made nearly two years ago, months prior to the shooting.

I ha

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Teachers forced to attend 'LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP' training session

Canadian school board took a progressive step by having teachers participate in extensive inclusiveness training. But the title of the training has baffled m...

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Project Veritas Features - Pinterest Insider Speaks Out: "The tech companies can't fight us all"

UPDATE: Project Veritas recently learned that Eric's official employment status is not presently known. Support Eric Cochran's GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme...

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Don't Minimize Conservative Concerns About Big Tech Censorship

To assert with such confidence that 'most red Americans either don’t know or don’t care about social-media censorship' seems very unwise indeed. 

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Online Censorship is Growing and it Threatens Us All

We produced the following video a year ago warning about the online censorship we were already seeing and experiencing ourselves.

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Jewish Conservative Female Journalist Banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Laura Loomer is an independent investigative journalist who one of the first people to actively expose the antisemitism in the women's march.

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Google Manipulates Search Results on ‘Controversial’ Topics, Report Says

Google tweaks search results on topics the company deems “controversial,” sometimes even changes the results manually, Google sources revealed to Breitbart.

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Facebook Purge: Here Is the List of Pages Deleted by Facebook

As reported by The Western Journal, in what many are calling the “Facebook purge,” Facebook announced on Thursday that it removed over 800 political pages and accounts in a clamp down on what the social media company calls “inauthentic behav

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Leaked video shows Google co-founder compare Trump voters 'fascists' | Daily Mail Online

Google co-founder Sergey Brin can be seen on stage in front of hundreds of employees saying he was 'deeply offended' by Trump's election and that it 'conflicts with many of Google's values.'

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Facebook sorry for removing Anne Frank Center holocaust victims image - Business Insider

Facebook apologises to the Anne Frank Center for removing an article it posted which featured an image of naked child holocaust victims. Facebook said it was...

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Facebook Censors Star Spangled Banner Video

Facebook has come under fire lately from right-leaning users for censoring and banning conservative content. President Trump tweeted about the censorship of conservatives again today. Social Media Giants are silencing millions of people. Can’t do this e

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Devin Nunes just put Google on notice for censoring conservatives - Patriot Pulse

Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled on Capitol Hill for the social media giant’s bias against conservatives. Now Google could be next to face the music. And Devin Nunes sent a...

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Left-Wing Organization May be Lobbying on Behalf of Foreign Countries

Following the 2016 election, foreign meddling in US politics has become the number one concern of leftists across the nation as they try desperately to prove that Trump colluded with Russia in order to secure his victory. However, according to an inv

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Tech Giants Are Biggest Threat Facing Trump Supporters

Illustration by Ben Garrison After tech giants testified before Congress on Tuesday, Americans should realize the richest and most powerful U.S. companies wield power and influence in a way not seen since the railroad tycoons and John D. Rockefeller’s S

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Arcade Fire’s “Creature Comfort” Censored for Canada Radio | Pitchfork

The words “suicide,” “dying,” “pills,” and “cut” are allegedly omitted on Canada’s airwaves

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Why Instagram Is Going To Start Blurring Some Of Your Images

Instagram has gotten a lot of well-earned praise for it’s in-app safety tools, and an upcoming update is taking these to the next level.

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The NY Times removed a pathetic Obama remark from a story

Who needs a White House press secretary when The New York Times will cover for the president, no questions asked? That’s what the Times did Thursday, deleting from a story one of the most atrocious...

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Free Speech Can't Be Taken for Granted | Works and Days

The wish to silence, censor, and impede thought is just as strong a human emotion as the desire for free expression -- especially when censorship is cloaked in rhetoric about fairness, equality, justice, and all the other euphemisms for not allowing the f

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Spike TV to Censor Clint Eastwood's Jenner Joke - Breitbart

Spike TV is supposed to be a manly man’s network but in the face of the left’s fascist political correctness crusade to ensure Bruce “Call Me Caitlyn” Jenner doesn’t face anything that isn’t gushing and celebratory , the so-called Man

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Why Is Katy Perry's Sunflower Dress Causing a Ruckus?

Katy Perry, accidental political activist.