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Media Blackout: Philly July 4th Mass Shooter Is BLM Supporter, Uses They/Them Pronouns

All media reports on the July 4th mass shooting in Philadelphia got most of the facts right, but only a few outlets reported the shooter, Kimbrady Carriker, is a transgender BLM supporter.

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“My Daughter’s Murder Wasn’t Enough”: A Uvalde Mother Fights Back

One year ago, before the school shooting in Uvalde, Kimberly Mata-Rubio had never been on a plane or given a public speech or scolded a U.S. senator right there in his office. A year in the life of a grieving mother.

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PODCAST | Uvalde: Limited Government Is Essential For The Common Good

While the political opportunists scream in an attempt to score points for their shallowly naive and uneducated positions on “gun control” regarding the Uvalde school shooting, the tragedy – and that’s what it is, a tragedy – spotlights some poin

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Newsom Criticizes Abbott For Discussing Evil And Mental Health After Mass Shooting

Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom criticized Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) on Wednesday after the tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

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PODCAST | Whether At Home Or Abroad It's All About The Guns

The epidemic of mass shootings in the United States recently says less about the lawful availability of guns and ammunition and more about our societal failure. From our governments' failure to address mental health issues that lead to things like Bu

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The Sacramento Shooting Is a Product of Society Not the Gun Industry

In the ongoing promotion of the false narrative that inanimate objects are the reason for deadly violence, the usual suspects on the Left and far-Left are once again calling for more unconstitutional restrictions to be placed on law-abiding citizens.

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Why Didn't the Man Wearing Body Armor with 6 Guns and Ammo at Grocery Store Get Coverage?

An Atlanta man was arrested after entering a major chain grocery store carrying an AR-15, five other weapons, and an extensive cache of...

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Progressives Assumed Colorado Shooter Was White; Delete Posts, Pivot When His Identity Revealed

In a show of how pervasive race-based ideological bias is on the Left, Progressives took to social media to immediately cite racism as...

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Biden, Dems Again Shop Gun Control Instead of Addressing Mental Illness; Ignore GOP Proposed Bills

With a second mass-shooting in less than two weeks, President Biden and congressional Democrats have taken to the microphones urging the...

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Illinois Mass Shooting Took Place in Gun-Free Zone

The February 15, 2019, shooting at Henry Pratt Company (HPC) occurred even though HPC is a gun-free zone, barring gun possession.

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Florida hospitals won't bill Pulse nightclub shooting victims

lando Health and Florida Hospital will not bill survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre for out-of-pocket medical expenses, officials announced Wednesday.