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Republicans Befuddled By Trump’s Abrupt Reversal On New Russia Sanctions | HuffPost

“That’s just not a good signal to Moscow or any of our adversaries or allies," one senator said.

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6 nations that had no problems invading Russia in the winter

If there’s one generally accepted rule of warfare, it’s that you should never invade Russia during the winter.

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Why Russia, Assad, and Iran combined don't stand a chance against just 2,000 US troops in Syria

Can 2,000 US troops stand up to tens of thousands of Russian, Iranian, and Syrian fighters? "Everybody poses this question as though the US is Luxembourg."

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Jewish advocacy group denounces Putin for suggesting Jews behind election meddling | TheHill

The American Jewish Committee is urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to "clarify" his comments suggesting that Russian minority groups, including Jews, could be behind efforts to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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DC officially renames street in front of Russian embassy after slain Putin critic

The Washington, D.C. city council on Tuesday officially renamed a street in front of the Russian embassy in honor of a slain critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Release All Evidence: In a climate of increasing distrust and bitter partisanship, Americans need access to all the facts.

It's time to put up or shut up. Let’s see the memo. Let’s see the evidence. In the interests of national unity and public accountability, it’s time to be transparent ...

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Messer chups -Midnight Call...Official video

Messer chups -Midnight Call...Official video from new album -Taste the blood of Guitaracula.2017 MuSick Recordings

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What Would Really Happen If Russia Attacked Undersea Internet Cables

The world’s internet infrastructure is vulnerable, but snipping a couple of lines is the least of your concerns.

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How Russian trolls lie their way to top of Facebook, Twitter - CNET

Propaganda campaigns are more than fake news. Trolls have learned to game social media algorithms and create their artificial viral moments.

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Unarmed Russian Air Force jet overflies the Pentagon, Capitol - CNN

An unarmed Russian Air Force aircraft overflew the US Capitol, the Pentagon, Central Intelligence Agency and Joint Base Andrews at low altitude on Wednesday as part of a longstanding treaty that allows the militaries of the United States and Russia to obs

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Mueller impanels grand jury in Russia probe: report

Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly impaneled a grand jury in Washington as part of the ongoing investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

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There Is Now Evidence that Senior Trump Officials Attempted to Collude With Russia

Donald Trump Jr.'s bombshell release of e-mails provides proof that senior Trump campaign officials attempted to collude with Russia ...

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Trump Jr. releases email chain on conversations with Russian sources

Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday released a stunning chain of emails detailing his conversations about setting up a campaign meeting with a Russian lawyer who had offered compromising information on Hillary Clinton.

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US, Russia disagree over what Trump and Putin actually said to each other

President Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time at the G20 Summit in Germany

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Three CNN Employees Resign Over Retracted Russia Story

Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris have resigned in the wake of the story.

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Bamboogie Injections - Timestrikers

From new 2016 album "Wild Dandelion Stomping" Live Moscow, December 17, 2016 https://surfcookierecords.bandcamp.com/album/wild-dandelion-stomping-cd-digital ...

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Messer Chups - The Incredible Crocotiger (Full Album 2015)

From Russia with love. Enjoy it. I do not own the rights to this album. Year: 2015 01. Ghost Party 0:00 02. Magneto 2:29 03. Moonrace 5:20 04. Flesh and Bloo...

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Messer Chups - Surf Riders From The Swamp Lagoon (Full Album)

From Russia with love. Enjoy it. Link to all songs on the description below. I do not own the rights to this album. Year: 2011 Surf Riders From The Swamp Lag...

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Messer Chups - Magneto - The Open Stage Berlin - YouTube

Messer Chups https://www.facebook.com/messerchups For 2 years The Open Stage Berlin has been filming music. We film intimate sessions with your favorite art...

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A Russian Slot Machine Hack Is Costing Casinos Big Time | WIRED

Digging through slot machine source code helped a St. Petersburg-based syndicate make off with millions.

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Special Counsel named to head Russia investigation; White House caught by surprise - LA Times

The Justice Department on Wednesday named a special counsel, former FBI Director Robert Mueller III, to take over the investigation of ...

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The Russian App That Has Destroyed Privacy Forever

See a pretty girl or guy on the street? Snap a pic, and you can find out who they are. What could go wrong?

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Trump's very bad day: FBI investigating Russia links as White House repeats wiretap claim - CNNPolitics.com

Trump's wiretapping accusation hits its climax at FBI Director Comey's hearing. And the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch starts.

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Sessions recuses himself from Russia probe

The attorney general is removing himself following reports he met twice with the Russian ambassador during Trump's campaign.

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Killer, kleptocrat, genius, spy: the many myths of Vladimir Putin | World news | The Guardian

The Long Read: Russia’s role in Trump’s election has led to a boom in Putinology. But do all these theories say more about us than Putin?

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Putin Ordered 'Influence Campaign' To Help Trump, U.S. Intelligence Report Says : The Two-Way : NPR

The public version of the intelligence report on the investigation into Russia's interference in the U.S. elections concludes that Russia "aspired to help" Trump's election chances when possible.

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Taibbi: Something About This Russia Story Stinks

Nearly a decade and a half after the Iraq-WMD faceplant, the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment.

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Group allegedly behind DNC hack targeted Ukraine, report finds | Technology | The Guardian

CrowdStrike says malware implant was used to track movements of artillery units, adding to suspicions Russia is involved

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Here’s What America Needs to Know About Trump and Russia

My time as the Pentagon’s Russia-watcher suggests we need much more disclosure, and soon.

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Will Republicans cave to Trump on Kremlingate?: Max Boot

Election hacks and Russia-friendly nominees pose historic choice of party or principle.

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Vitas - 7th Element (2002) :D

Advertising space in the description: CorrectGood11@gmail.com CHANDRA BRAMBRA CHANDRA CHANDRA BENDRAM... OOOOOOO, CHANDRA BRAMBRA CHANDRA CHANDRA BENDRAM... ...

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Russian track athletes banned from 2016 Rio Olympics due to doping violations - CBSSports.com

Track and field team from the world power will be absent from Rio; IOC could ban entire delegation

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Eclipse - Salomon Freeski TV S9 E03

GO BEHIND THE SCENES ON THE INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA FEATURE AT http://freeskitv.salomon.com/en/episodes/eclipse WINNER 'Best Snow Sports Film' at the 2015 Ban...

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Original Trololo guy ( First video version of the song )

Original Trololo guy , trololo from the 60's , the guy in the video (Muslim Magomayev ) is the first artist to perform the song in a recorded fashion.but of ...

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Ice Speedway Motorcycle Racing.

At the 11th of January, 2015, we've made the deepest insight into the Final of The Personal Ice Speedway Motor Racing Championship of Russia at “Stroitel” (T...

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Russian air strikes in Syria: John McCain 'confirms US-trained rebels hit during bombing campaign' - live updates

Vladimir Putin has denied reports that Russian air strikes have killed civilians. Speaking at a meeting with human rights activists in the Kremlin, he reportedly described the claims as "information attacks."

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Russia launches first airstrikes in Syria - CNNPolitics.com

Russian says its airstrike in Syria on Wednesday targeted ISIS; U.S. official says it had "no strategic purpose" in combating ISIS.

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From Russia with Love | Jlife

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After Dropping Depth Charges on Suspected Russian Sub, Finland Sends Readiness Letter to 900,000 Reservists | Washington

At about 3 A.M. local time last Tuesday, ships of the Finnish Navy dropped depth charges into the waters near Helsinki in the vicinity of what has been reported to be a possible Russian submarine. The Finns initially refused to confirm that this possible

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Russian analyst says to nuke Yellowstone - Business Insider

In his article, Konstantin Sivkov justifies the "complete destruction of the enemy [the West]" and describes what "one day without America," would look like.

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The HiTONES (Rockabilly Russia) | Rockabilly from Moscow, RU

Rockabilly | Moscow, RU

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The Forgotten History of Russia’s California Colony | Mental Floss

From Sacramento to Los Angeles, Spain’s colonial fingerprints are plain to see throughout present-day California. But did you know that in the 18th century, Tsarist Russia carved out her own slice of this future state?

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Firebomb thrown at Kiev’s oldest synagogue

Great Choral Synagogue targeted in attack, no damage caused to historic building

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Pro-Moscow Rebels Fly Flag of 'New Russia' in Eastern Ukraine - NBC News.com

NOVOAZOVSK, Ukraine - Pro-Russian rebels conquering territory in eastern Ukraine are fighting under a new flag that betrays their - and perhaps the Kremlin’s...

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Russia Responds To Canada's Sarcastic Geography Lesson

Russia has fired back at Canada's NATO delegation in response to a snarky Ukraine tweet that went viral earlier this week.

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Ukraine Asserts Russian Invasion, Reinstitutes Draft

President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine said Russian troops had crossed the border, and his national security council reinstituted mandatory conscription.

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Parents Who Lost 3 Children on MH17 Say Life Is 'Hell Beyond Hell'

SYDNEY — The Western Australian parents of three children, who were killed with their grandfather on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, released a heartbreaking statement on Wednesday.

Anthony Maslin and Rin Norris lost their three children — Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8 — plus Norris's father, Nick, when the plane was shot from the sky above a field in eastern Ukraine on Thursday. The children and their grandfather were returning from a family holiday in Amsterdam on the doomed MH17, while their parents remained behind.

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Flashback: Mitt Romney Now Makes Obama Look Dangerously Foolish in 46 Second Exchange Over Russia

Obama's sarcastic remarks ring hollow in light of recent events...

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US outlines case against Russia on downed plane

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Video of a rocket launcher, one surface-to-air missile missing, leaving the likely launch site. Imagery showing the firing. Calls claiming credit for the strike. Recordings said to reveal a cover-up at the crash site.

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There's A Mountain Of Evidence Linking Russia To The Downing Of The Malaysia Airliner

There's a growing body of evidence that has emerged that links Russia to the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, despite the best efforts of pro-Russian militants to scrub the record.

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Merrill Lynch Says Russia's Gas Deal With China Was A Political Win But A Business Loss

Russia has been so busy talking up the politics of its $400 billion, 30-year gas supply contract with China that it's almost a shame that someone had to point out that it might actually be a lousy business deal. Trust those arch capitalists at Bank of

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Are the bathrooms at Sochi media hotels under surveillance? Check out these comments from a Russian official

Russia has responded to Western journalists' complaints about Sochi preparation, but may have raised more questions in doing so.