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Congress, Biden Must Couch All Special Interest Spending to Correct the Economy

The US House of Representatives has passed a massive $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill meant to avoid yet another government shutdown. The chamber, marshaled by US Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), also passed a short-term Continuing Resolution as a stopgap spe

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Underground USA | PODCAST: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Even as Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrstena Sinema denied the spendthrift spending bill with which Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tried to fleece the American people, the Biden administration continues to attack the pocketbooks of the American people any way t

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Marxist Democrats Continue To Spend The US Into Destitution

Senate Democrats have unveiled a draft budget proposal that outlines $3.5 trillion in spending, including for paid medical leave, two...

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Senate In Extended Session Until 'Infrastructure' Bill Is 'Passed'

The Senate voted to advance a $1.2 trillion infrastructure measure, setting up final passage as soon as this weekend. Lawmakers held an...

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The Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill Bypasses 'Buy Made in USA'

In a bill that is supposed to benefit the infrastructure of the United States and through that effort US businesses and the American...

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Annual Inflation Rate Soars to Levels Not Seen Since Obama

As expected, inflation exploded in May seeing the consumer price index surge by 5 percent over the past twelve months. This represents...

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Obama Treasury Secretary Warns Spendthrift Biden Is Creating Hyperinflation

When a former Clinton and Obama-ite writes an op-ed about how the Biden administration is bringing the country to the edge of the...

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House Appropriations Committee Chair Re-Establishes the Crony-Political Practice of Earmarks

Earmarks are back in the US House of Representatives under a new descriptor: “Community Funding Projects” (CFP)...

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$2.3 TRILLION: Spending Bill Tied to COVID Stimulus Gives Billions to Foreign Countries, $600 to Americans

If Congress succeeds in advancing the proposed $2.3 trillion omnibus spending bill to the President’s desk, the taxpayers will be