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Which Kills More Birds? Oil Spills, or Windmills? | Investor's Business Daily

Any time there's an oil spill on the water, the media are filled with photos and videos of crude-soaked birds. The coverage is the cue for the self-appointed environmentalist defenders... Read More

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The Dirty Secret Of Renewables Advocates Is That They Protect Fossil Fuel Interests, Not The Climate

For 50 years, anti-nuclear groups have used renewables to greenwash the killing of nuclear plants and the inevitable rise in air pollution that results.

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Why the Tide Is Turning for the Energy Sector

The increasing demand for electric vehicles, air conditioning and renewable energy are all helping to shape the future.

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For wind farms, a bit of separation is a good idea | Cosmos

Putting facilities too close together reduces overall efficiency, research finds. Samantha Page reports.

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Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?