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The End Of Oil? Battle Lines Drawn As Industry Grapples With Energy's Future

The pandemic is adding renewed urgency to a critical debate: Just how quickly can the planet reduce its dependence on oil?

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What Is the Middle East In the Middle Of Anymore?

Since World War II, the United States has been involved in a series of crises and wars in the Middle East on the premise of protecting U.S., Western, or global interests, or purportedly all three combined. Since antiquity, the Middle East has been the hub

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BBC - Future - How to rehabilitate old oil supertankers

The enormous ships that ferry crude oil around the world embody the fossil fuel era and its legacy of pollution. But can they be transformed to be good for the environment?

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Oil Galaxy Drawing with Oil Pastel Crayons

Galaxies drawing with oil pastels. Enjoy watching this video of an oil pastel drawing coming together. You will find it to be mesmerizing to watch. You will get lost in the moment of enjoying the artist making a blank canvas into a stunning piece of artwork.

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U.S. Could Soon Pump More Crude Than Saudis Can at Their Peak

(Bloomberg) -- America’s journey to preeminence in the global oil trade is about to hit another milestone. Propelled by the shale-oil boom, the U.S. is already producing more crude than either Russia or Saudi Arabia, who until recently vied for the to

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How Fracking Turned OPEC Into The Walking Dead | Investor's Business Daily

The river of oil now hitting the market from U.S. fracking has stunned the global energy markets. Will the U.S. oil flood lead to the demise of OPEC?

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Rising oil demand may outstrip supply, boosting economy | Fox Business

Growing global oil demand would be a strong indicator of a robust global economy.

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OPEC's oil output jumps in June as Saudi Arabia opens the taps

Saudi Arabia hiked its oil output in June to the highest level since the end of 2016, boosting OPEC's production for the month.

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Oil industry building pipelines to address America's biggest energy roadblock | Fox Business

Capacity issues restraining Permian Basin production could be solved within the next year or two.

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Obama Way Overestimated Emissions From Oil Drilling Before He Slapped On Regulations, Study Says - The Daily Caller

'To justify its 11th-hour venting and flaring rule'

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Future offshore drilling could wreak havoc on deep sea ecosystems

Marine scientists say that opening up more areas to drilling means disruption for marine ecosystems and an even greater increased risk for oil spills.

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Donald Trump Has a Potent Weapon Against Iranian Oil - Bloomberg

Even if Europe doesn't restore sanctions, banks and insurers won't want to end up on the wrong side of a presidential tweet.

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Major oil reserve said found on Golan | The Times of Israel

Afek Oil and Gas confirms 'significant amounts' of liquid oil, but quality, quantity and cost-effectiveness of extraction still unknown

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Photos: How Oil Wells Once Dominated Southern California's Landscape | LA as Subject | SoCal Focus | KCET

Ever since oil was discovered near downtown L.A. in 1892, extracting petroleum from the land beneath has been a major part of the Southern California economy.

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3 Reasons Why Americans Should Be Cautious of $2 Gas Prices

Though falling gas prices are affording Americans some financial breathing room, the dramatic drop is in no way an indication that we are approaching utopia....

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Israel signs $15 billion gas deal with Jordan | The Times of Israel

15-year agreement makes Israel chief energy supplier for kingdom; minister hails 'historic' move