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Emanuel Miller - The Golan Heights: A Brief History

Emanuel Miller – The Golan Heights: A Brief History re-post HonestReporting Situated high up on Israel’s northern frontier with Syria and Lebanon, the Golan Heights’ importance to Israel cannot be understated. Learn more about the area, its hist

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Miracle on the Golan Heights | Galilee Green

The UN called for Israel to give the Golan Heights to Syria this week. Hopefully the world will come to its senses. This is part of the Biblical Land of Israel that God promised to Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov and … read more

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Why Trump’s Golan Heights Gesture Won’t Derail Peace

And the clear message it sends to allies and enemies of Israel.

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Trump Wants U.S. to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty Over the Golan Heights - The New York Times

Israel claimed the territory from Syria in a 1967 war and annexed it in 1981 in a move that has never been recognized internationally.

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US Drops Reference to ‘Israeli-Occupied’ Golan Heights in Annual Rights Report

The US State Department changed its usual description of the Golan Heights from “Israeli-occupied” to “Israeli-controlled” in an annual global human rights report released on Wednesday.

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Major oil reserve said found on Golan | The Times of Israel

Afek Oil and Gas confirms 'significant amounts' of liquid oil, but quality, quantity and cost-effectiveness of extraction still unknown